Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Flirting With Fate by Preeti Singh!!!

             Mahaveer Publishers has been one of those who give chance to debut authors. I have been fan of their books from last 6 months. What I like about them is the variety of stories that they publish. Even when they publish lots of love stories, they also make it sure that they write one with a message or a hidden lesson. I don't know why I don't get to see a "National Bestseller" tag on any of their books except 2-3, may be their distributing is not as well as their publishing. I hope they'll improve this with time. Last night I read another recently published book by Mahaveer Publication by another debutante- Mrs Preeti Singh. The name of the book is "Flirting with Fate" with a tag line of "Karma Always Returns". I don't know about every author by Mahaveer but they should be very proud of having Mrs. Preeti Singh with them. It is one of those books that leave a big impression on your mind to make you understand your complicated life. Mrs. Preeti Singh lives in Chandigarh and works as a Freelance Writer from last 15 years. Finally she decided to pen down a story herself and the result is masterpiece "Flirting with Fate".

              The synopsis of the book describes the story better than I possibly can, in my own words. :-) So let's read it: 

              To what extent can we go to get loveto be accepted.to be happy? Can we commit any crime anywhere,anytime and get away with it? 
Well.. Anand does..
A beautiful looking boy is adopted but deprived of love and acceptance. In search of love.acceptancestatusAnand takes the easy path of crime.bloodshedtheftrapelies. From his mother figureto his sexy teacherto his first love.Anand does just about anything possible to get love.acceptanceand happiness.
Don't we all do that too?
Anand has it all.money..womenpower. but is he really happy with life? He cleverly escapes the law.camouflages his crimes.but can he really escape his fate? Join Anand in this journey which is a mirror of our souls..our suppressed emotions. angers fears.. desires. lustpassion.love.hatred
Will you think twice before committing a crime or telling a lie? Do we really reap what we sow? Does Karma really return or is it just a myth? Does Anand pay for what he has done or does he also get away, like most of us?
Let's find out.it's about time....

              Preeti Singh has left a very good impression in her very first book itself. It is said: Experience(s) matures a human being. And the authoress being 40+ herself has used all the experiences of her life, her relations in the book. As many authors, now a days, get lost between many other authors, Preeti Singh will stay as one of those writers in our heart who made us think about the purpose of our own life. :-) Before Preeti Singh, Preeti Shenoy has been one such authoress whom youngsters wait to read, just for the reason that she makes one think on those perspective of life which they have never explored. Preeti Singh has just cast the same impression in my mind. I will surely wait for her next book, even when I know that it will come after a year or more. :-) 

               "Flirting with Fate" is a story that revolves only around the protagonist- Anand. The amazing thing is that authoress has developed his character in the book since his childhood. Hence while reading the book, it seems as if we know this little kid personally. She has been successfully in creating a Character that remains to be one of our very favorites. And as Anand grows up, he gets into a dirty world, it gives us a chance to think if he is doing right or wrong. He does everything as a revenge to those things which aren't really big in life, but at the age of which he is, looks bigger. We realize that in our very own life, we take big decisions for small things and in turn, ruin our life. Later when Anand starts doing something that is completely unacceptable to us, we still keep thinking if he is right or wrong. Such is the story of this book!!! 

            Later in the climax when all the bad Karmas that Anand does in life starts taking revenge to him, he gets shocked. He feels as if the world around him has shattered. But he never realized the same when he did with others. When the book ends, you keep it aside, your brain starts reading a book of your own life. You start recounting all the Karmas that you have done. Because you are scared that each and every Karma that you have done in past is surely traveling towards your future to take its revenge on you. Now I'll not talk much, go get the book, read it yourself and analyze your life through this story of "Controversial" Anand. 

               All the characters in the book from Mr. Gonsalves to Sunita to Sribehen to other children living in Palash to each and every character is given a LIFE. The best creative part of the authoress is Fluffy, the dog. The way she has portrayed a role of animal in our life is commendable. A Dog is as much a living being as us. Not only Dog, but every animal. Kudos for this to Preeti Singh. The cover page is perfect. You can judge this book by its cover page. :-) I have already talked about how effective the story is. I can smilingly give 4 out of 5 to "Flirting with Fate" without any doubt. Go For It!!!



