Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Few Words About Debutante- Jyotirmoy Majumdar's "Did She Love Me?"

        I still remember the time when Item songs started bombarding into every major movie of Bollywood. Everyone got astonished to see the revolution happening in the film industry with such a speed that everything changed in a year. Something similar has happened with the Bookselling industry of India. There was a time when Indian books were known for its literary value and vocabulary power. But, after some Minor Publishing Houses came into the scenario, the whole thing turned out to be a commercial world of book. Every writer came out with a book based on his true love story. And one of the latest entrants in this world is Jyotirmoy Majumdar.

            Jyotirmoy Majumdar is basically from Assam and loves his state. He is also crazy about the beauty of the city- Delhi. He didn’t have to wkr a lot for getting into the arena of writing as his mother herself was a Writer. He had writing in his nerves. But still, he does not give the credit of his first book to his mother as he started scripting it after a girl broke his heart and went away. Then, as everyone of us, even he asked the question to himself,”Did She Love Me?” and that gave birth to his first book which is titled, yes the same, “Did She Love Me?” The book is published by Diamond Publication. 

             Jyotirmoy Majumdar has made it sure that he does not speak only about Love in his book based on love story, but also talk about different factors such as Lessons of friendship, loyalty towards parents, career, and Hope and Trust. He also says that Sacrifice is another word for Love. The author promises that his book will make every person feel that its his own love story or the reader will find that some or the other event of the story has happened with him in his life. So, get Jyotirmoy Majumdar’s first book “Did She Love Me?” as soon as possible. 


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