Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Equation Of My Love & Its Parameters" by Vikram Rana !!!

              There was a time period when Srishti Publication was known in the Reader's world that "It publishes only the stories written by IITians or the story written on the life of IITians". And, during that era, many such books came by IITians through Srishti Publication. Now, its different. Now, they concentrate on any debutant writer from any college. :-) But, coming to one of the book that published in that era which I completed just now. "The Equation of my love & its parameters". I'll talk about it later but- I only have this problem with every Indian commercial author that even if the Love story is just a part of their book, they make it sure that they name their book to look as if its a pure love story that will mention only the two characters throughout the book. This is wrong. I know, a debutante looks for all the possible ways to get his first book sold out as soon as possible, but still, stereotyping yourself as one of the Love story writers is not a genuine decision. This book is written by yet another IITian- who graduated from IIT Guwahati in 2008 and did his schooling from St's Xavier's School, Delhi; Currently, he resides in Singapore and works for an oilfield services company- MR. VIKRAM RANA. No, he doesn't look as dangerous as his name suggests. :-) But girls, you'll need to control yourself as he is quite handsome. See his Picture below (exclusively for my Female readers) :-)

             "The Equation of my Love & its Parameters" is the story about Shayan who enters into IIT after clearing JEE exams successfully. No one expected him to enter into India's one of the leading institute but Shayan's fate has something else planned for him. He enters IIT and he meets his new friends. He starts enjoying all the new rules and customs of IIT. He makes good friends and passes his time cheerfully. But he is yet to get away from the memories of Naina who ditched him in Junior college. His IITian friends teases him for that but he is still to get away from those memories of Miss Naina. Finally, the semester passes, the years passes, and he is sent for Internship to America. Here in America, he gets nice roommates. They tells him to break his stupid virginity which is still with him. They tell him to get over someone who is never going to return back in his life. After thinking a lot, he clears his dilemma, and decides to visit a blonde- Elizabeth, an escort. And then a twist takes place, which makes this book different from other stories by IITians. :-) 

              Vikram Rana has a very "sweet" English. The flow in which he writes make you remember each sentence without getting confused. He has used appropriate sentences and words to make the story look as if it's yours. I am impressed about this with Vikram. The book also carries a great sense of humour periodically. The few good moments of Book- The first Flashback of Shayan with Naina is WOW. I went back to my School days after reading that. And, Indian writers, that is how a sweet teenage love is described, not by turning your characters into horny/lusty idiots. Aniket's suicide attempt on the Railway track almost took my breathe away. The tryst of Shayan with Yogi and Bond is interesting; and so is the meeting with Porn movie-makers in America. It excites you to read faster to know what happened next. The moment Shayan is caught by American officials when he goes in desperation of breaking his virginity to Miss Elizabeth gives a big twist to the story which makes the book very very unpredictable. And, the moment when Shayan's intimate moment with Naina is described cherishes your mood. :-) 

             I didn't find any such drawback in this book. You can easily call this book as "Five Point Someone 2.0". :-) If ever, a sequel to 3 Idiots will be made, it should be the adaptation of this very book. Vikram Rana's writing style and story-creating style makes it obvious that he is a Chetan Bhagat's fan. And, once in a book, he brings all those characters with the same name- Hari, Alok and Ryan (of Five Pint Someone) into existence. YES!!! That is one of the most exciting part of the book.  And also, a chapter where Shayan's friend himself describes how is he having fun in Europe is a nice work by the author. In all, this book is a perfect read. If you liked Five Point Someone, there is no chance that you'll hate "The Equation of my love & its parameters". I rate it 4/5. YES!!! And Mr. Vikram, when is your 2nd releasing? 



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Interview with Jyotirmoy Mazumdar !!!

Jyotirmoy Mazumdar, born on 18th June 92 in Guwahati to a lawyer father and writer mother had just entered in the fleet on Indian authors with his debut novel, “Did She Love Me?” 

Qus: How does it feel to hold your book in hand?
Answer: The feeling you get when you hold one of the best works of your life in your hands cannot be expressed in words. When I held the book in my hands, I was very happy but at the same time I was sad too, I wanted to express my joy and happiness with my family but there were not present. Overall it was a wonderful feeling. I hope I get this kind of feelings quite often. *laughs*

Qus: What made you a writer?
Answer: Writing is something which came to me by accident. I was always an avid reader and I used to write poems and songs too but that can’t make you write a book. Writing a book is not a joke, it needs a lot of patience and I got that push for writing a book after some incidents of life. Though my mom is a writer but my inspiration and push for writing would be life and its hardships.

