Sunday, December 20, 2015

You're Trending In My Dreams by Sudeep Nagarkar (Book Review-1*/5) !!!

       Sudeep Nagarkar is now 6 books old in his writing career of 4 years with his latest release "You're trending in my dreams" which has already hit the Bestseller chart and has become his one of the best openings in terms of pre-order and initial sales. Penguin Random House  had added many romantic writers in their list of annual releases some 3 years back and since then, each author co mes out with a novel every year. It has become more about marketing propaganda than quality for which these big publication houses are known for. Sudeep Nagarkar had improved with time as a writer and he had finally started writing mature stories based on youth but I think the target given by publishing house to complete the book by a particular deadline are making these authors write a story in a go without giving much research and time to overthink and make it better. YTIMD is the big example of the same. It stands no where even if compared to Sudeep's first book as a writer where he has scribbled his own story without much creative inputs.    

            The ratings that I have given to Sudeep Nagarkar in order of his releases are as follows: 3, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, 3.25 which shows that he had almost become stably good in his performance with each book but I am very scared to even talk about his new release as I never believed it could be so plain with no great story, no memorable characters, no great twists and turns and no great climax which can either make you emotional or shocked or glad. It is very childish and written similarly as a junior college student writes his personal diary with few poems, few philosophical sentences which are cliche and known to everyone, talks on how girls are treated like an object etc. I have always liked an ability about Sudeep of picking up a location and doing pure justice with it and also describing the youth as similar as possible as they really actually are. This time he picked up Navi Mumbai and didn't discuss it quite well and also, the characters aren't built keeping the location in mind. It looks as if it's about the crowd from Lower Parel or Churchgate and not from Navi Mumbai where boys and girls still aren't that modern to share a room together.
    Initially, the book picks well and the way it starts, it seems as if Sudeep is going to deliver another great story but the way it becomes quite obvious after a point of time, it starts irritating a fan in you. Finally, the main twist arrives and the book does get better but again, how easily the whole issue is handled becomes the drowning point of this story. I didn't feel as if Sudeep have written this story. Seriously! As I have discussed above, I feel publishers should give time to these writers who are actually making Indian youth read month after month rather than giving them targets like releasing a book every 8th month or so. Give the author plenty of time to research, prepare, write, edit, write, edit and finally review his work, share it with his close friends, get their reviews, again edit the story and build the final manuscript. I give this book just 1 star and I wish Sudeep bounces back with his next book as a fan in me is largely disappointed this time. I am waiting for one of my favorite authors to write better than his best work till date. 



Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian (Book Review: 4*/5) !!!

       There can be nothing better than spending your weekend with a book. But when it's a book by one of your favorite authors, it becomes more special. I read Ravi Subramanian's latest book "The Bestseller She Wrote". This is his 4th book that I have read though he has 8 books under his name. I was really excited for this release as it was related with the literary world of India which I have been following very closely from last 6 years. And when it's written by Ravi Subramanian, you know that he is going to talk about some realities under the name of fiction which will make you feel connected with the characters and the story. And it happened ditto. The cover of the book is very unique and beautiful and it is great to know that the book is also under the process adapting it into a movie. 

          TBSW is a story about how a girl who aspires to be a writer meets India's most famous author. They meeting becomes a regularity and the married author starts falling for this young girl. But she is more concerned about her book to get published and turned into a bestseller with the help of this author who has himself written 4 bestsellers back to back each breaking record of the previous one. This is the basic plot which leads to many scenarios and leads to several twists and turns and finally in the climax, like every book of Ravi Subramanian, you are left alone for shocks and surprises. 

           Ravi Subramanian is an amazing thriller writer and his books start doing magic right from the first page itself. Talking about this particular book, I felt as if Ravi chose an easy way to tell his story with an intention of making it a light read for another mass of audience which do not read the genre he writes. For the whole first half, it felt as if someone else is writing it for Ravi S. Though in between of some chapters, author have kept dropping hints of something being wrong with the doings of few characters but it still does not give you any thrill until the second half begins when his marriage starts getting affected because of his extra-marital exploration. 

            Ravi Subramanian have integrated his story very well with many real-life incidents of famous Indian authors which keeps you interested if you have been in touch with the literary world lately. You start relating with the characters very soon and see your own favorite author in the lead character and you even start imagining other not-so-famous authors in the character of Shreya. The whole process of how a person writes a manuscript till how the book launches in a big event, everything is perfectly described by Ravi. And the way story unfolds in the end, it makes you happy that you have finally witnessed the excellence of Ravi Subramanian once again. The most unexpected person turns out to be the ill-wisher of everyone. 