Saturday, July 28, 2012


644th BLOG POST -->>

            I came into the habit of reading because of Non-fiction books. The amazing feel that this genre gives can never be experienced through a Fiction book. Let it be Amish Tripathi's trilogy, Chetan Bhagat's 5 books or any other bestseller fiction. The effect that a Non-fiction book makes on us is indescribable. And what should I say regarding the experience of reading "Wings of Fire" by APJ ABDUL KALAM. Actually, THE APJ ABDUL KALAM. He is the most favorite President of Indians. He is the one whom Indians wanted as the President again in the recent voting but the legend backed off. He is the only one who is referred as "Public's President". His excellence  and extra-ordinariness in the field of science and rocketry is still unbeaten and appreciated. For many years to come, Abdul Kalam sir will always be remembered as the person who motivated India to stop under-estimating themselves and gave them an opportunity to fly. :-) 

             "Wings of Fire" is an autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam that he has written with Arun Tiwari, his colleague who compelled him to write it. Arun Tiwari always got inspired by the presence of Mr. Kalam, hence said that he wants to write all the major incidents in the life of Kalam. And Kalam sir agreed. Result: "Wings of Fire". It does not have every minute incident in the life of Kalam sir but only the ones that are related in converting this Rameswaram village's boy into the man behind the successes of many missiles and rockets. :-) Contradicting the myths, this book is not related to anything regarding Kalam sir being the PRESIDENT of India. This is not even mentioned in the book that Kalam sir ended being President of India. It is all about how he persisted in his field and got intrigued that he earned Padma Vibhushan for being the most influential and effective person in the field of Rocketry. 

            I don't think that my recommendation is necessary. You already know how BIG Mr. Kalam is. The book is just of 180 pages. That is itself a very witty thing that Mr. Kalam has done. Otherwise, any person of his stature wants to give every minute details about his/her life and end up writing an autobiography of 500-1000 pages. The first chapter is nice to read as it gives a little scenario related to caste differences in society. Even 2nd chapter gives some scenarios related to another social issue. 89th page is the most motivating and the best page of the book. The way Kalam sir has described the work that he did in Rocketry field in organizations, I got a sudden urge to be in his team and witness the whole scenario of how a rocket is imagined, made and launched. And then how the success of it is being celebrated. 

           The sacrifice that Kalam sir's family did for sending him for further education inspires us to be a CLASS as he is; as we find our family similar to his. Mr. Sarabhai is the kind of boss that everyone of us pray for. The death of close ones at the time of landmarks in Mr. Kalam's life really made me feel bad about the man. The story that is unfolded in the latter half is no less than any great fiction. After learning about Kalam sir's passion and experiments in science, I started feeling bad about hating the subject. :-) SLV-3's success is amazingly described. How Mr. Kalam got a special recognition for the mission for which everyone in the team was equally responsible is described in the real human emotions. The book is written as if every character is Mr. Kalam except the protagonist who is THE KALAM himself. :-) He has kept such a low profile while writing the book that you'll be amazed to learn that the person does not have a pinch of arrogance in his parlance. This is the HOLY BOOK for the Science students. Agni's launch is so filmy and interesting to read pre-climax. The media's comment that are mentioned made me know that media was shit even then. Book is ended in an epic way. 

           The last sentence of the book is itself inspiring and says so much. Now, I have TURNING POINT- The sequel to WINGS OF FIRE. I am so very excited about finishing it as soon as possible and getting INSPIRED * 2. :-) And, you think that I am going to rate this book? Itni aukaat thode hi hai bhai log. :-) Go, get this book. PLEASE!!!



Friday, July 20, 2012

Love Beyond Boundaries by Parikshit Rane!!!

               Fantasy fiction is a genre that I haven't tried much. Recently, I picked up a novella by Parikshit Rane named "Love beyond Boundaries". The book has a classic cover page which excited me to read about what this book really has to convey. Even the synopsis was too different than the other chic-lit books that I have been reading in my past. And after completing this 70 pages book, I am astonished by the imagination of the writer. A book of such kind and a theme which the writer had selected cannot be given a full justice if the imagination of the writer lacks. But I am too blithe to say that Parikshit Rane has done his best in describing each and every scenario. After reading for a while and observing the description, I started believing that this is a real story. I started questing to go to the other planet about which Author has described in the book. I wanted to experience the magic that the Magic wand kept doing throughout.