Qus: Being a debut author, what hardships you had to face while writing as well as getting your book published?
Answer: Writing a book is the easiest part of getting it published. To get a book published you need tons and tons of patience, first of all to find a publisher, and a good deal for your book. There are publishers which don’t help you with cover designing and editing but to find a good deal is very hard. So to get a book published we need to patient and accurate.

Ques : Tell us something about your book.

Answer : My book is basically a story of a boy named Jayrish, and how his life unfolds with hurdles and wrong decisions when he falls in love. Love makes him do all the things he never thought he could do, be it fighting or revolting with his parents or going to unknown place for his love. The way he leaves his dreams and selflessly loves his girl that is remarkable.

Qus: Do you think true love exist like you have shown in the book?

Ans: Yes, it does exist. It is hard to find in today’s world but it does exist.

Qus: How did you come up with the title of the book?
Answer : The initial title of the book was "She Played Around" but that title kind of revealed the total story of the book. When I gave a thought to it, this title came to my mind as even when the story ends Jayrish is not sure if she really loved him or was it just an illusion from her side.

Qus: Is there any message you would like to give through your novel?

Answer : Yes, there is a message I would like to give through my novel, no matter what happens we should stand for our dreams and love at the same time, wrong things happen but that's when we learn. No one and nothing is perfect, so we should learn to accept the people and live our life with the faults. One more thing I would like to say is that we should never disrespect our parents.

Qus: Tell us something about yourself.
Answer : I don't really like speaking about myself but if I have to speak, I would say I am just a normal guy with some big dreams, an average student now. I like to write when I find time. I did my schooling from Happy Child High School, Guwahati, till my 10th and then I shifted to Delhi, now I am a first year engineering student from SRM University with Computer science.

Qus: What are your future plans? Do you plan to take up writing on full time basis?
Answer : In India, we can't totally depend on a full time writing career until you are someone like Chetan Bhagat who sells over 15 million copies per book. I will keep writing till the end but a career as writing is not clearly in my eyes

Qus: Is your second novel also going to be of romance genre?

Answer : Not really. It would be a love story with a different plot, you can't really put it in the romance genre.

Qus: Who has been your source of inspiration?

Answer: My mother has been my source of Inspiration throughout.

Qus: What are your favourite works?

Answer: Preeti Shenoy’s Life is what you make it, Ravinder Singh’s I too had a Love story, Chetan Bhagat’s 2 States, Hunger Game by Suzanne Collins and 11 Minutes by Paulo Coelho.

Qus: And finally, any advice or suggestion you would like to give to aspiring authors and readers?

Answer : Well, I don't know if I have achieved that much to give advice but I would just like to tell them that always listen to your heart and do what makes you happy. Write only what you would want to read. Read your work once twice till you are sure it is very good before publishing it.

Tea-20: Perfect companion for your teatime by Vinod Kumar S !!!

           I don't have a very good experience in writing reviews on anthologies but still, as I am being asked to, I am reviewing the recently read anthology- "Tea-20" which also has a tagline "Perfect companion for your teatime". The author of this book is a 29 year old IT Professional, who lives in Chennai, a fun-loving guy, who loves to write and believes that short stories are a strong medium to convey simple but important messages that go unnoticed in this modern world. His stories are mostly inspired from the incidents of day-to-day life. He is also an ardent fan of Sachin Tendulkar. This is his first book and the name of the GENTLEMAN is VINOD KUMAR S. As the title of the book says that it is a perfect companion for our teatime, it really is a good companion. A short book of just 126 pages makes you laugh at the climax of many stories that ends with a humour. This is a light read and hence, you will enjoy it while traveling in a short journey from Mumbai-Pune or Delhi-Ghaziabad. :-) I completed reading this in just 1.5 hours. And I must say the 90 minutes spent in reading this book bought smile on my face for several times.

          As the blurb of the book promises "a collection of 20 simple fictional short stories, which will serve as a good companion for your teatime. This anthology will not only entertain you, but will also give you a generous dose of laughter; it will make you think and contribute to the society, teach simple things about life which are easily missed in our ever-hectic routine and also take you by surprise. Each story is unique in its way, with the impact it leaves in you being the common feature.", it delivers it properly and does not let you feel unsatisfied in the end. I liked the way all the stories are being ordered so that the interest in you remains alive till the last story. All the stories except one are kept within limited amount of words so that you get excited to reach its end soon and start with a new one without much wait.

