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Ratnadip Acharya:"I was completely unaware of chick lit literature that young Indian readers love" (Interview)

Ratnadip Acharya have written a very wonderful and shocking book recently which is purely based upon life of a deer where the protagonist is itself a deer. I am amazed by his work which compelled me to take his interview to know the author better. A very straight-forward answers has been given by him. Do read to know what he feels about his writing journey. 

1. How’s life after becoming a published author? What changes do you feel?
Answer: Life has not changed much since I became a published author. I am a loner and deeply enjoy my solitariness. Only change, if at all it can be called a change, is that now I write with more conviction as I know there is a handful of people who will definitely read my work. When you love someone you get courage and when someone loves you, you get confidence. So is it with my writing. When I know some readers love my work I get confidence.  You can call it the only change.   

2. How has been the response to your first book “Life is always aimless….”?
Answer: It was better than what I had expected. At that time I was completely unaware of the entire world of contemporary Indian reader. I did not even a facebook account. I grew up reading British classic like that of Somerset Maugham, Graham Green, A. J. Cronin and many more and was completely unaware of the trend of chick lit literature that young Indian readers love to read. My first novel introduced me to a new generation of readers. 

3. Tell us something about your 2nd and latest novel, “Paradise Lost and Regained”?
Answer: It is always a heart-warming feeling to talk about this book. Frist of all, you need immense courage to write an entire book on a small deer or any other animal when everybody is writing on Romance, suspense, thriller and retelling mythological story in their own way. I do not think in the history of Indian literature there is any other novel where an animal is telling its story with which we can all relate ourselves. I do not think any reader will regret giving its time to read this work of fiction.  

4. Didn’t it worry you how will a concept based on story of a deer be accepted?
Answer: No, I definitely did not worry. Should I worry I could not have written this large novel effortlessly. As the book says ‘trust and worry do not coexist’, I did not have an iota of worry while writing it. In fact I did not even think if anyone will ever read it. I knew the idea was entirely a godsend idea and I must deliver my best. In fact, while writing, I often felt, someone is guiding me to write. It is an inexplicable feeling.   

5. What kind of research you did to understand the lifestyle of a deer?
Answer: I did not do any research apart from reading a bit about deer to bring authenticity to my work. In fact the novel which are based on research work (I do not wish to name any author here) though appear well-informative, when it comes to love and passion for life, they are empty and hollow. I read a good deal of novels based on research. I find them shallow. They are good for learning English language but stories are mundane and lack spark. To my understanding, greatest novel ever written in any language is Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. He did not do any research to write that masterpiece, nor did he do any research work to write War & Peace. Read it and you will find it has voluminous information, intertwined with complex characters. But Tolstoy did not do any research for it. Tolstoy rightly said, ‘What we really need to accomplish anything successfully is deep love.’ 

6. Why do you always attempt serious novels with no humour and punches in between?
Answer: Brother, I am not a chick lit fiction author. Even if it does not qualify me to reach bestseller list I am perfectly okay. I do not wish to write predictable shallow stuff. Secondly, I do not want to add unwanted humour or cuss words to my work to garner more readers. For me, most important thing is if I really believe the story that I am narrating. I do not voluntarily make them serious or humourless. I write every word that I stand by. I do not know if sincerity pay off or not. But I am a genuine and sincere author. I do not know what you mean by punches. But if you mean by it unpredictable turns and twists in the story, I believe, Paradise Lost & Regained, has no dearth of it. However, I do not know how the readers of chick lit fiction will take it. 

7. It’s been two publishers with two books, why so?
Answer: Just a stroke of luck. I do not even know if I will write any other book or not. I do not even know if one day any publisher will accept it or not.  

8. Tell us something about your next book that you are currently thinking/writing about?
Answer: It is a very premature stage to talk about it. But, well, I can say is that novel, probably, too, will have no human being. Probably, again I will create another mystical world that I have developed in Paradise Lost & Regained. The prime thing is that I must write something that I love. Otherwise the entire journey is joyless. If I cheat myself as an author just to please readers I am already emotionally a dead man. What the use of becoming a bestseller author then?

