Monday, January 28, 2013

Let's Talk Money by Akhil Khanna!!!

             Good to see a special number "777" being touched and experienced. It's always a special day whenever I get to write such posts with unique numbers. But unfortunately, I am not talking on a topic but reviewing a book. As I promised all my readers that I will come up with some good books' review, I am just not procrastinating a bit. I want to keep reading until I get stuck with college duties. Tonight, I am not reviewing yet-another-fiction but a Non-fiction book named "Let's talk money" which also has the tagline of "Road to Riches Made Easy" that is published by Times Group Books. Book is authored by Akhil Khanna who has successfully pursued the degree of MBA with specialization in the field of Financial Management at the University of Sheffield, U.K in the year 1992. He spent the next eight years working for three organizations in India, two Indian reputed companies and the third a Korean Multinational. During his corporate career, he looked after a wide range of finance related activities in the companies ranging from Working and Term Financing Arrangements, Forex Management and Risk Hedging, Corporate MIS Reporting, Budgeting etc. 

                Coming to the book- "Let's Talk Money", I will share its synopsis as its a cut-to-cut summary about what the book is:

 Warren Buffett has two rules. Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget Rule No. 1. Let me add a Rule No. 3: Know how to apply Rule No. 1. For, neither our upbringing nor our education gives money any significant place. Money is the least discussed topic within a family. Formal education about it is absent. The aim of this book is to help people from non-financial background to become aware of the world of money. In a simple, jargon-free language, it tries to acquaint us with this world — the various options one has of investing and the things one should bear in mind while choosing an option. We come to know of the complexities of the global investment climate we live in today and the dangers to our investments. Remember: It is not important what one earns; true wealth is what one manages to keep.

            I will seriously appreciate Mr. Akhil Khanna for writing such a rich book. By seeing the cover page of the book and the name of the Publisher, Times Group Books, I didn't think that this book can be interesting and so entertaining. I thought that it would be something that will talk about money in some jargon and such keywords that will make me sleep. But fortunately, it taught me a lot. Akhil Khanna has made it sure that every person who is not from the Finance and Economics background can understand the book. As the synopsis says that he is trying to let people know how not to lose money, this book surely teaches us all the details in a very simple and understandable language in just 176 pages. 

             Right from the First Chapter- Money to last chapter- World Financial Crisis 2008, book keeps us teaching something or the else. The good thing about the book is that it discusses both the sides. When we invest money in something, it tells us what do we gain by doing it and how does the company in which we invested makes profit through it. Then it also tells when to invest in an organization and when not. It also tells as to what factors influence in growth of money and downfall of it. It tells when not to think about doubling the money. It tells how to buy shares and when to sell them off. How to judge a company while being involved in this business of Stock Market. ETC. 

              Another good thing about the author is the real life examples that he has mentioned in the book. Rather than giving Case Studies and making this a textbook, he has given certain interesting examples- some of them real while some of them fictionally built. Then, as the book starts becoming monotonous, author has given Chapter 9th- "Invest In Happiness" which is a very happy and serene read. I loved the idea of author to include such a chapter in this highly topic-oriented book. Author's confidence in his subject can be easily seen with the way every sentence is been written. He has made whole finance and economics so easy for all the laymen who would be reading this book. I, who is totally naive in this field, a Science student, liked this book and never got bored then I can assure that anyone of you can deal with it. And I recommend this to all of you as once you'll read this book, you'll find it easy to invest and use your money that you earn with hard-work and passion. I am not giving any Ratings to this book as this piece of work needs to be kept with ourselves without any reviews.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Uff Ye Emotions" Preview!!!

I have already shared this Cover Page of  "Uff Ye Emotions" where my Short Story "A Date with Fate" is Publishing

This is how your favorite Blogger is been promoted!!! :-)

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

ARRANGED LOVE by Parul A Mittal!!!

