Thursday, December 22, 2011

truly, madly, deeply by Faraaz Kazi !!!

            This time, it took a long time to complete a book. 1 hour ago, I completed Faraaz Kazi's "Truly, Madly, Deepy - Memoirs of a Heart's First Love!". Let me talk about the author first- Faraaz Kazi is currently pursuing his post-graduate studies in management in Mumbai. He is a certified soft-skills trainer and runs his own academy in the same field. He completed his creative writing from XIC and possesses a diploma in freelance journalism from the British Institutes. He is fondly referred to as ‘The Young Marketer’ and operates a revolutionary blog with the same name and writes for major media houses on the same subject. With thousands of books under his priceless collection, he is more than an avid reader. He has sung nine songs for a major studio and represents a local club in their cricket team. He is a fellow member of the esteemed ‘Film Writers Association of India’. This book is Faraaz Kazi's first book which released in 2010. As a first time writer, he is worth commending. 

            Coming to the story of the book, Rahul Kapoor shifts to USA because of a reason. After coming to USA, he is lost in his thoughts and his classmates find him weird and he gets Sahil as a very good companion. He talks less but still Sahil remains with him. This is what Rahul needed after leaving his beautiful and equally hurtful past behind. But, as he creeps into loneliness in this new place, he remembers all what happened between him and Seema(whom he loved with passion) right from the first meeting to the last. And this is how, a teenage love story is unfolded in front of us(the readers). It is an interesting tale of how people take wrong decisions when they fall in love for the first time. How the misunderstandings overcome the passionate love between the lovers. Everyone who has achieved their first love will connect nicely with the story. So, get the book, it is definitely a One-time read. 

             Coming to the review, Faraaz Kazi has used a very unique writing style to launch himself as a writer. His attempt of showing all his writing talents in his first book is easily visible. He has written with all his efforts. He has used a language which some may find difficult as there are too many vocabularies which may limit his readers but still, I don't think that those words are going to cease anyone from understanding the story. It is not a blockage to the story. 

            The story is a pure teenage love which begins from school. You will relate yourself with each and every sequence of love described by the writer. There are many sequences in the book which makes you eager to know what happened next. This book is a perfect page-turner as the story has many elements in it. In the first half, "A five star day on mars" is an awesome chapter. The first kiss is described sweetly and sensuously- both at the same time and it is one of the few attempts of showing a kissing scene in a book which I'll remember for a long time. :-) Yes, these things are meant to keep in mind for your next attempt with your partner. :-) When the House contest begin in the school, you get too many elements to enjoy in the book. First, the quiz contest, then the most exciting cricket match where everything is stated so clearly and excitingly and then comes the debate competition where you will love the way Rahul shouts and states his point and make the rivalry team shiver. :-) In all, the story of this book is amazing and you will love to keep this book in your shelf at the top.

           Now, coming to the drawbacks of the book, it has too many poetry and songs between the story which has just caused an addition to the pages of the book rather than emotion in the heart of a reader. It is a blockage in the story. When you are reading a story in a go, you want to move ahead sooner rather than reading the poetry and songs. Second, the book has no unwanted sequence but still the length of the story could have been shortened. This is one reason why a reader will ignore picking it up when other love stories are embedded in 230 pages or less. Faraaz should have tried to shorten some descriptions but its fine if a reader has the talent of completing a book in 3 to 5 hours. :-) Cover page is perfectly designed according to the state of the protagonist's mind. Book is again heavily priced when compared with others. Other Indian love stories are available in 100 rs while this one is available for 175. Publisher should be blamed for this. But I hope that you may get it for less on Infibeam and Flipkart website. Else, I am rating this book- 4 out of 5. All the marks is for the description and making everything look so real and still filmy. You can give this book to your partner as a gift on this Valentine's Day. :-) 



Friday, December 16, 2011

Live From London by Parinda Joshi !!!

            Finished an another novel "Live From London" by Parinda Joshi. Let's talk about Parinda first. I liked the name of the author very much. It defines the will of a person to break all the barriers and fly as high as possible. :-) Parinda Joshi works in the field of Analytics in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. She is a freelance columnist and a professional photographer.  Traveling tops her wish list and her favourite pastime is people watching. One night she saw a dream that she is reading a book which is been written by her. She suddenly woke up and she decided that she will write one. She started writing and in 5 months, she had the finished product in her hand. Finally, the book got released on 11th July, 2011. 