           Talking about the drawbacks- I would again say that the first half is particularly very slow and not been written in the same language in which Ravi writes. There is not much happening in first half except one character continuously compelling the other person to publish her book and it becomes repetitive and boring after a point of time. Also the book isn't one of the best thrillers over all except what happens in the climax. And this is exactly half good of what Ravi Subramanian have himself written before. If this book would have been by a debutante, I would have easily given it 4.5 stars but because it's written by someone who have only gotten better with each book of his, I am giving it 4 stars. It is a great book which surely deserves 4 stars just that it doesn't look like one written by THE GREAT RAVI SUBRAMANIAN himself. He has set very high standards for himself to achieve. :-) 

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

You are the Best Wife by Ajay K Pandey (Book Review-3*/5) !!!

     It seemed as if an era had passed since I read a book by Srishti which was based on a true love story until I picked up Ajay K Pandey’s debut book- “You are the best wife”. Author claims that it’s his and his wife, Bhavna’s true love story about their love and marriage. The back cover of the book also claims that all the proceeds from this book will be donated through Bhavna Charitable Trust (an initiative by author’s wife’s parents). Well, coming back to the book, it’s written with pure emotions and love. In every sentence whenever author described love for his wife shows his innocence and devotion. This book is from the genre which Srishti used to publish some 3-4 years ago consisting of a love story with little involvement of friends in it. Fortunately, this book doesn’t involve unwanted sex and intimate scenes. Author have kept the content as decent as possible from his end.

          Coming to Ajay’s writing style, it’s very impressive that his command on English language is fine even when he never aspired to be a writer. As this is his debut work, in few sentences, the struggle for sentence formation is visible but still his command is better than few bestseller writers. He has used simple words which makes this book a good companion while traveling. This book is more about how two lovers who have fallen in love are in struggle to get their parents’ approval for their marriage. Through the story, author have tried to show the problems couples deal during inter-caste marriages. This book can be called poor man’s “2 States”. 

          The first half of the book tells about how the protagonist’s college life begins with ragging and new friendships. Suddenly it switches to how the protagonist finds a girl attractive and woos her with his style. Afterwards, the book moves towards another dimension when parents get involved and from here, the struggle that both the lead characters go through is discussed. I wished if author could have entered some humour, the book would have become more interesting to read. It’s not that he haven’t tried but its ineffective most of the times. Author have concentrated more towards keeping this book as real as possible but he should have fictionalized little more to add masala and made it a dramatic story. 

        Anyways, the second half deals with what happens in their life after marriage. Author describes how the same girl starts stating her point of view which interjects with his lifestyle and the small clashes start taking place. Later on, book moves towards serious note and I recalled another book by Srishti and Ravinder Singh- “I too had a love story”. Author have described how the protagonist’s life suddenly changes and the difficulty he faces. Overall, the book is a light read which you can finish in a single sitting of 3-4 hours. It’s an average stuff- neither very good nor bad. You can surely gift this one to your partner this Valentine Day. I give this attempt 3 stars out of 5. It’s for romantic folks out there.



Sunday, November 8, 2015

1000 Kilograms of Goa by Rohan Govenkar (Book Review-4*/5) !!!

       It was almost after 15 days that I picked a book to read as finally I realized that the countdown has begun for the year to finish and I am still left with 6 books of my target 60. And I picked up debutante, Rohan Govenkar's "1000 Kilograms of Goa". I found the title quite weird and unusual and therefore thought of giving it a read. Also the name of a debut author always catches my attention. I love reading work of a person with whom I have no attachment as a reader and thus getting surprised. Well, occasionally! Sometimes I end up getting shocked. And I can proudly claim that my last phase of reading journey of this year got a good start with this book which is such a great thrilling experience that it doesn't allow you blink even once for 230 pages of only fun, amazement, suspense, twist and turns, romance and everything done in a greatly balanced way.      

            Rohan has a very authentic skill of writing which makes him arrange words in his own way and serves a new reading experience for the readers interested in reading Indian authors. The characterization of each one in this book is perfectly done as it was very essential otherwise it would have become half-baked failed dish. I also loved how the author kept the romance as just another angle to the book rather than romanticizing the basic plot of this story. The magic starts right from the first conversation between the friends when a piece of history is shared in the best written form. After that, it becomes more exciting when you realize that the mission gets accomplished almost half way in the book. But what happens after that makes this book not an ordinary thriller but more than that and something which becomes recommendable. 

