Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Himalayan Lust by Sadhguru (Book Review-3.5*/5) !!!

In the books and authors that speak only about spirituality, I have gone through many books but finally found my home and solace in the books and words of Sadhguru. I can identify with every word that he speaks. Even if something that I am not able to understand, following some advises of his makes it possible for me to decipher the meaning of what he wanted to speak in that particular chapter or paragraph. I am just done reading his “Himalayan Lust” written in the year 2010. It has become my task these days to read all the books of Sadhguru one by one and follow the path of meditation. Because they he describes meditation and concentration, no one else does.

Himalayan Lust is about the conversation of Sadhguru with the seekers who joined his adventure of trekking over Himalayas. As everyone could not be with Sadhguru in this great experience of being at Himalaya, this book helps the reader to understand the thought process of each peak and mountain with significance as Sadhguru talks about specific topics only at respective peaks. The dialogues between the Seekers and the Sadhguru is nicely edited and presented which helps the reader to understand the topic in flow. Otherwise it would have been very messy for the reader to understand what exactly is being talked about.

Sadhguru answers many difficult questions like why saints chose only mountains for meditation, how does one know that which Guru is real, how does one understands that one is in need of meditation, how much is several myth related with a normal person who has never been in touch with meditation etc. The best thing about the book is that even after the book is based in Himalayas, Sadhguru presents his ideas and tools in such a way that it does not sound religious from any point of view. Any person of any religion will find his talks relevant and customized for himself. The only drawback of the book is that I found Sadhguru talking too much about his greatness in this book unlike many of his books and speeches. I was surprised to notice this again and again. Another problem is that the book is not much about Himalayas as the title goes. This is just another book on spirituality by Sadhguru but has nothing to do specifically with Himalayas or mountains. I give this book of Sadhguru 3.5 star out of 5.



Monday, July 24, 2017

A Sister To Honour by Lucy Ferriss (Book Review- 4*/5) !!!

I have never read any book by Lucy Ferriss before but while browsing through the books published by Fingerprint publishers, one of my favorite publication houses in India, I got to read the title of the book “A Sister To Honour” which made me pick up the book and read it this weekend. The cover page of the book says a lot but its only after you end up reading this almost 400-pages book that you are able to comprehend what this book wanted to let us know. The way author has discussed some contemporary issues through this story is worth-praising. We only hear in news about honour killing etc. but after reading this book, the mentality that few regions, religions, sect etc. has will open your eyes as an individual.

This book is about a Pakistani girl who goes to USA following her brother who is already settled there as a star athlete. She never knew what future had for her. She just wanted to finish her medical studies in this part of the world. But one photograph of her holding hand of an American man that gets posted on Internet changes her life. Even her brother, Shahid, who is expected to save the honour of his sister, is considered a crime-in-partner for not being able to save his sister from getting into such acts. This would have been a normal case for any American girl to do but for a girl belonging from Pakistan primarily, this case leads to investigations and what not.

The way author lets us know the point of view of each character by speaking the story in the first-person voice makes it easy for us, as a reader, to understand the different mindset of people. At some moments, we feel like hitting some character speaking their mind for being so miserable in their thinking and close-mindedness that it becomes hard to accept some truths in the form of this fictional story. The book is nicely written which makes us read every page with details to capture every minute details about the people’s reactions, mindset and thinking.

The first half of the book sets the plot of the book while the second half of the book actually plays the purpose behind writing this novel. The good thing about this attempt is that author has based the whole thing in USA to make the reader understand about how two totally different cultures resides on this same planet itself where something is very casual at one end of the world while it is a crime in the opposite end of it. Such a bold topic is very greatly handled by the author and I give this 4 star out of 5. I would ask everyone to read this book and also ask everyone to read this book in your circle that belongs to such close-minded society. Kudos to the author for attempting something like this. Recommended!



Sunday, July 23, 2017

Warjuna- Book 1: Mrithasu Rising by Krishnaraj (Book Review-3.75*/5) !!!

Since Shiva Trilogy has made it mark in the Indian literature market, I have seen many authors trying out their creative piece in the same genre by writing stories based in the historical era. Many authors have done well in it while many have failed badly. I know many books that were meant to be a trilogy but never came out with their 2nd part because the first one itself didn’t work with the readers. It’s very tough to garner the interest of readers when you are writing in the same genre as everyone in the contemporary period where the particular stuff has become fashionable. However, I just completed reading the book named “Warjuna” which is said to be the first book in the trilogy based on the rising of the Mrithasu. The book is written by the author Krishnaraj and published by Notionpress.