774th BLOG POST -->>

            The 6th book of this year is done reading in a single sitting. This is what happens when you get your hands on a very interesting and heart-gripping book. Even when I am suffering with epic-kind-of-stomach-pain, it was hard for me to go to sleep/rest by keeping this book aside without turning the last page of it. :-) Finally, I am done. "Arranged Love" which also has the tagline of "Can it get more complicated?" published by Penguin Books. The cover page of book is soothing and once you'll be done reading it, you will realize that it matches perfectly with the story. This is 2nd book of Bestseller Authoress- PARUL MITTAL whose first book is famous by name "Heartbreaks and Dreams" which is story of Girls @ IIT. Parul Mittal has mentioned it during her first book's release that she turned writer just to tell the story of IIT from a girl's view after her batchmate- Chetan Bhagat got Super Success by writing about the same from a boy's view. And I disliked her first book extremely. With this book, she has categorized herself in those section of authors who got fame by Srishti Publication but opted a Major Publication House instead of Srishti for 2nd venture. :-) And I am happy to tell all that I have loved reading "Arranged Love".

               Coming to the story[I am not writing it in my language as Synopsis is exactly what the book is about without any mirch-masala added]- Suhaani is enjoying her independent status in the US and her sexy Indian American boyfriend, when suddenly she loses her job to recession. And she's forced to move back to India where her father has selected a 'boy' for her from his guitar class. Suhaani doesn't know how to tell her Internet-savvy dad and Farmville-addict mother that she's not interested in an arranged match, especially to an IlTian. She decides to dislike the guy. Except that he's not too thrilled about her either. Even when they end up working together, Suhaani decides she will not fall for this guy. But before she can turn him down, he rejects her! Find out what happens next in this racy comedy of relationships that is Arranged Love!

             Parul Mittal's first novel disappointed me a lot because I just found a simple narration about her college's life in it and I felt that she didn't have that flick of writing. But I am totally surprised to see her in a totally new Avatar in this book. Now I know how Penguin accepted her honorably. :-) All the female authoress (mostly those are married) opts to write about Arranged vs Love Story based Fiction because they give their best shot in it. Mrs. Parul has done the same. She has finally touched the nerves of what people wants from an Author with a Biography like hers. :-) The way she has connected the story by keeping the protagonist of "Arranged Love"- Suhaani the younger cousin of the protagonist of "Heartbreaks and Dreams"- Tanu is something that is a BIG WOW!!! Hats Off! The whole story right from 1st page to 232nd is interesting and not a single page bores you. I can easily claim that I will look forward to future works of Parul Mittal.

               Coming to the review- The first five pages itself notifies that the book is going to be fast paced and entertaining. Suhani's interaction with her sister Tanu as soon as she comes back to India is surprisingly entertaining. The introduction of her childhood friend- Neha is also naughty and witty. Then, her conversation with her parents especially with mother is funny and typical Indian Mother-Unmarried Daughter talk. :-) Her mother's addiction towards Farmville is funnily narrated which is really fun to read. Haha. Also, later on her mother spying the account of Suhaani's boyfriend- Jay is god damn funny. Its amusing to imagine a mother stalking her daughter's boyfriend's Facebook profile. :-) Rejection moment with Deepak is wonderfully scripted. The real story begins from there. The way Jay keeps a normal gesture while bombarding minor bombs over her through conversation that keeps on screwing her mind is another good part of the book. 

               The way Authoress has described the feeling of a girl for boy's physique is what I would appreciate because in India, it is always shown as if only boys are physically attracted while girls are quite controlled. But this book gives a real insight. Second- As some of the recent events like movies, songs etc are mentioned, it refreshes our mind because we feel as if all the characters are true and living somewhere near us. :-) Third- One Liners in the book are funny. Some of them really made me laugh.

             Coming to the drawbacks- Jay's character is boring and does not entertain. Even when Author shows that Suhaani is in love with him, all the events described with him right from start is just about lust, physical attraction and love-making. That's something off-track. Then, when the word "nipple-hardening" is used for the first time, I liked it but later on when authoress kept on talking about hardening of nipples, it irritated. Even males don't talk about erection for so many times in their book. It should have been avoided. That's all. 

