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           OK. You have to suffer again. I am going to review a book again. But what can I do. When I read something, I want to spread my words about it. You suffer. I know but the good readers enjoy the reviews. So, here it is .. An another review.

            Yesterday night, I completed a new book named THE WHITE TIGER by ARAVIND ADIGA. This book is awarded with the BOOKER PRIZE - 2008. It's a big book and not a normal books you see here and there with the romantic lovers. I always heard about this book that it's a book which can make you think about yourself and it may raise questions on your patriotism. So, finally I read it. First, let's talk about the Author. Aravind Adiga was born in Madras in 1974. He had lived in 4 different countries- India, Australia, US and UK. Currently, he lives in Mumbai. The White Tiger is the first novel of Aravind Adiga. Aravind Adiga has a different sense of writing. His writing can make you think about what's true and what's untrue. I am moved by his style of writing. Generally, when you write a book, you follow the footsteps of other authors you liked or you admire. But this man has his own way of writing. I loved this innovative style of his writing.

            THE WHITE TIGER is the tale of a boy named BALRAM who is a HALWAAI by his caste. He is different from the world. Because of his uniqueness and his unique way of lifestyle, one of his teacher named him THE WHITE TIGER. He is born in a small village of India into a darkness. He isn't very rich and he is addicted to the village life. His parents forced him to cease studies and he is made to work in a tea shop. He always wants to run from this place. At last, his dreams come true when a big landlord hires him as a driver for his family. He, now, leaves everything and start working as a driver here for his master. Whatever money he gets, he sends it to his home at his dark village - Laxmangarh. Because of this job, Balram sees Delhi for the first time. He is startled to see a city being a villager. After sometime, he feels that he is tangled into a cage. He is a slave and not a master of his mind. Now, he starts thinking of running from here. He kills his master and escapes from there. He committed this crime. Now, is he caught? Is he hanged till death? For this, go and buy this book.

      Coming to my review for this book, I must say that I didn't enjoyed this tale in some parts. I felt that the story was stretched. It could have been completed in 200 to 230 pages but the writer has completed it in 300 pages. Sometimes, you feel that the incidents which are talked about in the book has to do nothing with the story in flow. This is where I think this book didn't impressed me. Otherwise, the way in which Aravind had shown the two faces of India. A rich and a poor. A city and a village. Is very nice. Its very impressive to read the view of a poor boy about both the places. But again, I would say that Aravind should have researched a lot before writing such an important subject. It would have added flavors to the story. One thing, I liked in the book is that as the writer has decided to talk on a subjective topic, he didn't wasted any time in describing the love life of the boy. This is the first book I have read this summer which had no love story and I liked it. Aravind had very beautifully said about the corruptions and frauds going around in India. Rich are eating poor peoples and these peoples can't do anything against them. I will give this book 3 stars out of 5. But I would recommend everyone to read this book atleast once. 



Love, Life & A Beer Can ! ...should all be served chilled !! by Prashant Sharma


            Again a review. Abuse me its OK but I can't stop telling about the books I like and I read. This time I am talking again about a debut book from the writer Prashant Sharma. Prashant Sharma had completed his engineering from the Delhi College of Engineering and completed his MBA from IIM-L. The man wrote his first novel with the support of Srishti Publishers- LOVE, LIFE & A BEER CAN ! ...should all be served chilled!! This book is again a Fictional work. Actually, if you all think that I do timepass reading only fictions and false stories, I want to clarify that I also read non-fictional books but I don't feel like talking about them as nobody cares about the review given by a common man on the non-fictional books so its better to talk about Fiction as the name of the books makes a reader read the whole blog to get something as a clue to purchase a new book. Lets come to the point- Book..

             Love, Life & A Beer Can! ...should all be served chilled!! is a book about a boy Raj Malhotra whose name is very familiar with the characters in Yashraj movies. As the name , he is also a film and movie freak which makes him mad to become an actor. He migrates to Mumbai to be an actor but fails. The book starts with the boy studying in junior college and ends with his marriage. Raj Malhotra is a guy who doesn't understands love at the first but as soon as he gets married, he gets the real definition of LOVE. He and his friends are the most craziest student of their college which creates many laughter moments while reading. I loved the part when the Chotu was been acused by a call girl. Haa... It was a wonderful part. Also loved all the marriage scenes this author had broadcasted in this book. The cover page says that the book is something where Raj killed someone and seems to be a murder mystery book but it is not. Not even the 3 pages of this book is dedicated to the person he killed. I don't know why the author planned such a gimmick to sell his book. I am not saying that I picked up this book for that killing part but still I kept waiting till the climax of the book that there will be something about the man he killed but there was nothing. Story was the best it could have been but it had nothing to do with that killing part which is used to introduce this book.

