Friday, July 20, 2012

Love Beyond Boundaries by Parikshit Rane!!!

               Fantasy fiction is a genre that I haven't tried much. Recently, I picked up a novella by Parikshit Rane named "Love beyond Boundaries". The book has a classic cover page which excited me to read about what this book really has to convey. Even the synopsis was too different than the other chic-lit books that I have been reading in my past. And after completing this 70 pages book, I am astonished by the imagination of the writer. A book of such kind and a theme which the writer had selected cannot be given a full justice if the imagination of the writer lacks. But I am too blithe to say that Parikshit Rane has done his best in describing each and every scenario. After reading for a while and observing the description, I started believing that this is a real story. I started questing to go to the other planet about which Author has described in the book. I wanted to experience the magic that the Magic wand kept doing throughout.

             I won't describe the story of the book in my words else I'll end up telling you everything hence read the synopsis that is being given on the back cover page: 

              Love beyond boundaries is a tale of Raj Patel, a former Formula One driver who embarks on a journey to Sao Paulo, Brazil to attend an art exhibition. He buys a painting which is filled with reiki energy, but little does Raj know that a pleasure trip to the Amazon would alter the course of his life. While returning from the Amazon, Raj's helicopter encounters a black hole. He finds himself in a parallel universe, a planet called Zorb, where there are talking trees and midgets. There he meets the love of his life; Ramilia. Raj helps Ramilia save her planet which is under the spell of the evil Snow Queen. In his quest to save Lambada, his own planet Earth suffers. Together Raj and Ramilia have to conquer their own fears and race against time to save both the planets from Snow Queen's wrath.

               The book costs 75 rs and I would say it's a fine gamble to invest 75 rs in this 70 pages book which will surely take you in it's own world. I am amazed with the writing of Parikshit Rane. I would love to read a full fledged novel from Mr. Parikshit than this short kind of a story. Somewhere, the book becomes boring in between, the language becomes irritating but still the plot and the story is powerful to keep you intrigued into it. I went into the 3D world of Avtaar while reading the book. The book has many sequences which will make you remember this powerful movie of Hollywood. If you are a fan of Fantasy Fiction, you should try this.




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