Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lucid Dream by Atul Mohite !!!

               I completed reading one more book in just 1 hour and 15 minutes. It's always a great feeling when you get to read a Fiction story which is covered in just 80 pages. :-) The book is "Lucid Dream" that is the first book by the debutante Atul Mohite. Atul Mohite is a computer engineering student & also very much passionate about chess, tennis, novel writing, music & especially the piano, romantic places, gaming & making friends. He resides in Pune and has completed his education from S.P. College, Pune and MIT College of Engineering, Pune. He recently got his novel autographed by Sachin Tendulkar which is almost the biggest achievement that he has been able to gain. :-) I don't think this review or any other review by any other reader means to be anything for this guy anymore. :-) He got his first book- "Lucid Dream" published by Cinnamonteal Publications. 

              The story of Lucid Dreams revolves around 4 friends who are into a coaching class for IIT entrance preparation. After some days, as their friendship blossoms and they explore other elements of their life, the interest towards studies starts to decline. Then, Suraj, the protagonist comes up with an idea of writing a novel on their life. As their life is not ordinary, Suraj feels that his novel can help other students to save tehir future than getting stuck in some coaching class which promises to raise your IQ but ends up fooling you. To read the whole story, get the book.

             According to me, this book is a very sweet attempt. Author made it sure that something which can be said in few words should not be elaborated just for making a 250 pages book. He has played a very safe game by ending his novel before a reader starts getting bored of the story. Every character that is described in the book has his/her own charm. For me, everyone was protagonist. Lucid Dream is a very sweet concept and I loved it. But still this book is not a unique piece or something that can be called an Epic. On the other note, a book of 80 pages is priced 250 Rs. I don't know what these Publications think when they keep the rates of such books so high. I didn't even find this book in a lesser amount at Flipkart too. Strange!!! Else, i would rate this book 2.5/5 taking everything into consideration. 




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