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Few Things Left Unsaid by Sudeep Nagarkar !!!

       It has been a long time since I completed a book in 3.5 hours. I did it today. :-) I am done with another bestseller- "Few Things Left Unsaid" by Sudeep Nagarkar. I kept on seeing this book in the Bestseller charts of Flipkart, Infibeam and many other online sites, finally I got a chance to pick the book today. Sudeep Nagarkar is a debut novelist. He never had ambition to be a writer but he ended up writing this story after one of his friend pushed him to. He started forming sentences and he ended up in writing this successful love story. It has not been 1 year still and the book has gone for reprint for many a times. Sudeep is one of those writers who haven't promoted his book in the way other writers do it (by launching it in several cities back to back). After writing, he got busy in his job again. But, destiny had good news for him and his book became Bestseller. He is an electronic engineer and he started writing during his college days. :-) 

             Coming to the STORY, FTLU is about the story of two collegians- Aditya and Riya. They meet through common friends and then, they see love in each other's eyes. They take time to express themselves but as soon as they get intrigued into the relationship, they don't wait much. They keep on stepping into the next level of relationship in every few days. They even take 7 promises as couples take during their wedding. They keep falling deep into the heavenly thing called- Love. Finally, a break-up takes place due to some twists and turns. They get back together again. But, something happens again which changes the life of Aditya. Riya's life changes too. But, they get together again. But do they remain together till the end? Their story is unpredictable. To know what it is, get the book. :-)

            Coming to the REVIEW, Sudeep has used a very safe game by using only short sentences in the first 40% of this book. The insecurity can be understood as he was writing for the first time. But later on, with time he improved and his best can be seen in the next 60% of the book. Some porn writers(I hope you understood about whom I am talking :-)) in our India should understand how to carry intimate stuffs from Sudeep. It never seemed to be vulgar, it only made the book more romantic. As everyone is writing love-breakup-love-breakup-and-finally-love, you don't abuse Sudeep when you see that the protagonist is breaking up with his girlfriend. He has broke them off at a very strange moment. I have liked Sudeep's writing in the second half of the book. He has showed his talent perfectly. 

            There are certain parts in the book which I would like to mention- When Adi starts talking to Riya, he picks up cheesy lines, but later on when he gets her, he directly starts showing fondness for her body. I liked this part as Sudeep hasn't dragged this thing a lot in the name of True Love. :-) The first kiss in the auto is sensuous and wonderful. The birthday celebration of Aditya is one epic part of this book. Adi's mother's shade in the story is shown in a perfect way. When Adi thinks of breaking up with this sweet girl-Riya, we, the readers support him rather than feeling bad for it. Amazing part of the story. :-) The confession part of the book where Riya speaks in her own voice is where you get to know the potential of Sudeep Nagarkar. :-)

            Coming to the Drawbacks, the friends of Aditya are just used for sake of showing that there are friends too. As Aditya's mom got a good focus, even his dad should have got. He is mentioned only for once in the book. Sudeep's insecurity with the language is clearly visible initially which doesn't give you a good feel about the book. That's different k later he has used a proper language. Love is described too much in the book. Rather, Sudeep should have tried to keep it little more shorter. The Epilogue plays a very bad part in the book. There are some movies in which you love every bit of it but you end up abusing it because of a useless and dragged climax. Few Things Left Unsaid ends up being a book with a bad epilogue which could have been easily avoided. I was sure to rate this book 3.5 but just because of these last 4 pages of the book(Epilogue part), I have to cut .5. So, my rating is 3 out of 5 for FLTU. My recommendation is- Go, buy this book but don't read the Epilogue (Without Epilogue, rating is 3.5). And Yes, wait for few months as the Sequel is coming soon. :-) 



Sunday, February 19, 2012

Love, life and all that jazz... by Ahmed Faiyaz !!!