            The story "A cup of coffee" gives a deep insight to all the youngsters and parents about how to lead life in family. "Bye" chapter is too emotional. "Frosted Heart" is the best chapter for me. "Great Escape" ends with a big Laugh out Loud. I enjoyed its end like anything. No words to define it. Hahaha. "Happy New Year" is the gem of this book. If any story that has a very deep meaning and motivation into it, then this is the one. "Nowhere to run" is again a big Laugh out Loud in the end. :-)  "Two sides of a one-sided love" is a nice creative side of the author. Else, other chapters are fine according to me. But the ones mentioned above won my heart completely. 

              The only drawback about the book is- THE COST!!! Rs. 125 is too much for an anthology with few short stories. The Frog publishers should cut the price of their anthologies else the author will have to suffer less readership. Else, you can get this book when you are about to have a short journey. You will love reading it in a cool atmosphere.



Crushes, Careers & Cell phones by Manjiri Gokhale Joshi!!!

            The purpose of my Blogging has changed from time to time. Because, living in the country like India, one gets to know so many things that one gets confused about what is the main priority of this nation. :-) Once, I used to write on Social Awareness. I got many comments saying "We already read newspapers. Don't want to get bored again by your blog posts". I closed it. Now-a-days, I write on Social issues that a Teenager/youth faces in our country. I am also one of them, hence I am one of the most potential people who can talk on this. I feel comfortable writing about these things. Same is this book that I completed reading right now. "Crushes, Careers & Cellphones" is a book written from a perspective of a mother for all the children between 10 to 25 years old. Manjiri Gokhale Joshi is the writer of this book who has impressed me by writing something which is very recommendable for all the children between 10 to 25. And to some extent, even parents can read this book. As, it gives some suggestions to them too, as to how shall a child be handled when he gets on a wrong path. 

           ABOUT AUTHOR:- Founder and CEO, Maya CARE. Manjiri has worked in the media, publishing, information technology (IT) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industries since the last 16 years. She is a recipient of the British High Commission’s Chevening scholarship for Indian professionals. Her past assignments include – National Manager, Marketing at ICICI Lombard General Insurance, Head, Contact Centre and Head, BPO HR, Zensar Technologies, Assistant Editor, Dataquest and a news reporter with The Indian Express. Her first book – Inspired, co-authored with Dr Ganesh Natarajan, was published in 2006.

        This Non-fiction book is divided into many chapters. Let me name some of them alphabetically, yes the same way as they have been organized in the book. :-)- Achievement, Alcohol, Ambition, Anger, Break-up, Boyfriends, Cellphones, Crushes, Drugs, Embarrassment, Exams, Failure, Gossip, Girlfriends and so on. Each chapter is written by keeping a target in mind. That once the Chapter ends, the teenager gets an idea about what the writer wanted to convey as a parent, and this is what our parents expect from us, or this is how our parents think about certain topics. So, this will help a teenager to develop himself in the same way, and treat life accordingly. As, I am 22.5 years old now, even I found some points about which I never thought the way it has been described by the author. Authoress Manjiri has done a very good job by writing a book that is beneficial for both the generations- Parents and Children. :-)

            Right from the Chapter- Alcohol, I got a sense that I am about to complete a very sensible book. The way this chapter is described gives an insight of how a parent does not want a child to consume alcohol, and even if he/she does, parent will not kick him away, but accept; and author has given some tips of how to consume alcohols even if you can't resist yourself. This approach is enough mature to turn the mindset of a child by 180 degree. :-) After each Chapter, there is view of 1 or 2 children between the age of 10-25 speaking about their perspective on the topic. And these children are not just the Indians that are residing in India, but all around the world. So, it helps you to understand the mindset of those who are away from India. And, I don't think that I need to say much about the book which has a Foreword by Sushmita Sen and is being recommended by an inspirational "Kiran Bedi". :-)

            Little drawback of the book is that few topics are not treated as well as it could have been. The major targeted teenagers are girls than boys. The book becomes monotonous after some times because of the same format. And, few examples could have been added to make some topics more effective. END!!! These are the only drawbacks of this book. Else, I will recommend all the parents to gift this book to their child. It'll help them a lot. And, if you are yourself reading it kiddo, go  get this book, at least you will know about your parent's view on certain topics that you think they don't have any idea about. :-) I don't think that I should rate this book. I am just recommending this to all who are between 10 to 25. And even if you are above 25 and live with your parents, go get this book. There are still some loopholes in your life where you can improve yourself. :-)



Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's Always Been You by Kritika Malhotra !!!