     Coming to my review, hmm ... Prashant Sharma is a man with a good humor and has an ability to make you laugh out loud with the sentences he implements while writing his story. A book when starts with a confusion has to modify itself as soon as possible to save itself from the abuses of reader. But this book starts with an easy storyline which makes you able to remember all the names of the character and their relation with Raj. This is what I loved in this book. There were more than 25 sentences in this book which made me laugh with a huge sound around. The book is written so well that after you finish it, it seems like you are a friend of Prashant Sharma and know him from many years. This is what author creates magic in this book. A great work by Prashant Sharma and I hope to get more good stories from him. My ratings for this book is 4 out of 5 stars. Now, you can understand how nice this book was. I just loved it. Thanks Prashant Sharma for giving me such a book to read. Keep Writing. And Yaa...At last you are not only an author , you are a good author..



To Whom It May Concern: bad! by Shariq Iqbal


              Again a book. I hope all of you aren't getting bored by the reviews. It is just for the sake of readers who needs to know about the books before they spend their money on it. I am the reviewer who never criticizes. I love pointing the good characteristics of the book and author. I don't believe in criticizing the work which I'm unable to do. Hope you are getting what I'm trying to say. I prefer reading the books written by new authors. The debut book of any author is far interesting as he gives his or her best at their first. In this series, 1 more book is added. Its "To Whom It May Concern: bad!" by Shariq Iqbal. As everytime I do , I talk about the author first but this time I'm helpless, I searched the whole internet but didn't got any new news about this author. So I can't state what does he do and all but I can do state about what I felt about him. He his the 2nd Muslim author I read. Mostly, whay happens that Islamic followers keep talking about their religion numerous times but when you find someone who isn't talking about his or her religion then it's the time that you start finding new things from this person. Same was the case with Shariq Iqbal. When I read his name I thought he would be talking about his religion again and again but to my surprise this man has impressed me a lot as he wrote the whole book as a common human being and not an Islamic follower. 

             The book -  "To Whom It May Concern: bad!" is a fictional story which consists of many dramatic scenes. But its easy to digest them as the writing style of the author keeps you holding. I finished this book in 2 hours. I don't know how I went so fast but this story was so interesting that I think when I'll read this book for the 2nd time, I'll finish it in half an hour itself. This book of 186 pages is so pure and so unique that you can't think of skipping a word or two while reading the book. This is the story about a boy- ALI who is drawn into drugs, bunks and all the common factors which an engineering students has. All his life was fucked when suddenly he starts loving a girl named Divya. As soon as the lady enters the book, you start struggling with how will both of them meet. At last, without proposing they have a kiss while watching movie in a multiplex and as they come out of the theatre after the movie, they find themselves in love and speechless relationship. Finally, both of them are engaged and now boy keeps roaming near her hostel, meeting her, loving her and hanging-out with her. A very true love story typo story this is. Parallel to this, the story of the bond between the friends - Ali and Gopal also keeps flowing. Its also one of the best part of this book. I got little solaced in the climax of the book. It felt like there was much to say but because of some limitations, Shariq has left the book middle-way itself. Climax could have been more nerve-touching. But whatever a good book and Yaa..You can read this one more than one time easily..

     Now my review, I didn't liked the book at the start because it seems to be boring but it didn't took a lot of time for me to understand that patience is what I should deal with to get an excellent stroke at the next ball and yaa it happened in the same way. After initial pages as soon as the story takes it pace, it holds you. It held me for 2 hours continuously and I finished this book in this short period of time. I loved the book not because of the fictional story or a love story but the way every moment was described. The way of narrating a simple story can change the outlook of the story. I would not say that this book has some unique story but still this book has the flick to stick you. I would recommend everyone who is fond of Fictional books to read this one. I loved this book and would rate it 3 out of 5 stars.. Not bad.. 