            The story is beautifully crafted and it allows you to think even when it becomes fast pacy sometimes. The locations are nicely described as it allows your imagination to build the same in your thoughts which makes it more easy for you to follow the story weaved into it. The breaking into the mansion scene and the way it is handled by the friends is nicely written. I wish to read that part once again. The second half is what does justice to the first half of the book as it takes the story to another level. And the anti-climax is beautifully done. As drawback, I only felt that the last part is little overdone by the author to prove the book morally and politically correct but it wasn't needed and he should have closed the story little early rather than giving a whole chapter to what the main protagonist did. Rest, it's all fine. Go and get this book. I give the effort 4 stars out of 5 and I strongly recommend the same. 



Tuesday, October 27, 2015

LitFestX- Global Literature Platform- 23rd Oct to 1st Nov!!!

        4 days have already past but I would like to inform all of you about this magical Literature Fest which is currently taking place named- LitFestX. It is a new age global literature platform. 


           LitFestx brings to you an entirely Virtual, Social & Interactive Literary Festival!

           Your favourite authors, writers, thought leaders your way! On mobile, tab, pc.

        LitFestx is an initiative by LEAPVAULT!- The same group which also initiated India's first ever Non-fiction Fest. 

           I am personally promoting this literature fest because I have only associated myself with their Non-fiction fest which I found something unique and new. Similarly, LitFestX is the first initiative which is helping the readers hear their favorite authors speak on Youtube, Google Hangout rather than physically traveling somewhere to do the same. They can also ask questions during the live event and hear their author answering to their query. The good thing as of now is that because it's happening for the first time, not many people are participating which can help you in getting the answer of your question from your favorite celebrity very easily. 

            The fest shall go on till 1st November and until then, there are many more sessions with many more incredible personalities. 

              To follow the schedule and sessions--> CLICK HERE to access the official website of the Festival.

            My best wishes to Kumaar Bagrodia! 



Saturday, October 24, 2015

Manhattan Malhotras by K.N. Mystique (Book Review-4.25*/5) !!!

      I am just done reading another e-book of this year- Manhattan Malhotras written by K. N. Mystique. The book is released only in the digital format so you won't be able to purchase it's paperback version though it deserves to be put across the shelves in all the bookstores of India. As a debutante, Mystique have definitely impressed his readers with the kind of story he have chosen to tell in his first book itself. Though the book's basic characters are those who are almost in their teenage but still the kind of situations, scenarios and conditions they are facing makes this book a worthy read even for the good grown-up adults. And I would also recommend this book to the parents specifically. The author should be surely complimented of beautifully weaving the magic in this book which very carefully talks about the various problems that a teenager has to face because of their parents unintentionally.     

           Mystique's writing style is very simple and the sentence formations are also very short and crisp. Any beginner would love this book as his first because of the simplicity with which the author tells his story. To keep the story short, author have not described the conversations with the expressions of the characters and have directly mentioned the sentences only. Initially, I felt that it's a bad idea but later on, I found it deserving because over-description would have only added pages to the book rather than anything potential which would have improved the story line. 

             The best part of the books have been its characters- I do not have words to tell how amazingly author have portrayed that you find yourself attached with each one of them. The extremely good work is done with the main characters- Neha, Naisha, Tara, Raynaa, Aarav, Rohan etc. Because of the characterization, this book is whatever it is because a book becomes memorable only with good characters otherwise it's just another story to read and forget. 

           The climax is little filmy as everything starts settling down for each one of them but still, it makes the whole odyssey of reading this book much better. Coming to the drawbacks, the first one that I would like to point out is the alignment. The whole book is published without proper justification which makes the whole experience of reading little irritable. Coming to the story, I wished if author could have started the book little better than it is so that the effect could have been felt right from the first page itself because the story starts getting better only after 30-50 pages. Rest, it's a book which is worth reading and I give it 4.25* out of 5. GO FOR IT!



Sunday, October 18, 2015

Anything to Look Hot by Jas Kohli (Book Review-3.5*/5) !!!

         It had been a long time since I read a book published by Srishti Publication, one of the publishing houses which taught me to read books, before I picked up "Anything to look hot" yesterday night. The book is written by the debutante- Jas Kohli who has tagged this book as "Candid Confessions of a Plastic Surgeon". The cover page is interesting and makes you pick it up once to check out what it is really about even in case you are not interesting in buying any book on that particular day. The book is definitely different and reading about the life of someone about whom we haven't read much and very few of us have any acquaintances with any plastic surgeon has been a very fresh air between all the love stories and character-based tales.    