9. How do you see yourself as an author after 5 years?
Answer: Probably you remember those lines from Paradise Lost & Regained. ‘All my understanding sums up in three words… Trust, Hope & Love’. I have a deep trust in myself. Otherwise I would not have written such an unusual story. Every day I live with hope. Pray one day readers will experience deep love in my work.     

10. Any words for your fans who have liked either of your books.
Answer: Be with me in my future endeavour, too. I assure you I would never produce a commonplace stuff and fail you.  

Paradise Lost and Regained by Ratnadip Acharya (Book Review-3.75*/5)!!!

       What impression will it create upon you if I tell you that I have read a story which had only one character? Well, what if I tell you the one character I am talking about is not any human being but story of a deer? Shocked? Well, that's what happened to me when Ratnadip Acharya, the author of the book, told me the same. I was very skeptic if I would like this book or not but I had a belief because I have read author's debut work named "Life is always aimless until you love it" which was quite philosophical and partly motivational. Hence I knew that with a deer, he would have certainly created some magic. And yes, we has definitely written a better book than his first. I will any day recommend you "Paradist Lost and Regained", the book I am talking about, than his debut novel. And any author who is on the path of improvement becomes my favorite novelist by default. :-)

           Ratnadip Acharya does not use superfluous and big words to make his book sound literary. He keeps the things simple and that makes it easy for you to complete his book without picking up dictionary for reference even once. The book has a kind of magic that even if you'll want to finish it in one sitting, it won't let you. It will ask you to read it in days than finishing it in few hours as there's lot of things that it wants you to adopt. Author has once again written a philosophical and self-help kind of book using fiction as the theme.

            The concept of deer is something very new at least in Indian popular reading segment. With the description of a deer's life, its routine, regimen, lifestyle and some unfortunate and fortunate incidents, author have tried to tell us how we can achieve few basic things in life rather than complicating things. The book starts off very well telling us how this deer takes birth and her mother's love and affection towards her. 

           Later on, the author also tries to tell us about how the deer learns things by herself, ask several questions, understand few things herself, observe other species, adventures in the forest, witnesses mating of her mother with a male deer, tryst with humans, life in zoo, escapade, new learning in life etc. Using all these elements, Ratnadip Acharya makes us feel and realize how bad we do when we trap the animals who aren't meant to live in confinement. The book also tells us how scary we are to these animals just because of our behavior towards them. With this, author does not forget to compliment nature and every lifeless things that plays a big part in our day-to-day life but we do not consider them. 

             Summarily, I am very impressed how author have used deer to tell us many philosophical facts about our life and way of living. There are many learning that you will derive out of this book. Yes, I feel that the book is 50-70 pages thicker as it could have been easily summed up in 170-200 pages. It becomes stretchy sometimes and boring when few struggling stages of deer is over described. That's the only point which makes this book little weak otherwise even the climax is a happy ending which I was quite unsure about the way this book is written with all the seriousness and no nonsensical attitude. Haha! I give this 3.75* definitely. Edit the boring part and it could have been easily above 4 but I wish writer keeps this in mind while writing his next book. Looking forward to it.



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The Murder of Sonia Raikkonen by Salil Desai (Book Review-3.75*/5) !!!

        There are not many writers who try thriller or crime thriller in India. I have majorly liked Ravi Subramanian and Ashwin Sanghi in this genre. Even picking up a new author brings huge amount of skepticism as you are scared if they would have treated the word called "Thriller" as one. Somehow I got my hands upon Salil Desai's "The Murder of Sonia Raikkonen- The 2nd book in the "An Inspector Saralkar Mystery" series. I haven't read the first one but the 2nd book is a great attempt of 335-pages by Salil Desai. It keeps you hooked until end. On the name of thriller, he has actually thrilled his audiences with his great talent of story telling. FingerPrint publishers are definitely playing big in the literary industry of India. The kind of work they are publishing is definitely at par with the quality published by bigger players like Penguin and Random House. 

           Salil Desai uses easy words to tell this story of how a girl is murdered and the culprit has to be found. He uses pacy language and wonderful narration to keep you hooked to the book. I read 50 pages daily just because I was enjoying the thriller so much that I wanted to be in it for a longer amount of time. This whole week I was only thinking about all the characters mentioned in the book and predicting who might be the killer. Another greatness that Desai have handled is the number of characters in the book. The names chosen for each of them makes it easy for you to identify them whenever they are mentioned after a long break. This is where many authors fail while writing a book with lots of characters. 