             Overall, I would rate this book 3.75/5. I would have given it more if I would not have read other stories related to the same topic from female authors. And Yes, this book is a WRITTEN version of the movie "NAMASTEY LONDON". Almost. :-) Go, get the book. It's worth.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pre-order my First Published Story "Uff Ye Emotions"!!!

             The day I got a call from Vinit Bansal sir and he asked me to write a Story for an upcoming Anthology by Mahaveer Publishers, I was very skeptic as to what should I do- Make an entry with a Short story in the Publishing industry or wait and finally come with a Full Novel. But then I remembered the sayings of Super Human Beings that we shouldn't let Opportunities go from our hands as it does not come every day. We have also heard how Shahrukh Khan rejected Slumdog Millionaire but Anil Kapoor accepted it and walked Red carpets in Oscars. :-) Hence, I didn't want to commit such a mistake. I wasn't pretty excited about this venture until I saw my Name on the Back Cover Page an hour ago. :-)

              Friends, all of you have stayed with me for last 1272 days in this journey of blogging. Many of you always pinged me for writing a Novel as you felt that I will write something very different and artistic. Though its taking time, I am up with this 5000-words Love Story titled "A Date with Fate" which is part of this Anthology- "Uff Ye Emotions". This will give me a rehearsal as to how to come up with my novel in market and react to all that happens during this session of getting accepted, published, reviewed and I don't know what what.. I have just begun my Journey. Finally, your Blogger is a Published Author though of a short story but this will at least give you a belief that I will come up with my novel too. :-) 

            "Uff Ye Emotions" will be publishing on 10th February(estimated time), 2013. Till then, you can Pre-order it on Flipkart and Homeshop18 in just Rs. 90. The book will be delivered at your home and you can pay the money to the delivery boy. I hope I will get a lot of support from all of you so that my journey will get a boost and my future will get stabilized. I want to deliver a lot through writing. I hope I will. It's all in hands of all of you now. I am sharing the links below. Do take care. I am feeling short of words tonight. Little choked. I will talk in detail the day I'll hold the book in my hands. :-) This is still a Secret at home. I hope it remains to be so. I want my parents to directly touch their son's work. I hope they'll feel proud of me. 



A Maverick Heart: Between love and life by Ravindra Shukla!!!

            It becomes hard to pick and finish a book of almost 400 pages when you are used to reading books of 225-250 pages from a long while. The 5th book that I picked this year is "A Maverick heart: Between love and life" published by Leadstart Publishers. Book is of 383 pages and it is seriously very lengthy. I would recommend everyone to read it only when you are totally free from all the other stuffs of your life like college, office, family responsibilities etc. The best environment to read this book is while journeying in train or bus. It will be an excellent read then. The book was been selected by Penguin Publishers but because of some issues, author turned over to Leadstart. An unfortunate step but then, such mistake happens in a debut novel. The author Ravindra Shukla is an Engineering graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. He has been working in IT software technology. He has worked with PWC and IBM in USA for 15+ years. It is surprising to know that we have an author from IIT and not from Srishti Publications. :-) A rare of the rarest moment. Haha!

              Coming to the story of A Maverick Heart- It is the story of three young kids- Rahul, Neerav and Richita. All of them belongs to different family backgrounds with different approaches yet very close and affectionate towards each other. But life has some different plans for them. Their logic, practicality, emotions clashes against each other and all them get parted away. Being in the same IIT campus, meeting each other and befriending, they feel that their life is perfect. They love their college life a lot until Richita's family intervenes. Rahul's logic makes it difficult for everyone to stay with him. Later, all of them lands into corporate world and ends up in the realm of the social-political world. The book covers almost a journey of decade- 1996 to 2004. To know how the story moves forward, get the book and read it yourself. 

              Ravindra Shukla has a very fluent and good English. Yes, I get very few opportunities where I get to say that I got to learn something from author's language and this, fortunately, lands up in this good category. He has not used same sentences and emotions to express the events that we get to witness in almost every book. He has his own unique style which makes it evident that the author has talent to write. The way he has embedded lots of issues in a single story is appreciable. I got to learn so much from those parts. IIT's stories are abundant in market but still this is featured in its own artistic way. I can easily say that I will pick Ravindra Shukla's work next time I'll see it in market. 