          Jas Kohli have written the book in a simple language and in the same flow without ranging the intensity with the scenes. As a plastic surgeon himself, he knew more than anybody else and therefore, you will feel that you are reading 60% autobiography and 40% fiction. It has been magnificent that author have kept the story based on the clinic life of the doctor itself and still manages to make his reader complete the whole book without getting bored. The characters are also developed beautifully and you can relate with each one of them. I just felt that author didn't describe many scenes which were worth a wonderful read and he have confined many good scenes in just few sentences. Also, I didn't find the conversations interesting. Whenever author tells a story, it's impressive but whenever he shares the conversation between the characters, you find it forced and boring. 

            Initially, it is hard to pick up with the pace of the book as the whole concept is little new for a reader but after 30-40 pages, the story becomes interesting and you want to know the role of medical surgeons in our medical system. Author shares many insights and also becomes philosophical at times to explain the work of these professionals. He also doesn't shy in telling that often plastic surgeons fall for their beautiful patients even after being married and ruin their family life. He also discusses how actors and actresses sometimes throw tantrums while sometimes stay over-friendly as they do not want to reveal that they have been under knives and scissors. Also many myths regarding the surgery has been cleared through the simple story that author have chosen as the medium to clear the air.

             Coming to the drawbacks- I felt the author could have made this book more happening and humorous as the theme allowed it easily but author chose to keep it too serious. As I have mentioned above, the conversations are powerless and few good scenes at which reader feels that he is about to read a sensational stuff, it gets over within a paragraph itself. Author could have easily turned this book into a thriller. It had the capacity. And I felt it little underwhelming as Nandini, wife of protagonist, is almost sidelined after the marriage as she has been one of the interesting characters of this book, you wish to read more about her. Even the daughter isn't discussed much. That's all. I give this book 3.5 (3 for the book and 0.5 for the new concept) stars out of 5 and it's definitely readable. Go For It! It's something new. 



Saturday, October 17, 2015

Playing It My Way by Sachin Tendulkar/Boria Mazumdar (Book Review- 4*/5) !!!

         To read Sachin Tendulkar's autobiography, I had switched off all my online activities, Whatsapp and every source of entertainment and disturbance. I wanted to read the book in silence and feel the emotions of the man whom we often refer as GOD because of the good and great qualities he possesses. It took me 4 evenings to complete this book and every day during office hours, I used to think of what he would have written about the match he played in so-and-so series. And the same evening, I used to read it and enjoy the details shared by Sachin. After completing his book some 2 hours ago, I have cried like anything reading about how he described his life post-announcement of retirement, his last two test matches and his reaction to everybody's love and respect towards him. But I didn't start writing it immediately after my emotional outburst because I wanted to review it just like any other book and not as one of my favorites even before I started reading it. :-)   

             Playing It My Way- the title itself tells us that Sachin must have written all about how he felt the Cricket should be played. And he describes it in the same manner. The book is also co-authored by Boria Mazumdar, whom I met in an event named "Salaam Sachin" where he told me about the book in process and I couldn't believe him. The book is written in the simplest language for the Indian authors. Nothing have been done to impress the Englishmen out there sitting to thrash anything done by Living Indian Legends. Sachin have mostly talked about how his life on the field and ground was. And it is quite expected from the guy who have never been in controversies that he'll not disclose anything just like that to get extra points. 

             He have discussed some controversial issues but made it sure that he does not hurt anyone. If you have missed out Sachin's innings and started following him after his career was already 12-15 years old or more, this book is definitely for you because it describes how Sachin started scoring initial centuries and how it became a habit for him in almost every series that India played in. After every chapter, the scorecards of important matches are shared through which you get an idea along with which players Sachin was a part of the team during that particular time. Sachin's respect and realization of his wife's contribution in his career can be easily deciphered in the way he mentions her in the book. Also as a father, he discusses how he has not been involved in his children's growth. Over all, it's all about what Sachin feels about his game and the important matches that India won and lost. 

             Coming to the drawbacks of the book- When you pick up an autobiography of someone like Sachin, you expect to read about the instances of his life with which we are not familiar with. Sachin have strictly created a boundary and talked with us only about the parts that we already knew about him through watching the matches, listening to him in interviews or reading media stories about him. There was actually nothing new in this book to know about Sachin if you have been following him and his Cricket. Similarly, I feel that the scorecards could have been added in the end of the book rather than serving as interruption between the chapters. Also, Sachin does not talk about some big events of how the middle-class boy felt when he experienced some extravagant and epic moments. That could have made the reading experience of this book more memorable than it was. 