             I won't describe the story of the book in my words else I'll end up telling you everything hence read the synopsis that is being given on the back cover page: 

              Love beyond boundaries is a tale of Raj Patel, a former Formula One driver who embarks on a journey to Sao Paulo, Brazil to attend an art exhibition. He buys a painting which is filled with reiki energy, but little does Raj know that a pleasure trip to the Amazon would alter the course of his life. While returning from the Amazon, Raj's helicopter encounters a black hole. He finds himself in a parallel universe, a planet called Zorb, where there are talking trees and midgets. There he meets the love of his life; Ramilia. Raj helps Ramilia save her planet which is under the spell of the evil Snow Queen. In his quest to save Lambada, his own planet Earth suffers. Together Raj and Ramilia have to conquer their own fears and race against time to save both the planets from Snow Queen's wrath.

               The book costs 75 rs and I would say it's a fine gamble to invest 75 rs in this 70 pages book which will surely take you in it's own world. I am amazed with the writing of Parikshit Rane. I would love to read a full fledged novel from Mr. Parikshit than this short kind of a story. Somewhere, the book becomes boring in between, the language becomes irritating but still the plot and the story is powerful to keep you intrigued into it. I went into the 3D world of Avtaar while reading the book. The book has many sequences which will make you remember this powerful movie of Hollywood. If you are a fan of Fantasy Fiction, you should try this.



Together by Ishita Bhown!!!

             Many authors turned into one just by chance. They didn't have any aspirations or any such dream to be one. But when the life gave them an opportunity, they made it sure that they take benefit from it. Hence, in today's Indian book market, we get to see many such Commercial fictions which are not very great or epic stories but a personal diary kind of a thing. Every author has a past and he/she tries to pen it down with little mixture of fiction. If they don't, their friend has a past and they scribble it down too. Hence, while reading such books, I don't compare them with other good fiction books that I read time to time. And if the author is a debutante, I make it sure that I don't criticize them for too much simplicity in the book. But I do turn little stringent in their second book. Even if the first gets published by chance, I don't like people writing a simple story again in their second flick. One such debutante has been ISHITA BHOWN- born and brought up in Jaipur, has recently completed her B.Tech and is currently working with a leading software firm. General Press's published "Together" is her first fiction book in the market. 

           "Together" is the story of a girl who is quiet alien in her new world. The college of Engineering and the different people from different culture confuses her about how to take the life ahead without obstacles and loneliness. Finally, she starts developing friendship with a group of people who are as simple as she is. She starts liking her new company. She stops remembering her hometown as she rejoices every moment with her group. But an incident separates from her friends for a short while which teacher her many lessons of life. She understands the basics of Friendship, Relationship and even Love, by chance. 

            Ishita Bhown is one of the rare female young author we have around us. Ishita Bhown, as I said above, is an authoress by chance. Hence, I didn't expect much when I picked her first book up. Ishita Bhown has great thoughts, stories but the problem arises in forming sentences and clicking at the right area while talking about some incidents which needs more intensity. As it's her first book, that too at the age of 21, I will not judge much. But, I will surely like to see the standard of English little high in her second book.

           The initial chapters are very interesting. I would say that they are the best part of the book. The scenario when protagonist is caught with Lakshit is another heart chilling moment. :-) The scene of Jia and Kabir is another surprising element in the book. The climax is also suitable to the kind of story authoress has selected to scribble. In all, I would say that the story is simple in terms of twists and tales. The target audience for this book are the readers belonging to the age group of 15-20 mainly. 



Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne !!!

            There are some books that are meant for entertainment while there are some  that are meant for changing our life and thoughts. When I read the book that is meant for entertainment, I don't take it too seriously. But whenever I read a book that is meant for motivational purpose, I read every sentence with concentration, think and then go to the 2nd one. Therefore, "The SECRET" by "Rhonda Byrne" took 3 days to get completed. I heard about this book and a movie that is based on it from many people. I always had this book at No.1 Spot in my "To-be-read" list. Finally I got the chance after I finished all the books that I was committed to. And My God, the kind of book that this one is, I don't think that I need to say anything about it. People have already spoken a lot. The movie that is based on it with the same name is as popular as the book. The real good book is the one which is more famous and esoteric than the movie which is being adapted from it. And "The SECRET" is one such book. The odyssey of 3 days when I was reading this has been so beautiful and serene that I don't have any marvelous words to express and opine it. 

