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I too had a love story.. by Ravinder Singh !!!

             This time I picked a national bestseller- "I too had a love story.." by Ravinder Singh. Once, while searching about this book, I started reading the 70 to 80 comments on its review and almost everyone said that they cried after reading this one. I decided that day itself that I'll read this book. Finally I got the opportunity and I completed this one. Let's talk about it.

          I too had a love story.. is about Ravin and Khushi who met each other on a matrimonial site- They started their conversation through calls and sms. After few days, they started talking about their marriage. Talking to each other they fall in love. Finally, they are sure that they are going to marry each other. Ravin visits her home and everyone likes him in her house. The engagement is fixed when suddenly Khushi becomes the victim of very big accident 3 days before the wedding. The world falls down on the head of Ravin after listening to this news. And now the story begins where you will turn the pages as fast as you can to know what happened to Khushi and whether they were engaged to each other or not. Or Ravin left her after seeing her body in its worst condition today.

    Coming to the review, Ravinder Singh has attempted a very beautiful, heart-touching story. Being 26 years old, writing such a cute book is somewhat impossible after seeing the raunchy writers of his age. He hasn't used any kind of sexual part in the whole book proving once again that a book can turn a bestseller if it has content and no sexual elements. Ravinder Singh makes you cry in the last 30-40 pages. You just can't stop your tears once the chapter- The Unexpected begins. My heart is still depressed even when 2 hours have passed since I completed reading this book. This is the first novel which made me cry like this. I give a respectful salute to Ravinder Singh for attempting this. I rate this novel 4 out of 5 and I recommend to read this book anyhow. You will fall in love with it.



Ohh Yes, I Am Single..! And So Is My Girlfriend! by Durjoy Datta and Neeti Rustagi

                So I finished reading a very very long story by Durjoy Datta and Neeti Rustagi. The name of the book is "Ohh Yes I am Single .. And so is my Girlfriend!". I don't know how Durjoy Datta is so lucky to get a beautiful girl every time he is about to write a book. With this, I have read 3 books by Durjoy Datta and I would be completing one more book from him in this week itself. His 5th book is coming next month and I am all set to read it soon. I have turned into a big fan of this guy after Chetan Bhagat. I am happy that people did justice to him and his book. He writes same kinds of love story every time but he changes the approach of narration which makes it different each time he writes.

            OYIAS is about a boy who isn't good looking in his school days but as soon as he steps out of school, there's a slight make-over in the looks and it is when the series of girlfriends begins. The story is about how he falls in love with many girls. And he tries to find out which is the real love which he should continue for long and which to dump. At last, he ends with Manika. He has a friend Siddharth whose love stories are no less than his. A break up with Natasha breaks Durjoy's hope for a good life ahead and he goes into depression. This is when Manika comes back in his life whom he dumped before starting the relationship with Natasha. Now, how Manika came back into his life, how she managed to come to live with Durjoy in spite of having a boyfriend she really loved, how she manages to bring Durjoy out of depression - Read this novel.

   Durjoy Datta has amazed me once again. His narration skills are awesome. Very different from all others. He fixes the plot so perfectly that you can never doubt that its a fictional story and you'll believe that its his true story. About this book, I am still doubtful whether its fiction or its a true story. And if its fiction, then I think I should learn from Durjoy how to connect a fictional story with the real life. I would suggest everyone of you to read all the books from Durjoy. But I have a problem with him. The title of his books has nothing to do with the matter in it. He keeps fancy title to attract youths but the story inside the cover page is totally different from the words inscribed on the Cover page. And this story is seriously very long. He could have made it short. It turns boring at places but still it wins in keeping you stick to it. I rate this book- 3.5/5. I am waiting to read his 3rd book and then the 5th book which is about to release.



Chetan Bhagat's 5th Book: REVOLUTION 2020 Love. Corruption. Ambition !!!

Chetan Bhagat's 5th book: REVOLUTION 2020 Love.Corruption.Ambition.