            In the end, I would say that the best part for me was the discussion of how the man felt after announcing his retirement and how certain people made him feel special about his long career. I give this book 4 stars out of 5 and I wish I had given it 5 out of 5 but because this autobiography sounded like a Sports column describing every match that Sachin played in, I had to restrict myself from giving it the perfect rating. 



Thursday, October 8, 2015

Arise, Awake by Rashmi Bansal (Book Review- 4.75*/5) !!!

    Few authors are such that even when you have not read any of their work, they are your favorites just because you hear so much about their amazing work that you start liking and recommending them. Somewhat similar kind of scene I have with authoress, Rashmi Bansal. She was actually the first writer I met personally at the launch of her 2nd book, Connect the Dots. After that, I have met her 4 times in various events. I have read 3 of her books but had to leave them in between because of some urgent work co-incidentally each time. But the kind of affect those real stories of entrepreneurship made on me has been very impact-ful. Finally, I have read and completed reading her latest book – Arise, Awake.

         Arise, Awake comes with the tagline- “The Inspiring stories of 10 young entrepreneurs who graduated from college into a business of their own”. The book consist of 10 stories in which students got an idea while studying of starting some unique business and they didn’t wait but started building blocks by blocks and finally became successful as an entrepreneur. They not only touched 6 digits profit but even 7 and 8 digits in some cases. Each story is unique and the examples searched by the authoress to be featured in the book are incredible. Except one story, almost every story hit me and made me realize that there are certain things I do with very less amount of money or for almost free out of which I can create some small business and later on turn it into a big one like all these gutsy heroes. If the book has made this thought enter in the mind of its reader, it has become successful in its idea. And all the credit goes to the author for this.

         The way Rashmi Bansal describes these people and their stories is really very amazing. You will feel as if you are having conversation with the real people in live. After completing the book, you will feel as if you were in a conference where all these people have spoken just in front of you. In the books based on the similar idea, often author do not discuss that real angle which brought profit to the proprietor or businessman but it’s incredible to see the chemistry between the author and these new entrepreneurs where we get to read that exact formula or approach with changed things for them. This is what makes Rashmi Bansal’s books the most popular in the genre and favourite of everyone who have an idea but are waiting because of lack of knowledge of how to proceed ahead. If you are in college and wanting to own a business rather than working for someone else, do purchase Arise, Awake. This book is waiting for you. I give this book project 4.75 stars out of 5. 



Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mrs Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna (Book Review-3*/5) !!!

    I finished reading Twinkle Khanna's debut non-fiction book "Mrs Funnybones" within 2.5 hours. It belongs to humour genre and as she is already famous with her columns in newspaper and tweets, her regular readers will surely enjoy the way she have written this book. Frankly speaking, I have never read any of her columns except few tweets so I picked it up just as a random reader. She has basically shared how her usual days are and have tried to create humor through that. Sometimes the humour looks real and obvious while somethings it looks forced. Which I must say also acts as a drawback to this book. When you attempt something like humor genre and only half of your jokes are funny, the other half irritates the reader more than the former half which made him laugh out loud.      

           Twinkle Khanna have used a very easy language to write this book which makes it easy for the readers to understand what she is trying to put forward. The book starts about her life as a wife of a celebrity and later on moves on towards her daily routine with her children, husband, mother, mother-in-law  etc. She discusses how a woman is in trouble throughout the day and with it, creates scenarios for us which are funny and laughable. She discusses even the serious issues so well that it does not look preachy and you like what she advises. 

             Through her sarcasm, she is surely going to win many hearts but for me the book has been average. Yes, it has some worthy humour but as I said, because the equal number of jokes look forced and unwanted, she fails to make it a laugh riot. Just like her husband's recent movies which are of comedy genre but manages to make you laugh only 30% of times, this book also ends up giving almost similar performance. I, therefore, rate this book 3 stars out of 5. 



Monday, September 28, 2015

The Suicide Diary by Hari Prasad (Book Review- 4.25*/5) !!!