Of Course I Love You..! TILL I FIND SOMEONE BETTER... by Durjoy Dutta and Maanvi Ahuja


          So today, I am going to talk about the National Bestseller - "Of Course I Love You..! TILL I FIND SOMEONE BETTER..." by Durjoy Dutta and Maanvi Ahuja. This book had already crossed 25,000 mark and still moving on. Durjoy Dutta and Maanvi Ahuja both are young and smart personalities. Durjoy Dutta seems to be a rockstar and a dancer while I was flat when I saw Maanvi Ahuja. After reading the names of the writers, I felt that how can a girl and a boy meet together to write a book? They didn't faced any difference of thoughts and views kya? But when I read that they sometimes argued so much that they didn't wanted to see each other face for weeks , then i came to knew that Yaa, they are as ordinary human being as I am.. Haha.. But still i want to know that are these both writers a couple themselves or just FRIENDS !!! ??? If they are just friends then I want to know how did they discussed the sexual parts and love-making parts with each other? This book came in the market in 2008. Both the writers had completed their graduations and are in job right now. Both of them were blogger and later they are a published writers now. 

              Coming to the book, "Of Course I Love You..! TILL I FIND SOMEONE BETTER..." is a fictional story which doesn't seems to be like a fiction. The writers had scripted it so well that every situation and every scenes seems to be so real that you start comparing the character's situation with your life. This book is about a guy DEB who is none other than a playboy. He keeps on changing girlfriend, having sex with them and going into a new term called Break-up. His last girlfriend Smriti was irritating to him and thus he wanted to leave her but he was feeling it weird to break her heart as this girl was mad in love with him. He kept his playboyrism on till he finds his true love in Avantika. Meeting Avantika change him. He starts behaving sincerely and he owes all his life in the love for this girl. At last, this girl leaves Deb saying that she still loves him but her guru- Sri Guru doesn't want her to give pains to anymore people. She had already broke the heart of two guys so this time she didn't wanted to spoil the life of any new boy as both of them went into drug's world. Deb tries to contact her many a time saying that he wanted to talk to her but she never agreed for the same. At last, Deb gets trapped under depression and now he wanted to kill himself. His life had nothing to appreciate now. He was jobless. He wasn't placed anywhere as he was banned to give any more interviews because he misbehaved in the first placement interview with the interviewers. All his friends move towards different cities as they were placed somewhere or the other. Now he is all alone and struggles with his life. I would not like to tell what happened after all this. For knowing this, go and buy this book.

   I loved the story. I liked the way it is projected. Yaa, sometimes it gets boring reading the same type of activities by the main character but it changes when the story come towards Avantika. The last part about how Avantika left him and the way his life was struggling with loneliness and depression reminded me of my condition 1.5 years ago when someone left me and I just kept reasoning what wrong had I done that she left me. Whatever.. I don't want to remember that animal again. The way sex and love-making scenes are described made me laugh. It is so interesting. I give this book 3.5 stars out of 5. You can read this book in a one go as it has everything from Drama to emotions. Good Luck Durjoy and Maanvi. I love you both. and Maanvi, I have a crush on you..Uff!!!!

 Thanks ...




               Again, I am going to talk about a book. This time , not from an Indian author but a book from a Brazilian writer. Its none other than the author of 14 different books - PAULO COELHO !!! Paulo Coelho is one on the biggest author known worldwide for his spiritual books. He had already published 14 books. Lets name them. Lets see do I remember the name of all his 14 books or not. The books are as follows - The Pilgrimage , The Valkyries , By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept , The Fifth Mountain, Veronika Decides to Die, The Devil and Miss Prym, Manual of the Warrior of Light, Eleven Minutes, The Zahir, The Alchemist, Like the Flowing River, The Witch of Porobello, Brida and The Winner Stands Alone. Huffff!!! Finally, I remember all the name. Lets talk about the author first as this is my style of reviewing a book. This man Paulo Coelho is mostly famous for the 2 books- The Alchemist and Eleven Minutes. His book is sold more than 100 millions worldwide and is translated into 66 different languages. He is known for his spirituality and making people understand about their life and its importance. He can be said as Guruji !!!

               Now coming to the book- THE ALCHEMIST !!! This is the book about a boy named Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who dreams of travelling the world in search of a treasure as extravagant as any ever found. From his home in Spain he journeys to the exotic markets of Tangiers and then into the Egyptian desert, where a fateful encounter with the alchemist awaits him. This story just depics the journey of a boy to search the treasure. And it focuses on all the spiritual and motivating messages he receives on his path from the elder people. This way he keeps proceeding towards his treasure. And at the end he comes to know what is the real treasure of our life and how it is achieved. The book is very spiritual. It is said about THE ALCHEMIST that there's a book in 1 decade which changes the life of many people and THE ALCHEMIST is one of them. This book is sold more than 30 Millions copies. 

