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An Interview with Rajev Paul- Actor and Poet!!!

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It has been a wonderful opportunity to interview Rajev Paul- Rajev Paul an actor on Indian Television, has been known for the roles he has done from Swabhimaan to Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki to Nach Baliye and recently Big Boss 6. He released his book of poetry in Hindi "Mumbai Mohabbat Aur Tanhai" in 2012. Do read the interview what he wants to say about his poetry and the two books he has contributed in.

1. Hello Rajev, how has been life after Bigg Boss as you turned out favorite of many viewers?
That’s very sweet of you to say. Yes I get tremendous response from people all over the world..Children, men, women all seem to be extremely fond of me. I have been travelling for events appearances and hosting shows all over.

2. When you entered the house, you had published a poetry collection of yours. Why didn’t you talk about it on the cameras? 
Well now you know what we speak and what is shown is different..I spoke about it quite a few times about my book "Mumbai Mohabbat Aur Tanhai". A lot of people write to me about it.

3. Since when did your interest in writing poetry develop?
Well my book got published in 2012 and my Juhi Chawla had done the honors . I used to write since a long time. Obviously poetry can’t be written in a day and a book certainly not overnight. I look at my poetry writing skill as a gift of God and it has come to  me through my mom who is a great poet and I always saw her write..though she has not published her poetry.

4. What was your first book of poetry about?
My book is a collection of poetry in Hindi as the title suggests its called "Mumbai Mohabbat Aur Tanhai" and it aptly speaks about Love Loneliness and Life in a Metro..the Politics of our country parents families…Hometowns etc..All the thoughts that we come across on a daily basis..that's what you find in the book..Its a reflection of your feelings..

 5.    Are we going to see Rajev with more books on poetry in coming years?
Yes I have been fortunate to be a part of another book called Aatish which is again a collection of poetry from different poets in the world and it has amongst others The Gulzar Sahab and Irshad Kamil. Each poetry is on a social issue accompanied by a photograph depicting the poetry…It’s a unique effort..which must be appreciated. Its been compiled by Foquia Wajid from Bangalore and her team called On Fire.

6. Why don’t you write poetries in English too; as the audience for English language is wider?
Oh I think in Hindi and my Hindi is certainly better than my English..though when I read works of other eminent poets I feel I am nothing..But rather than using complicated unheard of words just for effect..I use colloquial but decent language which a common person can relate to and understand.
I do at times write in English but am not sure if I am ready for a full fledged book in English as yet..but you never know maybe I am hiding something that I will reveal at an appropriate time.

7. We have seen you sharing poetry on your Social Networking accounts, what comments do you receive for it? 
Oh yes I love to share my work..Thats how I got the confidence to bring my book initially…Social network is like a nasha.. Like how actors say films and Tv Theatre give you stardom..But theatre gives us..Instant connect and instant reaction…
Same way here on Facebook you post something and one gets instant reactions from people the world over..Its madness and amazingly satisfying…I post things on topical subjects..of lately I have been writing about the ongoing Elections in the country and in my own lil way I contribute my views and try and put people’s feelings in my words. 
People mostly like my work and sometimes share their own stuff with me and want me to correct or comment on theirs..The flip side though is at times people pass it off as their own on their walls..and forwards bbms and whats app…its q funny when I receive my own Poetry as a forward.. 

8. When is your next published work coming out?
Hopefully sometime this year…Now my second book is getting ready..I can assure you its much better than my first work..I think I have evolved as a human being and have had far more experiences of life..and been in situations much more and hopefully been able to understand absorb and hopefully feel more and able to express my feelings in a better way..So yes sometime this year my new book will hit the stands..

9. Are we also going to see you write stories?
Hmmmm…that’s a suggestion I get from most of the people..but if you read my poems..there is always a story that am telling in my own way…Poetry is a part of the story..dil dukhna..kuch ehsaas feelings ka hona..aur unhe alfaaz me baya karna is poetry…In my book there are some stories in poetry form which run into more than 10 pages..Read my book to know more.. 

