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Sorry For Loving You by Abhishek Agrawal!!!

            Its the third book that I am reviewing within the time span of 24 hours. And the commonalities that all these three books share with each other is: Mahaveer Publishers. Actually, I picked this book because the last two books really impressed me and I enjoyed reading them. So, I thought let's go with the third book from the same publisher but "What a big disappointment this one was". I am still recuperating from the pain that I went through for last 4 hours. In fact, this is the first book from Mahaveer publisher that has failed to impress a very curious reader in me. Let's talk about the author first- "Abhishek Agrawal", born in Bhilai, did his schooling from Rajkumar College at Raipur and the writer in him blossomed when studying for B.Com. He enjoys riding, painting, singing and hanging out with friends. His strength lies in his family and friends and his weakness is LOVE. 

            "Sorry For Loving You" is a story of the protagonist- Aditya who loves Chahat without any limitation and confinement. He is mad in her love and can't imagine a second without her. But, she keeps on playing between him and the other guy- Vineet simultaneously. Aditya comes to know about this and he has several fights with Chahat over the guy. But, still, after few days he finds that she is still in touch with Vineet. And this keeps happening again and again in their relationship. Aditya starts feeling sorry for loving the girl he had loved. To know whether he goes into depression after this or he continues his relationship with her or his life takes some other turn, Get this book.

             The author started the story with a scenario where you already know that the characters of this book are already into a relationship, and you expect not to get bored again by reading number of pages just to make both the characters come under a relationship. I expected a lot after reading the initial 10-15 pages of the book. But, as it is said, even if you are writing your own story, try to add as much fiction in it to make it interesting. And if you do this, only then call yourself a Writer, else you have been just lucky to get your personal diary published. This book is not a Love story, but it is a frustrating tale of how a girl keeps on fooling the boy through out the book, and like a DOG, boy keeps on waging his tail in front of her every time. And the boy is so emotional that he cries every time something uncertain happens in his love life (On the name of manliness, there was NULL in the character of the boy). Actually, not only the boy, but you can expect any character of this book to cry for silly reasons anytime. 

             The small things are described as if the bomb has exploded. It seems so so childish. Every sentence is written as if Author is trying to tell himself that I am writing an EPIC LOVE STORY but with every sentence, you keep on pulling your hair. More than lovely and romantic scenes in this book, the story seems as if all the characters are playing a game called Phone-Phone. In the whole story, 95% of conversations that are being described among the characters are done through the mode of mobile. And worst, one can disconnect the phone anytime in between because of the frustration (and leaves you frustrated). And, just to prove that the love between them was the best that is present in the world, Boy opining that the hug of the girl was better than that he got from his mother till date and he loved her more than his sweet parents, is a complete setback. At least, if you are unable to describe that the love between the couple was the best, at least don't compare a bitchy girl with Mother and Father. SERIOUSLY!! And, rather than keeping this book so lengthy, it could have been easily written in less than 150 pages. And one more thing, when you are writing an English language book, why do you keep using Hindi sentences after every damn paragraph? Huh! And Yes, The COVER PAGE of this book is BEST. :-) I would have rated this book just a star, but for its climax, I am giving .5 more. Result: 1.5/5. 




Unknown said...

I don't have any words for describing what a torture this book is. I wonder how something like this got published and being sold. Mr author should be ashamed of his language skills and writing abilities. I even kept on reading the book to understand the extent and level of low class imagination and words, author could have gone. It seems that author is a foodie as every now and then he mentions about 'kachumar salad', 'paneer chilly', 'masala papad' and blahh blahh blahh....This books is similar to any c-grade movie with no class and soul. However, I would also like to thank Mr author for inspiring me to write my own piece of work as if he could publish this garbage, anybody would need the least efforts and time to publish his own book. Thank you for telling me whats happening in India on the front of literature. said...

*this book was amazing* you better not read it if u dont like it. dumb.

Unknown said...

plz send me an book this is out of stock

Reshma Mohan said...

I totally agree with you!!! This book has no soul and no creativity whatsoever... If it is so easy to publish a book then I can just write about what i do in chemistry class and turn it into a national bestseller... shameful!!!

Unknown said...

I totally agree with this novel!!! It represents a true bond between aditya and chahat. we could get lot of teachings through this book. Best for the readers who are newly engaged.

Unknown said...

Mind ur language dear....if u don't like who told u to read...Mister author in Bhutan almost all like ur books keep on writing more books

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