Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Novelist- Manish Gupta by The Spark Times- An Online Magazine!!!

Novelist:Manish Gupta

We May Be Shy To Say This Openly But Many Of Us Would Have Tried To Skip English Lectures In Our School Days, Just Because Of Its Complexities. Few Of Us Even Hesitate To Talk If We Are Unable To Carry On A Conversation In English With Our Friends. Here Is A Man Who Took Up A Challenge And Proved That If You Have The Dedication, Nothing Looks Impossible. Mr. Manish Gupta, Who Worked As An MD Of A Multinational Bank Previously, Has Come Up With His Book Named ‘’ENGLISH BITES’’ Under PENGUIN PUBLISHERS .It Talks About The Journey Of A Person Who Was Struggling With English Language In School But Then Situations Taught Him To Fight Out His Fear And Today He Has Emerged As A Successful Management Guru Who Is Popularly Known As ‘’TALKING BANKER’’. Usually We Do Not Find Such Interesting Stories That Not Only Relates To You But Also Makes You Feel ‘’That Yes This Is Something Very Similar That Has Happened In My Life’’. Through A Series Of Hilarious Personal Adventures And Misadventures, It Provides Easy Solutions To Problems Faced By Language Learners And A Unique And Interesting Perspective On Developing Proficiency In The English Language. So, Whether Someone Is A Vernacular Speaker, A GRE/GMAT/CAT/XAT/TOEFL/IELTS Aspirant, Or Just A Language Nut, English Bites! Endeavors To Expand Vocabulary And Improve Pronunciation And Verbal Ability In An Easy And Engaging Manner. The Book Is Full Of Interesting Anecdotes, Jokes, Stories, Trivia, Illustrations, Etymology, And Many Other Mnemonic Techniques. So If You Are Still Struggling With Any Language, You Can Now Get A Solution To It By Grabbing This Book From A Near By Store. The Book Has Received Immense Appreciation From Prestigious Newspapers Like INDIAN EXPRESS And DAWN. All That Can Be Said About This Man Is That It Takes A Lot To Overpower Your Fear And When He Did  It In Style While Starting From Zero,No Word Can Describe Him Better, Other Than Hero.Mani


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