This 300-pages book doesn’t allow the reader to get up from his seat and leave it even for a second. The book engages you right from the first page itself. The author does not take time in introducing Arjuna with the readers and makes sure that he is regularly involved in all that takes place throughout the plot. The way author has managed to take out some characters from the epic, The Mahabharata, and use them in a totally new story based in another era makes this book special. Earlier, it took me sometime to understand how exactly is the book related with Mahabharata but after reading some more pages, I understood that it is a totally new fantasy fictional world that the author have created in this book.

The book is very fast-paced and the story regularly moves forward without boring the reader at any point. Some or the other events keep taking place in the whole set-up of war and the ideologies shared between the characters and the way war is proceeded with different political mindset gives the reader what he desperately asks for. The only problem with the book is that to move the story ahead in a very speedy manner, author has forgotten to give some time to develop the characters. The characters are just used as a stepping stone in this story and only the main protagonist is discussed in detail. Anyways, the way author describes action-packed scenes, nature, Mother Earth, war-based scenarios tells a lot about how deeply he fantasizes the world within his mind and only after which he shares it with his readers. Overall, this book will make you imagine each and every sentence in your mind and take you to a different world itself. I give this 3.75* out of 5. I am definitely waiting for its 2nd part to release soon and take the author’s work a level up.



Black Suits You by Novoneel Chakraborty (Book Review: 4*/5) !!!

 There is not a single book that I have missed by Novoneel Chakraborty because of the suspense that is always involved in his books. Not always I have enjoyed the final climax but still I love whatever he writes because he doesn’t only narrate a suspense thriller but make the reader to keep thinking in parallel about what will happen with the protagonist in the end. His thrillers are very different from what I read from other popular authors of India. I am just done reading “Black Suits You”, the latest released novel of Novoneel, however, his another book is up for pre-order already. His speed of writing and publishing book is something I am sure his publishers would be very happy and grateful about. Haha!

Black Suits You is an amazing thriller where the protagonist is shown involving in an affair with a girl even after he is in relationship with Anaysha. He is been made to fall for this new girl named Kashti by her even though he finds the whole thing very scary. He breaks up with his girlfriend, Anaysha, on the day of their engagement just because he gets a “gift” from Kashti which makes him not say “NO” to her. And from here onwards, he is been dominated by Kashti and being followed everywhere. And then begins the real story of this book which will make the readers keep turning page to know what happens next.

Author’s decision to tell Anaysha’s story from her own voice in the form of the diary notes is nice as it makes the narration more fluid and systematic. The reader gets to understand the parallel thought of Anaysha after knowing what is up with the life of Kiyan, the protagonist. The suspense is nicely built up in spite of the linkages that the characters have amongst each other in a correlated timeline. The pre-climax is wonderfully handled where the final thrilling part is out and we come to know about the people involved in the crime, avenge or revenge (read to know what specifically it is).

The book could have become boring as it is written in lot of confinement as there is no traveling part of exploration of characters but only what goes on between the protagonist and Kashti. But author makes sure that the plot is enough engaging to never make you feel bored. And in the 2nd half the way story starts progressing makes the reader not leave the book until the climax is not finished. And the climax is very well executed which makes this book a best concluded one. Thankfully, this is not a trilogy or else waiting for the next one would have become much difficult. Author has absolutely written it better than his most famous “The Stranger Trilogy”. I give this book 4* out of 5. And I am just waiting to put my hands upon his upcoming novel “Forever is a Lie”.



Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Boy Who Loved by Durjoy Datta (Book Review- 4.5*/5) !!!

There are few authors with whom you share an emotional connect as you are an audience to their work since the time they were building their niche in the field. That’s the reason I connect with many authors even if I like their work or don’t. One of the most unusual authors for me is Durjoy Datta who started writing campus love stories full of sexual explorations but started experimenting different plots since last 3 years. I have enjoyed him as a writer since beginning but the variations that I got to experience in these few years is what is more delighting to me than anything as a reader. I am just done reading his latest experiment named “The boy who loved” which sounds to be just another love story but this is one of the best character-based novels I have read. I can easily compare this one with another favorite DD-novel, “Someone Like You”.

The book starts as a diary of a boy who has considered himself as he is good for nothing because he does not have any bigger ambitions but wants to lead a normal life. The way the whole plot is handled in the form of a diary spoken in the first-person voice is amazing and does not bore you even for a minute unlike many popular fictions where the same concept is not treated as maturely as DD has done in this book. The magic is woven in the book right from the first page till the end. The way the protagonist is introduced in the initial chapters makes you curious to know more about him. And the way each day is narrated makes this book a perfect page-turner that you won’t be able to keep down without completing it in one sitting.

