Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Zero Percentile 2.0- Missed IIT Kissed Gurgaon by Neeraj Chhibba !!!

              Zero Percentile- Missed IIT Kissed Russia (Read its review by me HERE) was finished by me exactly 24 hours ago. And it made me wake up for the whole night of 26th June. And I started its sequel "Zero Percentile 2.0- Missed IIT Kissed Gurgaon" last night and it made me wake for this whole night again. :-) Very lovingly, after thinking a lot after completing the first part, I settled with 4.4 which seems to be so much analyzed and studied. :-) And when you rate a book so high, its sequel already gets a challenge to impress the reader as the first one remains to be a kind of an epic for him. But after completing the Second part, I am very proud of saying that Neeraj Chhibba is one of the favorite authors I'll look out for in future. Zero Percentile 2.0 has already sold 50,000 copies as I read it in an interview. And this author deserves to get such recognition. 

             Zero Percentile ended when Pankaj returns to India after completing his Red Degree successfully(kind of) from Russia. He gets married to Priya, his childhood love. While Nitin was still shown to be alive even after being diagnosed with HIV positive. Motu gets his own ventured organization open in India. Zero Percentile 2.0 takes story forward from here. It brings some new characters as the lead in the book such as Sans, Arjun, Tanya, Jaanvee with the oldies Pankaj, Motu, Priya and Nitin. It's enough for you to understand that if a sequel has new characters as lead in first of the three parts, then bringing back the old characters in second part and finally merging all of them together in the last part of the book, how entertaining it would have been to read. :-) GO GET THE BOOK.

           As I have already spoken about the author's skill of writing, I don't find any need of repeating it again in this review. But, I did miss the sense of humour in this book which was in abundant in the first book. :-( But I did like how the role of AIDS patient-Nitin and a physically-mentally challenged little girl-Divya is being shown beautifully. I fell in love with the character of Divya. Actually, now I just want to become father as soon as possible to get a beautiful little daughter like Divya and take her care as Arjun, her father does. :-) The part where Divya recites the poem without any stammering and gets nervous and emotional in the last four lines which is related to a complete family because her mother, Muskaan had left her and her father because Divya was born as a special child. Nitin's AIDS case is shown too encouragingly from the point of view of AIDS patient. Else, the software scenarios bored me initially. 

            Just when you start hating the absence of Pankaj and Motu's friendship in this book, author brings them at the right time in the Part II to bring our interest back in the book. :-) The story teaches us so much about not being arrogant and punishing someone else for someone else's mistakes and faults. Sveta and Kapil's chapter is closed nicely in the story. Asterisks that is often used in book to make a reader know that the author is relating the scenario from the first book, it will urge the ones who haven't read the first one to read and while the one who have already read the first part, smile after remembering the funny and sweet moments of the first book. The totally different approach of this book is what I liked. The First book made me confident of migrating to a country where one can't even understand my language while this one motivated me to study my Software Engineering nicely so that I don't get screwed as Motu gets. :-) The only problem that I had with the story was injustice done with Priya's character in the end. But even that is ended with a sweet note but still. :-( 

           I would have rated this 3.5 but combining this story with Zero Percentile, I will settle at 4/5. :-) 




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