      I am done reading 49th book in 2015 just yesterday. Just one away from 50th and I am happy that I got my hands upon a book which really excited the reader in me. I read "The Suicide Diary" written by Hari Prasad and published by Lifi publication. Frankly speaking, I didn't have expectation from the book and I thought it would be just another tale of how a man didn't get the attention from the love of his life and ended up writing an over emotional and psychotic suicide letter full of childish romance and SMSes shared between the couple. But when I got an idea about the intention with which author have scribbled this book after few pages, I was amazed and my reading speed accelerated. Now as I am done with the book, I can definitely say that it's one of the best books I have read this year and I wish that people get to know about it so that it gets at least close to being Bestseller if fails to touch that mark.
            The book is about this protagonist who is always humiliated by everyone in life just because he couldn't get along with people and whenever he tries to strike a conversation, he ends up humiliating himself more than before. No one acknowledges his presence and people just end up ditching him or misusing his trust and loyalty. The book starts with his wrong equation with his boss and then moves ahead towards his wife and so on. After a while he feels that it's enough and he should commit suicide as he can't bear more humiliation. But he gives himself chance of few more days and then leave the world. What he does in these days is what this book is all about. 

          The way Hari Prasad have handled this sensitive topic in his debut novel itself speaks about the great amount of talent he has. The book belongs in the genre- Fiction/Thrillers/Crime and author have beautifully dealt with it. The kind of words and sentences he have used to explain the philosophy of his protagonist and the way his thoughts develop regarding a particular person or situation is an amazing experience for a reader to witness. The depth in the emotions and thought process of the protagonist makes this book a special one. Even the violence is narrated so well that you can imagine everything happening in front of your eyes and feeling bad about the people turning out to be a victim of it. Even the twist of video leak at one point of time shivers you thinking about the kind of harsh step the character takes. His chemistry with a prostitute is also depicted so perfectly that you only wish to meet the author and tell him how wonderful he is.

          Coming to the drawbacks: I felt that the over-description of few scenes or emotions irritates you at times because there's not much for which the author kept digging. The book becomes repetitive at times. I feel that the book could have been easily 30-40 pages shorter but author chose to stretch it to give whatever he has as an author in this book itself. But overall, the book is something which every reader who have been reading Indian authors should read and not miss. I would like to specially mention the last conversation between the protagonist and his wife. The last words that he speaks on phone to her will make you feel so happy for reading this book that you will thank me later. :-) I will give this attempt- 4.25* out of 5. GO FOR IT!!!



Sunday, September 27, 2015

Yes, My Accent Is Real by Kunal Nayyar (Book Review- 3.5*/5) !!!

    Who doesn't watch and like "The Big Bang Theory"? It's one of the most popular show and specifically in India, I have seen people watch it on their Android smartphones every time I travel in local train. It's the best time pass for the idle people. The characters of the show are favorites of everyone. And the show boasts about an Indian character too- Raj which is played by Kunal Nayyar. The popularity lead him to finally write a book on how he became popular with funny scenarios and events in his life. The name is "Yes, My Accent Is Real". He also adds in the title "And some other things I haven't told you". The book is published by Simon & Schuster publication and it is surely going to be one of the best selling books by them.      

           I haven't seen The Big Bang Theory for more than an episode or two because of the time constraint in my life. As I always chose a book before any kind of video, I ended up reading Kunal's book even when I have no connect with his character. That's the kind of person I am and I am very delighted to tell everyone that the way he have written his tale, anyone can pick up the book and enjoy the funny situations he have shared with us even if you are as stranger with the show as me. Haha! The language is easy and fast pacy. It makes you laugh with each sentence because the way writer have written it, he is telling that he does not deserve to be anywhere but still he lands up and make fun of himself. 

            The good part about the book is that it's not only funny but it becomes serious and emotional too at times when it's necessary. That's when I wanted to salute author for not letting this book look like a wanna-be or asking the reader for a forcible laugh even at the places where the jokes doesn't work. Along with making fun of his whole journey which from an Indian's point of view is quite successful, he also keeps telling where did he have to struggle more than needed and when did he feel low about himself. He have described India beautifully rather than making cheap comments on the nation like few other authors who find it a way of amusing their foreign fans. 

           The only drawback of the book is that the author is confused at times if he have written this book for only his Indian fans or only his overseas fans or for both of them. Sometimes he writes as if he's talking to Indians. Sometimes to the people of his migrated nation. Sometimes with all of us. That confuses us a bit about the approach with which that particular chapter is written. Also, I didn't find the whole description of each ceremony of his marriage funny even when the author have tried to create humor in it. He failed miserably only in that chapter otherwise all the chapters are wonderful if not great sometimes. I give this book 3.5 stars out of 5 and I want to read more from Kunal. GO FOR IT!!!



Monday, September 21, 2015

Chhimi Tenduf-La: "I have to be nicer to people in the hope that they buy my books." (Interview) !!!