              Coming to the review- The coverage of almost 10 years of all the three characters in the book is the reason why this book is good. Even when there are lots of characters in the book initially- Rahul, his mother, Richita, her parents, Roy's, Neerav, professors etc, author has succeeded in defining everyone's character uniquely that attaches us to each one of them. My favorite character of the book has been of Richita's because it is too real to be called a fictional character. :-) 

              The letter by Dr. Deen Dayal initially is so natural. The interaction of children with professors in a party-kind-of-gathering is amazing. I loved reading the part. Rahul and Richita's romance in the IIT campus is fine and mature. It isn't kept under the clouds of love making and sex but in determination and passion. The sketching part is sweet. The cheering part during Sporting ceremony is also a beautiful concept. The way Rahul and Richita has to part their ways later on in the story tells us what realistic world is and how some people have to take such decisions because of the situation. Richita's reaction to Rahul's last letter is emotional even when its expressed in just two sentences. Neerav and Richita's conversation in the Interactive session is very refreshing. Again, Deepak's coverage in the story is appreciable.

             The USP of this book is the conversations that are described between any characters at any point of time. Each one of them carries a philosophy and knowledge with a pinch of wit and wisdom in it. I just want to frame all the conversations and place them on walls of my house and read them every morning. They are so good. Not in any other book did I find such wisdom in conversations. Even if you don't have time to read the book, go through its conversation, you will learn a lot. :-) The climax of the book is some thing that satisfied me a lot because as the whole story kept on going with lots of sacrifices in every character's life, I was skeptic about the climax. 

              Coming to the drawbacks- As the 2/3rd part of the story is based in America, I found it hard to connect myself with the environment. Even the whole business processes and cities' names didn't excite me. Just because the characterization is deep, I kept on reading the book. Yeren's involvement in the story didn't create any magic and it could have been done without including her in the book. But because author wanted to show how the mentality of Americans and Indians differ, he used the character. Then, the lots of economy and politics that is discussed in the book is sometimes good but sometimes over descriptive. That's all. 

               In all, I would say that the book is different with an outstanding genre but still there was something missing because of which I am not giving it 4. I will rate it 3.75 out of 5. Go get the book. 



Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Dumb and the DumbFounded by Abhinav Shrivastava and Prerna Varma!!!

             The fourth book of 2013 is been read. Reading is the best habit that I have and hence, I keep on promoting as much as I can so that others reading this medium can also indulge into this habit as it is been said to be the best Habit by many great men in history. :-) This time, I have read "The Dumb and the Dumbfounded" which also has the tagline "Life as we see it!". This is 231-pages novel published by ABC Publishers. This is the first time when I have picked up this publisher and I am satisfied with the quality of the cover page, pages, binding etc. I would like to specially mention that Cover Page of the book is something that I have seen very rarely- 5/5 to it.  The book is written in co-authorship by Abhinav Shrivastava and Prerna Varma. Both of them are debutantes and it is the first time when they have written a novel. Both are writers who have pursued their education from Amity University and Delhi University. They have written over 500 articles for local sections of leading newspapers and websites while freelancing for magazines. They work for causes like cerebral palsy, fight against female feticide and right to education. 

For few, college is the temple of learning, for some it is their ticket to romance, for others it is a place to make new friends, creating countless memories !
What does 'college' mean to you?Does it remind you of your 'best friend?'The friend who has been there, shared your dreams, acted as an advisor and an agony aunt!
But what if this same 'friend' betrays you, tries to sabotage your career and threatens to reveal every single detail of your life?
Would you sit in a corner and sob? Or would to stand up and retaliate?
'The Dumb and the Dumbfounded' is a tale of two friends- Aarav and Dhruv, who embark on a thrilling ride of life.But soon the thin line between thrill and fright starts to dissipate.
Aarav begins to lead a 'dual life.'Dhruv gives a new meaning to IIT.And one of them discovers other's plans.
Would they forgive and forget? Or would they seek vengeance? But first, they have to make the ends meet, without actually making them meet!
This is a journey where there's nothing right or wrong.

