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            I came into the habit of reading because of Non-fiction books. The amazing feel that this genre gives can never be experienced through a Fiction book. Let it be Amish Tripathi's trilogy, Chetan Bhagat's 5 books or any other bestseller fiction. The effect that a Non-fiction book makes on us is indescribable. And what should I say regarding the experience of reading "Wings of Fire" by APJ ABDUL KALAM. Actually, THE APJ ABDUL KALAM. He is the most favorite President of Indians. He is the one whom Indians wanted as the President again in the recent voting but the legend backed off. He is the only one who is referred as "Public's President". His excellence  and extra-ordinariness in the field of science and rocketry is still unbeaten and appreciated. For many years to come, Abdul Kalam sir will always be remembered as the person who motivated India to stop under-estimating themselves and gave them an opportunity to fly. :-) 

             "Wings of Fire" is an autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam that he has written with Arun Tiwari, his colleague who compelled him to write it. Arun Tiwari always got inspired by the presence of Mr. Kalam, hence said that he wants to write all the major incidents in the life of Kalam. And Kalam sir agreed. Result: "Wings of Fire". It does not have every minute incident in the life of Kalam sir but only the ones that are related in converting this Rameswaram village's boy into the man behind the successes of many missiles and rockets. :-) Contradicting the myths, this book is not related to anything regarding Kalam sir being the PRESIDENT of India. This is not even mentioned in the book that Kalam sir ended being President of India. It is all about how he persisted in his field and got intrigued that he earned Padma Vibhushan for being the most influential and effective person in the field of Rocketry. 

            I don't think that my recommendation is necessary. You already know how BIG Mr. Kalam is. The book is just of 180 pages. That is itself a very witty thing that Mr. Kalam has done. Otherwise, any person of his stature wants to give every minute details about his/her life and end up writing an autobiography of 500-1000 pages. The first chapter is nice to read as it gives a little scenario related to caste differences in society. Even 2nd chapter gives some scenarios related to another social issue. 89th page is the most motivating and the best page of the book. The way Kalam sir has described the work that he did in Rocketry field in organizations, I got a sudden urge to be in his team and witness the whole scenario of how a rocket is imagined, made and launched. And then how the success of it is being celebrated. 

           The sacrifice that Kalam sir's family did for sending him for further education inspires us to be a CLASS as he is; as we find our family similar to his. Mr. Sarabhai is the kind of boss that everyone of us pray for. The death of close ones at the time of landmarks in Mr. Kalam's life really made me feel bad about the man. The story that is unfolded in the latter half is no less than any great fiction. After learning about Kalam sir's passion and experiments in science, I started feeling bad about hating the subject. :-) SLV-3's success is amazingly described. How Mr. Kalam got a special recognition for the mission for which everyone in the team was equally responsible is described in the real human emotions. The book is written as if every character is Mr. Kalam except the protagonist who is THE KALAM himself. :-) He has kept such a low profile while writing the book that you'll be amazed to learn that the person does not have a pinch of arrogance in his parlance. This is the HOLY BOOK for the Science students. Agni's launch is so filmy and interesting to read pre-climax. The media's comment that are mentioned made me know that media was shit even then. Book is ended in an epic way. 

           The last sentence of the book is itself inspiring and says so much. Now, I have TURNING POINT- The sequel to WINGS OF FIRE. I am so very excited about finishing it as soon as possible and getting INSPIRED * 2. :-) And, you think that I am going to rate this book? Itni aukaat thode hi hai bhai log. :-) Go, get this book. PLEASE!!!




Amit said...

This book a sequel to "Wings of Fire" gives momentum to the aim of my life. Everybody ( especially youths ) should read this at least once in their life . But I want to read this again and again . Simple wrings very easy to understand ...

Neha Sharma said...

"If you want to leave your footprints in the sands of time, do not drag your feet."

These are one of the most enduring lines that still lay etched in my memory. I have read this book long back, and I don't remember when, but surely the essence remains with me even today.

This book is best suited for reading for the teenagers, to dream and to dare.
It shows, how a person from the modest background ends up in being the First Citizen of a nation of one billion.
It shows how a scientist, devoid of basic tools, helps in culmination of a program which other love to loathe and deride. It shows a man, who lived his life in terms of his principles and nothing else.
It shows how a common man, like you and me, can achieve when he can dream.

And finally, it teaches how to dream.

Read on, and dream on.

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