 Chhimi Tenduf-La is someone whom I call Chetan Bhagat of Sri-Lanka because the way he writes, he makes a reader feel that it's his own story even when he have faced nothing of it. He has recently come up with his 2nd novel- Panther. Do read this funny and honest interview to know what Chhimi have to say to all of us regarding his life as writer.

1.      How has life changed since writing first book early this year?

I have had to employ heavier bodyguards and I wear sunglasses in the night now. I’m just joking, of course, as if I am honest, nothing has really changed. The big change in my life was becoming a parent not an author. The only changes are that I am busier, for sure, and I have to be nicer to people in the hope that they buy my books.

2.      What kind of responses did you get for THE AMAZING RACIST?

Incredible really, both from bloggers and the press. I hoped it would have some commercial success but I never imagined it would be well received critically, so that’s great. The best part, really, is hearing that people who don’t normally read, have read it.

3.      Tell us something about your new release- Panther.

I started writing Panther as a high school drama- like a teen movie for South Asia, but it developed into more as I studied the psychology of child soldiers and the like. This made it a more emotional story, and possibly one which has suspense and surprises.

4.      How did you come up with such a title which does not tell much about the story inside? :-)

Initially it was called the Papadum King but my publisher felt that title made it sound too childish. We changed it to Panther to maintain some mystery. The main character was a child soldier for the Panthers, and in some ways he is a panther at high school, trying to sneak around and get by.

5.      How did you manage to write and release it within 6 months of your first release? 

I wrote both books before I approached an agent, so with a few tweaks here and there I sold them at roughly the same time. It is not like I quickly wrote Panther.

6.      A tough question: Choose one out of two- The Amazing Racist or Panther, which one is closes to your heart? You have to name one. :-)

Easy at the moment. I would say Panther for sure as it was more challenging to write and it is a deeper, more substantial story. The Amazing Racist was really fun to write and it has greater appeal to those who want an easier read, but Panther is getting more critical success. This choice may have been easy because Panther is the newer book so it is what I am thinking about more. In fact, sometimes I feel like I wrote The Amazing Racist in another life time.

7.      Didn't you find it a risk to write a story based on communal wars within a nation you live in?

Very much so. I don’t want to annoy people or look like I am taking sides. I think I can avoid the attention of violent elements as they are unlikely to read the book – if a movie comes out, then I could be in trouble.

8.      What are your plans for your 3rd book?

I have started writing it and the words are flowing – however, I want to be patient and not send it out there until it is as good as I can make it. I want to write at much as possible until December, when we are expecting a baby, then I will take a few months off and come back to it with fresh eyes. I hope.

9.      Any words for your Indian fans out here.

Thanks so much for your generous support of this book. The feedback from India has been fantastic and I have loved being in touch with some of you. If lots of you read my books I will admit that India has the best cricket team in the world.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Panther by Chhimi Tenduf-La (Book Review-4*/5) !!!

          I remember reading "The Amazing Racist", the debut novel of Chhimi Tenduf-la, in the first half of this year. I enjoyed it so much that I still remember the story even when I am a victim of a very bad memory. Haha! I was amazed to know that he have already published his second book with HarperCollins in the second half of the year named "Panther". I was very skeptic about this book because I felt the writer does not have an idea of how to go in the industry which is making him release books in such short  gaps. But after reading this one, I can easily say that Chhimi is Chetan Bhagat of Sri Lanka. He knows how to hit the right spot with the youngsters through story and make them feel a part of it. Even when I am not from the country he belongs or the country in which this book is based in, I could easily feel and understand all the emotions and black face of reality. 

           Chhimi has this amazing humour which he creates in scenarios where you least expect it. There are situations which will make you laugh like crazy imagining if something like this can actually happen. That keeps his readers under the domination of the book and they only leave it once they end up reading the last page. And the good thing is that he does not use that simple English language to tell his stories. He creates and form sentences that shows how great a writer he is and how great he can be with each book. His writing style directly hits you and takes you in the world of his stories and stay there even after the book ends. I completed the book last night and I am still thinking about the protagonist and the life he lead. Only a great writer can make this happen.

           The book will be difficult initially considering the way it's started. It's written in two voices and two different lives of the protagonist is discussed one after another which makes it hard to fathom but once you understand how it's been written, you start enjoying the story. The characters are very well-developed- specially Prabu and Indika along with other supporting characters like Coach Silva, Achala, Mathews etc. The accent given to the Prabu is also well maintained throughout the book and doesn't cause irritation to the reader while reading conversations in wrong grammar. The way book changes in 2nd half gives it the right momentum and it is then that you finally get engrossed in it and start believing that you are reading a good and unique book. The twists and turns in the end are really unbelievable. 