           I also liked the way book mentions the background of Saralkar and his chemistry with his wife. Similarly, another approach that makes this book a single-sitting stuff is the author's propaganda of leaving a scene in the midst itself and starting to discuss another sub-plot. You want to read it more fast after this to know what happened after that dialogue which a specific character had spoken. I liked this book mostly because writer didn't waste time in describing how work takes place in a Police station and thus boring his audience. Saralkar, Salunkhe and Motkar accompanied by others are always on their toes working on something rather than discussing FIR and several sections under which they should charge the culprit. 

           Coming to the drawbacks- I didn't like the climax as I had very high expectations. In the first 25 pages itself, the first person that you predict as the murderer of Sonia is the one who's actually is. This is where the author failed. I was expecting something that will make me jump off my seat but nothing of this sort took place. I was also waiting to read what finally happens with Saralkar and his wife's argument on a topic but even that's closed abruptly. Also, Sonia's cousin's role could have been used more significantly but it's just another special appearance in the book. I was with 4.5* for the first 2/3rd part of the book but because anti-climax and climax just didn't take this book to another level, I am going with 3.75*. I wish I could give it 4 but climax is the biggest drawback here and when we talk about thrillers, climax is what fetches you marks. 



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Deepanshu Saini: "Expect motivational and mythological books from me as well" (Interview) !!!

        Deepanshu Saini released his first book last year and he is already a writer with 2 books in his kitty. I had a wonderful opportunity to take his interview and I loved his straight forward answers. He doesn't shy away in speaking what other authors sometimes hide to pretend themselves as a bestseller. Do read this interview to find out what he says regarding his writing experience. 

1. How has been your experience as a Writer from last one year, Deepanshu? What changes have you observed in life since getting this special tag?

Ans. Well, if you ask about my experience as a writer, it is a little longer than one year because I am a writer since my childhood. I wrote short stories & novels, one of which get published last year which has been a roller coaster ride indeed. However, it is always a pleasure to sit with my laptop and see my thoughts swiftly flowing on the keyboard whose outcome is an interesting story.
As far as changes are concerned, nothing much has been changed so far apart from self-confidence and mental satisfaction. Yeah it truly boast my confidence and urge for writing when people compliment my work. This is just a baby step towards my dream, there’s lots more to come.

2. When did you find that you have a writer in you? And from when you started writing seriously?

Ans. You won’t believe but it was by accident. I am talking about almost 15 years back when I attempted to write a story for my younger sister titled as “Sapne Bachpan ke” and that to be published in school magazine. It was the time when I discovered that there is some hidden spark of writing in me. Since then I never stopped writing. After that I wrote many poetries for my friends on their birthdays in school and college, most of which were praised. Certainly, my writing has matured a lot with time and wisdom. The inner peace I felt while writing and feedback of my readers kept me motivated for writing and by the time it has become my burning desire from barely a hobby.

3. Who was the first person who read your first piece of writing?

Ans. As I told you, first time I wrote something in my life was a story for school magazine on behalf of my sister. It was read by her class teacher. I never thought she would ever agree to submit that story for the school’s magazine but to my surprise it was selected and published.

4. Tell us something about your first novel- Girl’s Hostel? How did you manage to write such an erotic novel as your first release?

Ans. There is an interesting story behind the foundation of my first novel, Girls Hostel: Unspoken Memories. I never understand why most of the boys usually wonder what’s going on behind the walls of girl’s hostel. To some of my friends of same category in the college I mockingly said that I will write a novel on Girls Hostel someday. And by God’s grace, here is my first baby Girls Hostel: Unspoken Memories for all the world.
Apart from just an erotic novel, Girls Hostel is also a story of love, friendship, trust, relationships, ragging, attraction and seduction. It is a story of 5 girls from different states of India, of different backgrounds and nature and spent 3 years of their life together in a girl’s hostel. This book is a bouquet of memories from the best time of your life i.e. “College Life”. Everyone, who is in the college or ever been in college shall connect to the story whether it’s a girl or a boy. 

