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The 3 Mistakes of my Life by Chetan Bhagat!!!

             It's a good way to start the new series of Blog with something that I love doing the most. Reviewing books. And more when I have read a Chetan Bhagat's novel. :-) I have already read all the novels of Chetan Bhagat's but the first 4 were read when I was not into this reviewing thing. I have read "The 3 Mistakes of My Life" yesterday as I had to watch Kai Po Che today. And because I don't have a great memory I thought of going through the story once again. And seriously speaking I loved reading the book for the second time too. This is the first time when a novel is been read by me twice. I will never rate Chetan Bhagat's first 4 novels because they bought me into this reading habit which made me read more books and now all of you know what relation I share with books. :-) I am also writing one. Well- 1000s of youth are in our country. Big Deal? Huh! This is what you all would be thinking. But then who cares? Haha! When you are showing attitude even I can. 

              3 Mistakes is a story of three boys where one wants to do big in business while other wants to do great in Cricket and the 3rd one wants to do anything else in life but not being a priest like his father. These 3 friends come together and starts a business by opening a Cricket shop. It does well and they start loving this journey of life. But then certain incidents take place and every thing starts getting difficult. Politics, religion, cricket, love etc enter their life and takes away all the fun and comfort. Book is full of emotional saga and you can not leave it once you start reading it. And when it's book by India's most favorite and entertaining author, you don't need any review to read it, right? So go get it and read. It would be more fun, I think, if you will watch movie- Kai Po Che after reading the book from which it is been adapted. Because I loved watching 3 Idiots as I was done reading Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat yet again a week before that movie released.

              Right from the first page to the last, various distinct ingredients are used to make this book an interesting read. Not a page can be termed as boring. As the book's tag says that it's about Business, Cricket and Religion, all three aspects come in the same order in the book. When it's business, you also love the way they start a business with all the difficulties and grow soon. Then an accident in Gujarat and all goes. The way they try to revamp is again a story. The several events of Gujarat are portrayed very beautifully. Chetan Bhagat have carved them in the book and not just written. Calling the book a Fiction work, he has written all that he had to say about Gujarat. He being a part of the state during his IIM days has shown his experience of it in the book.

           Later, Cricket enters the book and brings more interest. Mention of some real matches generates curiosity. I am sure boys will surely like the parts. Then a character teaching Cricket to a very young boy of 12 years old is another beautiful part of the book. When one fails to achieve something and starts nourishing someone else whom he finds just like himself in the field, the emotion is clearly felt. Kudos, Mr. Author. The entry of one character's relative in the book ruins the perfect life of all. The romantic scene in a parallel world to the main plot is also an interesting read. When Chetan Bhagat writes romance as the secondary topic in his books, no one can even touch him in it. Even his love making scene makes us feel good about young romance while other authors write as if love is all about sex and being physical. 

            The climax yet again a perfect end. It's very hard for an author to scribble real politic that involves religion. The way Chetan Bhagat has shown guts in portraying what views Hindu and Muslims had against each other in Gujarat is scary to read but somewhere everyone of us know that it's truth and it still resides. This is the most gutsy attempt by Mr. CB. I will always admire him for this book if not for any else. This book is also filled with wonderful one-liners and humour elements. Typical Chetan Bhagat stuff, in short. I will be reading his 2 States too for the second time but when the movie based on it would be about to release just as I have done this time. :-) 2 States' adaptation has Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt as lead pair. Let's see what that movie is all about. But for now, I would like all of you to read The 3 Mistakes of my Life if you don't want to miss one of the bests by Chetan Bhagat.



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

When The Signal Turns Red by Jayanand Ukey!!!

            I finished this quick book in the matter of 3 hours. It is always fun to read a book of less than 200 pages if it has almost every aspect of story included in it that my eyes and mind searches for. Fortunately, this 196-pages book- "When The Signal Turns Red" published by Alchemy Publishers is a good book. The debutante author of this book is Jayanand Ukey who works for an IT company and is also a freelance journalist and blogger. He has a computer engineering degree from VESIT, Mumbai University. In a career spanning a decade, he has kept his hobby alive by writing three books. This book is his first published work. Jayanand lives in Mumbai with his family. As this book is seriously something that stands with other fiction books, I don't understand as to why didn't the author go with a better publisher. This book deserves one. The cover page of the book is beautiful and attractive. And its by none other than my favorite cover designer- Pinaki De. 