                 Coming to the authors- As they are young debutantes, I did find some drawbacks in their writing but I was satisfied with no grammar and spelling mistakes in the book. They have kept the book as simple as possible. They have generally targeted the age-group of 16 to 22, it seems. Because, the book is too simple for anyone who has passed out from college. The college children would love to read the book. Narration is fine. At few places, it seemed as if authors wanted to touch a landmark but missed it by couple of steps. They'll have to work little more before writing their 2nd novel. I would suggest them to read more books in this genre. It will surely help them to get the real way in which one should carry forward a story which has suspense hidden in it. Else, I would say that their writing skills didn't disappoint me. 

              Coming to the review, the first chapter of the book itself gives a feel that we are not going to read something that young authors publish these days. The initial pages of the book are very interesting when it's about lying to the stranger by the characters of the book and later meeting him/her co-incidentally and then dealing with it casually. The characters are defined very well. What I liked about the book is that authors haven't inserted sexual and intimate scenes to add spices in the story even when the book is about flirting, loving, committing, ditching etc. They have kept it decent. Kudos. College life ends soon in the first half itself. Another exciting feature of this novel. As soon as the ambitions and career's talks comes in the book, my reading pace fastened. The fights that both-Aarav and Dhruv keep having with their girlfriends in respective relationships are funny and cheap. Haha! The second half of the book is, actually, the winner. And the best part of the book is its climax. It saved the book.

             Coming to the drawbacks- The book is very slow. I felt that they should have added more ingredients in these 231 pages than the very few that they have. The diary part should have been written in some different form and format rather than in the same tone as the whole book is been written. Narration sometimes felt weak, I think its because of the lack of co-ordination between both the authors at times. I felt that there wasn't any need of describing few things in detail as they are already understandable. As the book is about unfolding the suspense in the end of it, authors should have made the plot little doubtful at times so that it would have been fun when the story unfolds in the end. 

             But still, the climax is the winner and for me, it saved the book, literally. I can say that this is a book-form of the comedy movie- Garam Masala where two males keep fighting for girls and also against each other. If you enjoyed watching Garam Masala, you will love reading this book. :-) I would give it 2.75/5. One-time read? Yes, for the age group of 16-22. 



Spicy Bites of Biryani by Ashwina Garg!!!

            Third book of this year is also been read. This book was a short read because of its simple language and narration. I am talking about newly released book “Spicy Bites of Biryani” which also has the tagline “because life needs a little masala”. This 225-pages book is published by Srishti Publications.[And Yes, this is the first review of this book on InternetThe cover page is beautifully done. The title of the book is too creative to go with the content of the book. It has been for the first time when I have seen that Srishti hasn’t given the biography of an author on the other side of front cover but it is scribbled at the back cover just like Rupa publications does. Suddenly, I am seeing a good change in Srishti through this book but I am too disappointed to see the price of the book rising from 100 to 150 Rs. While the books of Srishti are available at 60 to 70 rs on E-commerce websites, this one is available for more than 100 rs. When the number of pages is the same that the Publication has been publishing since years, why this hike in price? Isn’t it injustice to this debutant author? This is my serious request to the Publisher to please not to hike the price of your books because readers have been attached to Srishti because of its reasonable pricing in market when compared to books by other Publications. 

            Spicy Bites of Biryani is written by the debutant authoress- Mrs. Ashwina Garg- who lives in Hyderabad with her husband and two kids. She studied accountancy and has worked as an entrepreneur, a German translator and a technical writer. Coming to her writing style, I would say that she has handled her first book with utmost care and concern which readers will surely love to read. The successful female authors in our country who writes in this genre are famous because of the way they have been writing by portraying what a female thinks about men- married and unmarried. Ashwina Garg has just categorized her in this classic group which includes great names like Preeti Shenoy, Varsha Dixit, Komal Mehta etc. She has kept the book funny at times while too thoughtful in some other parts of it. She has given a perfect shape to each character that made me imagine all of them as someone whom I know from a long time. In short, I would say that she has excelled in her first book and I would love to read more books from her which is women-centric. 