           Once upon a time, in small-town India, there lived two intelligent boys.
           One wanted to use his intelligence to make money.
           One wanted to use his intelligence to create a revolution.
           The problem was, they both loved the same girl.
          Welcome to Revolution 2020. A story about childhood friends Gopal, Raghav and Aarti who struggle to find success and love in Varanasi. However, it isn’t easy to achieve this in an unfair society that rewards the corrupt. As Gopal gives in to the system, and Raghav fights it, who will win?
           From the bestselling author of Five Point Someone, one night @ the call center, The Three Mistakes of My Life and 2 States, comes another gripping tale from the heartland of India.  Are you ready for the revolution?


“And I hope not just you but our whole country will keep that spark alive.  For there is something cool about saying – I come from the land of a billion sparks. Thank you,” I said, ending my motivational speech at Tilak Hall, Varanasi.
The claps and whistles were my cue to leave. Security volunteers formed a human barricade and soon I managed a neat exit from the hall.
“Thank you so much, sir,” someone said right behind me.
I turned around to face my host.
“Mr Mishra,” I said, “I was looking for you.”
“Please call me Gopal,” he said. “The car is over there.”
I walked out with the young director of GangaTech College, Gopal Mishra. His black Mercedes whisked us away from the crowded Vidyapath Road.
“Any more temples you want to see?” Gopal asked. “That’s all Varanasi has, anyway. You saw the ghats, right?”
“Yeah, I went to the Vishwanath temple and Dasaswamedh ghat at five in the morning,” I said. “The aarti was out of the world.”
Gopal frowned.
“What?” I said. “You must be used to the aarti by now. I was seeing it for the first time, all those diyas floating at dawn.”
“It is not that,” he said, but did not elaborate.
“You will drop me at Ramada hotel?” I said.
“Your flight is only tomorrow morning,” Gopal said. “Why don’t you come home for dinner?”
“Don’t be formal…” I began.
“You have to come home. We must have a drink together. I have the finest whiskey in the world,” he said.
I smiled as I shook my head. “Thanks, Gopal, but I don’t drink much.”
“Chetan sir, one drink? I can tell people I had a drink with ‘the’ Chetan Bhagat.”
I laughed. “That’s nothing to brag about. Still, say it if you want. You don’t actually have to drink with me.”
“Not like that, sir. I actually want to have a drink with you.”
I saw his intense eyes. He had sent me twenty invites in the last six months, until I agreed to come. I knew he could persist.
“Okay, one drink!” I said, hoping I wouldn’t regret this later.
“Excellent,” Gopal said.
We drove ten kilometers outside the city on the Lucknow Highway to reach GangaTech. The guards saluted as the campus gates opened up. The car came to a halt at a gray bungalow. It had a stone exterior that matched the main college and hostel buildings.
 We sat in the living room on the ground floor. It opened out to a badminton court-sized lawn.
“Nice house,” I said as I sat on an extra-soft brown velvet sofa. I noticed the extra-high elevated ceiling.
“Thanks. I made it myself. The contractor built it, but I supervised everything,” Gopal said. He proceeded to the bar counter at the other end of the room. “It’s the bungalow of an engineering college director. You and your friends raided one, right?”
“How do you know?” I said.
 “Everyone knows. We’ve read the book. Seen the movie.”
We laughed. He handed me a crystal glass filled with a generous amount of Irish whisky.
“Thank you.” I took my drink.
“Single malt, 12 years old,” he said.
“It’s the director’s bungalow, but you don’t have a daughter,” I said. “You aren’t even married. The youngest director I’ve ever seen.”
He smiled.
“How old are you?” I was curious.
“Twenty-six,” Gopal said, a hint of pride in his voice. “Not just the youngest, but also the most uneducated director you’ve met.”
“I never went to college.”
“What?” I said as I twirled the ice-cubes in my glass and wondered how potent this drink was.
“Well, I did do a joke of a correspondence degree.”
“Wow!” I said. “It isn’t a joke to open such a big college.”
“Sixteen hundred students now, ji, across all batches. Each paying one lakh a year. We already have a sixteen-crore turnover. And you inaugurated the MBA coaching today. That’s another new business.”
I took a sip. The smooth whiskey burnt my throat. “Do you have beer? Or wine?” I coughed.
Gopal’s face fell. Not only had I ignored his impressive business statistics, I had rejected his whiskey.
“Not good?” Gopal asked. “It’s Glenfiddich, four thousand a bottle. I’ll open Blue Label? That’s ten thousand a bottle.”