10. What is the last thing you would like to tell your readers?
Internet is a great thing…But book reading is also books they help you have better conversations. And poetry is amazing..alll love poetry as I think all songs are now poetry but no one buys a poetry book easily..I always ask love poetry? And the answer is always..Oh yes..and then I ask when was the last time you purchase a book of poetry..and the answer is… pls change that answer…say Yes..:) 

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2 States by Chetan Bhagat (Book Review-4.9*/5)!!!

        If there is one author who really makes aspiring authors of India dream and look up to in terms of success and fame achieved, it's none other than CHETAN BHAGAT. Though Amish Tripathi is killing these days but still, there's some thing about Chetan Bhagat which will always remain immortal- his naturalness and laymen-friendly language used in the books. He uses very less characters in his book but still makes it look as a Blockbuster movie playing in front of our eyes. I became his fan in 2009 and till date, the coolness that I find in his book is still missing in the books I read by other authors. His brother, Ketan Bhagat, with his debut novel, Complete/Convenient almost reached the mark that his celebrity brother is known for. But still, Chetan Bhagat is a legend and will remain to be in the world of Indian book-selling history. 

           I am just done reading "2 States" for the second time; I read it last time when it came out in 2009. Whenever I go to watch any of the movies adapted by an Indian author's book, I make sure that I read it again just before watching the movie to judge how the adaptation has been done than finding out how entertaining the movie is. It was great to read film's opening day success as I was turning the pages of the book to finish it as soon as possible so that I can watch the movie on its 2nd day. :-) 2 States is a very unique story where the author discusses inter-community marriages in modern India. And it's true. The dilemma still exists among old generation if their children should chose their own life partners and if yes, then if they should be from the same community or any. 
   What I loved about 2 States is its natural sense of humour. The book made me laugh just as 5 Point Someone did. And therefore, it's obvious why these two books are always named as CB's BEST. The narration is so fluid and straight that you will never find yourself lost at any point of time. The characters are so well-build up that even when a far-off relative is discussed, you feel as if he is your own mama or chacha. What the author has done with the characters of protagonists' parents is what makes this book really special. It contains more about parents of Krish and Ananya than they themselves. That's what makes this book unique and something that stays with you for a long time. You find your own parents taunting and screaming at you whenever the parents in this book does the same. :-)

           Book starts with the campus life and how the two people came together. It's wonderful to observe the transformation that takes place in the character of Ananya in the whole book. The way corporate life is discussed also made me laugh with the character of Bala and his similar bossy attitude that he keeps giving to Krish. I loved the entrance of Krish's mother in the convocation ceremony when she taunts how the Madrasis have an eye upon Punjabi boys by giving examples of Hema Malini and Sridevi. The tension between the father and son is also written and explained quite well throughout the book. But I loved the way climax took place. The most powerful scene in the book is when Krish goes back in flashback and tells about his physical attack on his father by him. There's a moment when Ananya says "Fuck off" to Krrish in the second half of second half (Well!). That scene has been the most humorous to me including all the dialogue parts between the respective protagonist's parents. :-)

          If you will ask me to mention some drawback- I would say there is none except the chapter being stretched more than enough while describing the Duke's wedding scene. That's all. Else, I loved how CB mentions some funny behavior and traits of both the communities. I loved the way he spoke almost everything he had in his mind because it could have played against him if someone would have taken this book seriously. It's estimated that almost 2 crore people have read 2 STATES. What star would I give to a book that's already been read by almost everyone and that too when the movie of it has also been released today. But for me, it is 4.9/5. 


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The Celestial Hunt by Devikumar Ramalingam (Book Review-2.5*/5)!!!