           Live From London is a book about a girl Nishi who has completed her degree from a renowned college of London. Her father wants her to take professional life seriously while she wants to cross the barrier by taking up her passion for music and singing. She ends up being humiliated in the audition of Britain's Got Talent. After that, she starts working as an intern in a record-label company. After few days of her job, she is introduced to a rockstar- Nick. As obvious, both of them falls for each other and she gets a chance to debut in an album of Nick. But fate has something else for her and she has to return to India because of some reasons. Now, she is in Mumbai- the city which provides opportunity to many. Whether she gets what she wants from life in this city of India, get the book, read it and know it yourself. :-)

          Coming to the review, its a chick-lit which is interesting at some places and boring at some. Book has nothing special in it except the cover-page, author's name :-), author's image on the back cover :-), theme of the story and language of the book. The topic selected for the book is wonderful and Parinda could have tried to explore many hidden and shocking facts of music industry. But she kept it quite easy and simple. None of the character is described properly so that you can attach yourself with it. Book seems to be written in a hurry as to meet a deadline or something. Author has the knack of writing but as its her first experience in this world of books, she failed to create the magic which Rupa Publication's other books has managed to. This book will get into bestseller list for sure because of its wonderful cover page, title and theme. I am not impressed with the story but I am impressed with the author. Book is filled with innocent humors. There is not even a single sentence where vulgarity has been shown. There are so many "What-the-fuck" moments in the book but still author has managed to keep this 3 words out of the book. She has written it with decency and an approach. Even if the climax would have been better, I would have rated it as a recommendation but even that is done in a hurry. You can read this book while traveling as its just 204 pages and an easy read. It can be read once. I would rate this book an average- 2.5 out of 5. And I am expecting something incredible from Parinda in her 2nd book as there are many writers who have failed in impressing the readers in their debut work but later on, they have managed to catch on the nerves of readers. Parinda mam, I am waiting for your 2nd one.



Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why Did I Fall In Love by Vinod Pardhi !!!

              So, I completed this 160 pages novel "Why Did I fall In Love" by Vinod Pardhi in 3 hours. Seriously speaking, I didn't had confidence in the novel when I picked it up because I read somewhere that there are many grammar issues in the novel but while reading it, I didn't find any such odd in it. There were some minute errors in grammar but not something which should be highlighted when talked about this book. I don't know why Vinod Pardhi is so conscious about his Grammar in his debut novel but buddy let me tell you, that your novel has no grammar issues. Let me share the bio of the author: Working in IT Company (Choices not left after so many tries). Love to read, write, watching movies, listening songs etc. Completed study required for job, just because he need money to feed myself and family. This is his debut novel and it is doing very well in market. It has almost gone Out of Stock on websites for 2-3 times. Living in a non-metro city, he choose his novel to be based in a non-metro city itself. It's a very good attempt by Vinod Pardhi and I appreciate it. 

            Coming to the story, Vinod is living happily with his parents and sister. Suddenly, he sees a girl Shweta who is a guest at his sister's friend's house. He starts liking her. Suddenly, they turn into friends. After some days, they start coming closer to each other and finally, they are in love. They didn't shared this with their parents as they were in school when they started loving each other. :-) As they grew, they thought of telling their parents about it. Vinod's parents are ready with any kind of decision he takes for marriage but Shweta's father is stringent about the marriage. He wants Shweta to marry a person who is only of their caste as he himself keeps sponsoring his caste among his people. Now, whether Vinod and Shweta gets together in the last or not, read the book and know it yourself. :-)

            Come to the review now: Vinod has written the book in a very cool language. Anyone can understand it quite easily. The book is of that class where you can gift it to a child too. It has no content which can be called vulgar or indecent. Book is written very innocently with a pure heart and this can be seen with the words and sentences used in the book. I liked Vinod's attempt. I never knew that he can write something of this kind with such an approach. Hats off buddy. 