               The book is about four characters. The synopsis of the book is perfectly done hence I would not try to define the story in my language. It’s here- “Sanjay is a US- returned software millionaire determined to have an arranged marriage after selling his company and breaking up with his two-timing girlfriend. Aditi is a commitment-phobic writer who can’t figure out what her next book is about but has perfected the art of break-ups. Mayank and Jayshree are the perfect couple. If only they weren’t dealing with rude relatives, killing deadlines, procreation pressures and those ultimate romance-killers..Monotony and boredom! This light-hearted story traces the lives of these four successful, thirty-something friends who all come to the same conclusion… The hardest thing about having the perfect life is keeping it that way!” 

                Coming to the review- It’s a typical stuff that one would expect from a married female author. And that’s the good part about it. Mayank and Jayshree’s relationship makes us think about how we would be after our marriage. Sometimes, it makes us feel good about it while sometimes, it scares. She has portrayed their married relationship very well. The complications that they meet when it comes to giving birth to baby is also handled respectfully. Author has made it sure that she is not letting anyone’s sentiments towards marriage and having baby hurt. The confusion that is shown in the relationship of unmarried Sanjay and Aditi is the USP of this book. I just loved reading their parts. And wonderfully, they are given the whole coverage in the book. Aditi has turned out to be my favorite character. Beautifully portrayed! Even when the authoress is the first time author, she has managed to narrate Aditi’s writing journey perfectly. I related with her Writer’s character very easily. Even Sanjay’s character is given full justice. 

                 I loved the scene when Aditi goes to Sanjay’s new flat and the scene of both of them sitting together with both their knees touching each other with scraps all around. Then, the marriage proposal is also another beautiful scenario. Also, all the reasons why Aditi does not want to get married are also done perfectly. Sanjay’s rich life and middle-class relatives scenario is something I would say I loved authoress for. The flat thing between Sanjay and Sheetal is too cheap to be discussed and I seriously enjoyed and laughed like anything in all those parts. Also, the climax of the book isn’t ended with marrying of the couples but by something unpredictable that I didn’t think book would end like. In all, everything that the author wanted to put into the book has been done without stretching the story for a single page. Yes!

                 Coming to the drawbacks, initially the book does not pick up nicely nor does it make you confident that you might like it in future. The sub-plots in the first half does irritates as the story does not move forward. It seems to be boring. Though the book had one-liners, it would have been better with more humor. Mayank and Jayshree ‘s part should have been little more in the book, at least by 10 pages. And I didn’t like Aditi’s character’s assassination by mentioning again and again about her innumerable ex-boyfriends. Yes, I am little emotional and sentimental when it comes to this.  In all, I would rate the first attempt of the debut authoress- 3.75/5. If you have loved reading any of the top 3 authoresses I have mentioned, you can definitely pick up Mrs Ashwina Garg. 


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Te Amo... I LOVE YOU by Rohit Sharma!!!

            Reading the title and seeing the cover page of the book, you would have understood that this space is going to turn monotonous for some weeks. Right? :-) I am not sorry because reading is a good habit and I am trying to build this into everyone coming across this space. At 4 AM in the morning, I am done reading Rohit Sharma's "Te Amo.. I LOVE YOU". The cover page also says," Join Isabella and Aryan in their journey of love". I have finally ended reading the whole journey of 310 pages. This book is by Mahaveer Publishers. They usually publish books of less than 200 pages but as they have surpassed their limit, they have also increased the price of this book from their usual 125 Rs to 175. Something that I won't appreciate but I have nothing in my hand except pleading them to not to do this again. The cover page of the book is excellently designed by Pinaki De. Cover page itself looks like a 50 Rs stuff- the amount that the publishers have increased. Haha! 

              Let's know the Author first. Rohit Sharma is born in Amritsar, and brought up in Faridabad, Rohit Sharma is a Senior Software Engineer by profession. Working with one of the world's top MNCs, Rohit has successfully represented his organization in USA and England. Apart from being a Gold-Medalist in Engineering (Honors), and earning the title of the Hall of Fame of his college, Rohit successfully represented his college at various dancing and sketching competitions. His debut intense romance fiction, Te Amo I Love You began in 2009, after an extensive research on the Spanish culture, which enchanted him completely. 