       This has been my first e-book ever. I am done reading 88 pages "The Celestial Hunt" by Devikumar Ramalingam published by Bookode Publishers. I loved the way the book is written as a novella than a full-fledged novel as it has very few plots, twists and tales to talk about. I love the way story is initialized telling about the spicy relationship between the teacher, Jaidev and student, Koushik. It interests you. Also how a book brings both the protagonists closer is something that makes you alert as you want to know what the book and the reality behind it would be. 

           Author, Devikumar, aged 28, has chosen a very good theme to write his book upon. His freshness is seen as the book is good in some parts while it struggles at some. He has good story to tell but the narration is weaker some times. The start is very good considering even the first half. There are lots of loopholes in the second. The major drawback that I felt was the switch over from one scene to the another. It's too straight and blunt. It should have been pacy and soft. As soon as you are into the flow of the story, suddenly you are moved out of it and put into some different world and plot. By the time you get adjusted to it, you are again into something else. 

           Leaving this pothole aside, I have loved the way characters are been used in the story. I also liked the use of locations in the book. The theme is very hard and difficult to write but the way author has attempted it is great. I also felt that if paragraphs would have been smaller, it would have been little more catchy. What happens with Viraaj, Harsith, Claudius in the time machine and the space they move into is exciting to read. The past behind the book and the mention of Indrajit and the whole plots around him and Jaidev is the best part of the book. Edwin and Rebecca's part are also treated well. 

          In short, I would say that the book is good in parts while falls at some. I will rate it 2.5/5. But I believe the author can show improvement with his next work. He has ability to pick up risky stories and tell.

Author Bio: 
Engineering graduate from Alagappa Engineering College, Anna University. 
Software Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai since December 2007. 

It has been my ambition to write short stories and novels which convey powerful messages to the society. "The Celestial Hunt" is my debut novel and this focuses on liberating people from corruption, communalism & poverty. 

I had published this novel in March 2010 (hard copy) and did a complete makeover retaining the core theme and published as an ebook on January 2014.
Blended with science fiction, spirituality, history & philosophy,  I hope the novel offers a  fascinating experience to the readers with captivating plots till the last line.

 Thanks a lot.


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Mistress of the Throne by Ruchir Gupta (Book Review-4.75*/5)

 It has been a long time since I read a book by Srishti Publication. Hence, I decided to pick this latest book by them- "Mistress of the Throne" which also has the tagline "The Mughal Intrigues". It's written by the debutante- Ruchir Gupta. Book is based in 16th century at the time when Mughals were ruling India under the reign of Shah Jahan and the time when Aurangzeb was developing as a fierce ruler. After reading lots of historical fiction based on Hinduism, it was time to try one based on Mughals and Islam. Frankly speaking, this book deserves success because it is been written perfectly and makes it quite easy to understand how things conceived even when unfamiliar characters are been talked of. You will lot of answers that you have regarding the questions related to Taj Mahal, Mumtaz, Shah Jahan and specially Aurangzeb. 

            Though the protagonist of this book is Jahanara, it seems as if the hero of the book is Aurangzeb. Kudos to author for the kind of research he has done on the characters who do not have much mentions in the history of Mughals. He based this book on Jahanara, one of the unsaid player in the Mughal empire. I never ever heard about her but after reading this book, I will always name her whenever Mughal empire will be discussed. We tend to believe that Mughals were very aggressive, pitiless and cruel but Mumtaz Mahal, Jahanara, Dara and the initial phase of Aurangzeb- the way their participation is narrated, it seems as if there were many who didn't want blood at all. 

            The demise of Mumtaz Mahal is one of the best parts of this book. It made me weep for a long time even after the chapter was completed. The way her death affected Shah Jahan, Jahanara, Aurangzeb and Dara was a wonderful piece to read. The differences and the way different personality shapes us in the face of Aurangzeb and Dara is what this book strongly owns. The attitude of Shah Jahan towards Aurangzeb which makes the latter aggressive, extremist Muslim is well defined in this book. It tells us what's the main reason behind Aurangzeb's personality and killing attitude towards Non-Muslim. Jahanara's soft corner towards Aurangzeb is a very unique angle given to the story.