It is not a price issue, I wanted to tell him but didn’t. “I don’t drink whiskey. Too strong for me,” I said instead.
Gopal laughed. “Live life. Start having fine whiskey. You will develop a taste.”
I attempted another sip and winced. He smiled and poured more water in my drink to dilute it. It ruined the scotch, but saved my sanity.
“Life is to be enjoyed. Look at me, I will make four crores this year. What is the point if I don’t enjoy it?”
In most parts of the world, speaking about your income is taboo. In India, you share the figures like your zodiac sign, especially if you have lots.
He seemed to have put the question more to himself than me. His dark eyes continued to bore into me. His eyes demanded attention. The rest of him – wheatish complexion, modest five-feet-seven-inch height, side-parted hair – was reassuringly nondescript.
“Yeah, of course. One should enjoy,” I said as he cut me.
“Next year I will make five crores.”
I realised he would keep forecasting his salary until I demonstrated suitable awe.
“Five crores!” I said, my voice loud and fake.
Gopal grinned. ‘Baby, eat this, for I have made it,’ is probably the T-shirt slogan he would choose.
“That’s incredible,” I murmured, wondering how I could switch the topic. I noticed stairs winding up. “What’s upstairs?” I said.
“Bedrooms and a terrace. Come, I will show you.”
We climbed up the steps. We walked past a room with a luxurious king-sized bed.
From the terrace I took in the panoramic view.
 “This was a wasteland, all of it. My grandfather’s old agricultural land,” Gopal said.
“Ten acres?” I made a guess.
“Fifteen. We had fifteen acres more,” Gopal said, “but we sold it to fund the construction.”
He pointed to a small array of lights towards the eastern wall of the floodlit campus. “Right there, see. There is a mall coming up.”
“Every Indian city is building malls now,” I said.
“India shining, Chetan-ji,” he said and clinked his glass with mine.
Gopal drank more than four times my pace. I hadn’t finished my first when he poured his fifth. “You big-city types. Drinking for style,” he teased when I refused a refill.
“I don’t drink much. Really,” I said. I checked the time; 10:00 p.m.
“When do you eat dinner?” he asked.
“Up to you,” I said, though I wished he’d decide to eat right away.
“What is the big hurry? Two men, one educated, one uneducated. Having a good time,” Gopal said and raised his glass in the air.
I nodded out of courtesy. My stomach rumbled for food. We came downstairs to sit down in the living room again.
“Did you really go to the professor’s daughter’s house?” Gopal said.
 I smiled. “Love makes us do stupid things.”
Gopal laughed out loud. He chugged his drink bottoms-up, then grabbed the half-empty bottle to make his sixth tipple.
“Love? Forget stupid things. Love fucks you,” Gopal said.
“That’s harsh,” I said. “Is that why there is no Mrs Director yet?”
Gopal’s hand trembled as he continued to pour his drink. I wondered if I should stop him from drinking more.
“Mrs Director!” Gopal smirked. He gripped the whiskey bottle tight.
“Easy, Gopal, you are drinking too fast. It’s dangerous.”
Gopal plonked the bottle on the coffee table. “Why dangerous? Who is going to fucking cry for me? If I live, I want to enjoy. If I die, who cares?”
“Your parents?”
Gopal shook his head.
“Successful people don’t have friends,” Gopal demurred. “It’s true, no?”
His lavish house felt cold and isolated. I took the whiskey bottle and placed it back in the bar.
“Pessimist, eh?” I said. “Surprising, given you are doing so well.”
“What well, Chetan-ji?” Gopal said, now completely drunk and, presumably, completely honest.
He pointed to the huge TV, stereo system and the silk carpet under our feet in quick succession. “What does all this mean? I’ve lived with nothing…”
Our conversation had become serious. I patted his back to cheer him up. “So you read about my girlfriend in the book. How about you? You ever had one?”
Gopal didn’t respond, but looked distraught. He placed his glass on the coffee table.
Touchy topic, I figured too late.
He retched.
“Are you okay?” I said.
He ran to the restroom. I heard him throw up. I browsed the display shelves to pass time. I saw framed news stories about GangaTech, trophies, pictures of Gopal with guests who had visited the college. I wondered if my picture would also be there soon.
When he hadn’t returned in twenty minutes I called for the maid. She took me to the bathroom. I knocked at the door. No answer. I banged my fists on the door. Nothing.
“Looks like we have to break the door,” the maid said.
I wondered how I, who had come as a chief guest for a college orientation programme, became involved with forcing open random toilets in Varanasi.