            Story is very cute. The cuteness of the characters grips you. Love at the schooling age is described appropriately. Vinod has divided the chapter nicely. He hasn't stretched the story and kept it up to the point. It has no paragraph which can be said as unwanted or unnecessary in the story. The moment where the boy has to meet girl's father for asking whether he is ready for their marriage is awesome. I liked that part. After few circumstances, when the boy starts ignoring girl, you can feel the pain of the character. 130th page is very soulful. I liked it. It was too unpredictable that the boy will speak that in the end of the conversation. :-) In all, story has many twists and tales in it and it is definitely a page-turner. 

            Coming to some drawbacks, even after the boy and girl behaves as a couple, a scene where the boy proposes the girl is shown as a fresh element. I didn't understood this concept. They were almost a couple till then. While describing the conversation parts, Vinod has used many expressions to show the contemporary scenario and condition. He could have shortened that. Else, I don't think there is any such drawback in the book. And the few spelling mistake is the fault of Publisher which should work upon it in future novels. Coming to the rating, 3.5 out of 5. Yes, its a good book. Go for it. :-)



Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Love Was Never Mine by Kunal Bhardwaj !!!


               So, I complete a book in 3 hours. The name is "Love Was Never Mine" by Kunal Bhardwaj. Let me discuss about the author first:- Kunal is a strategic research and consulting professional currently working with Genpact Analytics as Assistant Manager. In the last 4 years, he has been associated with firms such as Evalueserve and MarketsandMarkets within research and sales functions. Unlike other authors he started writing quite late when he felt an urgency to give words to his unexpressed emotions through stories. He aims to be an entrepreneur in future, and he was one of the finalists for this year’s “Economic Times Power of Ideas” contest. He loves singing, long drives, and regular hanging around with friends. So, this is the first attempt by Kunal and he wasn't a writer before. He didn't even tried his hand in it. He just started writing because he found that the story had emotions in it and it will touch everyone who had loved someone once. And hence, "Love Was Never Mine" got its birth. 

            Coming to the story of it, Rahul loves Shreya like anything. He wants her at any cost and he does everything to show his love and care to Shreya. Shreya has some other perspective towards choosing the person as a partner. She focuses on looks before the person while Rahul gives priority to the soul of the person rather than the looks. Rahul shares about his love for Shreya with his friends- Hari and Riya. They start helping him and keep an eye on his activities. Rahul gets his heart broken many a times by Shreya but still he keeps loving her. He can't imagine her in any kind of pain and stress. He believes in Universe and his love for her that one day he will win her. But, the universe decides something else for him. To read it, go and get the book. :-)

             Coming to the Review: Kunal has used a very good quality of narration in his first attempt. His English is good and the way of communicating with the readers is commendable. I cannot imagine a writer writing such kind of a book when he is attempting it for the first time. I liked his style of using Italic font whenever the protagonist thinks something. I liked the way he showed the faith of protagonist in Universe. He has won in one perspective that he has managed to express emotions quite nicely. One more thing which I liked about the book is: the importance given to each and every character. With Rahul and Shreya being the lead of the story got their special moments in the book, Riya and Hari also got the equal attention. This is what I want writers to do. Give equal attention to each character. The corporate life of these people is shown in a light manner which makes you read the book without going into the details of how the corporate life is. The focus remains on the character rather than the environment of the corporate life they are working in. The theme of the girl's character is same as Chetan Bhagat's Revolution 2020's Arti. Even Shreya confuses the boy rather than directly ignoring him and making him know that she has no feeling for him. Cover page is fine and the title is exactly according to the story.

             Now the drawbacks: First, the title of the book "Love Was Never Mine" almost makes you predict the story. Then, the Prologue of the book makes all the doubt clear about the end of the story. There was no need of the tragedy in the end. It could have been a happy one. Still, Kunal has succeeded in making you smile after reading the last page of the book. :-) The biggest drawback of the book is its predictability and the same old story. Boy loves the girl but girl doesn't love him. He keeps on proposing and she keeps on hurting him. In the end, something happens which makes the girl realize that how much he loved her but it is quite late. A story should have some provoking twists in between but this had only one and even that becomes normal in the second half. 

           Fine. But still, I would say that Kunal has that skill of writing. And I am expecting a lot from him in his 2nd book. I know he is getting a good response from the starters who have just started reading books and this will already create a fan base for him, so, with his next, I want him to show his creativity with the story. Thanks. 


Monday, December 12, 2011

The Bachelors Theorem by Sanchit Goel & Prateek Verma !!!