              Coming to the story (it's better stated in the synopsis so why use my words? :-))- 
A global ordeal 
A couple in distress 
The struggle to keep afloat 
Prudent thinking in tumultuous times 

Girish and Prajakta are in love. Very soon Girish will be joining the numero uno IT company of the country. He prepares himself by buying expensive clothes and other accessories he had always dreamed of. He and Prajakta have together planned to build on a good bank balance and then meet each others families to talk about marriage, probably after a year or two. Unexpectedly, the families get involved before Girish can join the IT company. Against all odds, the couple manages to convince their family and an engagement date is fixed. But destiny has other things in mind. A global catastrophe mars their plan which leads to the engagement getting annulled. 

Will Girish find a way out of his predicament? Will he ultimately win Prajaktas hand or will he move on in life, learning to live without her? 

            Jayanand Ukey is himself married and hence the way he has described the whole situation on the same topic can be related. He has a good skill of projecting conversations in a story. I, generally, get bored by too much conversation in novels but the way author has written every conversation excited me rather than killing my interest from the novel. He has good narration skills. And the way every twist has been handled is why this book is in my Favorite List at last. Though the topic could have helped the author to dramatize many situations but he kept them realistic so that we can connect the story with ourselves. And he succeeds. 

              Love marriage is shown in a very good light. There is no segment when you would feel that author should have tried some other way to solve a particular mystery or twist. Everything is perfectly written. And the most beautiful thing is that the story is not been stretched or intentionally dragged. Other authors have also talked about the same plot in their books but they have written in 250-pages or more. Here, 196 is all that Jayanand Ukey has used. Yet he has talked about all that is needed to be talked in a book written on this topic. Kudos. Book starts at a high point. And the same zenith is retained till the last page of it. The initial pages itself creates the interest. Later on, when parents of Girish and Prajakta meets for the first time is also kept as a suspense and a heart-beating moment. The meeting itself is wonderful. Then the way Girish and Prajakta feels satisfied with their life is a beautiful segment.

           Later on, the entrance of recession as a twist in the story is something that could happen with anyone's life. Then the marriage being in a danger mode is powerfully described. The role of protagonists' parents is the major reason why one would love reading the book. Specially the role of Mr. Chitre, Prajakta's father. The entrance of Madan in the story creates a fury in us. It is then that I felt the book went little Bollywood-ish else everywhere it's a story of an average Indian family. :-) The climax yet is another beautiful way of how the book has been ended with. I would love to read more stories by Jayanand Ukey in future. And everyone who is excited about their marriage will find heaven in this book. :-)

            The drawback is that the book is been kept away from introducing any of the friends of both the protagonists. It could have added more flavours. The media articles on economy crisis is something I got bored while reading. It should have been avoided. And next problem that I have is with the Publisher. When other fiction books of more pages and popularity are available for just Rs. 100, is 175 a good number at which you are costing the book? Think and revise the cost.

 In all, I give the book- 4/5. Go get it.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Uff Ye Emotions!!! Book Review!!!

            Finally, I am done reading "Uff Ye Emotions"- An Anthology published by Mahaveer Publishers. This is the first time when I have read an anthology in which various authors have contributed rather than just one. Before this, I have experienced the same while reading Chicken Soup series which has short stories on a basic theme from various different authors. But 206-pages anthology- Uff Ye Emotions has been a totally new concept in which every love story is of 5000 words each by 11 different authors. The good part about the book is that it has the names which are already famous among the category of people who are accustomed with Blogs on Internet portal. The free service by Bloggers are always appreciated as they come up with creative stuffs every week and entertain the masses. No one has to pay to read the stories and articles. They just need to click the blog link.

               Vinit Bansal is the editor of the book who is already a famous author known for his only book "I Am Heartless" which has also been translated into Hindi with the name "Woh Chali Gayi" and recently, work has been started to translate it into Punjabi language too. Talking about Uff Ye Emotions, one thing for which Vinit Bansal should be applauded is the way he has promoted other 10 authors over him. I, being a part of this anthology, can easily say that he worked in the same manner as Aamir Khan worked in Taare Zameen Par. He let the other newbies do the main job and he kept himself as a supporting part of the venture. For this, I would seriously like to salute him. I have never seen such initiative in Fiction Industry of our country by anyone. I would love to work again with you, Vinit sir.

             Coming to the book, I feel that the purity imbibed in each story can be associated with love. None of the story is out of the track or seem to be a wanna-be attempt. Every story has been tried with full passion and interest. Though, with some story it has worked while with some, it didn't. 