5. How did it occur to you that you are writing this one along with your wife, Vinita Gupta?

Ans. I need a girl’s point of view for this subject and someone to share my thoughts with. Gradually, she started showing interest in the story by sharing her college incidents and this is how she became the co-author of Girl’s Hostel: Unspoken Memories. She had perused her graduation from a girl’s college of DU. This is her first experience of writing.

6. Tell us something about your 2nd and latest novel- By the Mountains. How a sudden transformation as a writer considering the plot of both the books?

Ans. My second novel ‘By the Mountains: Love reloaded’ is a story of trekking in the middle Himalayan range upto 13500 ft. and in the midst of breath taking beauty of mountains, germinates love between Dhruv and Anjali. This one is very special to me as it is inspired by my true story where I found the love of my life and am married to her right now.
If I talk about sudden transformation in the plots of both the books, well it’s not so sudden as I always try to diversify my writing and my next novel shall be different from these two. One can expect motivational and mythological books from me as well. 

7. What is the next novel that you are working upon? Can you throw a light upon it for us?

Ans. As I mentioned my next novel shall be different from these two. It is a mature story of not so mature Maharashtrian girl and about the intense relationships with an eye opening climax. This book shall change the view of readers about all their relations in life and set a new definition of trust, love and sacrifice.

8. Will we ever see you and your wife again co-authoring a book?

Ans. Sure.

9. How has been your relation with Omji Publishers as both your books are released by them?

Ans. Omji Publishers being a milestone in my life has given me the platform to showcase my talent and enabled me to take roots as an author. I extend my heartiest gratitude to Omji Publishers for always being so supportive and encouraging during various circumstances of my professional career.

10. Any words for your fans who have picked either of your two books?

Ans. I feel there is a long way to go to title my readers as my fans because that would be when readers shall pick up a novel because of the writer instead of a title.
But for now, I would like to thank all my readers to select and devote their time for reading my books. I hope you had a great time. As I mentioned earlier, I shall be writing many more books on various genres and would hope you would keep on bestow your love as always.


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By The Mountains by Deepanshu Saini (Book Review-3.5*/5) !!!

After writing an adult fiction “Girls Hostel – Unspoken Memories”, it was actually not predictable that author Deepanshu Saini could give such a different master piece. A love story breathed during a trekking trip. I love the way author mentioned his journey to the mountains. It was really nice to see how author explained the expedition of love birds in their own form. According to Deepanshu Saini, this trip is his real life experience. All places, all details he provided with are real and one can visit them easily. I must say, he has done a beautiful work as beautifully he narrated the mountain ranges of Himalayas. About the climax, it is very simple, but the way it ended was actually different from all other love stories I ever read. I agree with the author when he said “Love always finds its way but if you love some just say”. Story proves it.    

The story in itself is a remarkable journey from the mountains, where Dhruv is in the deep dark pit of depression from six months emotionally afraid, afraid to Love, afraid to Live. Where, Anjali on the hunt of dying and consuming love, but doesn't try every other guy on the list.

The curiosity: Will Dhruv be able to control himself not to get struck once again by the girl's detachment? Or Will this trekking trip hold true love for Anjali's destiny? Will surely not allow you to keep the book aside.

As of Dhruv and Anjali, Sandeep’s role was another inspiring character in the story. The way, Mr. Tolia, leading instructor of the troop motivated his team was also another good job. I must say, if this is real tour, I would surely like to have same like this.

The story in itself reveals with many answers like - Could any adventurous journey make you fall in love with your life? Does nature hold the power to teach you the language of love, happiness and above all trust? Love at first sight - myth or reality? A single smile so contagious that alters the pain of your life? And yes, like me you all will sure find all the answers in affirmative.

In precise, ‘By The Mountains’ is a story filled with misconceptions between Dhruv and Anjali, ending on a memorable memoir that every lover craves for.

I would ask everyone to especially read this book if they are mountain lover. I give this book 3.5* out of 5.

Read on to climb through Dhruv and Anjali's journey.

Amazon Link : 

Infibeam Link :

About The Author: Born and brought up in Delhi, Deepanshu Saini completed his B. Tech from Kurukshetra University and currently works as an Assistant Manager in TATA Power Delhi Distribution Limited.

Being a passionate guy with an optimistic outlook towards life, the author also has an interest in acting, writing, drawing and won many prizes in various cultural events.

