Saturday, June 23, 2012

Heartbreaks & Dreams! The Girls @ IIT by Parul A. Mittal !!!

              Majority started reading and writing after Chetan Bhagat's Five Point Someone. Neither did people know much about books before it nor did so many authors got published. But since Chetan Bhagat became a household's name, the interest towards Books generated among masses in India. Since then, the publication like Srishti gave a kind of Open Letter invitation to all the IITians and IIMians passed management students to script their Love stories and send it to them. They kept on publishing one after another making IITians more famous among readers and students. One such author- Parul A. Mittal also got published by Srishti. Surprisingly, she is Chetan Bhagat's batchmate from IIT. And since her batchmate published the male point of view about IIT, she kept thinking what would it be if a female writes her version. And that gave birth to her first book- "Heartbreaks & Dreams!- The Girls @ IIT". Parul Mittal did her B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi in 1995, followed by MCS from Ann Arbor. After 12 years in the corporate world, she is currently freelancing as an IT consultant. 

           Coming to the story of the book, it is just another book on IIT and its education system, how one gets into friendship, then lands into doing useless and crap things, how one gets demotivated by poor marks, how a new crush develops for someone and other elements of IIT. 

              Parul Mittal, as her introduction itself says in the book that she wasn't a writer by heart, this first book is result of writing only because she wanted to write after her batchmate, Chetan Bhagat got famous with his piece on IIT. Therefore, you will find many such defects in her writing style. It's just a narration and there's nothing that can excite you or make you laugh out loud. It's a simple story which any of us can write on our college days. Hence, I am not much impressed with the work. I hope Parul Mittal comes out with an over all different personality in her second book. But to this one, I will just give 1/5. 




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