      Starting with the first story- Love @ Platform by Vinit Bansal, the main excitement in the story starts when girl contributes in the boy's dream but I didn't want story to end the way it did. 

     The Soulmate by Anjit Sharma again starts from a bus stop in the same way as Vinit sir's story began. The scenario when boy goes to girl's house to ask for her hand is a very terrifying scene. The news articles which state that criminals die one after another is the high point of the story but once again I didn't want climax to be such. 

      Then comes- A Date with Fate by Abhilash Ruhela about which I want to hear from all of you. I can't review myself, right? :-)

       Priyanka Dey's Reminiscences has amazing words at right places which makes every sentence beautiful. I loved reading all the sentences in the story but yet again, I banged my head after the climax. 

       Saurabh Arya's Love in the Times of Turbulence's present part is wonderful but the flashback didn't have the kind of masala that I expect. 

       C. Suresh's A Path of Thorns is the best story for me. It had the ignition that was missing in all the previous stories. :-) Kudos, sir.

       Love Undefined by Pankaj Mittal & Rachna Sheth is a very sweet and unique story. It's very fresh that I have never ever read before. It is another booster in the book. Kudos to both of them.

     Sanhita Baruah's Happily Ever After does well when the surprise scene is been described and how the girl gets snubbed and the after-reaction. 

       Stephen Anthony K's The Intercity Express is initially good but I lost the interest because of almost void interaction between the protagonists. 

       Himanshu Chhabra's I Love You, I love You too is exactly what I expected from him. As he is young in age, he has drafted a story of his age itself. And he has perfectly written what he wanted to. A genuine attempt.

       Drishti Dasgupta's story- And Then...I fell in Love! is a good end to the book. Her language and narration is very good. Book ends on a good note.

             Now, coming to the drawbacks- I have one problem with the selection of the stories. As the stories have been chosen through a contest, all the 10 stories should have been of different types. The first three story itself has the whole process at metro station, local train, bus stop etc. Later on, one story again shares it space at a Railway platform. This repetition of same kind of places and scenes did irritate me. Then, as I have regularly complained above- The climax of many stories has been kept kind of sad or incomplete which does not suit the theme- LOVE STORY. I believe that there are two types of Love Story- Happy and Sad but still....

           Then, I have a personal grudge against the editor of the book. The index itself has the name of Anjit Sharma's story's title incorrect. Soulmate is written "Solulmate". And then, after reading all the stories, I have found the most mistake being made in my story. I have almost found 4-6 mistakes that are done by editor's side. I don't know if the impartiality towards my story is intentional or it is some co-incidence but whatever it is, I am unhappy as my story is not been treated the way I wanted it to. I don't know why I wasn't sent the story for a proof-read after it was been edited for the last time. I recheck my Blog Post twice before posting it. It is obvious that I would react this way when my published work gets spoiled for the reason that I am most sensitive towards. 

          In the end, I would say that after completing the book you will surely feel that you were lost in a world full of love. I will give the attempt of this anthology 3.5/5 stars. You will remember some sentences in the book for all your life.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Caught Her Young by Major Upendra Dwivedi!!!

             Completed yet another book this month but I am still unhappy. This is not how I usually work when it comes to reading books. My speed has slowed down. I am sure that someone is working Black Magic over me. :-) Whatever, let's talk about the book now. The name of the 222-pages book is "I caught her young" which also has the tagline of "Tale of a Chocolate Cream Soldier". It is written by the debutante author- Major Upendra Dwivedi who is a serving Indian Army Officer. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Sainik School Rewa (Madhya Pradesh). He got trained at one of its kind military academies; the National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla and the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. He has been a bright student and qualified for National Talent Search Examination, Mathematics Olympiad and numerous other competitive Exams. He continues his track-record by achieving podium finishes in all the Army courses he has undergone till date. He is an extensively travelled, a keen observer of life around and believes in cherishing each and every moment of life. He is an avid reader and has penchant for writing as well. He has written many short stories which got published in various Newspapers and magazines.