            As the name of the book suggests, this book is filled up with lots of SECRET that will CHANGE the way you THINK, LIVE and PRAY. For achieving anything, you'll remember this book and recollect all the tips and examples that are being shared. And when you'll apply them in your life, you will see the things coming towards you themselves. Your DREAM will not remain your dream anymore but they will be converted into REALITY. And before they'll become REALITY for you, you will already know that I am going to achieve it. Such is the power of those tips that are being listed out in this book. The book is basically about the "Law of Attraction" and how it applies in our lives too. We never think about this "Law of Attraction". This book will compel you to think about it and you'll agree to each and every point that this book has made. I am just dissolved in the motivation that the book has provided me. 

            The book tells how by seeing and thinking everything positively makes it a Reality for you. For once, I thought that the authors are trying to sound too good by saying all this, but while reading the book itself, I experienced the biggest experience of my life. It was "Friday the 13th" yesterday, the day which is considered to be unlucky and devastating. The one who'll see it with the same perspective, it will generate negativity in their day. The one who'll ignore the fact and will keep talking to himself "This Day is special" "This day is good" "Thanks Universe for giving me this day" "Something beautiful is going to happen" will surely see the Positive effect of it. This is what I learnt from the book. They would be calling Positive energies towards themselves. And there is enough energies in this Universe. I kept doing this. The day when the college that I was to be allotted for MCA was to be declared today. But I kept saying to myself that it'll come today and I'll get the college that I need. I didn't let the negativity come to me even for once. And the result, surprisingly, got announced yesterday itself and I got the college that I was praying for with all the positivism and pragmatism. I don't think that I can give any better example to you for why you should go for this Classic Book. 

             While reading itself, I applied one of their suggestion and saw the result. I don't know how many such results are coming up in my life. With every next page, the excitement of seeing our life getting changed increases and once the book ends, you want to read it again and again and again. I will surely read this once more. I have already read Robin Sharma's 10 books and that gave too much positivism to my life and this book has just sharped them more. I will not tell you about any chapters, any other things, I just want you to purchase this book and keep it with you. It has tips for gaining anything that you want- Money, Car, Home, Wife, Husband, Children and even any imaginary thing if you dream about it. :-) The examples and summaries are the best things about the book. I don't think that I have the so-called GUTS to give any rating to this book. It has already started changing my life. :-) It's your turn now.



Thursday, July 12, 2012

Interview with JYOTIRMOY MAZUMDAR- Author of "Did She Love Me?"

An Interesting interview with the Author of "Did She Love Me?"- JYOTIRMOY MAZUMDAR !!!

1. When your first book- Did She love Me came out, what was the reaction of people around you- Parents, friends, neighbours, relatives etc? 
Nostalgic, happy, bliss, proud.

2. How much long did it take to write this book from the moment you started developing the story to start writing it till completing it finally with editing and all? 
It took me around 3 months to complete the book, since it was my first, I wasn't aware that the book had to be edited myself so it took me less time than I expected.

3. when do you write as you are not a Full Time Writer and its not easy to find time after college? 
Writing is my favourite past time, I try to find time for myself to pen down my thoughts whenever I can. I sleep for 4hours when I have college to work on my books and maintain my studies.

4. will you keep attempting Love stories as other contemporary writers or will you try to script a topic that is intense and deep? 
I have not foreseen the future, but right now I want to write serious fiction instead of romantic books. But if I can find a plot good enough to divert my attention to love stories, I wouldn't hesitate.

5. As Indian authors are accused for degrading the quality of English and not giving a chance for readers to learn something new, can we expect some Good vocabulary, idioms, phrases, one-word substitutions etc from you ?
I am young unlike the other authors, I'd try my best to increment my English with each book, but I can't assure you that I would give you new words but I wouldn't write anything which would have errors.

6. Indian Publishing is too hard to deal with, was it easy for you to get a Publisher or did u wait for a long time to get your work published?
Not at all, it is never easy to get published in the Indian Publishing industry. Like other authors even I had to wait for a long time to get published.

7. What are the Promotional strategies that you and your publisher have applied to promote/market your book? 
Frankly speaking, my publisher didn't make any effort to promote my book, it was all done by the help of a few friends and Authors Emprie.

8. After seeing the success of Five Point Someone, that it was adapted as a Blockbuster movie later on, did you ever feel as if your books can also achieve this feat or are you working on building some contacts to get your books turned into visual format?
I am sure my 1st book, 'Did She love me?' won't get a visual format as it is a normal chick lit story but my second book might get a visual format if I can bring any producer to read it.