            Ended up with another Romance Fiction this evening. After reading Arpita Sarkar's book, I thought let's read one more by a female author and then move towards male again. :-) And for a change, I liked the book. Kritika Malhotra is a Final year student of Hindu college, pursuing Honors in Physics. But as she has a passion to write, she worked as an intern with Viewspaper and kept publishing her articles on various different portals too. And the final result of her love for literature came out in the form of her debut novel which got released some months ago named- "It's Always Been You" which is being published by Mahaveer Publishers. The book carries a tag line too- "Can you be in live with two guys at the same time...?" Reading this, I thought that I am going to get bored with another typical triangle love story, but to my rescue, it wasn't that cheesy. :-)

              IT's ALWAYS BEEN YOU is not just a love story. In fact, it's not even a typical love story that everyone writes now-a-days. To be precise, Indian authors who get published in their college days itself. :-) It's the book about the thinking and approach towards life of the boys and girls studying in elite colleges of metro cities like Delhi. It's about how they see Love and how they fall into relationships. How they experience several break-ups but still manages to find a new partner for them within days. Because, for them what matters is a relationship, not the person. But, even they have that middle-standards feeling for LOVE which keep them in the airs of their ex-es and they don't find pleasure in their new partners like the last one. So, this is the story of this girl- Maully, studying in Hindu college, getting into an affair with Viraj (after her last break up with Rohan in junior college) and still loving Keyur whom she met before Viraj. So, for knowing the kinds of emotions that Maully had about both the guys, go get the book. :-)

           Kritika Malhotra- When I came to know about the release of her book, I was sure that she would have attempted a love story with a simple English language which most authors prefer to do now-a-days. But fortunately, the kind of vocabulary she has used throughout the book is the best part of it. I learnt lots of new words through this book. Kritika also knows how to carry the same emotion throughout the book, and how to write them in several ways, such that it does not turn monotonous and a reader can enjoy the read till the end of the book. She knows that the story demands some humor statements and funny scenarios, hence, she has added them excessively in the book, which I liked. :-) The Sabreen-Maully's chemistry in the initial part of the book is fun to read. I liked the part where Maully goes for dating with Keyur. It's so unpredictable. The description after having the First sex is cool rather than being vulgar like the attempt of some other authors. The frustration after Maully gets a bad result is another good part of the book. That's exactly how a student feels. Even, the way how author has connected the initials of the book with the climax gives you a good feeling about it. 

            I would rate this book- 3/5. That's average. Yes, because the story is not new. Only treatment is. 



Friday, May 25, 2012

A Walk Down The Lane by Arpita Ghosh Sarkar !!!

             Completed one more book written by a female Indian author- "A Walk Down The Lane". In India, we have very few female authors as most of them are either flirting before marriage or looking after their husband after the marriage. :-) There are very few of them who are interested in trying something new. And, seeing any book by a female writer fascinates me. The reason behind this is that the whole family is depended on a girl/wife/mother, so its very hard for them to write a book after fulfilling all the demands of their family. And, just writing a book is not a compliment, but if the book is nice, the girl/woman earns all my respect. And the latest in this list after Preeti Shenoy, Rashmi Bansal and Sneha Gupta is Arpita Ghosh Sarkar. She is an ex-banker and has worked with Citigroup and HSBC Bank. She left her job as she is a mother of a toddler now. And, now she is up with her debut novel- A Walk Down The Lane published by Srishti Publishers. 

            The book is a story of Shuvika who is frustrated with her job and wants a leave for some days. Finally, she gets one by screwing her colleague who wanted to go himself in spite of sanctioning her a leave. She goes to Westland, the jungle resort. There she meets her old neighbour's son who is quite older than her. She wanted to be alone but as he approaches her with politeness and friendliness, she allows him to be with her. And the friendship starts growing. Shuvika is 28 and this man-Joyneel is 40, almost 12 years elder to her. And, they meet other characters in the resort too. And, then the way this mature amicable relationship grows day by day, and the way Shuvika realizes that may be she is in love with Joyneel after other characters of the book pings her, she starts worrying. She has a dark past and she does not want to get in any relationship, nor is she interested in marrying any time in future. And the same happens with Joyneel, as even he has been through worst times after his wife ran away with her boyfriend. How, the story unfolds, how this mature book travels from Page No. 1 to 198, go get the book.