           The whole making of Taj Mahal is narrated through out the book which makes you understand what has been the situations around the city of Agra and Delhi when the structure was in formation. I also liked the mention of Bibi Ka Maqbara made by Aurangzeb and the way Jahanara discusses the flaws in it; also in the Aurangzeb's placing of Shah Jahan's body in the Taj Mahal. Nur Jahan's first interaction with Jahanara and provoking him for the relationship is also a very good scenario in the book. All the letters that are mentioned plays their part heavily in the story. The way climax is written and the story is ended makes the book a perfect composition. The idea of describing the Mughal family's hierarchy initially and the name of all the characters with their relations in the family is good. Also "AFTERWORD" in the end is nice as I wanted to know from author if the story is real or fiction, and if fiction, then how much. He states that almost everything is real except few scenes where he had to insert his own fictitious content to describe the intensity of moment. I will give this book 4.75 out of 5. Surely read it.


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Losing My Religion by Vishwas Mudagal (Book Review-4.75*/5)!!!

       This is the 2nd book by FingerPrint Publication that I have just finished. First being "The Exiled Prince". I have always known FingerPrint for publishing some great books that keeps their readers hooked up with it. Ask me and I would say that I have started expecting more mind-blowing books from them in near future. It has become one of my favorite publishers now because of their quality, co-operation they show with authors and readers, both, and their selection of stories. I have finished this 350-pages novel "Losing My Religion" by the debutante author- Vishwas Mudagal who has taken approximate 5 years in writing this book getting inspired by his own life and one of his friend's. The cover page of the book is very soothing and calm. It makes you pick it up and at least have a look at the bookstore. A very good feel is been given itself with the cover pages, the title of the book and the synopsis. 

           Coming to the author, Vishwas Mudagal, I would say he is someone who will get into the big leagues very soon. His writing has the potential of being the favorite of readers for a very long time. This is why I suggest him not to take 5 years to write his 2nd book like the first as audience also tends to forget their favorite authors very soon. :-) He does not add much humour into his book with dialogues but with incidents and happenings which takes place in his protagonists' life. Even if a character plays a very small role in his story, he makes sure that the reader will remember it whenever the book "Losing My Religion" will come into his mind. Even when the book is thicker than the usual books published in this genre in India, it has the eligibility and content to hold reader for each and every page that has been added in narrating the story. That's Vishwas Mudagal for you!

           Coming to the book- Losing My Religion is surely in my favorite books of this year for sure. It has everything that I look forward in a book. It contains all the factors that a youth faces in his life yet it is build up so excitingly that it looks like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara or Dil Chahta Hai in book form. Rishi's character since starting has that niche where you feel he is choosing the wrong path but ends up showing the hidden way of success through the risky decisions too. Alex's presence in the book makes it the book that it is. The challenging and never-quit attitude that has been portrayed through his character builds Rishi's character at times. The late entry of Kyra in the story makes you believe that it's for the glamour and intense scene quotient in the book but its more to that. It shows what today's woman is made up of. Though she is shown as a foreigner but that's what our girls in India has also started becoming into- A Brave, Pragmatic and Independent Women.

           I loved the beginning when Rishi's attitude is shown through his conversation with his two long-time friends. The favorite part of the book comes just after that when the Malana incident takes place. The kind of adventure both the characters have to go through there is the best part in the book which will make you excited to complete the book in a go. Book actually becomes a Page-turner from there. Later on, the Casino experience and the entrance of Kyra in the book makes it exciting from being adventurous. Even the intimate scenes are written very well- Quite charging I would say. Haha! The whole idea of initiating a shack there by the duo- Rishi and Alex is chilling. Till then I wanted to stop reading the book, pack my bag and go for a long journey somewhere. That's what book does to you in first half. Then I loved the narration of the scene at Haridwar when Rishi meets Kyra again. These are my favorite parts in the book.