9. What exactly is your target from your Books- 1. Getting most copies sold out, 2. Getting the love of readers or 3. You just wrote it because you wanted to write a book once in your life, hence you have no targets?
Getting the love of the readers.

10. In the end, tell us in 5-7 lines, what speech will you give if you win a Major Award for the Best Indian Author for your books?
Well, I haven't thought of it as of now but if I win something like this some day, I would want to thank my mother for giving me the writing genes and my father for taunting me at every step which helped me to prove myself in front of him. I would also want to thank my readers because a writer without the readers is like a song without lyrics

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tea for two and a piece of cake by Preeti Shenoy !!!

             I still remember when I saw "Life is what you make it" by Preeti Shenoy in the Bestseller list of Flipkart, I was so keen on trying it. Finally I did and I ended up recommending it to all my female friends. It had something in it which made me fall into the girl character and see the whole story as mine. I was myself a patient of that sort hence I was too happy to witness that a writer has perfectly described the sickness. Then, Preeti Shenoy walked away leaving Srishti Publication and joined Random House for her 2nd Fictional novel "Tea for two and a piece of cake". Indeed the cover page is too attractive and colorful but I took time before finally picking it up. It took me 2 days to complete it(I don't know why as I complete 250 pages book in 5 hours :() and I can finally smile and say that Preeti Shenoy has lived up to my expectations. I can undoubtedly say that she is my favorite female author now. :-) Yes!!!

           Synopsis and Story of the book: Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake is a book that talks about the fickle nature of relationships, and how they may come to an abrupt end at any time. It charts the story of two people who fight enormous odds to be together, and here’s more.            Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake tells us the story of Nisha and the turmoils she undergoes in her life due to her relationship with two men. Nisha leads a perfectly ordinary life that’s hardly exciting till she’s 26, and she tries to live with the fact that men won’t find her chubby looks attractive. Little does she know that fate has other plans in store for her.            When the wealthy and suave Samir reciprocates her love, an ecstatic Nisha can hardly believe her fairy-tale lifestyle. But the fairy tale comes to a rather shattering end when Samir arbitrarily announces the end of their marriage after 8 long years.           Nisha is left abandoned - older, wiser and with two children, and she struggles to pick up the pieces and rebuild her life from scratch. As she see-saws through a series of emotions and feelings of pain and rejection, she finds Akash, an old friend, standing next to her through her dark days.Can Nisha build a new life with Akash or has her soured marriage put her off love forever?             The book is all about second opportunities in love.

              After reading the synopsis I was sure that the story is not much more than what is being scribbled on the back cover page but still I was adamant that the book will have enough substance to teach me some basic natures of human being as the author is Preeti Shenoy. Finally, I can smile that my guess turned out to be accurate. The story is exactly what it is written on the back cover but it has so many good elements in it that it has changed so many misconceptions I had. It has made me think about such attributes of human being about which I had no information about. Preeti Shenoy has once again written a book that is must for every female as well as male. Initially the book seemed to be boring and monotonous to me but after 50 pages, I started loving the twists that the authoress kept on inserting periodically. When the marriage gets broke up, we get to know Nisha's point of view. But the mail from Samir makes us think that even his point of view is genuine. And that is the moment since I accelerated my speed to know what's up next. 

                The book is basically about how marriage struggles if one of the either two starts dejecting the other for their personal interest. Here, Nisha gets intrigued in her children, hence Samir leaves her. It also tells us that one of the two shouldn't take any decision themselves if the other one is not sure about it. A struggle and dedication of a mother for her children is so perfectly described in this book. I got to know many more things that my mother would have done while raising me. It tells how the best friend can get jealous of you and might also snub you-directly or indirectly as soon as you see the lows of your life. And it tells how easily we should ignore them by forgetting the wonderful past with them. It is about accepting the opportunity for the second time even when the same opportunity troubled us when he chose them first. Nisha chose Akash even when her trust was broken by Samir. The book tells us how self-respect is to be preserved, how ego should be left behind, how every person should be judged on what he is and not by our past experiences with others etc. This is just few aspects I am talking about. The book teaches so many elements that I am getting a feel as I have matured twice than what I was before two days. :) Preeti Shenoy, HATS OFF to you. I am definitely giving this one a 4 on 5. GO FOR IT. Especially GIRLS!!!