               Chetan Bhagat has used all the numbers upto 5 in his recent books except "4". He used "One" in One Night @ The Call Center, "Two" in Two States, "Three" in The Three Mistakes Of My Life" and "Five" in Five Point Someone. This time he has name his 5th book as Revolution 2020 which can be seen as 2+0+2+0="4". Now, let's wait for the Online booking to start. Till then, lets keep waiting in excitement.


The Biggest Fan,


my LOVE never faked... Trust me I still love you... by Nikhil Mahajan !!!

                Once again I picked up a book to read. If the first 50 pages of the book disappoints you, there is a very very rare chance of the book to impress you with its upcoming pages. This time I read Nikhil Mahajan's My Love Never Faked Trust me I still love you. The name was quite awesome and I thought that the love story will do justice to the money I spent on this book. After reading it, I found that the book is quite normal. Actually, below normal. You can call it a personal diary of a boy who is struggling with his love life. We need a larger-than-life substance from a book and if its a love story, you have to keep it quite unique to keep a hold over your readers. Everyone is having an affair with someone or another today and everyone is bored with love stories of their friends, so when we pick a love story, we want it to be unique. MLNF is an ordinary love story with no funny equation and it never surprises you throughout the book.

             The story is about a boy Abhay who is in love with Priya. Author hasn't wasted the time in telling how he met Priya. Being committed with Priya, he starts flirting with a girl from America through Internet messenger and keeps chatting with her. Even when he loves Priya, he ignores her and tries to devote himself to this girl from America. At last, she comes to India and he meets her and get physically intimate with her. Priya catches him and there's a break off in the relationship. Now, the struggle of Abhay begins to get his love back. Now, read book to know the struggle and whether he gets Priya finally.

              Coming to the review, I read this somewhere and this is exactly what I want to tell about this book- The major problem with the book is its grammatical mistakes. There are loads of spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and formatting errors. (Note: The author has mentioned that he has rectified these mistakes in his upcoming edition.) But as I was reading the book, I could not ignore these mistakes and so I could not link well, no matter how much unique the plot was. Secondly, I thought the book would have been more gripping, if author would have added more emotions and more detailing to the scenes. This book is the personal story of author as he has committed it in the end of the book. This book has been vindicated in the list of Bestseller and I am still shocked to see it there. The only thing which connects you with this book are the poems written by the author to describe the emotions of the main character for his girlfriend. I would rate this book 3 out of 10. Sorry.



Just Like In The Movies by Rahul Saini !!!

                So, this time I read Just Like In The Movies by Rahul Saini. Rahul Saini has already written a National bestseller- Those Small Lil Things. I am still left to read that book but I ended up reading this one. Just Like In The Movies is the book about three friends- Rima, Rishika and Amit who are happy with their perfect life until the recession hits them. Everyone of them has a dream and a kind of passion but because of their job and quest for money, they are unable to focus towards it. At last, when recession hits them, Rima goes to Kolkata for the audition of a reality show and manages to be in the Top 2. She always wanted to be a pop star. Amit leaves his job and protest against an urban development on a land which is ecologically healthy and good for birds. At last, he gets publicity through newspapers and his dream of working as an environmentalist and helping this planet to be safe turns out to be real. Rishika wanted to be a writer always and as soon as she gets a perfect story, she writes the novel and the publisher selects it. This is how the dreams of all the three friends is accomplished even after the recession hit them badly.

