Friday, June 8, 2012

Spykar & Scribido Magazine contest: 'That's The Way We Met' by Sudeep Nagarkar !!!

            Some Publications are too lucky to publish some ordinary books and get them as bestsellers. One of such lucky publishers is Srishti Publication. Last year, it got a chance to publish one more ordinary debutante- Sudeep Nagarkar. And who knew that Sudeep Nagarkar will turn into one more bestselling author in the Commercial fiction world of books. Out of some published book by Srishti Publishers that got an entry into HT-Nielson Bestseller List, Sudeep Nagarkar’s “Few Things Left Unsaid” is one of them. Since then, the amount of sales that this very book has done in our Indian market is commendable and interminable. Almost every youth who picks up the Light-read Fiction novels has picked “Few Things Left Unsaid”. Some reviewers called it “The story of Bollywood’s 1990s era”. :-)

          And before I say anything more in the introduction of this Author, you will yourself know the success story of his by knowing that his 2nd book is coming out by one of the leading publishers of our country- Random House Publications. The book is already out for pre-ordering and you will find it in Bestselling section of many E-commerce websites that are engaged in selling of books. Right from the name of the book “That’s the way we met” and its tagline “Kya life hogi set?” to its Cover page, everything is creating buzz among readers. This book is set to create new records in its initial days itself and everyone is looking forward to it. And one more achievement is being added in the name of Sudeep Nagarkar,  he is soon to be announced the Brand Ambassador of India's Fastest Growing Literary Company- Author's Empire Literary Company. :-)

         And for the readers who are looking forward to some contests and gift hampers, there’s good news from the Author’s side. There’s a contest that is being started from today till 18th June, 2012 with the association of Spykar Jeans and Scribido magazine and presented by Homeshop18.  

         Currently you need to register your details and contest starts on Monday. Answer 3 simple questions and get Author signed copy of our book along with gift vouchers from Spykar worth 5000rs. Enroll yourself now! Share it so that all your friends can enroll! Here is the link...Go to the link and fill basic details. .I am sure that you’ll enjoy it. Go For It. And be part of this Success story. :-)


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