            So, I have completed "Love, Life and all that jazz.." by Ahmed Faiyaz. This is the second time when I took a week to complete a book. Damn to my college and this MCA CET which has come as an obstacle in between. But, I may say that it is wonderful to read good book by taking lot of days rather than completing it in 3-4 hours. At least you remain with those characters and a very good story for many days. :-) This is the debut novel of Ahmed Faiyaz. This is what Ahmed says about himself "I am a management consultant by profession and work for the Health Authority of the Government of Dubai in a Strategic Planning and Execution role. I have in my previous roles worked for Strategy Consulting firms in Dubai and India. I completed my graduation in 2006 from the SIBM. It is there that I first realised that my love for the written world was not limited to reading books. I began my stint with writing and became the editor of a fortnightly business journal for management students called ‘Forthright’. I am also a qualified CA(my biggest battle till date) and began my career with KPMG in Bangalore before I left my job to pursue an MBA degree."

              Coming to the STORY (I am not writing it in my words as the synopsis of the book is itself true, so I am just pasting it here), Tania, an interior decorator in Bombay, is in love with Sameer but finds it difficult to manage her long distance relationship with Sameer ever since he moved to the UK to pursue an MBA degree. After five years of togetherness will their love last or will Tania walk into the willing arms of her business partner, Ankur? Sameer is torn between his ambition to spread his wings and begin his career in the UK and his difficult long distance relationship with Tania whom he is committed to. Does he choose love and family or his career? Or does a life-altering event change his decision? Vikram is fun loving, charming and affluent. While he is looking for meaning in life and what he wants to do, he supports and encourages his girlfriend Naina to achieve her dreams of becoming a successful model. 

            Can they survive the pressure that comes with her growing popularity and the demands of her glamorous career? Or does destiny have something else in store for Vikram? While Tanveer is hardworking and ambitious, he is also terribly insecure of himself and of what life has to offer. He deals with a demanding job and a difficult boss and the pressure of financially supporting his family solely rests on his shoulders. Amidst all the gloom, Tanaz, the daughter of his Parsi landlady is the one ray of sunshine. The two are in love but will Tanveer's conservative family accept a girl who does not belong to the same religion? Will Tanveer make his own decisions in life or will his insecurity and subservience to a traditional outlook alter his life in ways he never imagined? This is the journey of life in a new India where these friends support each other and evolve through their experiences and missteps in Love, Life and all that Jazz...

           Coming to the REVIEW, Ahmed Faiyaz has used a very standard language to convey the story of these various couples. I liked his way of narration. I liked his way of revealing each character and their current problems and also going through their background. He has almost given justice to each and every character of the book. Book is lengthy but it is worth reading. You can't miss a single sentence. He has written the story of these friends from college who have passed out in 2003. And the story goes on till 2008. So, you can understand that the book consists of many aspects of one's journey from being a college pass-out to a matured person in the dominating society and expecting people all around you. 

            The story of the book revolves around all the characters and each of them has different story. You keep relating yourself to every character in some or the other way and you end up crying after every 20-30 pages periodically. Some moments in the book are really touchy and palpable and BEAUTIFUL. The moment when Sameer leaves for London is emotional. The scene where Tanveer tells his Islamic parents about his affair with a Parsi girl, Tanaz is so true and real. The depression of Tanveer after that is perfectly narrated. It touches you. Sameer's return to Mumbai because of a bad news shivers me. When Tanveer and Tanaz tells Tanaz's mother about a good news, her reaction to it again makes you cry. And then, the beautiful moments in this book never ends. They are uncountable. :-) 

            I will recommend all of you to get 2 copies of this book. Keep one with yourself and give the another copy to your loved one. This book is not about Love affairs. It is about many aspects one sees in life. I am in love with this book. Definitely, a 4.25 out of 5 to this book. Go and get it. 

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

If It's Not Forever It's Not Love by Durjoy Datta & Nikita Singh !!!