           Coming to the drawbacks- I wanted the reality show thing to be little short. It wasn't very exciting all the time except the climax and few sequences where Wolf challenged them initially. Also the book became predictable since that scene came in. I felt as if Haridwar sequence wasn't given much depth the way all the other parts are been treated in the book. I also didn't acknowledge the idea of funding Malana for good by Rishi and Alex. No mention of Rishi's pre-Alex life, friends and job is something I missed throughout the book. Rest, I enjoyed the book very much. The relationship of Rishi and Kyra is explained with maturity. It's quite evedent that Vishwas Mudagal has researched well about all the places he has mentioned in the book. In all, I would say a perfect book to read. I give it 4.75 out of 5. I loved it!!!
 Thanks a lot.


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Embers of Light And The Sacred Secret(Part 1) by Abhishek Gupta (Book Review-4.5*/5)!!!

     I hope you remember last time in a book review I said that I am up with Epic Fantasy or Historical fiction and I would prefer being little away from them. But its just about one good book and I am back into it. :-) I never believed that there will come a book which will gain my faith again. I am just done reading an almost 370 pages book “Embers of Light and the Sacred Secret (Part 1)”. It also carries a tagline- “Wishing for an angel? Think again!” Its written by the debutante writer Abhishek Gupta who loved to keep his name short on the front cover page “Abhi”. It is published by Konark Publications, unheard of. 

It is best when some secrets remain hidden and some stories remain untold. But is destiny too kind to let this be?A strange Y-shaped symbol in the sky terrifies a mysterious, alien race living secretly on Earth for centuries and changes forever the fate of five human beigns: a Brazilian street fighter, an American cop, a Chinese karate instructor, a Russian environmentalist and an Indian ad maker. Meanwhile, a geek in NYC is amazed to see his dreams grow more and more bizarre each day and meets an angel who isn't conventional in any way. This is the story of how their destinies intertwine. They could have heaven but they did not take it. The demons were against them and so were the angels but that did not scare them. Destiny had already ruled against them but they choose to rebel. Embers of Light is the story of five ordinary humans who choose the path of light over and above everything else even God.

About The Author:-
Abhishek Gupta did his graduation from Delhi College of Engineering and post graduation, in management, from IMI Delhi. He specializes in branding, qualitative market research with a short stint in advertising. Also he had freelanced for Random Magazine, the first humor magazine of India. He is an idealist who loves creativity and enjoys laughing.

          Coming to the author Abhishek Gupta, I would say that in a very young age, he has touched a topic which either senior citizens talk or well-read adults. A young boy writing a story which is all about history, little philosophy, a very well-churned out story and a stable climax without much noise is unbelievable. I am very impressed with the way he has conducted the whole thing from the first page to last. Even when I was in anti-climax and negative thoughts started creeping in that even this book will end up being incomplete because it's going to be published as Trilogy, I was quite happy after the book ended. Not every author knows how to end a book or a story but Abhishek Gupta hits a perfection even here. I am impressed.

         Book starts with a very unique concept of showing how a Brazilian street fighter, an American cop, A Chinese Karate instructor, a Russian environmentalist and an Indian ad maker are given the same address of New Delhi simultaneously to be there. You become curious right at that moment itself. Then the way they keep sipping the liquid and watch the story of Zeeyan and Shaurya- the two princes in history is again another interesting read as you feel that you are one among those 5 listeners. Satatma's role is also well defined. Suddenly when the story of Nicklaus comes in, the book becomes more interesting. I also loved reading the concept of three different worlds on the Earth itself and all being invisible to each other. Amazing! 

            Though the book has many characters right from the beginning but all are talked about in such a manner that it does not seem as if its confusing us. Every character is strongly build because of which this book has got its momentum right. The story of Zeeyan and Shaurya in the history is also very strong which gives the book a very strong base. Even in the climax, as the 8th colour of rainbow becomes a mystery with which the book ends promising it to be disclosed in the Part 2 also seems to be an interesting topic. I wish the 2nd part of this series comes sooner because its hard to know what happened after this. I am in awe of this book still. Seriously. I give this book an undoubtedly 4.5/5. Kudos, Abhishek Gupta.