              Coming to his writing style, I would say I prefer reading someone who can form such sentences and use such words throughout the book. While reading any book, I concentrate over the language that the author has used. If I get to learn something, I appreciate it and hence, Kudos to you debutante. Writers always say that they are not English teacher, I agree. But you aren't even meant to write an English book which while reading seems to be written by a 3rd grade child. Hence, I would say that Rohit Sharma has worked hard upon his English and the book. His efforts are easily visible. But only a request, next time, please don't write a love story again nor a thriller. I want to see a totally new genre this time. I would love to explore your writing style in new genre now. 

                Te-Amo is a passionate love story of Aryan and Isabella. While Aryan is Indian, Isabella is Spanish. He meets her for the first time in London. Love at first sight happens. He tries to meet her again and fortunately, he finds her in her University. Then, they start meeting each other and finally end up in a committed relationship. Their world seems to be beautiful and perfect when Ethan enters. He is already been committed by Isabella's father that he'll get Ethan and Isabella married together. Ethan has no attachment with Isabella. He just wants to use her body for his lust. And once Isabella and Aryan are back to her hometown, the whole twists and turns in their love story begins. And from here, the story takes a totally new fold. To know what happens, get the book. :-)

              Coming to the good points first. It's good that author has divided the book appropriately whenever the regions are been changed by the couple. The first part when the protagonists meet for the first time is wonderfully written. Initial pages of romance is the best part of this book. If not for anything, I would ask everyone to read this book for its LONDON part. Romance is wonderfully crafted every time couple gets cozy and physical. Rather than the love for body, author has been successful in portraying the boy's love for girl rather than for her body even when he is physically involved with her. Very few Indian authors are able to do this. Then, the meeting of Aryan and Velan is another beautiful segment. The entry of Ethan isn't as scary as it should have been but later on, when he attacks Aryan and takes away Isabella, it is something that makes us visualize a Bollywood movie villain. 

              And then, I would say that every time Spanish is been used in the book, the part has automatically turned cute, cuter and cutest. Birth of a child in the book is also beautifully handled. And then, I would directly go to the 23rd chapter- Life Goes On. Angel and Aryan's chat and relationship is wonderfully portrayed. 

               Coming to the drawbacks now. I do understand that an author feels that the amount of creativity he can show while describing the nature tells how good a writer he/she is. But unfortunately, over description irritates sometimes. It happened often in the book. Then, physical intimacy for the first or second time in full description excites us to read more. But a physical intimacy in the second half of the book didn't attract me a bit. While the first half of the book is something for which I will rate the book very highly but the second half is too dragged and stretched. The book could have been short by 50-60 pages easily. It shouldn't have crossed 250-pages mark. Though the author tried to show how Aryan fights against Ethan for his love-Isabella, the fight is been dragged for a very long time. Then, the ending of the love after reading such a long story isn't something that I was expecting from the author. He tried to compensate the tragic part by the entrance of a new character in the end but still.. I am heart broken. 

            In all, I would say that the book is the mixture of all the Bollywood hit romantic movies. Every page will take you to some part of some Bollywood movie. The whole part of Ethan in the story made me remember Ek Tha Tiger where both the protagonists keeps on running throughout the movie. If you are a fan of Bollywood romantic movies of 1990s and even those that releases now, this book is surely meant for you. And as Valentine's day is coming near or at any point of time, you can easily gift this to your partner. He/she'll start caring for you more after reading this saga. :-) To the first part, I would give 4/5. And to the second, 2/5. Overall, it's 3/5 from my side. 


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nobody Dies a Virgin... by Sanjay K Shukla!!!

           So finally, I am back with much awaited Book reviews. No, not from your point of view but mine. I was waiting from a long time to get back to the world of reading and write about them in my Blogs so that those trust my reviews can get the recommended books for themselves without worrying about their pocket money getting wasted. Because of my First Semester MCA exam I had to leave the world of books and novels in the end of October 2012 itself. Since then, I am just waiting for the day when I would again begin with my reading. Finally, the first book is done and I am up with the first review of this year. Enjoy!!! 