             The best part about the author is- She knows the length of her story and hence, she kept it of some 30,000 words only; rather than adding useless scenarios and making it a novel of 50,000 words. She has used only those scenes that are really useful in the story. She has passed many emotional statements and scenarios without making them lengthy and assuming that people would remember it if it will be carried in 10-12 pages. She has just included the main part which keeps you happy as you see that you are about to complete the book in just 2 hours after few pages. She has used short sentences, hence making it easy for readers to fasten their speed of reading as they won't get confused in any sentence. I can't state one or two best part of the book as the story is like a short piece of fiction. So, the whole book is very sweet. The one part that really makes you emotional is when Shuvika leaves the resort before everyone even when they asks her to stay back. And the climax is mid-blowing. After 140th page, the story goes up by a level. And as Author herself is matured, she has stated the emotions of a 28 years old-woman and 40-years old-man up to the mark. And, she has slapped all the writers who think that Love story can be written only by adding love elements to it. Ghanta!!! She has not even used the word- "Kiss" in the book. That's the power of a Good Author. Seekh lo kuch. And yes, the cover page is perfectly designed according to the theme of the story.. and so is the title.. 

               There's no drawback according to me. I rate this book 4/5. YES!!! You can go for it without any doubt. 



A Splash of Love by Rajeev Ranjan !!!

        It has become so common in the Indian fiction market to have the word "Love" in their titles. I don't know what's so interesting about the word but I am fed up of it. Even when some books that does not have the theme of love also prefers to have this word in their title or tagline so that the first time readers will get attracted to it. But, for me, this word doesn't interests me anymore in terms of reading a book. I want some other stories. There's one more book that I have just completed with the same word in the title- "A Splash of Love- A Kiss of Infatuation". When I started it, I was prepared to read the same kind of story that everyone is writing now-a-days but to my surprise, this book turned out to be more articulate and distinct from them. It's the first work by Rajeev Ranjan who is a Graduate in Physics from University of Delhi in 1996, then he pursued Post Graduation again in Physics and turned into an Indian Coast Guard. No, he is not a young author like others who are on the board these days. :-) So girls, chill. 

              A SPLASH OF LOVE is the story of a boy- Arunoday who is very sentimental in every situation. Right from the death of his childhood friend/cousin and the break up with his girlfriend, he remains a person who keeps asking the same questions to himself just to stop his attraction towards other useless things. But, he fails. Every time, he knows that he is getting attracted towards a wrong thing, even when he tries to stop him, his fate and his addiction magnetizes him to move towards the same direction. Because of this, he loses his friends, his girl-friend and many other consequences take place in his life. But, in the end, when he does some thing extra-ordinary in his life after getting mislead through out his youth days, he finds himself back in the position where he can smile without thinking of anything that he lost. And, the whole journey of this boy is what the book delivers to its readers. :-)

               Rajeev Ranjan has attempted a very interesting story which can be made into a Bollywood movie with great stars. The story has the power to keep the interest in a reader alive. Rajeev knows the basic of writing a fiction story that if something is described in the initial chapters, it should have some correspondence or statement in the ending chapters too. And this is what, I liked the most about this author. 

            In 1st 100 pages, the best part is the way the story started with the first chapter, and the way author took the story forward in every chapter makes you read it more faster to know what happened in future years with the protagonist and his career. The part when Arunodaya runs behind the auto-rickshaw is also a very beautiful part of the book. The campus recruitment part is damn funny. I enjoyed it. The moment when Anjali's father rings the bell, shivers you. You want the protagonist to be safe. Another heart-breaking part is when Sanjana commits that the crime is being done by her when even Arunodaya remains a major part of it. Last 100 pages is the real skill of the author. With every page, the story unfolds a new twist and you get the feeling that this book is going to be your favorite. Climax of the book, initially, is unpredictable but later on, becomes predictable but still excites you, that is what I liked about it. To climax, 5/5. And, the USP of the author is the first paragraph of every new chapter that he has started with his views/doubts on certain issues of love, life and dreams etc.

