Monday, September 9, 2013

A Wild Rose by Uzma Jafri (Book Review- Coming Soon)!!!

     This is the second time when I would be reviewing a book even before its release. :-) Last time I did it with Sudeep Nagarkar's latest book and it ended at No. 7 in the Bestseller's List in its 1st week itself. No I am not taking the credit but I'm telling how happy it feels to see a book doing good which I reviewed before anyone else. :-) This time, I am done reading the unedited version of Uzma Jafri's debut novel that's ready to be released on 15th September, 2013. It's up on Pre-order currently and doing very well. Recently, Mahesh Bhatt sent a review of it to the authoress which she published on her site. The name of Uzma Jafri's first novel is "A WILD ROSE" which also has the tagline "Love Blossoms...Until The Thorns Prick". The cover page of the book is very intense that itself proves that the story is not so fine and it has some rough moments attached to it. 

About the Author

Though she belongs to an affluent Muslim family, Uzma Jafri has been brought  up  in  the  most cosmopolitan way. A commerce graduate from Delhi University with a keen interest and active participation in public speaking helped her to chisel a career in the media world. A television Anchor by profession, she glows as a human being due to the unconditional support and love of her husband and child.  
'A Wild Rose' is her debut humble attempt. Being a feminist at heart and in her actions, Uzma wrote this woman-centred fiction so that she could share her views with her readers. She is also a patron of the Non Profit ‘Serve Humanity Foundation, NGO’ which solely aims at serving humanity irrespective of colour, religion and culture.  


Ritu Anand. Vivacious television anchor envied by many, makes the biggest mistake of her life. A man is at the center of it all. Who is he? And why is he after her?

Ritu Anand is a strikingly beautiful and wealthy divorcee, all of 25 years. None but her parents and best friend in life, Sumbul, know the truth of her divorce. Her career too, had gone to dust thanks to her failed marriage and traumatic ill-health. To the rest of the world, Ritu maintains a façade of still being married. In an effort to piece her life together again, she goes back to being an anchorperson after 3 long years… 

And a very important part of this new life becomes the enigmatic Anshuman Sinha.  Not very tall and with an average physique, deep hazel eyes and sharp intense features, Anshuman is dangerous and irresistible – he is the very picture of 'Ritu's Man'. The devastatingly dashing ‘casanova’ soon has the ‘love starved- Ritu’ eating from the palm of his hand and dreaming of a picture perfect life with him.

The gullible Ritu is soon weaving the tapestry of a picture perfect life, of a happily ever after with her lover. But there is her hidden past to deal with. What was the truth behind her sordid marriage? And coming to the present, what did she know about Anshuman at all?

Will this new life be the chance Ritu was hoping for? Or is this some deep, dark hell?

Has she fallen from the pan straight into the fire?

Is love blooming or have the sinister thorns torn the petals to shreds?

Watch the bookshelves for this fascinating book, a look at a different side to love. After all, are there really any guarantees in love for a happy life ever after?

The lyrical Urdu poetry of greats such as Ghalib and Momin adds an ethereal passion to the heartfelt prose of Uzma Jafri. A truly spellbinding book, a truly impassioned effort. 


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