Meeting new people fascinates him. He spends most of his time making up stories in his head. He truly believes that if you can't live for your passion, then you are worth wasting your time on this planet.

By The Mountains is his second fiction novel after Girls Hostel - Unspoken Memories.

To know more about him, visit or follow him at 



Anita Shirodkar: "The biggest thing is that in my 50’s, I’ve found a new career" (Interview) !!!

 Anita Shirodkar is an Indian writer and the former creative director of art at Mudra Communications. She has 20 years of experience in advertising and is presently a creative consultant to a destination management company promoting tourism in India. She has also written content for a gourmet food store in Mumbai and has ghost-written a cookbook for a nutritional specialist. She lives in Mumbai and Dubai.

1. What have been the changes in your life after releasing your debut novel “Secrets and Second Chances”? 

It’s funny. When I tell people I’ve written a book, there’s a sense of dawning respect. An author? A published author? Wow! I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy that. But for me, the biggest thing is that in my 50’s, I’ve found a new career which I’m enjoying thoroughly. As a graphic designer and creative director, I spent years working in the design and advertising space, but always to a particular brief. The creative aspect of my work was always tied to someone else’s agenda, someone else’s goal. With writing a novel, I found complete creative freedom. That, to me, is big.

2. What is the best compliment you have got for your first book? And by whom?

There were so many, I was quite overwhelmed. But one that comes to mind is a lady who told me that she couldn’t put the book down, but read as slowly as she could because she wanted to make it last longer… she didn’t want it to end. That was the ultimate compliment!

3. Tell us something about your new novel “Nights in Pink Satin”.

It’s about a young girl who writes a super erotic novel, and publishes it anonymously. On the surface, the story is a light-hearted account of Simran, her marriage, her bestseller book and the people around her. If you delve a little deeper, you will find questions about women and their sexuality, attitudes in supposedly liberal minded urban people about marriage, promiscuity and morality. Simran has no expectation of her book going onto the bestseller lists, but the controversial content of the book throws up plenty of discussion, and the drama surrounding Nights in Pink Satin makes it very hard for Simran to remain incognito. In addition to all this, she has to battle her new in-laws and ghosts of her husband’s past to keep her marriage intact. The characters are quite colourful, and I think it’s a fun, easy read.

4. What inspires you to write urban and metro based stories? 

Quite simply, it’s what I know and what I see around me. It would be pretentious on my part to start writing stories based in villages and explore descriptions of rural life, because I have no first-hand knowledge of how people actually live, how their minds work and what makes them tick. I’ve had plenty of opportunity to observe society in urban cities around the world, but though I live part time in Dubai, I love Mumbai best! People are so interesting, so complex… if one watches people without being judgmental, there’s a lot to learn. And there is so much fodder for a novelist!

5. Weren't you quite doubtful about the plot based on your main protagonist, Simran, writing a book? 

No, not really! The ‘book within a book’ concept is a theme that has been used many times in the past, and it’s always a tricky one. I think the way to deal with it is not to get too carried away the story the protagonist is writing. The focus is still on the protagonist and the events surrounding her. I have not gone into detailed passages from Simran’s book, because that’s not really relevant to the story. What is relevant is that the content of the book was such that Simran had to publish the book anonymously. The book also has a tremendous effect on the person Simran has modeled her character on, and I think that too is an interesting twist in the story.

6. By when can we expect your 3rd book in the market- 2015 or 2016? What is it based upon? 

Hopefully by early 2016! It all depends on the publisher. I haven’t finalized a title yet, but it is set in the art world, and is full of very interesting and colourful characters. The best part of writing a novel is being able to create and own some wonderful characters. The protagonist is an artist who, for reasons of her own, doesn't want anyone to know she paints. Circumstances bring her to the forefront of events that catapult her into the public eye, and throw her in the path of the quintessential ‘angry’ young man. There’s art, there’s wine, there’s history and there’s romance… a heady combination!

7. We have also heard that you have some non-fiction themes in your mind. What’s that and are you working upon it?

I have to confess, I’m a big foodie! I love to cook, I love to eat, I love exploring cuisines and am more excited to be in a kitchen store than in a couture store! So when I venture into nonfiction, it will probably be something food based… yes, I do have some ideas, but currently fiction has me in its grip, so I’ll finish my current project before I decide where I’m headed next. I’m mulling over the idea of luscious recipe book filled with sinfully delicious food, with no pandering to the health wave which has overtaken everyone. 