             I am done reading "Nobody Dies a Virgin.." which also has the tagline "Life Screws us All". The book is been published by Srishti Publication. And its the debut novel of Sanjay K. Shukla who hails from Pantnagar, a reputed university town in the state of Uttarakhand. After his post-graduation from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in 2007, Sanjay spent four years with General Electric - Aviation. Recently he has joined Aeronautical Development Agency, Ministry of Defense. Between the chores of corporate life and his personal commitments, he completed his first novel titled 'Nobody Dies a Virgin'. Apart from writing, the author makes time to pursue his interest in dance, swimming and gliding. Sanjay also pens short poems from time to time. Every time I read a book that is a combo on an IITian and Srishti Publication, I expect a lot from it because I have always loved reading such desi material. With this book, I had the same expectations and I enjoyed reading this novel.

               NDAV is the story of three friends- Aadi, Tapan and Harsh. Aadi- the main protagonist is one of those ambitious students who fight with the whole world for getting the dream fulfilled. He makes it sure that he is not working on a project alone but with the help of both his friends. Tapan and Harsh takes time to decide if they want to work on this project along with their studies and academic project but somehow, they agree to work on this kind-of-fictional project(from their point of view). And from here, the real journey starts. They get into the bad books of a Professor who decides to screw their degree and career while Aadi makes it sure that he is not giving up. Since friends have to suffer because of him but he still makes it sure that he is not letting any one suffer because of his dream. This is one of the few books which will make you realize what a passion is and how one fights against the world for it. Do read the book to get into this journey of passion.

              Coming to the writer, Sanjay K Shukla seems to be a passionate himself for Aeronautics as he works in the same field. He has embedded his knowledge in the field very appropriately in the book. While reading "Nobody Dies a Virgin...", I remembered the National Bestseller "Wings of Fire" by most respected former President of India- APJ ABDUL KALAM. I got almost the same feel that I got while reading the Wings of Fire. The only problem that I had with the author was- the language throughout the book is very technical. Even while specifying the scene among the friends and campus stories, author still uses a language that isn't very smooth. It's little twisted. Else, I loved the way whole passion for aeronautics has been displayed in these 225 pages.

               I would like to point out some good parts of the story. The first scene where Aadi discusses Aeronautics is passionate. The party scene where Jaswinder slaps Sid is a laugh-out-loud moment. Sonia's entrance in the story is not kept quite glamorous but reserved which I liked. Aadi and Dr. Subbarao's argument in the classroom is something that I would like to try in my college life against some grass-headed teacher. Harsh's tragedy in the middle of the story is something that makes us cry. After 189th page, you get involved with the process of the project in a high intensity which leads to the increase in speed of reading. :-) Flymoto becomes our own project in the same way as for the people involved with it in the book. Flymoto's success in the pre-climax is kept balanced without letting it get filmy, the way I wanted it to be. Rounding up, the best part of the book is that even when its all about Aeronautics and Science, you won't feel left out. You will still love reading those parts where science is involved. 

               Coming to the drawbacks- Author has used a technical kind of a language even in those parts where no technicalities were needed. As the author kept the whole story on a plot, he didn't add some fun into it which we expect while picking up a College campus story. The character of Sonia isn't used much which I wanted to. The protest scene isn't done with the kind of enthusiasm I was expecting from it. The sex scene is little too much but I understand the plight of author as publisher demands such scenes in book. But still, the scene went on extremely explicit side. 20 pages after Flymoto's success in the end are stretched without meaning. Except that, author should have added some funny scenes as fillers in the story. And in the end, the title of the book should have been something related to plane, sky or something in spite of someone not dying as a virgin. Complain!

              Overall, it's a recommendable book for those who are in the Aeronautics field itself, for those who love reading Campus stories, who love Science and for those who have been waiting for a long time for a good IITian stuff. I would give it 3.5/5. 



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