            Through this story, Chhimi have told it in such an easy language the several difficulties developing countries like Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan faces on daily basis. It tells how everything is corrupt and how your life is ruled by few bad self-proclaimed kings. It tells about how a nation and its people suffer because of the unwanted wars that take place even within a country between two groups. There are many such realities- minor and major that Chhimi have discussed with this book which shoould be definitely appreciated. I will give this book an excellent 4* and I am eagerly waiting for his next book now. I have only one complain- Why such cover pages always? Give your cover pages as much life as you give to your stories. :-)



Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Winning Way by Anita Bhogle/Harsha Bhogle (Book Review-3.75*/5)!!!

       In my shelf from last 2 years, I finally picked the book 4 days ago and since then, I have been able to grasp enough knowledge about how management has to be performed in a corporate environment that I even thought of giving it as a gift to my bosses of every organization here on wards. Haha! That's the magic of "The Winning Way" written by the couple- Anita Bhogle and Harsha Bhogle. The magical aura of the book can be assumed after knowing the names who have scribbled the foreword and the last word for it- Mukesh Ambani and Rahul Dravid respectively. This 196 pages book has many things to say which can definitely make you look things at organization from bigger perspective. It will make you understand why you have not been able to grow as quickly as others in hierarchy as this book makes you realize the mistakes you have been doing all along.   

    The Winning Way blends the field of pure management and Cricket together and tells us how both are inter-related with each other. The writers keep on giving us the example of many Cricket events and how few people managed the riskier and impossible situations there to get over the challenge. And then it teaches us how by taking an example from the same, we can apply it in our daily lives at organization and produce the same impossible results and win the already lost fight. I liked the language in which the authors have described the events and examples. Their own experiences in different seminars and the query from the employees of MNCs makes the book more insightful and you cannot thank the authors for sharing all of those moments with us.

                 The bullets in the end of every chapter assures that you can pick this book anytime whenever you are in trouble and recall all that you read in it. The bullet makes it clear that you do not miss any important point from the chapter. Even though the book belongs to the self-help genre, it can be read while traveling as it's written in the easiest language possible to make you feel as if you are hearing another great commentary from Harsha Bhogle and not reading something as important as this but still you will find yourself improving with each sentence as it's written with great research and counselling of people in corporate world and basically in management field. I give this book 3.75 stars out of 5. Yes, little more could have been given if it didn't have repetitive sentences every now and then. Also, Sachin's example is taken more than required. I know he's God but I didn't read this book to recite mantra. Right? :-)



Monday, September 7, 2015

There's Something About You by Yashodhara Lal (Book Review-3.5*/5) !!!

       I always heard about first two books by Yashodhara Lal but never got a chance to read them. Finally, I got my hands on her latest and 3rd fictional book named "There's Something About You" which also carries a tagline "She was in enough trouble before he came along...". The cover page of the book is very interesting and unavoidable which definitely makes a reader pick it up and go through its synopsis once. The 256-pages story is a complete entertainer with different mood shifts which can make you as mad as the characters in the book. Not a single character is normal which makes the reader get lost in their world and forget his. Only when he shall get up after completing the novel, he will come to know about the crazy world he was in. That's how this book intrigues you in itself.   

          Yashodhara Lal have written the book in a very fluid language which makes it easy for a reader to read it in one sitting. Right from the first chapter, the character of Trish is described so clearly that it generates interest to know more about her. The backdrop of her family situation is also maintained very well nicely and the way the secret is revealed in the end gives the book quite a fine ending. The chemistry of Sahil and Trish is also discussed periodically rather than making this book a complete romantic saga. The best part is how Trish handles Nivedita and Zee when she gets into a deal with them. That's the only part in this book which I'll support if I have to fight a debate in favor of it. Haha!

           The first half of the book is more interesting than the second which is not in favor of this book. Initially, as there's a distance and barrier in every relation described in this book, you become assured that there's something magical in the second part of the book. By the time you reach there, the distance still exists and even when some of them become cool and fine, it's not done in the manner which may excite you. It happens so plainly that you just end up reading it as another initial chapter. I wish if authoress could have added something more masaledaar in the end. But overall, the narration have played its part which helps in engaging you even when books become quite slow at times. I will give it 3.5 out of 5. You can go for it. May be such weird relationship entertain you more than it did to me. :-)



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