               The SYNOPSIS of the book says: MANU, a teenager, grows to be a dashing Indian Army Officer, CAPTAIN ABHIMANYU. Each day at Sainik School Rewa (a renowned boarding school), National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla and Indian Military Academy, Dehradun infuse in him a full of life attitude and amazing wit. But, was he equally confident and flamboyant as a child? To overcome his childhood fear of dealing with the fairer sex, he develops a science, CHICKOLOGY, with a set of well defined rules. "Chickology is a science that deals with all aspects of Chick behaviour, ways of attaining their propinquity leading to intimacy and also to drift apart, if need be." 
And ......... his heart skips a beat..many a times. 
LAILA, a popular party chick of Goa.
DIMPLE, a 17 years old Girl Next Door.
AARAGYA, a high headed alumni of Air Hostess Academy, Dehradun. 
Is he a confident flirt or a passionate lover? 
Are Army cadets any different from other youngsters? 
Are they stone hearted or humane? 
Can you hold yourself back from falling in love with defiantly close to real life story of the chocolate cream soldier called CAPTAIN ABHIMANYU? 

              "I caught her young" could have been many times better than the way it has been written. I just didn't get the exact concept of the book. The kind of biography and narration skills the author has, I was expecting a magic from him but unfortunately, I am been let down. I was expecting to know about the life of a soldier and how he struggles at the border yet has a heart of gold and love. I wanted to know how he meets his girl and treats her in a very different way as he has a big heart which is ready to give heart even to the nation. I wanted to know how he sacrifices one of his two lives for love. But what I got to read was the tale of a yet-another-college-boy kind of love story that I keep reading in every chick-lit that releases now and then. Even with chick-lit, magic can be written as I have reviewed in some of my previous book reviews but this one is just another romance fiction novel including Chickology. 

            Though there are some good parts that I would like to point out here- The initial pages is wonderful as author started on a good note by telling about a life of a soldier. Later, when Manu meets Dimple, that's another sweet part of the book. Then both of them getting caught by their parents later on is another part that made me worry yet laugh the way they get caught. The climax is another sweet part which thankfully has not been ended by giving a sad ending and thus ruining the book more. 

            To my dismay, even the cover page of the book is not perfectly made. The structure of the soldier and the shadow of the girl coming out of his body is stretched because of bad pixels. Something has not worked for this book correctly. As per my knowledge, Mahaveer Publisher never let any of their book look such under-ordinary but I don't know what happened with this one. Either it is been published in hurry or there has been some distortion in communication. I will give the book 2.5/5. It is for the target audience- 16-22 age group. 


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Life is always aimless unless you love it by Ratnadip Acharya!!!

             Some books take a long time to be read. This does not happen with me usually but this time I have been under the scanner of many things happening all around me where I have been the sole person carrying everything. Hence this part of life slowed down. With my reading speed, I read 3 books of 250 pages in a day while this 216 pages book took 8 days. Happens! This is just another book by Srishti Publications that I ended up reading. It is always fun to read Srishti books as I am used to their cover pages, page quality, fonts, line spacing, printing style etc. I just love reading them because I feel as if I have already read the book. This time I read "Life is always aimless" which also has the tag line "Unless you love it". The debutante author of the book is Ratnadip Acharya who is a well-trained street magician and has performed street magic at many parts of the country. Graduated from NIT, Jamshedpur as a electrical engineer Ratnadip stays in Mumbai. He loves travelling and his fa- vourite destination is the Himalaya and its foothills where he has spent many days of his life. Over the years he learnt many esoteric spiritual practices which are very close to his heart. Writing fiction is his passion for many years. He had contributed many inspiring write ups in different collections of chicken soup for the soul. His short stories were appreciated by many readers in India and abroad.

            The synopsis of the book says: Do we you really know how much courage is required to listen to our own heart? 
Meet Akash, an young engineer, who dreams of becoming a writer. But all his works meet with is rejection from publisher. Will he ever be rewarded for listening to his heart? 
Smitten by wanderlust, adventurous Sandip does not care much about career, marriage or making a family. How will life treat him for listening to his heart? 
Possessor of a charming personality, Chirag, has a deep perchant for women. But deep down the motherless Chirag is temibly lonely. What is in store for this vulnerable young man? 
Maria Fernandez is a lonely and a less-than- looking young girl who firmly believes that possossing a tender heart is enough to make her world beautiful. Will ruthless life shatter her belief? 
As their life got seamlessly inter-wined with many others they realized that Life is Always Aimless .... Unless You Love it. 

               Coming to the author, I would say Ratnadip Acharya is someone whom you can expect to write good philosophical books. The way he has handled the title of the book throughout his story is something that should be commended. Though I feel that much more could have been done with the book but whatever is been done is no less than a good book. I love reading such stuffs as it lets us know that some decisions are not on our choices but what life chooses for us. And it gives confidence and relief to lead the future life. I hope author keeps writing such work always as its better than any love story that are been written under the same Publication house with which he is been published. 