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An Interview with Suresh K Goswami, Author, Director, Producer!!!

I got a wonderful opportunity to interview Suresh K Goswami, Author, Director, Producer, Cinematographer and Partner at JSWM Productions. Founder of Delhi International Film Festival and WF Festival of Intl Films Lavasa.

1. Hello Mr. Suresh, what is your feeling after being an author? What’s your perspective about life now after achieving a rare flagship in your life?

Passion generates a dream and the dream becomes a reality provided the passion does not limit itself to the dream and dies once you open your eyes.  Having traversed the 65 years’ span of life, my perspective of life has already been realized in a precious  experience which I desire to pass on to the next generation inspiring as many of them as possible to dream and think of flagships that they set for themselves to achieve. Becoming an author is certainly much beyond any flagship achievement as the intense suffering of the world around has gone wild and is swallowing the pleasure of life. And during these unfortunate sufferings many stories are born and these stories crave for a soul that can mold them into a presentable shape so the entire human world can read them, embrace them and love them. That soul is no one but an Author.

2. When you saw your first novel for sale on E-commerce websites and placed at a bookstore for the first time, what kind of thoughts dominated your mind?
Contentment in abundance was what I saw in those nostalgic moments. What more can a story teller wish to see. Any story is like a young lover who has been wandering so many labyrinths of life in search of a lover and at that instance when the  story arrives at a book store or a commercial website, it is overwhelmed by uniting with not one lover but so many of them . Isn’t that moment worth living and worth loving ?

3. Before we head towards discussing your book, we would like to know in spite of being an author, what do you exactly do? And do you wish to continue with the job or come into full-time writing?
During my long standing career as a professional Chief Executive and Managing Director of many multinationals in Africa and Middle East I had this passionate urge to write, especially about my experiences highlighting sensitive social issues that are manifested in the lives of millions of fellow human beings. But it took me to cross 60 years of my life to listen to my inner self and it was at this point that I left whatever I was doing and took to creative writing. I wrote a couple of scripts and two years back I made my first independent film, converting  one of my favorite scripts into a multi award winning feature film, “Ziyarat” that earned ample awards and recognition across the globe. Motivated by my first effort, I made another short documentary “My Heroes” which too emerged as a multi award winning film. “My Heroes” won the most popular award at six sigma film festival, best film award at We Care Film Festival (A UN enabled festival) and recently on 23 March 2014 it won the Best Documentary International award at Nashik International Film festival. I continued to write few other stories but concentrated on my book Burning Sapphires which was completed recently and published by Partridge, a Penguin company. In my mind I look forward to pen down many stories from the terror ridden Valley of Kashmir-a paradise lost, which happens to be my mother land. In as far as I can visualize my future; I can only see books, screenplays and films on Kashmir, on social problems of our world and on injustice.

4. What is your latest book all about? And from where did this idea occur to you? 
There is a cold sense of antagonism that permeates the valley once called the paradise on earth. It is a quarrel between substance and form you may say – does a country owe most to its past or present? In both senses Kashmir is curiously treated and the wails of history often ignored as passing winds.
Reflecting real tragedy through fiction, Burning Sapphires has been written to give a voice to the people and their stories that have unknowingly gotten lost through the years, buried under the snow.
The Burning Sapphires is a story about one woman who, despite all the odds in life, takes on the responsibility and leads the entire community toward a progressive solution and revives the injured spirits and minds of Kashmiris. A seven-year-old girl, Ghulab Sahib, living in Machail, Kashmir is unaware of life and its complications. Living her childhood in this most spectacular village, she doesn't know that destiny is going to disrupt her peaceful life and propel her through a maze of gruelling fateful events. But these fateful events do not destroy her-instead, a woman of great knowledge, substance, experience, and unparalleled strength emerges in the being of Shahzadi Ghulab Sahib, who takes charge of millions of Kashmiri Muslims trapped in the terror-stricken Valley of Kashmir along with 500,000 internally displaced Kashmiri Pandits living as refugees in their own country and bails them out, leading them toward a life of contentment, dignity, and pride

5. How much long did it take to write this book from the moment you started developing the story to start writing it till completing it finally with editing and all?