8. How do you manage so many roles in your life and still manage to write beautiful books at regular intervals? 

That’s a question even my closest friends ask me, and the answer is, it just happens! I’d love to just say that I’m Supergirl, but unfortunately that’s not true! I have no fixed schedule for writing… though I tell myself that I must write 1000 words a day, it doesn’t quite work that way. I sometimes write three chapters at a time, but very often days go by when I don’t even touch my manuscript. I have just finished with my daughter’s wedding, and that was a 2 month, full time job… but that was also when Nights in Pink Satin was in its final stages of edit, so I had no choice but to manage my time. The thing with writing is that it’s not like finishing off a chore, and you can say okay, from 8 to 10, I’ll write. It’s a process, it requires a mindset, and mostly it requires peace and quiet. In my house, interruptions are more the rule than the exception, so I have to find ways to work around that. But hey, I enjoy it and somehow, I manage to make it work.

9. Any plan to co-author a book along with your sister, Mrs. Madhuri Iyer? 

What a lovely idea! Sure, that would be an interesting thing to do, but as of now we haven’t really planned anything. 

10. Any words for your fans who love reading your books?

I would like to thank them profusely for giving me the impetus to write more. Secrets and Second Chances was a bit of an experiment, and I wasn't really sure how it would be received. It worked, and that’s only because of the lovely, responsive readers out there! I would love to hear feedback from all of you… my Facebook page is a great way to get in touch. I also have a website now,  . Lets chat!

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Nights in Pink Satin by Anita Shirodkar (Book Review- 4*/5) !!!

        It's always wonderful to read an author's 2nd book when you have read their debut novel just after it released. I remember my delighted mood after I completed reading Anita Shirodkar's debut work- "Secrets and Second Chances". I always love reading urban and metro based stories. And Anita surely excels in this. I am just done reading "Nights in Pink Satin", her 2nd book, which is released recently. Though she couldn't match the X-factor that her first book had but this book is no less. If that was 99/100, this one is not less than 98/100. I am amazed by the story that Anita have created. It's never easy to write when 2 plots are merged together to bring a story out in a regular flow. 

            When I read the synopsis, I was very skeptic if author would have been able to handle a story where the protagonist is writing a book based on the incidents happening around her but it's perfectly done and I am happy Anita didn't overdid it. Though it was quite evident that the whole climax would be based upon this particular book written by the protagonist, even that wasn't done in a filmy manner. Still, a movie can be made out of this book. Haha! That's ANITA SHIRODKAR for you. 

     Anita Shirodkar's writing style is easy and pacy and it's perfect for a story that's based in metro city like Mumbai. She definitely knows how to keep her readers hooked to the story and therefore she brings twists and turns at right time. Her quality of not giving a filmy version to the story whenever there's a twist makes her a special author. These days authors try to give a filmy element to everything since Indian pulp fiction are getting accepted by Bollywood to be adapted into a movie. Anita is definitely out of that league and that makes her book look more deserving to be given a filmy adaptation to it. Her characters are definitely churned out of many traits that people of very high society has. And she never underestimates any of her characters and give all of them an equal space and good treatment. For her, every character is protagonist. 

              The initial chapters are a treat to read. Definitely! The way Siddharth and Simran's family are discussed is one of the best parts of the book. Later on, how Simran reacts after knowing the truth after marriage is also dealt very nicely. The equation shown between Siddharth and Simran is what makes this book readable. Even when Siddharth's ex-gf returns back in his life after his marriage, there's nothing sort of extra-marital affair tone given to it. And still the confusion between the couple's married life is worth-reading. The way Simran's book thing is presented, it gives just a level-up treatment to the story. 

              You are scared for Simran as she doesn't let a single person know that she's the writer behind a book which is creating records and havoc everywhere around. The pre-climax when everything begins to settle down for Simran and suddenly revelation of a truth brings her under scrutiny in climax is the best Anita have done to this book. Also, Isha's mail described in climax tells a lot how author doesn't let any character get forgotten in between the bigger things happening in protagonists' life. I give this book 4* out of 5. And ANITA SHIRODKAR is in the list of my favorite authors now. Waiting for her next book which is already half-written. :-)




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Girls Hostel by Deepanshu Saini/Vinita Gupta (Book Review- 3.5*/5)!!!

