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Interview with Bestselling Author- Sudeep Nagarkar !!!

   Interview with an author who don't need any introduction- Sudeep Nagarkar- Bestselling Author of two novels "Few Things Left Unsaid" and "That's the way we met":

  1.    When your first book- Few Things Left Unsaid came out, what was the reaction of people around you- Parents, friends, neighbours, relatives etc? 

A :  Is it yours? You must be kidding? Don’t tell me? Now you have something new! It went on for couple of weeks and then they had no other option but to accept that its written by me. They still doubt. :D

2. You are up with the sequel of Few Things Left Unsaid i.e. That’s the way we met, should the readers expect a new kind of love story or almost the same that they read in FTLU? 

       A: You can’t say it’s a sequel. Though the lead characters are same, the story is quite different from ‘Few Things Left Unsaid’. FTLU was about college romance while ‘That’s The Way We Met’ unfolds a mature love story. It’s about responsibilities, sacrifices and priorities which a couple realizes when the situation demands. Sometimes you have to take a decision against your will and you really can’t do much about it. In the end, I must say that the romance in the book still remains the same!

3. You are almost up with your 2nd book within a year since your first released, when do you write as you are an employee of a renowned organization too? 

A: I don’t have any fixed timings or days when I sit on my table or laptop and pen down my thoughts just for the sake of doing it. I write what I feel and the incidents which can happen with any normal human. It may sound simple but I don’t want to complicate it by saying I think for hours before writing. If you can portray what you as a person are and what readers want you as a person to be then you have done your homework.

4. will you keep attempting Love stories as other contemporary writers or will you try to script a topic that is intense and deep? 

A: I will go with the 2nd choice. You can’t expect an author to write a bestseller every time. I am fortunate enough to see my both books in the bestseller lists. However, it’s about taking a chance and attempting something different. Maybe you will get trashed, but at the end of the day you will be satisfied that you at least attempted.

5. As Indian authors are accused for degrading the quality of English and not giving a chance for readers to learn something new, can we expect some Good vocabulary, idioms, phrases, one-word substitutions etc from you ?

A: Who is to be blamed? It’s a chain. Everyone is interlinked. Publisher publishes what sells, authors write what market demands and the chain continues. When PoonamPandey says she will strip, that news gets highest ratings, but when genuine news is featured no one is bothered. That’s sad but truth. We live in a country where Roadies gets more ratings than any intellectual chat show. It’s nothing different in writing field. So who is to be blamed? I agree somewhere we need to stop this but publishers play key role in this. Some publishers don’t hire professional editors too which degrades the quality as there is no selection panel too when it comes to choosing quality scripts.
Talking about me, I personally believe I have improved and tried to give my best in ‘That’s the way we met’. The reviews are overwhelming till now.

6. Indian Publishing is too hard to deal with, was it easy for you to get a Publisher or did u wait for a long time to get your work published- for both the books as they are from two different publishers.

A: You need to present yourself. I don’t think it’s too hard to deal with. Maybe I feel that way because I never saw the struggling phase. Still, I can say if you are good in narrations in your book, if your script has quality and a smooth flow then you should not come across any hurdles. But what is more important is you need to be in safe hands.

7. What are the Promotional strategies that you and your publisher have applied to promote/market your second book? 

A: We have kept it simple. There are various launches and youth oriented activities keeping in mind the target audience. As I said, the reviews of ‘That’s the way we met’ have been far better than I expected. If everything goes well and I meet my love then it will surely bring a smile on my face.

8. After seeing the success of Five Point Someone, that it was adapted as a Blockbuster movie later on, did you ever feel as if your books can also achieve this feat or are you working on building some contacts to get your books turned into visual format?

A: I am not taking any steps in that direction as of now! It’s destiny. It’s just a year that my first book got released and I am quite happy to see my both books in bestseller lists of all online portals like flipkart, homeshop18 and infibeam.

9. What exactly is your target from your Books- 1. Getting most copies sold out, 2. Getting the love of readers or 3. You just wrote it because you wanted to write a book once in your life, hence you have no targets?

A: Getting Riya back. That was the only motive when I wrote ‘Few things left unsaid’. The reason has not changed even after ‘That’s the way we met’. People ask me to move on and forget my past. I always mention, I have not stopped my life. My parents are my priority. I am fulfilling their expectations and there is no harm if I am waiting for her. It’s not about forgetting your past, it’s about remembering and cherishing those happy moments you shared in your relationship.
The entire credit goes to her! Also, I am really thankful to all the fans and readers who showered love on my both books.

10. In the end, tell us in 5-7 lines, what speech will you give if you win a Major Award for the Best Indian Author for your books?

A: Do I need to answer this? :D Let the answer for this one be preserved for that moment! Why to think now and spoil it! Moreover, I seriously don’t think on these lines. I don’t believe in those. If my work is appreciated and if I am able to connect with my readers through my book, I will be happier rather than winning an award.


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