               The initial pages of the book are slow. It didn't create any enthusiasm in me to carry forward but once when the book reached its medieval, the story started progressing. The trauma of the characters were beautifully scripted and made us feel the dilemma they are in. Some parts of the book such as favoring the old woman, the story of a poor boy in the pre-climax of the book etc. are the USPs of the book. Because such parts did make me feel about how one can lead life as. The character of Maria shows how one knows that he/she cannot achieve what he/she wants to but still keeps all the hope alive. Her character shows the confidence that one needs to have in spite of disbelief. Akash's character shows as to how one needs to keep trying in spite of rejection and failure. Chirag's character tells the pain one has when he is inexperienced with the love of a mother. And in quest to that, the way he leads his life is another thought-provoking part. Sandip's character, unfortunately, didn't make me much happy. All credit goes to the character of Maria. 

             As I said, the drawback of the book is its slow start and lack of humour. Even when the book is written on a serious topic, author should have inserted some humour. He kept the book too focused on the subject. Though the book is lovable in some parts of it but some parts are speed breaker to the story. In a book of 216 pages, I don't expect such breakers. Else, I would say that the book is based on characters. I will not say that it is a very good book but I won't even say that miss it. You can give it a chance. Hence, 3/5 ratings. I would love to read more philosophical works by Ratnadip Acharya.



Friday, February 1, 2013

The Secret Wish List by Preeti Shenoy!!!

             Some times, time does not favour and you get stuck in reading a book that could have got completed in just 3-4 hours. This book was bought for my friend to gift it to her on Birth day but later I decided to keep it for myself. "The Secret Wish List"- A Book of 260 pages published by "Westland Publishers". The authoress Preeti Shenoy who has written yet another amazing story needs no introduction. But there's something very funny and amusing about her journey as a writer is the shuffling of Publishers every time she comes up with a new book. Her first book was with Srishti Publications, then with Random House India and finally, this one with Westland Publication. Haha! 

              Coming to the story of "The Secret Wish List"- At sixteen, Diksha like any girl her age, finds her life revolving around school, boys and endless hours of fun with her best friend. But one day, all that changes. What starts as an innocent crush explodes into something far beyond her control. Eighteen years later, she finds herself at the crossroads of life. Urged by a twist of events, a wish list is born. But can a wish list help her piece back her life together? Will she succumb to the tangled mess of an extramarital relationship? The Secret Wish List is a captivating, engrossing, racy tale about following your heart, chasing your dreams and the meaning of friendship. To know more, read the book. 

             Coming to the author, there's no doubt that Preeti Shenoy is the best female author in the genre in which she writes. Every time she drafts a story, it comes up with a message and lots of learning. A girl/married woman reading it will always find a way out of her problems and a boy/husband reading it will always learn to respect women. And she does it with an entertaining manner rather than keeping the story too intense or up-to-the-point. She knows what to put where in the book which directly touches the heart of the readers. As the authoress herself is a married woman, she understands the plight of married women and hence, they would love reading her books more than anyone else. But what's interesting is that even youths like me loves reading her book. It does not have any age barrier. But I would like to demand Preeti Shenoy to write a happy married life of a woman in her next book as she is getting stereotyped as "one who writes only depressing tales of married women".

             Coming to the good parts of book according to me- Initially, when the book begins, the way she keeps on shuffling between both the periods of story is too interesting. The school life of Diksha isn't kept too cheesy like other authors. Even that's interesting to read. Then her equation with Sandeep, her husband is described perfectly. I was able to imagine each and every sequence as it seems to be real and not a single part seems to be filmy and exaggerated. Her son, Abhay is my favorite character in the book. I just loved reading his conversations with his parents. I want my kid to be like him. :-) The scene when she meets Vibha and the concept of Wish List is revealed in the book is a perfect part. Even I felt that there should be something that every married person should make to keep himself/herself aspiring and motivated. And once her childhood friends come back in her life, the real fun in the story starts. As we sympathize with the protagonist, we start loving the way she breaks all the confinements and does what she always wants to. 

             All the moments in the book is worth appraising. But I won't talk about them as many Spoilers might come out and a Review looks nice when its short. The only problem that I find is the one I mentioned above- Too depressing story. Hence, I would ask authoress to please write something cheery next time. I would love to read an opposite version from you. :-) I would rate- 4/5. Yes, get the book. And in the end, Cover Designer of this book should be felicitated with something special. What an incredible work by him/her. 



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