            The major drawback of this book is its publisher. No editing done. The book gets ruined because of several grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. At least, one proof-reading is required. Diamond Publishers also chose a very unattractive font for this book. They will have to work on this in future. They spoil the content of the book because of their carelessness. That is where this book disappoints you. And Rajeev sir, its good that you have kept only 5% of the conversations in the book with 95% of story in it, but at some places a reader wants to know what kind of conversation the couple or friends used to have among them. So, you could have added much of it too. Else, you have done a terrific job. Looking forward to your next book. 

            I rate this book- 3.5/5. 



Monday, May 21, 2012

The Suicide Banker by Puneet Gupta !!!

             It has been a long time since I have read a book which does not have Love story as its theme. In fact, this book does not have any equation of love in it. I never ever expected myself to read a book that would be purely based on Banking and how the internal system operates under the banking sector of India. Every time, I was about to read it, Puneet sir nudged me that "It's the book that is purely based on Banking so take care that you don't get exhausted while reading it". :-) Finally, I started it and the book kept me hook to it. Puneet Gupta is a banker himself with 15 years of experience. He is currently working in Middle East. Very middle-class by nature, very amicable and very soft-spoken. These are the traits of Mr. Puneet Gupta who is the author of this book "The Suicide Banker" published by Rupa Publications. Indian writers complain that the Reputed publication houses never let us even stand in front of them, hence how can one dream of getting published in India with a secure future in writing. My dear authors, first learn how to write on a topic from Puneet Gupta. Love stories are not something that avid readers are looking for in book stores now.

               The Suicide Banker is the story of a banker- Sumit who is maintaining and trying to balance both- Personal and Professional life together. As he is very ambitious towards his Professional life, his personal life faces an uncouth period of time seeing Sumit always busy in his banking career. In his current organization- Ind-credit bank, he finds that there are lots of fraudster involved in Agri-business. Now, he starts spying on them. He thinks of changing everything by himself even when he knows that almost everyone in the hierarchical structure of the organization is involved in it. And, THE SUICIDE BANKER is all about the journey of this man- Sumit fighting with the unorganized Banking staffs and maintaining his marital life with Shalini. :-) 

              Puneet Gupta has a very good command on English language. I am pretty impressed with the kind of words and sentences that he has used throughout the book. I have a complain with the Indian authors that they don't use Idioms, phrases and awesome one-liners as the USP ingredient in their book, but Puneet Gupta has managed to impress me by applying all of these in his debut book. The book is quite lengthy but the funny sentences that keep popping in periodically keeps you interested in the further pages. The story that is wholly based on a Banker's life could have become wearisome but Puneet Gupta has managed to eliminate all the factors that may typecast this book as the one with repetitive scenarios. Very creatively, author has managed to depict how the whole Banking stuff takes place in their sector. 

              Initially, Sumit-Anupam's clash is very interesting. In Kashmir, when those Afghani-kind-of-men checks Sumit and Shalini dithers you. Shibu asking about Independence Day is so funny that I got an instance that how a kid irritates his father in his childhood days by rapid-fire questions. Shalini's first news show is perdectly described. I liked that part too much. Later on, Annie's entrance in the story as Sumit's interest makes the book little masaledaar. The jokes written in Italic font are the USP of this book. I don't think that anyone else could have written better about this topic. I have heard that Ravi Subramaniam writes on the same kind of topics that are related to banking but as I haven't read him still, I rate Puneet Gupta as one of the best writer in this section.

               I would recommend everyone of you to read this book if you have killed yourself by reading Love stories recently. One of the best book to have with you. I rate it 3.75/5. 



Thursday, May 17, 2012

And Then It Rained by Gaurav Dashputra !!!

               581st BLOG POST -->>

             Every time I have a Srishti Publisher's book in my hand, I have a different kind of expectation with it because the first time when I picked an unknown Indian fiction writer- it was from Srishti publication. And the 10 writers whom I picked after him was again from Srishti. So, I started loving the general thoughts that these writers from Srishti wrote. And once again, I picked up this book from the same publication- "And then it rained" which also has a tagline- "coz life ain't always a fairytale". This is the debut novel of a student of last year MBBS in D.Y. Patil college, Navi Mumbai (Yes, the same city I live in :-)), basically from Nagpur, a national gold medalist in swimming and a great fan of SRK- Mr. Gaurav Dashputra. I have been in touch with this guy even before he selected his publisher, so I have a kind of attachment with this book which got developed in front of me. And as I gave some free advise to Gaurav Dashputra every time I met him online, I got my name reserved in the Acknowledgement section. :-) Thanks Mr. Author for it. And, as I have been the most lucky reviewer to review many good books for the first time on Internet, I am getting a chance to review even this too because no one has reviewed it still. :-)