Monday, July 9, 2012

Chetan Bhagat's 1st Non-Fiction Novel- "What Young India Wants"

           Whenever it comes to Chetan Bhagat, so many people have so many views. Many call him the Most Entertaining Indian Fiction Novelist while others thank him for releasing Toilet papers for them. If you ask about my opinion, I have been his fan from last 3 years. I have read each of his novels and I think my Fiction blog posts are quite influenced by his writing style. I don't copy him but it is just that I admire him a lot as a Writer hence my Posts has some similarities with his Narrating style. I still can't forget the day when I met him in September, 2011. Since then, I have been so motivated about my Blog and Writing thing that it has become an endless journey. 

            Now Chetan BHAGAT is out with his 6th novel. YES!!! This is not a Fiction story like the last five. But it is the compilation of all the articles, speeches and columns that he has written and delivered. He has tried to make it look as a 208-page novel. I have no idea about what exactly is in the book but I am as excited as I was before reading Revolution 2020. That's a different story that I didn't like Revolution 2020 but it has not converted me into a loser like every shit critic who call his book Toilet Paper just to gain some attention. 

              The name of Chetan Bhagat's FIRST NON-FICTION Novel is " WHAT YOUNG INDIA WANTS" with the tagline of "Selected Essays and Columns". 

    The synopsis of the book:

In his latest book, What Young India Wants, Chetan Bhagat asks hard questions, demands answers and presents solutions for a better, more prosperous India.
Why do our students regularly commit suicide?
Why is there so much corruption in India?
Cant our political parties ever work together?
Does our vote make any difference at all?
We love our India, but shouldnt some things be different?
All of us have asked these questions at some time or the other. So does Chetan Bhagat, Indias most loved writer, in What Young India Wants, his first book of non-fiction.
What Young India Wants is based on Chetan Bhagats vast experience as a very successful writer and motivational speaker. In clear, simple prose, and with great insight, he analyses some of the complex issues facing modern India, offers solutions and invites discussion on them. And, at the end, he asks this important question: Unless we are all in agreement on what it is going to take to make our country better, how will things ever change? Non-fiction If you want to understand contemporary India, the problems that face it, and want to be a part of the solution, What Young India Wants is the book for you.

     The book is releasing on 7th August, 2012. Not even a month to go. Book is up for Pre-ordering at just 98 rs while its MRP is Rs. 140. Get it pre-ordered right now before it gets Sold out. You can pay once the book gets delivered at home to the Delivery Boy as "Cash on Delivery" facility is available. Go FOR IT. Link for purchasing "What Young India Wants" is given below by me in the form of banner.



Saturday, July 7, 2012


629th BLOG POST -->>

            Reviewing a Non-fiction book is always a challenge to me as I read Fiction books back to back. After reading some 15 of them, I pick up a Non-fiction. In Fiction, I can get to know the faults as I have read so many but in Non-fiction, I find it too challenging to rate a book. Recently, I completed a book by Dhiraj Kumar. The name of the book is THE ASOCIAL NETWORKING Musings of the Real and Online Worlds. Dhiraj Kumar was born in Jamshedpur, studied engineeering in Sindri and MBA from IIT Kanpur. He has worked as a SAP consultant in the city that has Bangalored its way into the English dictionary. 

              The book "THE ASOCIAL NETWORKING" is about the newfound obsession driving people of all kind to network with their friends online rather than communicating with the one who is standing besides them. Everyone is so audacious to say a HII to a stranger on Facebook but not in the real world. The author has tried his best to tell you the difference of doing the same thing on Facebook and in real world. He has managed to clear many of the things that we wanted to convey. He has given many valid points about this scenario. Anyone who has stopped communicating with his real friends, parents and relatives, need to read this book to get the understanding of what importance communication has in real life. 

              While reading this book, I found various elements that forced me to think about my behaviour. Is it appropriate to upload each and every thing about me on Networking sites? Is it genuine to upload my pictures and show people that I am turning smarter day by day? And why do I do it? What do I get from it? This book also compelled me to think the important elements that I am missing in my real life because of these Social networking sites. And some of the chapters in this book really made me realize that there can be so much which I can do to make my real life interesting but I think that these things make my real life pleasant. Some chapters in this book are really intriguing while some are so repetitive while some are very boring. The language used in this book is too good but the book could have been kept shorter. I don't understand the logic of keeping a book of 320 pages plus when the same things could have been said in just 200 pages too. But everyone who loves to upload each and every thing on Facebook should read this book once. I could have given this book 3 but for its useless length, I am giving it just 2.5. Thanks.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