            Coming to the review, Rahul Saini has tried his best to write a novel with his own style. Rahul has narrated the story in every character's voice throughout the book. Initially, you feel it little tough to get through but after reading half of it, you get used to the kind of narration Rahul has used. The most interesting character of this book is Rima. You love her attitude till the end. Rishika is quite innocent. One different thing about this book is that there's no love story which is used as the mainstream. Author has tried his best to walk on the central theme of the book rather than diverting it to small incidents that has nothing to do with the story. The biggest minus point of this book is that it is so predictable. Even after all kinds of Turns and Twists, you predict the last 10 pages so perfectly that the interest of reading gets decreased with every page. This book even lacks on the part of sense of humour. Not even a single sentence made me laugh. But the language used throughout the book is magnificent. I would rate this book as 2.5 out of 5. Even if you miss this, you don't miss a good book.



Anything for you ma'am by Tushar Raheja !!!

                When a reader picks a book after knowing that its an all-and-all Love story, he expects something new and creative. The same college campus love stories and the same Love-break up-Again love-again Break up and finally love irritates you. The Indian authors try their best to write love stories cooked in different oil but still they taste somewhat similar. Some books are surprisingly amazing too. This time I caught one of them- Anything for you ma'am by Tushar Raheja. Tushar Raheja is an engineering graduate from IIT Delhi. He wrote this book when he was already in college and it continues to be bestseller. He has already published his 2nd book- Run Romi Run which is about Cricket. I haven't read it still but after reading Anything for you ma'am, I can't wait to read it. I hope I will review it too (very soon).

              Anything for you ma'am is a story about an IITian's love. Tejas is a wonderful guy. He is not much into adventures and style but he is a sweet boy with gentle behavior. He loves teasing his sisters. He likes sitting with his cousin sister and chatting about his new crush and how can he impress her. Anything for you ma'am starts with Tejas's chemistry with his sister- Palak. Even after Palak warns him not to flirt with his friends, he approaches Shreya(Palak's friend) and finally win her. She is shifted to Chennai and now he wants to meet her. He is about to go to his college's industrial tour for 10 days. He plans that I'll bunk the whole industrial visit and go to meet Shreya in Chennai. The whole story is all about how the problem arises every time he thinks that now my way is clear to meet Shreya. The book ends with a happy ending where the girl's brother helps Tejas to meet her without any problem. Yes, Shreya's brother help him. Now, go and grab the copy to read it how can all this happen with someone.

    Coming to the review, Tushar has used the title(Anything for you ma'am) almost every time wherever it was needed while narrating the conversation between the main characters. The book starts with a very sweet description of how Tejas meets Shreya. The scenarios where he has fights with his sister for flirting with her friends is quite funny and sweet. His conversation with his cousin sister about his new love is amazing and it made me cry because I had a cousin sister of the same nature and attitude who is in no talking terms with me. :-( The college part and the professor's part are quite funny and you would love reading what happened next and whether Tejas went to industrial visit or not. The chapter where he has described the Wonderful Date of the couple is damn romantic. The last part of the book where Tejas is about to meet his love is awesome. The last traveling part in train is what the book is all about. I am still smiling. I loved the attitude of Tushar Raheja while writing this book - He didn't used any kind of sexual interaction between the main character throughout the book. This is how a sweet love story can be written without adding any kind of vulgarity into it. You can recommend this book to your sister too(without any hem and hesitation). I give it 9 out of 10. If you haven't read this one, you have missed the most ''sweetest'' book. Tushar Raheja, hats off to you. 



NOW THAT YOU'RE RICH ..Let's Fall In Love! by Durjoy Dutta and Maanvi Ahuja !!!