     But, I didn't like this book. I would rate this book as 2 out of 5 and nothing more. After reading this book, I have decided not to read PAULO COELHO again. His book is very different which has not effected my life even by a bit of improvement. Neither it has pushed me to do something in life. I would suggest everyone to read Robin Sharma's THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI, WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE or 2 parts of THE GREATNESS GUIDE. They are much motivating books and will really improve you as they have done to me. I think PAULO COELHO is great but I didn;t like him because of the vast difference in our culture. He is Brazilian and I am an Indian. This can be the biggest factor why I didn;t liked his way of writing. But whatever, PAULO COELHO - Bye Bye !!!!





            This one is all about the book - RIGHT FIT WRONG SHOE by VARSHA DIXIT. This is the first time that I have read a novel by a female writer. I had some instinct within me that Male writers are better than female writers when it comes to fiction. I think I am right after reading this book. Actually, there's no problem with Varsha Dixit , problem is that she is a lady.She can't use bad words as the male writers do. She can't ellaborate the sex and love-making moments between the characters of the book as the male writers do. The girl in the Indian society are termed as decent and this is what Varsha Dixit has proved in her writing.

            This book is a story about Aditya and Nandini. Both of them loved each other but because of some misconceptions and arguments both of them separated their ways. But when Aditya returned back to Kanpur- The hometown of Nandini , the fight for revenge started. Nandini worked under his organization and he troubled her a lot by over-loading her with a lots of work and making her work for late in the office. He sometimes even tried to humiliate her in personal. He still loved her but the feel of revenge was at its high in his soul and aggression. Nandini never retaliated as she didn't wanted to make a big issue about all this. There was many a times when Aditya tried to be come close physically with Nandini on the basis of their past relationship. Nandini didn't supported this act but she realized that she too loves him a lot. 

           This book is quite tough at the start because of the 20 different characters in the book. This book is little different than the Chetan Bhagat's fiction as here the author narrates a story rather than making herself the main character. The first half seems to be little disappointing as the story doesn't take a good and interesting pace but as the second-half starts, you feel like ending the book at a one go. I liked the second half of this book very much. A lady writer rocked this time with this book. Author Varsha Dixit is coming with her next novel in few months which will be the sequel to this one. This book is the same as the daily soaps we watch our mothers following daily. Varsha Dixit can be said as the Ekta Kapoor of writing field. She can be a script writer of a romantic Hindi movie in the future. Varsha Dixit, I am sorry for saying you a Stupid writer in my previous blog for which you have replied me on twitter. I am so sorry as I termed you with the wrong word without even reading your whole book. I gave the judgment at the start itself. Sorry for that and now I can easily claim you as a decent lady opining her romantic thoughts in a good book with an entertaining story. 





          Today I am going to talk about the book - LOVE, LUST & LIFE by AZHAN AHSAN. Lets talk about the author first. Azhan Ahsan is just 21 years old. He is one of the youngest writer and is unofficially said as POP OF LIARS. His book is published by Expression Publication which is founded by Mandar Kokate. Mandar Kokate was when rejected for several times for his book- OH SHIT NOT AGAIN , he decided to publish his book himself. This was the first time he published any book from his publication and this Azhan's work is the 2nd 1. Azhan Ahsan has proved that to write a good book and to write a sensible book, Experience doesn't matter but a good observation and a good common sense is indispensable. The name spreads the word that this book may be the same as what Chetan Bhagat write and Mandar Kokate had written in his first book. But when you will start reading the book , you will find that Azhan has started something which had never been tried before by any writer. Azhan according to me is the cleverest author I had read till now. Robin Sharma is a different thing, but Azhan is actually what is called a witty and intelligent person.

              Now coming to the book, this book is about the story of a boy- Ameen Jalal who always spoke lies throughout his life. And through this story he wants the world to know about his lies. This boy is born in an orthodox Muslim Family. The father is strict while mother is sweet and not stringent like father. Father admits him into a Madrassa while mother keeps poking his father for letting him join an English medium school as she wanted her son to learn this language. At last , his mother wins and he is been admitted into an English Medium School. Life plays a more luck with him and finally he is sent to Mumbai. Here he finds a girl- Priyanka. He starts coaching her for Basketball as he knew this sport right from his childhood. This relation of coach and struggling player turns into love and then they proliferate their relation and takes it to the level of Sex and Intercourse. Ameen is lost into the glamorous eyes of this girl and forgets his childhood friend who he promised will marry after returning from Mumbai- Zareen. At last, Zareen is married to an another guy and he marries Priyanka. But nobody from Ameen and Zareen knows that they are married. At last when both of them comes to know about this, Zareen gets mad and furious on him as he kept lying her and kept making a pile of false promises while Ameen gets shocked and emotional to see that Zareen suffered a lot because of him and is at last married to a stranger and is not happy with him. At last, there's a murder and Ameen is dead. I don't want to reveal the suspense about who killed him and how does this whole scenario takes place. For this , read this book.

