Thursday, July 5, 2012


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            Last time when I picked up a book by General Press Publisher, it was Ankit Uttam's Thirty Year Old Virgin. This time it was Azharuddin's "Ten Days" which also has a tagline "The Hope of a New Dawn". The author is born on 3rd April 1990, in a small town Hazaribagh. He completed his elementory and High school education from Kerala Public School, Kadma. He was brought up in Jamshedpur. He is pursuing English Honours from St. Xaviers College, Ranchi. As it's evident from the author's profile that he is pursuing English Honours, his book reflects it. Every now and then, you get to learn a new word, a new idiom, proverb and many more elemts of English language. The book is written in a very high standard language that makes it the USP of this book. The poems were written in such a high level language that I was unable to understand many of them. :-) The book is of just 174 pages, hence you'll enjoy reading it. The story is unique and distinct from the other contemporary books. 

            The synopsis of the book itself has its whole story line. 

          Synopsis: Caught in the carnage Down Under in Australia, Zeeshan Akhtar lies wrecked when Amanda Stewart comes to his rescue. She peels off slowly each layer of his life to make him realise his shortcomings, loopholes, desires and dreams during the casual repartees they exchange and which act as his life saviour. Zeeshan, after ten days of vital rehabilitation and recuperation, flies off to India forever to the love of his life and his family without whom he feels incomplete. He, however, leaves Amanda back in Australia, gifting her the feeling of eternal incompleteness as she had fallen in love for the first time unluckily with an extraterrestrial like Zeeshan. Tried as she might have been, she is unable to express her personal feelings in front of him nor she is able to do so behind him.

            I am not able to vindicate the best parts of the book as the whole book is written in a flow. And the story line is something that keeps on flowing with the same speed and power. The language used in the book is flawless and something that all the readers will try to learn themselves. It provoked me to raise the level of my knowledge in English language. The diary parts were written in a classical manner that helped me to learn that there's so much for a writer to learn. Diary parts are the best in the book. The character of Amanda Stewart is something that will stay with me for a long time. The only drawback of the book is that it doesn't provide any laughter moments in it. The story is too depressing hence you would be a fool to expect any comical thing from it. I'll rate this book 2.5/5. An average. If you want to learn new words, idioms, phrases and see what the real standard of English language is, go for TEN DAYS.




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