                 Recently, I saw a movie named Shaitan. The movie said that each person, either good or bad, has a Shaitan in himself/herself. Even the good characters ended in doing something which was unacceptable. I read Durjoy Dutta's and Maanvi Ahuja's Now That You're Rich Let's Fall in Love! where I found the same kind of characters. Having Durjoy Dutta in my Facebook account, I always found him uploading pics with beautiful girls and traveling to new places. I always think that how does this writer get time to think about a story and then convert it into a book? He is so fun-loving guy that its hard for such person to sit and write a whole book without getting distracted. I am also puzzled that why Durjoy chose to write books with a co-author and why not alone. By the way, I read the first book by this duo - Of Course I love you till I find someone better and the book shocked me because the way the story was treated, it seemed to be real and very close to you. Same happens with this book too.

             Now that you're rich is all about four distinct personalities with different backgrounds. How they join a job, under what circumstances they have gone under in their complicated life and how they move forward. All of them meet each other in this company - Silversman and they get good friends they had been searching from days. They get together and start working as the work pressure is more than enough. Abhi gets committed with Garima - the girl who was in depression from a long time but after meeting these friends, she started living life with smile and fun. Saurav gets committed with Riya (Abhi's ex) which isolates him from this friend circle and he chose to be with Riya rather than facing Abhi. Shruti is left alone as everyone gets committed and she chose to spend time working in office under his boss- Dinesh. All the friends misapprehend her and think that she slept with him for saving her job and everyone leaves her too. In the end, after all types of hullabaloo and unpredictability, all the four friends patch up again and like most of the good stories - They lived happily ever after.

   Coming to the review, I liked the author's way of defining each character with a chapter briefly. It helps you to relate with the characters. The story is chosen with lots of brainstorming which helps you to understand the problem of the four guys and the work pressure they had. The entry of Deb and Avantika is made at the right time and the author continue his Brand - Deb-Avantika. ;-) Durjoy Dutta and Maanvi Ahuja has the power of creating such character that you will feel that you have already met them and know about them more than these authors know. This is why Durjoy Dutta has become the next big thing after Chetan Bhagat in the world of Fictions. As the synopsis of the book says, it is based on real life stories, it seriously do because there is no segment where you feel that authors are exaggerating it and making it too-much-of-fiction. The second part of the book is quite refreshing and that is when you start reading faster to know what happens next. There are many books where the story keeps flowing and nothing happens in the whole book and the real story starts when the last 10 pages of the book are left. But Now That You're Rich has many turn-around periodically which keeps you intrigued into the book. I will rate this one - 3.5 out of 5. I liked it. I hope you will like it too.



Jab se you have loved me by S. R. Saha !!!

              So, I am here to review an another book- Jab se you have loved me ...the story of an Airhostess & an IITian by S.R. Saha. I have been in contact with the author from past many months and I have always liked his words of motivation for me. He has always supported my blog and has been a guide in my journey of blogging. S.R. Saha was born in Calcutta. He is a gradutate in Mechanical Engineering from IIT, Madras.

             Coming to the book, according to what the author stated, this book is a love story of an IITian with an airhostess working in Indian Airlines. I loved the Acknowledgement written by the author in the start of the book. It is quite different and innovative. I liked his style of leaving the First Impression in the mind of readers. The first chapter is wonderful where the author starts the book with a humour quotient in it. You feel excited to know more about him. You turn out to be desperate to know what happened next. Fortunately, he meets a girl named Ujani whom he liked in the first meeting itself but forgets to take her phone number. It is from here that the story begins and Atin0 the main character starts searching this girl. He keeps struggling with his job career too as he doesn't get a perfect job in a type of organization he wanted to work in. Being an IITian, he never got an IIT type of respect from others. At last, he meets Ujani again and he keeps meeting her accidentally for few more times and finally they are engaged but Ujani had to leave for Hyderabad for her Airhostess training. Then, author have presented the whole struggle of this boy with his loser's life. At last, the book ends with a happy ending.