628th BLOG POST -->>

            Last time when I picked up a book by General Press Publisher, it was Ankit Uttam's Thirty Year Old Virgin. This time it was Azharuddin's "Ten Days" which also has a tagline "The Hope of a New Dawn". The author is born on 3rd April 1990, in a small town Hazaribagh. He completed his elementory and High school education from Kerala Public School, Kadma. He was brought up in Jamshedpur. He is pursuing English Honours from St. Xaviers College, Ranchi. As it's evident from the author's profile that he is pursuing English Honours, his book reflects it. Every now and then, you get to learn a new word, a new idiom, proverb and many more elemts of English language. The book is written in a very high standard language that makes it the USP of this book. The poems were written in such a high level language that I was unable to understand many of them. :-) The book is of just 174 pages, hence you'll enjoy reading it. The story is unique and distinct from the other contemporary books. 

            The synopsis of the book itself has its whole story line. 

          Synopsis: Caught in the carnage Down Under in Australia, Zeeshan Akhtar lies wrecked when Amanda Stewart comes to his rescue. She peels off slowly each layer of his life to make him realise his shortcomings, loopholes, desires and dreams during the casual repartees they exchange and which act as his life saviour. Zeeshan, after ten days of vital rehabilitation and recuperation, flies off to India forever to the love of his life and his family without whom he feels incomplete. He, however, leaves Amanda back in Australia, gifting her the feeling of eternal incompleteness as she had fallen in love for the first time unluckily with an extraterrestrial like Zeeshan. Tried as she might have been, she is unable to express her personal feelings in front of him nor she is able to do so behind him.

            I am not able to vindicate the best parts of the book as the whole book is written in a flow. And the story line is something that keeps on flowing with the same speed and power. The language used in the book is flawless and something that all the readers will try to learn themselves. It provoked me to raise the level of my knowledge in English language. The diary parts were written in a classical manner that helped me to learn that there's so much for a writer to learn. Diary parts are the best in the book. The character of Amanda Stewart is something that will stay with me for a long time. The only drawback of the book is that it doesn't provide any laughter moments in it. The story is too depressing hence you would be a fool to expect any comical thing from it. I'll rate this book 2.5/5. An average. If you want to learn new words, idioms, phrases and see what the real standard of English language is, go for TEN DAYS.



Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Along the way by TGC PRASAD !!!

           I just forget all the words and vocabulary that I have when I open this page to write a review for a good book. For a bad book, I am always up with many words to curse the author. :-) Recently completed reading a big book by Rupa Publications of 356 pages. But, it was worth it. It is the first novel by TGC Prasad. In his introduction,  I would say that he offers strategic, general management and HR consulting services to start-ups, small and medium enterprises, and Indian and MNC companies. He also offers executive coaching to senior management. He was on the board of Misys India, and has worked as country manager, global VP for Misys Plc. He has also worked with companies such as Wipro, Coopers & Lybrand, PWC, IBM, MindTree, and Alcatel-Lucent in various senior management roles globally and is on the advisory boards of several companies. Now, when a matured and experienced author with such kind of a profile will write a book, and that too a story that is based on the software field that he is working in from last 2-3 decades, it is sure that it will be a Page-turner and an epic work. The first fiction book by TGC Prasad that I'm talking about is "Along the way". Even if you are too lazy to read this review, let me tell you here itself- without any doubt, go and get this book. 

           This heartwarming love story offers a peek into the lives of software engineers and the workings of the IT industry. Romance, friendship, workplace politics, family dynamics and the clash of cultures are all part of the whacky mix of this page-turner- Actually this is how this book is defined on its back cover-page. And to my satisfaction, the book is exactly how the author/publisher has described it. It has all these elements in this book as the primary topic. None of them is discussed in secondary. Extremely funny book. It is full of humour, substance, maturity, intelligence, suspense(not much) etc. I don't need anything except all this in a book. And I got almost all the elements that I search for in a book. Even the characters are so perfectly described that you get attached to each one of them. And you don't want to screw even the villain boss- Mani. :-) You want even him to have a Happy ending in the climax of the story. :-) If you love Chetan Bhagat, I am telling you, don't miss this one. You will really miss something if you don't read this one. 

