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The jadoo of your love! by S. R. Saha (Book Review)!!!

 After a long time, I read a book by Srishti Publication. It is not easy to get back to novels when you have left it for something good, like, academics. And its more difficult when you have to read it when your college is punishing you with assignments, internal Vivas, Unit tests and project. During such phases, I look out for a light reading and Srishti is always my first pick. I completed reading S.R. Saha's "The jadoo of your love". This 158 pages novel is his 2nd attempt for almost after 2-3 years since his first book released. Though the first book took a lot of time to get on the nerves of the readers, this one is assured to hit the interest of the young readers who are interested in reading love story with other dimensions included in it. S. R. Saha has definitely hit the jackpot this time. Last time, I rated his first book quite low because I felt cheated. The synopsis and title called it a love story but it wasn't. It was a totally different genre but this time, I am happy that author has given exactly what he spoke in his synopsis and back cover page. 

About Author:
S. R. Saha (Shubha Ranjan Saha) graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from IIT, Madras. He has previously authored the bestselling novel Jab se you have loved me, the story of an IITian and an airhostess.

In the final year of college, Anurag's life was falling apart he vowed never to see Aditya, his best friend of many years again. Of course, what Aditya did was unpardonable! Not just losing his best friend, Anurag's love Urmi too got married to someone else the day unemployed. Anurag got the job of a flight purser in an airline company. But life has its twists and turns and one never knows where it will take him. Anurag too could have never imagined all that happened thereafter. In this page-turner of a spellbinding novel, every reader would ride the crests and troughs of myriad emotions, love, hate, anger, depression, excitement and joy that fill life's every moment and savor the essence of true love that is mystic and magical.

    Coming to the author, I must say that S.R. Saha has improved a lot since his first book. He has overcome all the problems that I, as a reader, had with his writing style and narration. This time he has made it sure that his plot is clear and the book has humour embedded into it every now and then. Though his writing style is very different and vast. When you will read his fiction book, you will find that the language and style in which he writes is as if its a biographical or autobiographical attempt. And this can turn out to be risky as people like to read sentences the way they speak but the author is giving a different view to the story in his style. I appreciate this. In all, I would say that even if you were disappointed with author's first book, do read this. It's phenomenal. And if you liked his first book, then you are definitely going to fall for him with this one. 

          I loved the way the story got started and was taken forward. The way the book got started with the description of a Professor is a wonderful start. The description of the protagonist- Anurag's friend, Mote is also a funny element. Then the scene when Mote falls for a girl and when they reach her home, the shock that we get is goosebump-y. Later on, when Anurag finds some of his acquaintances having a secret of Mote and his girl, the way he reacts is also a good turn in the book. The role of Anurag's girlfriend, Urmi is little disconnecting but still the story has her as a component that can't be ignored. The way protagonist's parents treat him for being a failure shows the mentality of Indian parents when kid does not fulfill the expectations. Later on, the shifts in his career and difficulty takes the book to a very new level. And the climax when the author brings all the character back one by one and tell their current condition is a better way to end the book than keeping it for us to assume things. :-)

        In all, I would say that this is a wonderful book with which you can go. I know the title of the book is little cheesy but when you'll read the book, you'll realize why it is perfect for the story. :-) S.R. Saha sir, waiting for your next novel. Bring it within an year because I would like to tell you that, audiences forget the one who does not come regularly and shifts towards the one who's regularly entertaining them. :-) 



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