              Coming to the story, AND THEN IT RAINED is about Aman who is very jolly by nature, helpful, friendly, flirty, emotional, sarcastic, humor-filled, ambitious and possessed almost every quality that a girl sees in her ideal boyfriend and a boy sees in his ideal best friend. This helped him achieve friends like Krish and Madhur as he landed in Mumbai for his further studies. He just lost a girl friend in his home town- Nagpur which made him little depressed. But the entry of Riya in his life gives him one more chance to be a passionate lover. But life wasn't a positive story for him. He had to bear the consequences of few wrong decisions that made him lose almost all the close people he had around him. He submerged himself into loneliness and alcohol. But, was that the end of the story? No. Because, the traits that he had in him were not ordinary. So, to know what happens with this guy after taking wrong decisions which made him lose all the emotional connected people, go and get the novel. :-)

             Coming to my review, Gaurav Dashputra has made it sure that he makes no mistake in his debut. He hadn't done any foolishness while selecting the cities where his story is to be based because he picked up Nagpur and Navi Mumbai where he lives.  He has used his own style of narration by including lot of scenarios in just 209 pages of the book. He has kept the narration fast so that a reader don't get bored on any single page. This is the best part of AND THEN IT RAINED. He has expressed his love and excitement for the city of Mumbai and its monsoon appropriately. The continuous humor statements in the book keeps you interested. Every relation is described properly so that, when the story takes a twist, you can feel the pain of the protagonist while he isolated himself from each of them. This book is not a love story. It is about how a young boy takes wrong decisions while handling lot of relationships(interconnected with each other) at the same time. This book has an emotional touch in it. 

             The best part of this book in the first 100 pages is the date with Riya. The scene where the trip to Goa is being planned makes me laugh out loud. The description of expression of each of the three friends is enormous during the Goa trip deciding scene. The part when Aman runs between the movie just to get rid from Preeti's proposal in the theater is another funny scene of this book. The moment Aman tells about his first result of Medical to his father, and the way his father expresses happiness makes you emotional. And, all those parts of loneliness and the way Aman punished himself is something for which you will remember AND THEN IT RAINED always. The climax of the book is perfect and yes, it's unpredictable. 

            Coming to the drawbacks, there aren't much. The major drawback that I managed to find out is the way story ran quicker sometimes when you wanted to know more about the current situation of the main character and other supporting characters of the story. Else, using the real entities' name like of D. Y. Patil college and then associating it with bribery to get the question paper out can make some readers feel that the college is associated with such acts of corruption. So, in a Fiction, one has to concentrate on these little things to avoid the controversies. But in all, AND THEN IT RAINED is a good experience as I didn't feel any part of the book unwanted or dragged. I give it 3.25/5. This book is worth reading as it ends with a moral which is very rare to see in today's fictions. :-) Go, GET IT. 



Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vivek and I by Mayur Patel !!!

               580th BLOG POST -->>

         Now-a-days, if you plan to enter a bookstore or to browse Flipkart/Infibeam to pick up at least 2-3 Fiction novels by Indians, you will be disappointed to see that almost every synopsis/blurb of the book has a common word in them "Love" or "Romance". No one is trying to come out of that comfort zone and write something else. No, it is not that I or majority of readers aren't romantic or we hate the process of love but we don't want to read the same thing that we are experiencing in our own life or seeing it happening with our best friend. We want to read some thing that has some thing new to explore, even if it is of the same genre. And this time, I was surprised to read the debut novel by a Diploma degree holder in Civil Engineering, CAD specialist, an architect- Mayur Patel who resides in Valsad, Gujarat with his family. The name of the book is- "Vivek and I".

             Yes, the book's name may sound weird as I found it to be after seeing its cover page. But, as the name suggests, this is not a normal love story between a Girl and a Boy, but it is about the liking of the protagonist- Kaushik for his student- Vivek. He finds him too attractive and he wants to get him as his partner any how. He is still recuperating with the break up that he had with his ex-boyfriend- Krishna who was bisexual. Vivek sees Kaushik as a very good teacher, friend, well wisher, respectable personality and philosopher. This keeps Kaushik away from opining his heart to Vivek and tell him about his sexual approach and how much he loves him. And with this dilemma in Kaushik's mind about his love for Vivek-who is straight gives birth to this book- "Vivek and I".