       Coming to the review, English used in this book is quite fluent and has a flow in it. You keep swimming with the story and end up being friends with some characters of this book. The Prologue and Epilogue is written very nicely. You will feel the story aimless till the first 75% part and the remaining 25% of the last will excite you a lot. Actually, S.R. Saha should have concentrated more on the story than English. Actually, being a worknig class employee, it would have been hard for him to write it in a form of a college boy and thus he wrote it in his own style. The humor quotient is fine too. The story in the last 30 pages is awesome and fast going. S.R. Saha should have used that part of the story for the whole book. That was too interesting and I was shocked that even after having such a content in his mind, he was ted the whole book in telling how loser Atin was. I am little furious on the author as he claims the book to be a love story but its all and all a story of a guy passed out from IIT but still lives a life of loser. In the end, he has confessed even this to but he should not have done this. The language of the book is tough for first time readers so this can be a factor for keeping readers away from the book. But I loved the language very much. From Srishti Publishers, this was the first author who wrote the whole book in a perfect language and perfect tuning. Saha sir should try to become a regular columnist of leading newspapers in India as his command on English is excellent. I'll rate this book 6 out of 10.  I hope S.R. Saha will improve his work in the 2nd book. This one seriously didn't touched my heart. 



I am BROKE...! LOVE Me when Love and recession struck by Animesh Verma !!!

                 When Ashutosh Gowariker completed his last day of shooting for the movie Lagaan, he said in an interview that if you will ask me to make this movie again, I'll put my hands up. Something similar was said by Rakesh Roshan after Koi Mil Gaya. Some legendary artists don't have guts to re-attempt their best work or some of them feel that even if they will try for next 10 years, they can't match up with the best work they have done before. Animesh Verma's condition seems to be the same. His first book - Love, Life and Dream On was a book of lifetime. You just can't get over the story of the book for months and you keep thinking about the main characters. Animesh Verma is a confident person in real life and the first book showed the power of confidence. His second book - I Am Broke.. Love Me is a book about a young boy who faced a kick from his organization due to recession. The story revolves around the main character- Armaan and his struggling life throughout the book.

            This book is actually a story which deals with both the main factors of life - Girlfriend and Friends. Armaan get stuck in between where he has to chose one from the two and he chooses girlfriend over friends which apart him from his friends. After many years, when he meet his old friends again, he finds that no one needs him one in this fast forward life. Still, as it is said, with the God grace all the friends come together again to accomplish their dream project- Jobs Made Easy and they start working on it again. This time, Armaan didn't had his girlfriend- Vidisha with him but as soon as the project was at its last verge, she comes back in his life. Armaan manages to co-ordinate both the relations at the same time. Even he knew that this project is the only survivor in this season of recession. At last, after all sorts of dramas as you find in any story, the story of this guy ends with a happy note.

         Coming on the review of this book, I must say that the first book by Animesh Verma was far better than his second attempt. The theme of both the books are almost the same. The first book had a fresh story so you love it and give it a place in your heart while this one seems to be repetitive because of the first one and you'll mess up with both the stories after some days. But Animesh has been successful in touching the heart through his book. You can feel each and every emotion and feeling of the main character Armaan. His close friend- Varun also becomes the favourite of the readers in the second half. You will love Armaan's girlfriend- Vidisha. Vidisha is shown not less than a fairy in the book which excites you to read more to know about the fairy. ;-) The character of Abhi is no less than a dream character. I am in love with that character after reading the book. Animesh Verma turns out to successful in bringing out tears in some parts of the story. In this book, you will find the mistakes from publisher more than the mistakes by the writer. Many spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes are attempted by the publisher. The same problem was with Animesh's first book too and it continued in the second one. I hope Animesh will concentrate on his 3rd book that the same mistake is not repeated again. Animesh has kept his style of writing and parlance intact. For a new reader, this book will act as an accelerator as the language is kept simple. 

           I will rate this book 7 out of 10 and I will recommend everyone to read it once because it has a different content in it. Atleast not like the book of some authors which starts from a girl and doesn't leave the topic till the end. This has a variety. Go for it.



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