“Girls Hostel – Unspoken Memories” by Deepanshu Saini & Vinita Gupta (Book Review - 3.5/5)!!!
College life is carefree, fun and a happening phase… Shreya, Shruti, Ridhi, Kriti and Meghna – all enjoyed being together at the Girls Hostel. But the last night bonding was a little different…
The new secrets discovered and the new bonds grew… what suddenly made that happen?
The unspoken and unshared secrets of the dazzling damsels…
Girls – Wild Cats, Bad Witches or the Queen of Hearts… tough to guess.

Author Deepanshu Saini and Vinita Gupta’s this book will surely catch your attention. Title and cover itself reveals that this will going to be an interesting read among all the books based on young adult fiction. I completed the same in just single run and I am sure same will happen with you friends. Well, authors very beautifully narrated the happening of Girls Hostel that probably every next guy or girl wants to explore. 
It’s true that hostel life is very free and full of many ups and downs but no doubt, there is big difference in boys and girls hostel. 

According to Deepanshu - in the days when he was a part of college hostel life, his friends usually asked him about girl’s hostel and there it struck his mind to write on the very topic and finally the novel saw the day’s light. 

Nothing can be more exciting and captivating in life of any boy than the charms and secrets revolving around girls.

Well, story very beautifully reveals the secrets that probably girls don’t like to disclose. Simply narrated, easy to understand, author very clearly stick to the purpose of the book. The manner characters explained is good and simple. The way author linked the stories of all girls via card game is also impressive. There is no doubt that even girls will also found it interesting, wishing that they may not rebuke the authors about the description.

I also like the way, author keep the story short, though it could be more descriptive. The way, Deepanshu and Vinita explained the flash backs are impressive and make you feel in touch with the story anytime you pick the book.

Character of Shreya is my favorite. I wish, I could find a friend like her - Bold enough to screw one’s mind.   Shruti, Ridhi, Kriti and Meghna were even impressive. You will surely like the way, girls hit upon a naughty plan and reveal their secrets and what came out at last will definitely choke your breath.
This book is for all those who think that: Girls don’t drink; Girls don’t smoke; Girls don’t indulge in any adult games; Girls are not in to any girl-to-girl love act; girls don’t get committed with their professors and many such myths. 
Are you the one? Then, Read on to explore the realms of the Girls - Girls Hostel – Unspoken Memories.
I give this book 3.5* out of 5.

Note: I don’t know how you all will find this book, but let me assure you that author has clearly revealed the real truth behind the walls. 
Caution: This book is not for below 18 

About The Author: 
Deepanshu Saini: Born and brought up in Delhi, Deepanshu Saini completed his B. Tech from Kurukshetra University and currently works as an Assistant Manager in TATA Power Delhi Distribution Limited.

Being a passionate guy with an optimistic outlook towards life, the author also has an interest in acting, writing, drawing and won many prizes in various cultural events.

Meeting new people fascinates him. He spends most of his time making up stories in his head. He truly believes that if you can't live for your passion, then you are worth wasting your time on this planet.

“Girls Hostel - Unspoken Memories” is his first fiction novel.

To know more about him, visit or follow him at 

Vinita Gupta: Born and brought up in Delhi, a debutante writer with the flair of storytelling running through her nerves, Vinita Gupta is an intellectual and vibrant girl. 

Graduated from Delhi University, she always thought that she will become a writer, though she wishes to give all her credit to her hubby and her friends. Certainly, she counts herself among the naughtiest creature of universe and wants to fly high and high. According to her, Girls Hostel – Unspoken Memories is her first novel, but it’s not the last. For more updates you may follow her at



Friday, May 8, 2015

Happily Married by Chetan Dalvi (Book Review- 3.5*/5)!!!