              The love story is simple in the initial part of the book but it is still a delight to read. Every character is given justice. About college, campus and its monotonous life, author hasn't wasted much time of the book, he has jumped to the Job part of the characters soon- And that is what I liked the most about the book. Author has made it sure before writing that what is the main motive behind writing this novel. Else, now-a-days, you know, story just flows anywhere it gets space. :-) 7 habits of Highly effective mean managers is a class by the author. :-) Even axioms. The project ReA kept a suspense alive in me. One-liners just made me laugh like stupid. I really screamed and laughed at some of them. :-) Even the PJs made my moment. "Adi and Swamy" chapter is just too surprising. "Salary Hikes" chapter just made me imagine the scenario and I laughed out like hell. "Shiva Samudram falls" chapter will make any addict leave and quit alcohol. The whole scenario of SRK is mind blasting. I just want to hear SRK's comment if he reads the book. :-) Torpedoes relation with the scene of Venkat's chat with his parents about Anjali is seriously the most interesting moment of the book. The character of Raj and Mani will remain in memory for a long time. Trivia between Venkat and Anjali's father is another masterpiece. The scene where Venkat replies with confidence and craze to the female officer in VISA office is another comic moment. Actually, there are many. I will just end up stealing the manuscript from the author's laptop and publish here in curiosity to make all of you read this one. :-)

              I didn't find any such drawback. And, coming to Rupa Publications, Chetan Bhagat's book at 95, now at 140 rs.. and this one at 295??? Why this Kolaveri Di? Please  reduce the cost so that every one ends up picking this one. But still, at such costly price, this book is still worth to buy and read. I am giving this one 4.5/5. AWESOME!!!


Monday, July 2, 2012

Beep You! You BeepHole by Smarak Swain!!!

            I am too surprised after reading this book. Actually, its the same kind of surprise that I got after I saw Shahid Kapoor in the trailer of Kameeney. I never ever imagined this chocolate boy playing the role of a raunchy tapori. In the same way, after reading numerous books by Srishti Publishers, I never knew that they have published something that is not a story but almost a Non-fiction kind of writing. Several times I saw this book in bookstores/E-commerce websites but I always thought that it's some campus story and hence never concentrated on it. But now, after reading it, I am too surprised to know that Srishti Publication has published a Non-fiction book too. But, they should have mentioned it on their cover page too. As the readers have stereotyped them as Fiction Book Publisher and they may end up being fooled. "Beep You! You BeepHole" is the Non-fiction book by Srishti that I am talking about. It also has a tag line "The Black Book of Indian Cuss and Slurs". It is written by a 2006 batch graduate from IIT Kharagpur, author of an academic book on Applied Psychology and this particular book- SMARAK SWAIN. 

               BYYB is a book about understanding human and social behaviour through swearwords and slurs used by people. Across India, the kind of abuses and slurs that are being spoken by people are mentioned in this book with their meanings. Author has even tried to tell us the origin of the word. He has also told us about the slurs which are really hurtful and which are just spoken out of excitement and frustration. In the Volume 2 section of the book, author has also tried to give us some tips of how can we control the usage of cuss words in our daily life. :-) I know many of you are thinking that have this blogger learnt something from this book or not. :-) As I keep on abusing on Social networking sites. :-)

            This book was initially very irritating and I thought that the author wants to be a Wanna-be hence he has written such a senseless book where he is mentioning the abuses in almost every sentence. But once, the 4th Chapter was completed by me, I understood the main purpose of the book. It makes us realize how these bad words can affect someone. Author has given the word meanings of small abuses like Saala, Haraami, Kameeney etc also. This has really opened my eyes. I never knew that these small words has such dirty meanings. But I'm happy that the most used word by me "Chutiya" does not have any harmful meaning. :-) This book can affect you in many different ways. The one who abuses a lot will come to know the meaning of all the abuses. Hence, after knowing that it can harm a person's honour, he may stop abusing. In other case, those who abuse just because they feel that they are odd man out, may abuse more after knowing the meanings as they may think "Cool! If this has such a meaning, it will hurt him more" :-) The best thing is that you come to know about all the abuses that are being spoken in different languages in India. That will help you understand if someone from different state abuses you in his language. :) This book is surely written after an extensive research. But, it becomes boring after a while. Volume 2 may really help some over-abusive people to control their tongue. After knowing meanings of some words, even I have thought of not abusing my friends with those words. :-) If you are abusive, you should surely read this book. Else, I'll give it an average- 2.5/5.



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