             The author has fine English, awesome in parts. He has embedded few new words that will help reader to get acquainted with those words. The way he has defined nature is unique and descriptive. You will fall in love with it. The way he has narrated the dilemma in a Gay's mind is commendable. Moreover, he also states about the physical braveness that a gay has for other good looking boys. He has stated it neatly that being gay is not only about being physical, but in some cases, it is also about love with the same gender. The insertion of too many characters in the book does not cause a confusion, and I credit Mayur Patel extremely for this, because whenever a book consists of too many characters, you tend to get confused but he has done it so accurately that you remember each and every name with their role in the book. The scenes of Kaushik with Desai's and Gavit's is so sweet and palpable. The love that Vidya has for Kaushik makes a reader like Vidya over the protagonist- Kaushik. :-) The scene when a girl's parents come to know about her being a lesbian is so real. The emotions that Kaushik has for Vivek is being handled appropriately. While, Mayur Patel has tried to state in this book that the character turned gay because of a child sex abuse scenario that happened with him, I have doubt if this is the only reason for men being gays. 

           Coming to the major drawbacks of the book- If you divide this book into 3 equal parts, I would say that the 2nd part is dragged too much. The book is of 378 pages, but if the author would have cut it shorter by 100 pages, it would have been fine. The story gets repetitive for number of times. The flashback to Kaushik-Krishna's love story makes you hate the attempt of the author. After first 150 pages, you feel like leaving the book in the middle because of the slow pace of story. The book has less conversation, that is good, but it also has useless description of some scenes/elements that wasn't required at all. Describing the same thing in the same manner after every 10 pages does not interests a reader. I was disappointed with the book in the middle of it but the last 100 pages of this book is a gem. And I would recommend you to read this book only for the last 100 Pages and for the topic that Mayur Patel has chosen for his debut novel. I give this book 3/5 over all. To the last 100 Pages, I give it 3.75/5.



Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino !!!

         It has been a long time since I am reading Indian romantic fictions; yes, some of them were unromantic too, but I never found any book which stated the presence of Crime Thriller into it. Once, I had Prashant Sharma's book in my hand which had something related to a death of a character because of the protagonist's foolishness, but the whole book had no scene related to that killing anywhere after the killing scene itself. So, I was quite disappointed with that. But finally, I got this book on the behalf of Blogadda, which had full-on theory of Crime thriller. In the first 30 pages itself you get to know who is murdered by whom and how. But still, when the police starts investigating about it, you join them in the journey even when you-the reader knows that the murder is being done by whom. This is the most unique way to write a Crime Thriller. It's not easy to write a book which already assures you how its ending would be or what result the ending of the story is going to produce. But, "The Devotion of Suspect X" by Keigo Higashino is one such book that is and will have to be the favorite of all the readers who are interested in picking up a Crime Thriller novels.

              As the book is written by a Japanese writer, you will get to read many new words that are written as it is spoken in their language. This gives you a new flavor of reading. The names of Japanese character may confuse you because it even did to me. :-) The best part about the writer has been his focus on the story without disruption. He has kept the target of the book in mind and then scripted it. The story never lost its flow. Yes, initially, the book seems to be boring till 30-40 pages but once the murder is being done and the characters of police comes into the scene, you start liking the uniqueness the book has in itself. The translation from Japanese to English would have been a great challenge for the translators but they did a great job in doing it. 

             Yes, I would like to say that the book is very slow-paced yet interesting; but if it would have been more faster, the book would have been more interesting. But still, its perfect. The amount of twists it produce throughout the story of 374 pages keeps you knocked to it. This book will not allow you to take breaks in between; that's a different story that I took numerous breaks because of uncertainties in my routine. :-) This is the first book that I read in this vacation and the expectation has risen up. After reading this book, you will come to know why 2 million copies of it is sold out. The simple English, perfect narration, numerous twists, interesting factor, the deepness in the characters of the book, some new words, Japanese instinct, flow of the story and the awesomeness of the writer makes this a perfect Crime Thriller for the genre lovers. Go, get "The Devotion of Suspect X" today itself if you want to know how the police caught the murderer whom you already knew after completing initial pages itself. :-) 


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