The characterization is so beautifully done in this story that you will be able to interpret each one’s mindset. The orthodox mentality of the protagonist’s parents is very nicely discussed in this book which makes you wonder why Indian parents are so pitiless and rude when it comes to accepting the child’s choice for his/her own marriage. The way the chemistry and relationship between the protagonist and Brahmi is mentioned also breaks your heart many a times. The condition in which Brahmi lives will make you emotional time and again. The last chapter of the book is heart-breaking and I wish if the ending would have been something different but whatever, I feel this book would have been incomplete if everything would have ended happily. This will remain to be my favorite Durjoy Datta’s book for a long time for sure. I rate it 4.5* out of 5.



Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Left Roof by Narendra & Vishvendra Singh Nathawat (Book Review- 3.25*/5) !!!

It has been very rare when I have picked up a book which belongs to the world of fantasy because I am generally not used to imagining stuff a lot while reading which are not usual. That is the reason why I have still not gone through Harry Potter series because I feel very hard to connect with such stories. But still I like picking up such books rarely to be connected with this genre too. I have just finished reading another fantasy-based book on Kindle named “The Left Roof” which also comes with a tagline “A Way to the Infinity World”. The book is written by two authors, Narendra Singh Nathawat and Vishvendra Singh Nathawat and published by Partridge publishers.

The book starts off very well which keeps the readers hooked to the story as they want to know about the protagonist’s past and his parents’ back story. The suspense behind the old home is what makes the reader excited in the initial few pages itself and after the concept of Infinity World gets introduced, the world of fantasy gets opened for the reader. The way characterization and conceptualization has been drafted for this section of the story tells about the authors’ dedicated towards telling the story about an imaginary world where each and every term has to be created to make the fake world seem to be live. The way authors have described the fantasy part makes it very easy for the readers to imagine the scenarios which adds effects to the book.

The 2nd half of the book gets little slow in the beginning but the way whole pre-climax is handled makes the closing of the story even more interesting. I just felt that the climax could have been a lot better as it ended in a very lighter note. Just like the movie, Bluffmaster, even this book manages to surprise the readers in the end and make them go like “Why the authors didn’t tell this in the first page itself!” This is the surprise element of this book- The very last small paragraph. The drawback of the book is that it stops discussing anything about the Earth etc. but only focuses on the escapade of the protagonists and his supporters from here and there in the Infinity World. I also felt that the narration of the book could have been better as it becomes quite of a booster in between where the plot is taken forward by discussing one scene after another in hurry. Otherwise, this is a good fantasy novel. I give it 3.25* out of 5.



Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Somewhere To Go by Shambhavi (Book Review-3.5*/5) !!!

After reading books belonging to different genres, I finally read a book after going through its synopsis which fascinated me a lot. “Somewhere To Go” is written by Sambhavi and published by Rupa Publication. This 200-pages book is a stuff that can be read in one sitting. The book is based upon how a boy in a relationship working in a good media company suddenly takes the decision to go on a spiritual path to find himself. The suspense about what he would do in the end- return back to his previous life to be back again with his dear people or find his calling in the world of loneliness itself keeps this book a good page-turner. Even though the plot is simple but the way author has narrated the whole scenario makes this book worth reading.

The book is written in a very good flow making it sure that reader does not find any difficulty in identifying the characters and their backdrop. The characterization is done very wonderfully making it sure that every character who passes just as a cameo in this book also leaves an impression on your mind. As the character is shown to be very dedicated initially towards being spiritual etc, the way he has to struggle while treading on this journey and the easy decisions that he ends up taking makes this story sound more realistic. The first half of the book is very difficult for the reader to adjust with considering the tough decision that the protagonist is about to take. The second half turns little boring but it is interesting to read about what really would happen if someone takes a decision of this sort.

Talking about the drawbacks of the book, I found that author only concentrated on the protagonist and left all the other characters as a by-product of the story. Even the girlfriend of the protagonist isn’t discussed after he moves on to his journey. It would have been interesting if author would have added some parallel plot about how other characters struggled after the protagonist moved away. Also, there are many typos in the book which makes it look silly on the publication’s end. Rest, this is a book I liked reading as the genre is of my interest. I give this book 3.5* out of 5.



Sunday, July 9, 2017

Mayhem in South China Sea by P. R. Franklin (Book Review 4*/5) !!!