   This has been an easy book to read- "Happily Married" by Chetan Dalvi. This is the 2nd book written by author under Leadstart/Frog publication. By the title itself, you can assume that the story is about a man/woman who is happily married and it would be basically about their life after marriage. But there's more into this book. Chetan has tried to send a message across to all the youths who are in love to just not sacrifice it just because your parents are against your wish. He asks us to fight for love and get married to the person you have been dying to even see once a day or hear their voice. He tells that its a myth that love marriages are 99% failure and it's in our hands how we see the same partner once we are married with him/her. For giving out this message, Chetan Dalvi have fictionally tried to narrate his own love story and marriage and incidents post-marriage when he becomes father of a cute little girl who loves him more than her mother. 

           Coming to Chetan's writing style, I would say he has chosen the easiest way to tell a story which he wanted all the youths to read. For every couple who are struggling with their marriage, this book might give them little more strength to fight for it. This has been his vision behind writing this book and I feel that it shall even get successful as readers will connect with it. Chetan has purposely extended each and every "rasam" 's description so that the desperate couples out there waiting for their respective marriages will get an urge to experience the same. Similarly, honeymoon is extended for many pages. Chetan's purpose to write this book is transparent and therefore, you will not find anything called "story" in this book as it's a simple tale of how a man agrees his girlfriend's father for marriage, marries and then stays happily ever after with his wife and daughter. 

             The way this book starts gives you a feeling that you are going to read something very sweet and pure. It continues in boy's struggle to meet his girlfriend's father in initial chapters. I basically liked the part when he becomes father. A fatherly feeling is wonderfully described and that's something which touched me and made me relate with the character. Also, the way author have ended the book with a long message explaining each term he mentions is commendable. It takes book a notch higher.

            Now coming to the drawbacks, I would say that I was expecting some twists and turns in the book post-marriages where I was wanting to read incidents where couples would have a fight and then how they would have got back with each other by accepting each other's imperfectness. Also, I felt that whole marriage phase was written and stretched more than it was needed. I was waiting for it to end so that the life after marriage is discussed. Also, I feel that author should have added more story elements in the book rather than keeping it plain. Well, summarily, it is written keeping the couples fighting for their love and they will definitely like it. I give this book a good 3.5 stars out of 5. 



Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Unwanted Shadow by Bhaskaryya Deka (Book Review-4*/5)!!!

      I completed reading Bhaskaryya Deka's 2nd book "The Unwanted Shadow" in some 3-4 hours. And I tell you, friends, that the book does not let you feel you are out of that world even for a second or two. Seeing the cover page and title of the book, I was quite doubtful as I expected it to be a love story and couldn't understand what an unwanted shadow and thrilling look is all about. But now after completing it, I can say that this is one of the most interesting book I have read even when it is written on a very serious note.   

             Bhaskaryya has used a very easy and powerful language to convey whatever he wants. His narrative style in this book has been as if you are reading an autobiographical take on one's life. This makes the book more interesting. He has invested all the time in expressing different character, their thinking, their ideology and passing on a beautiful story to us rather than narrating useless conversations in length as many Indian author-by-chance do. Another good decision by the author has been his idea of keeping the book of just 166-pages even when with the kind of plot he had chosen, the book could have easily be made of more than 250 pages. This tells a lot about the author. He didn't want to fool his readers but give them a lot in a limited period of time.

             The way author first describes life of the protagonist in his homely environment, then he takes another gear and describes his life in Delhi. Again another gear and he describes his life in prison and one more gear where he finally describes his life in rehabilitation center. And the way he portrays the book in 4 different environments is what makes this book special and unforgettable. Author does not even discuss a probability of what the real story behind a tragedy is throughout the book which is why climax shakes you off your seat. And that's very hard to do and Deka has generously achieved it through his skills. Even with a plot and whole setting like this, the way book is given a happy ending is what actually delighted me. 

           This book makes you think about it even hours after you are done reading it. And that's the specialty of all the emotions perfectly put down by the author without making any silly mistake. I would say this book is BADLAPUR version of Indian pulp fiction genre. If you loved that movie, you should surely go down to read this book as it is more brutal and surprisingly better than the movie. Though I haven't read Bhaskaryya Deka 1st book but he is surely a writer I would look forward to read in future. Ila Garg have beautifully edited this book. I give this book 4* out of 5 easily just because of its narration right from the first page, the climax that doesn't let you believe the story and the after-effects this book generates once you complete reading it. Kudos to the author. 



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