             3 days back, I picked the book "The Bachelors Theorem" written by two young boys- Sanchit Goel and Prateek Verma. I didn't got time to read the book yesterday and finally I sat for it today in the afternoon. I kept on reading it regularly and its 6.30 AM now and I have completed it just now without sleeping for the whole night. Let's talk about the authors first- Both the boys are studying Engineering. These engineering students keep on boasting about the amount of assignments and submissions they get and hence they don't have time to be on time anywhere. But, both these guys have proved them wrong. They have shown that if you have the dedication and will to attempt something, you do it in spite of all the pressure and commitment you have. They are the same Engineering students like all and even from the renowned college but they saw a dream, they chased it and accomplished it with their studies. They aren't those writers who leave Engineering and studies for their dream but they have set an example of doing both at the same time. I am very proud of these guys and I want to be like them. I underestimated them before reading the book but now I have great respect for them. These boys are mind-blowing(in Archana Puran Singh's style) and I want to give them a standing ovation(in Shekhar Suman's style) and a perfect TEN for their effort and super-duper work. I just don't feel that I am capable of reviewing this book but still I will take the risk :-)

           Coming to the story, it's about the journey of two boys- Midhansh and Sidhesh who take admission in the same college and turn friends. They don't know anything about each other's past. They start their journey of college and they get introduced to many more funny students in the college. They never knew that they will become such an integral part of their life but as the semesters passed, they grew a very good bonding. At two different situations and circumstances, both the friends reveal their past to each other and the respect for each other augments after knowing the past. Both of them comes to know about their imperfect love stories but both of them tries to make each other's love story perfect at different point of time. Book is just not a love story, neither its just a college and campus hang-outs but the book is about how an individual sees his life and how things comes at different points of life and changes the situation. The book has a very effective and a very genuine story. It's a fictional work but you may not find anything over-exaggerated and everything is PERFECT.

           Coming to the REVIEW, this book is written in small fonts and the story ends up at 248th page. A lazy person will postpone the book but once the book is picked, no one can take his hands out of it. You will just keep on turning pages to know what happened next. You may feel frustrated that the page is not getting completed fast because each page has lots of words because of small fonts. This is the effect of the story. :-) The start of the story is good. The flow of story keeps you knocked to it. The book is full of humour quotient. It makes you laugh madly on many sentences used throughout the book. 

           Initially, the introduction of new characters add flavour to the story but as soon as the story takes a turn and Midhansh's past is revealed, you get the feeling that this book is going to be your favorite. Midhansh's past could have been little shorter. But, it's the best part of the book. Then, after few pages comes the past of Sidhesh and it is as intriguing as Midhansh's past. 192nd page of the book comes as a shock to you and you start wiping your tears right from 193rd page until Sidhesh starts reading Midhansh's diary. The only chapter which I felt unwanted in the book is- The Thing I Lost Forever. But still, it has the connection with the story. Once this chapter ends, again tears starts flowing from your eyes incessantly. The climax of the book is natural and not filmy like many fiction novels. 

            The language used in the book is Perfect and any age group and any kind of reader picking this book will fall in love with its language and narration. Not even once did I fell that the book is stretched even when it is a very long story. I don't know how Sanchit and Prateek has divided their work but it seems that the book is written only by a single author. I would recommend both of you to write a fresh story in your second novel rather than writing a Sequel to this one as many may suggest. Both of you have potential to be India's best sellers but I don't want both of you to attempt the same kind again. It took 13 months for both these guys to complete this story but you will remember the book till next 13 years of course. :-) I checked out Internet and as per my information, this is the first review of this book being reviewed by any reviewer. And I am too proud to say that I am the first reviewer of this book. :-) If this would have been Chetan Bhagat's 5th novel, he would have got 10 times more appreciation than he is getting for that stupid Revolution 2020. 

           My Ratings for THE BACHELORS THEOREM is 4.5 out of 5. Oh Yes, you have read it right !!! PERFECT BOOK. Please don't miss this one. You will regret. 

          Thanks. (This is the first time when I have started writing my blog at 6 AM after waking up for the whole night. Sanchit and Prateek has made me do this after 2.5 years of my Blogging career)


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Plz.. Kiss me or Kill me by Mihir Raj !!!