I remember watching “The Ghazi Attack” some months ago and enjoyed it a lot because of its thrilling and surprising elements with intelligence and mind games involved in the whole game of fight between the two countries. If ever I would be able to compare the movie with any book, it would be none other than my latest read book named “Mayhem in South China Sea” written by the debutante P. R. Franklin. The book is written with very good research and knowledge which is evident in each and every chapter. You can decipher just by how the scenarios and conversations between the characters are planned about the background of the author who has served in Defence services and has a wonderful experience list.

The book is about the plot that is based upon how China is trying to occupy the South China Sea and treat it as its own area while the neighboring countries and littoral states are helplessly watching it happen. With the support of America, India decides to upset the Chinese policy. The book starts with full flow and maintains its rhythm throughout till climax. The book never gets boring at any time. The way the author has used his experience in writing this fiction tells about his conviction towards defining few rules about how to treat the countries/continents who try to break the rules for their own benefits.

The book treats various characters such as politicians, civilians, officials, terrorists, separatists, media, naval forces, defense team etc. Author never fails adding twists and turns whenever needed. The dialogue between the different parties is nicely written which makes you smile while reading the conversations. The war and strategies are nicely handled in the second half of the book and mainly the climax. The way the book ends make you want to read more about it. I wish author writes something on the similar lines again. The book has been edited well because of which you never feel any part been stretched. As the book is divided into small chapters, it is easy to read in multiple sittings which is generally not the case with thrillers. Overall, an impressive debut. I give this book 4 star out of 5.



Saturday, July 8, 2017

My bouquet, for you by Rukmini Dey (Book Review-3*/5) !!!

There are very few books that you can finish within half an hour. And when the book is about poetries and poems with just 65 pages, it can be finished even within 15-20 minutes. But the effect of the book stays only if the words embedded in the sentences are enough to reach your heart and make you say “WOW” after understanding the depth of it. This is the same feeling you get when you will read this very short collection of poems written by Rukmini Dey named “My bouquet, for you”. The book is published by Zorba publication that I have tried for the first time and I am quite impressed with their choice.

The poetess talks about small things in this book through poems which she experiences in her daily life. There are poems dedicated to her particular friends. There are poems dedicated to her trips, vacations and journeys. There are words which tell us about her love with mathematics as she either talks about it directly or uses it as metaphor to compare it with something else.  She also speaks about how Rabindranath Tagore is next to Jesu for her as his poems and writings are something which is very close to her. There is another funny four lines of her husband. It can be said that poetess has actually offered her bouquet to her readers through this book.

The poems are written in easy language unlike how mostly English poems are written. Some poems are just describable about something or some moments while some of them are really deep in their meanings which rejoice the reader in you. The book makes you feel about the unobserved and unforgotten elements around you. The book is a very good flavor for a reader to taste once in a week as few write-ups are really nostalgic. I give this try 3 star out of 5.



The Fragrance of Rose by Chirajit Paul (Book Review- 3.25*/5) !!!

There are many books that I have read where a female goes into sexual relationships with many male counterparts throughout the story. Sometimes, its written with a motive to interest only those readers who are interested to read sexual stuffs but most of the times, such books are written to let the readers go through the story of a female who had to get into sexual relationships with many men in her life because of some valid reasons which were unavoidable. The book written with the latter reason is what I prefer reading out of the two. I picked up a book with the similar plot named “The Fragrance of Rose” written by Chirajit Paul which also has tagline saying “Beauty-Dignity-Ambition”. The book is published by one of the most popular publication house- Srishti. 

The writing style of the author, Chirajit, is easy and fluid which help this book a lot in turns of narration and flow. The way each scenario is bifurcated from another is very well managed. The characters are handled properly because of which the readers do not get confused in remembering the names and their relation with the protagonist. The character of Rinita Bose is portrayed wonderfully as it can make any girl who has gone through the similar phase in her life to look forward to her ambitions and desires with dignity. 

The story does justice to the reader’s time. The circumstances that the author have chosen in which the protagonist has to give away her body to the men she would have never even given another glance is imaginable and genuine. The book never looks like desperation to make readers fall for it due to sexual scenes. Author handles these moments nicely in the book. This book is not like a revenge-drama or something but about the years a girl goes through the same loop again and again due to the mindset of the men she gets accompanied with. The book is not stretchy and ends where the reader feels it should end. The climax is little down in terms of the ending of the book but still, this book is great to accompany you while traveling. I give this one 3.25 out of 5.



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