      Now, all of you will say that what is so special in this book. There are lots of specialty in this book. First of all a Muslim boy has written his feelings for his religion as frankly as anyone can state the confusion on his or her religion. Second, this book is not about a span of time and period in a character's life. It is a good fiction story about the whole life of the character from the Birth to Death. Third and the best specialty is the wit of the writer- AZHAN AHSAN. He haven't specified any dates and years in his book to let the readers know about which period of time he is talking about. In spite of this, he has described what was going on in India at that moment like a new film Hum Aapke Hain Kaun is released. Now you have to brainstorm that what period of time was when this film was released. The writer keeps on giving the headlines of the news of that period of time when his life was moving parallel to it. It is a fun reading the news as it seems like this is the book of a stylish journalist who has remembered every news and current issues by its date, month and year all his life. This presents the intelligence and knowledge of this writer. This is the best part of this book. I would recommend every reader of my blog and this post mainly that please read this book. Don't leave it if you get it. Buy this book and keep it with you. Excellent Novel and a new genius on the plot- AZHAN AHSAN. 





              Recently, I went to a guest's house with my mother. When both the ladies got engaged in their gossips, I started searching for some books around. Finally I got a shelf and I moved my eyes from one book to another when suddenly a book with an attractive name struck me. The book is " LOVE, LIFE AND DREAM ON" by ANIMESH VERMA. When the author wrote this book, he was studying in the 2nd year at IIT Mumbai. I recently read in a newspaper that Animesh Verma is not happy with the Chetan Bhagat's work. He says that as an IITian there's many things to point out and bring a change in society. His book consist nothing of them. I read this and thought that a debut writer with his first book which is still to be famous and successful is giving such a big remark on the biggest English-language novelist of India, what does he think of himself? But when I started reading his book I understood what this boy has in himself. He is going to be bigger than Chetan Bhagat in the coming years. Its my word and I know it will get its space in coming future. The publisher house which has published this book - LOVE, LIFE AND DREAM ON takes 15 days approximately to revert back about acceptance or rejection of the writer's work but for this book, they reverted back within 24 hours. This book was published in 5,000 prints in its 1st Edition and its 2nd edition has already started which is going to publish 10,000 prints of this book. This is already a big achievement for ANIMESH VERMA.

               Lets come on the review of the book what I felt about it. This book holds you right from its Page 1. You keep reading it as every sentence is carved so beautifully that it catches up your heart and you can't leave the book even for a second. The biggest surprise for me after completing this book in 3 hours was that there was not a single word which insisted me to refer dictionary. Everything was written as simple as anyone can write and even after this, you can't say that book is away from wit and intellect. The book is about friends who have a dream to have their own company , their own brand in the market. They always had this dream. The main character is Varun. Writer has shown this character as a diplomat and a very supportive and emotional person. There is no romantic story which revolves around this character which adds the sincerity level to this character. Another character which is the Amir Khan of this book is Aniket. He is a lover boy and I would say that even this one is decent when it comes to his love. I want to compliment Animesh Verma for not making this book as a story of sex as now-a-days Indian writers are interested in. He had not shown any sexual communication of the characters in this book proving that a reader can love a book even if it lacks the flavor of sex in it. Animesh Sir, Hats off to you. At last, all the friends fight and revamp back and finally they struggle a lot to achieve their dream and they hit the jackpot at the last. The death of a character brings a lot of emotions. Even the love story is so sweet and simple that you would love to have the girlfriend as Vidya. Vidya, I would say is the villain of the story. 

       Book ends with a happy note but the death of Aniket fills our eyes with pain and emotions. The rude behavior of Vidya and her useless decision burst out the anger in you. The fight of the friends for their mission brings a confidence and motivation in you too. In short, this book is successful in bursting out every emotion from the readers which the writer has planned to. At last, I would say buy this book and keep it with yourself as every generation of your family will love this book. After reading this book, I can say this without hesitation that - THIS IS THE BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE. It is better than my all time favorite- Five Point Someone. This book of 178 pages is full of suspense, love, friendship, romance and fun. I am rating this book and story a Perfect 10 on 10. I even thought of buying this book from  aunt but I knew that aunty will hand this book to me without any bucks and I didn't wanted to take this book from someone which I am recommending others to buy. So, I will be buying this one in future by my pocket-money. 



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