              I started reading this book and my right eye got swollen. I kept cursing my eyes because I wanted to finish this story as soon as possible because I started loving its characters. But the sore eyes remained for next 3 days and finally, when I woke up today morning, I saw that it was fine. I washed my eyes immediately and sat down to read the book and finished it just now. The name of the book is "Plz.. Kiss me or Kill me". The author of the book is young and handsome- Mihir Raj. 

            Let me give an introduction of the writer- Mihir was born on 19th May in Dumka, now in Jharkhand. His childhood became blessed after arrival of his younger brother Sameer in his life and family. Basically from Bihar, Mihir has done his schooling from Delhi. Naughty in childhood, shy and introvert during school days and finally extrovert and a bit reserved in college. Blessed enough to be a medico; a dream of his childhood. A medico who developed a great passion for writing by the virtue of an introspective phase in his life when he realized this innate quality. Medicine is his profession but writing is the other side of his persona. He is a star blogger at Jagran Junction and one of the winners of ‘BlogStar’ contest that was concluded recently by Dainik Jagran newspaper. His blogs are widely viewed and rated. Apart from medicine and writing, Mihir loves singing and acting. He dreams to build hospitals in far flung areas where health facilities still do not exist and where the mortality rate is alarming simply because people do not get even basic health care.

              Coming to the story- The protagonist Raj takes an admission in the medical college of his dreams. He finds that a boy is being ragged by the seniors. He goes and helps him and later comes to know that this Rajput boy- Robin is his roommate. Raj and Rahul are already friends because Raj stays at Rahul's house until he gets an accommodation in the hostel. So, these three boys turns into very close buddies. Shivani is Rahul's childhood friend and she loves him a lot. She becomes good friends with Robin and Raj and finally this friendship is turned into relationship of Brothers and Sister. Both, Robin and Raj asks Rahul to agree to the proposal of Shivani and be in relationship with her but he keeps ignoring the matter saying that he is not a perfect match for her. The day, Robin and Raj comes to know about the fact of Rahul, they get a shock but they agree to accept him as their sister's partner. Now, Raj falls in love with a senior- Charu. But, when he comes to know that Charu is also a muse of Robin, the love story goes on a year break. Then, an interesting character named- Ankita enters the story as the teacher. Before seeing Ankita as a teacher in college, Robin sees her in Lajpat Nagar and fells in love there. Seeing her as teacher is a shock to him as well as to his friends. Now, the three complicated love stories starts progressing. The bond of friendship keeps getting stronger with this race of love. Ab sab main hi bataun? Go and get the book. 

              Coming to the Review: Book starts with a very good scene of Ragging of freshers by their seniors. It's scary. The character of Robin is interesting and I like his possession of being a Rajput. The personality of the protagonist Raj is shown quite Desi initially. Thoda Masaley ki jarurat thi starting se hi. Rahul's character is shown as a suspicious character throughout the book and it's a good take. The revelation of making love with a boy of one of the male character is shown as a shock factor in the story while I ROFLed at it. I enjoyed that part. But the acceptance of other two friends after knowing it is emotional and touchy. I liked that part. The character of Ankita is the most interesting part of the book. The climax could have been beautiful but still, its fine. Book is written in a simple language. It is easy for a new reader who has just started picking up the books. 

              There are some drawbacks in the book too. Mihir is a Writer-by-chance but still book could have been proof-read and then sent for a print. There are lots of grammatical mistakes, punctuation mistakes and few spelling mistakes too. Even publisher should have seen this. The climax is very fast and Mihir should have elaborated those incidents too. The use of "Muslim Organization" is not a right thing to do while writing a book which is going to be read by masses. A religion can't be pointed out in such a way. Else, book is fine and the first half of the book is amazing while everything related to the character of Ankita is awesome. You can go for it. And my suggestion to Mihir Raj would be- Read more books of your genre buddy and try to be different from other contemporary writers in your next book. :-)



Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Great Indian Love Story by Ira Trivedi !!!