       Almost a month since I have posted a Book Review. I stopped it due to college works. But I read Durjoy Datta/Nikita Singh's "If It's Not Forever It's Not Love" today as I just wanted to read Durjoy Datta as soon as possible in any case. I know I don't like him sometimes because of excessive sex he uses in his books but still I buy and read him. :-) If you ask me how the book is doing, let me tell you that it is being ranked No.8 by Hindustan Times in today's edition itself. Durjoy Datta has already published 5 bestsellers. He has an average fan base of 1,50,000 readers which is quite huge if compared to other fiction writers (who have joined the league in last 5 years). Coming to Nikita Singh, she has two bestsellers in her name. She is quite young to publish book but still she has managed to write 3 books. :-) I should learn something from her and complete my first novel soon. :-) So, both the writers are quite fledged and settled in their field. They are no newcomers and hence, expectations are always high whenever you pick such authors. :-)

            Coming to the story, Deb(Durjoy Datta's favorite character) escapes death in the Delhi High Court's bomb blast that took place in 2011. But he visits the same place after few days of the incident. He finds a burnt diary. First, he thinks that he should leave it there as personal diaries are not meant to be read by others but then he thinks, the owner is no more and he could have been at the place of the diary owner; and hence he should know him and his story. He takes the diary with him. He starts reading it and he finds the boy and his love story interesting and very lovely. Now, he wants to let his girlfriend know that her boyfriend is no more and tell all what he thought about her. Deb's girlfriend-Avantika, friend- Shrey and Shrey's girlfriend- Tiya joins him on his journey of revealing all the pages and meeting all the characters mentioned in the diary. What happens throughout the journey, how these 4 adventure freaks gets connected to the story of the diary is what this book is all about. 

           Coming to the Review, Durjoy Datta is trademarked for the excessive sex elements in his book. I once thrashed his book in a review for the excessive sex and no-story. But his last book- You were my crush took away 3.5 stars from me because it had only story and no sex. I thought that Durjoy has found a new way of progressing a story. Coming to Nikita Singh, I haven't read her 1st book. But I read her 2nd book and it had excessive sex just as DD's book has. I acted like a miser and gave just 2.5 stars. 1 week ago, I said this to her that I am expecting less sex from her in her books and more story, but she replied to me that she has no interest in dealing with my criticism for her until I improve my grammar. She said it in an arrogance. I was shocked. A writer is being asked by her reader(who is known for his book reviews) to eliminate the part which readers are complaining about and the writer retaliates to it aggressively rather than saying "I will improve". And let me tell you, Miss Nikita Singh, even your grammar sucks. You haven't written something incredible yet. Ok? Nikita Singh is already out of my expectations now. No more buying her books. Enough. A writer who can't respect the readers is not a Writer for me. So, coming to the point, DD and NS, both has showed their talent in writing Sex in this book once again. Excessive use of sex has again made this book just another book of DD and NS.

            First, I would like to clap for Grapevine Publishers for printing this book in milky white pages with good font. Otherwise, now-a-days, publishers are using old-brown pages and the same boring fonts which kills half an interest of reading a book. Coming to the story and its narration, the initial pages where the trauma of Deb is described gives you a feel that something very fresh is coming in upcoming pages. The story of the diary begins in the same way as other love stories is being written now-a-days. The funny statements are used throughout the book which makes the book interesting. Some PJs are also included which wins. :-) Deb and Avantika's love story described in the book is what happens after both of them comes together. :-) And this is why, DD is our favorite writer. He always uses a different style to show the love saga of Deb and Avantika. The consequences of getting addicted to drugs/alcohols is perfectly drafted in the book. That's the best parts for me. I will remember the book for it. In particular, 202nd page made me jump off my bed. :-) 

           Now, drawbacks- I just want to ask Durjoy Datta that what does he wants to convey through Deb-Avantika's love saga in every book? That they had sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex and they died having sex one day? I am expecting something like YOU WERE MY CRUSH from you, buddy. Please try something different. Please. There is no use of publishing 6 books in 3 years. Take your time to write a book but write something new. Even the Sex scenarios between Shrey and Tiya fucked my brain. Then, Deb goes under a trauma because he sees how people dies and cries in front of him and thus he shows an attachment with the diary he finds at the spot. Later, at a place, he calls it a fucking diary. With something which changed your life, you will never call it fucking, even when you are too irritated at time. In the end, the book is just as the movie- Bodyguard was. Every exciting element is kept for the last 50 pages. Else, the first 180 pages is just another story. I rate the book 2.5 out of 5. 



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