It took me nearly three years from the moment I started developing the story to the point of seeing the book at the retail outlets

6. Indian Publishing is too hard to deal with, was it easy for you to get a Publisher or did u wait for a long time to get your work published?

Not only are the Indian Publishing houses hard to deal with, the publishers all over the world behave the same way. To be honest, in any business process, the viability is assessed in terms of marketability along with the values of all the elements comprising the process. New writers
No matter how good they are have no added value to a project. Publishing being the first step towards commercial exploitation becomes a very hard hurdle to cross.
But the process of publishing has evolved to a new level of exploitation with the self-publishing option where the new writer is offered to be a partner in the business irrespective of the worth or value of the intellectual property he has created. Most of the books are accepted and lot of revenue generated by publishers without even going to the print stage.
In my case, I did get in touch with some traditional publishers who turned down my project politely. But as soon as approached the self-publishing venues I met with almost a hundred percent response along with repeated reminders that still keep pouring in. It has been rather a bad decision to go with Partridge.

7. What are the Promotional strategies that you and your publisher have applied to promote/market your book?
Again, with the self-publishing options everything comes with a price. Most of the publishers have a ready-made reckoner for each service. They hardly promote on their own and one of the main disadvantages I came across was their inability to get the print version printed in India. So the pricing, due to printing outside is astronomical and my book with paperback on all the online sites costs over Rs. 1000 and Hard cover over Rs. 2000. Now who is going to buy a new book for that price against the cost of 200-300 for best sellers?  A tedious struggle against this has brought the price down to Rs. 336 on flip cart. These self-published books from Partridge do not get any promotional support unless you pay heavily for each service . A single review from a good newspaper costs a few lacs. So my journey has been my struggle all over by myself and I have tried to promote my book as much as I could on line and off line. One more lesson learnt in life… Distant pastures look much greener. In conclusion…I do desire to republish my book in India and with a traditional publishing house.

8. What exactly is your target from your Books- 1. Getting most copies sold out, 2. Getting the love of readers or 3. You just wrote it because you wanted to write a book once in your life, hence you have no targets?

Getting the love of readers, and getting to the most of World readership has been my target. In fact I had penned down Burning Sapphires as a script for a film project.  The project budget being unaffordable it was not possible to get the script rolling so I decided to adapt the book.

9. By when are you coming up with your next novel? And if possible, do give us an idea about what it would be.

My next project is a film project with no name. The story has been written and we, that is I and my daughter Misha Goswami are writing the screenplay.  It will be my production and she will direct the film. The story is about thousands of missing persons in Kashmir in the last two decades. Incidentally most of these missing persons have died in custody.
I have also started working on a book which will take at least one year plus. The name is “Seventh Dimension” and is about a man created zero gravity zone deep inside Himalayas, very far and unapproachable by anyone except the chosen ones.  The zero gravity zone is an environment of Nirvana state where the body transforms into an eternal substance and does not need any of the materials to survive. The soul nourishes and the life though devoid of complete material sustenance lives without aging. To train the chosen ones to float in the Nirvana bliss takes around 20 – 30 years.

10. In the end, tell us in 5-7 lines, what speech will you give if you win a Major Award for the Best Indian Author for your books?

The speech would be dedicated to those millions of innocent human beings across the globe who suffered at the hands of greed, power, politics and senseless genocides and whose voices remain buried under the soil, unheard, un- noticed and neglected. The recognition of “Burning Sapphires” would be the acknowledgement of the world to have opened their ears to the buried voices that continue their painful shrills in an effort to seek justice from all of us

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