About Author: 

          Ira Trivedi is the author of the best-selling novels “The Great Indian Love Story” (Penguin 2009) and “What Would You Do To Save the World?”(Penguin 2006.)  Her latest book “There is No Love on Wall Street” (Penguin 2011) was released at the Jaipur Literature Festival by Pulitzer Prize winning author Junot Diaz. Her books have been translated into several regional languages and met by critical and public acclaim.
Ira’s wrote her first book when she was 19 years old. Since then, she has gone to create a name for herself in the writing world and she talks extensively at top schools and colleges across the county, including IIM and NIT on topics ranging from becoming a writer, to pursuing non-traditional careers. She has been interviewed by and written for all of India’s major publications including Times of India, Hindustan Times, India Today,  Hindu, DNA, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, etc. She regularly makes television appearances and is invited to speak on various panels and forums.

Ira is also a yoga teacher and teaches at Sivananda yoga centers across the country. Ira truly believes in the Sivananda motto of transforming our lives by serving others and  aims to spread that message through her various talks and discussions.

She holds a MBA from Columbia Business School  where she won the prestigious Feldberg fellowship and a BA in Economics from Wellesley College, USA.


           The Great Indian Love story talks about lavish parties, coke mafia, sexed-up dolls and raunchy extra marital affairs. It also talks about how youngsters fall prey to the glittering web and lose themselves in the world of drugs and sex and finally lose their lives.
           The story starts with Riya, who fails to find a job in US after finishing studies and left with no choice returns to Delhi, her hometown. This is where her life takes a turn, Riya gets introduced to a bubbly girl Serena, who becomes her closest ally in town and through her, Riya sees the plush side of Delhi and it's people. From here Serena and her story takes over, which helps Riya to realise her aim in life.
            It is also the story of Parmeet, Serena’s mother, who looks for passion outside her marriage with disastrous consequences, and S.P. Sharma, Parmeet’s husband, who is driven to violence by her infidelity. Ira Trivedi weaves together sex, revenge, glitz, friendship and a chilling murder to create a potent cocktail in this gripping novel on the perfidious nature of love and power.

My Review:

              The reason of picking The Great Indian Love Story was the charming face of Ira Trivedi. Yes, I'm that kind of an idiot. Then, I cam to know that she has participated in Miss India. Now, I don't know how did she lost it but if I would have judged, she would have had that crown on her head. :-) But, after reading this book, I am happy to meet one of those rare girls who are a combination of Brain and Beauty. First, I would like to talk about the publishers- Penguin Books. Penguin Books has given the best outlook to the book with perfect cover page and perfect fonts and paper quality. You get a good feel while reading a book of good quality. Now coming to the Ira Trivedi's work, the book is written with a nice flow of story. The language is perfect. You get to learn some good words too. But it's not a book which will compel you to sit with a dictionary. You will enjoy reading as every sentence is structured so perfectly that you turn out to be a fan of Ira. The book ends up in 188 pages and every page has a life into it. Generally, a book is written with a short fiction extended upto 200 pages but this book has so much variety into it. It has many elements and many stories into the story of the protagonist- Serena. 

            Coming to the story, book starts with Riya narrating how she leaves USA because of financial problems and comes to Delhi. But suddenly in the next chapter you find that Serena is narrating her piece. After reading Serena's part, you start liking her more than Riya. The meeting part of Riya and Serene is very funny. I liked it. :-) Then the story moves ahead and Serena's mother, father and step-father comes into the scene. When you read the first chapter narrated by Serena's mother- Parmeet, you start hating her but as soon as you read the second narration of her, you start liking her. The sexual stuff between Serena and Abdullah is described perfectly that you can imagine Serena's emotions. The excitement level of the book moots by 1 from 146th page.The pregnancy part makes you sweat. Then, the abortion part almost killed me. Ira has given a very nice description of the girls who has to abort their babies just because of the rejection of boys who are the culprit of it. I started hating the character of Salman after reading this part. The climax of the book is so unpredictable. And the good part of The Great Indian Love Story is that the whole story is unpredictable and you don't know where's its going. :-)

             I didn't found any kind of drawback in the book except one. The character of Riya is not used much and it disappoints the reader because Ira started the book with her but made her a supporting character of the story. Else, I didn't found any loose part in the book. Everything is perfectly embedded in a story. This is how things happen in cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Even I have seen some. I will rate this book- 3.3 out of 5. You can definitely read it once. And I would say- Do try it. And yes, rating is given on the basis of book and no point is given to the Ira's beauty. :-)



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