Saturday, September 3, 2011

my LOVE never faked... Trust me I still love you... by Nikhil Mahajan !!!

                Once again I picked up a book to read. If the first 50 pages of the book disappoints you, there is a very very rare chance of the book to impress you with its upcoming pages. This time I read Nikhil Mahajan's My Love Never Faked Trust me I still love you. The name was quite awesome and I thought that the love story will do justice to the money I spent on this book. After reading it, I found that the book is quite normal. Actually, below normal. You can call it a personal diary of a boy who is struggling with his love life. We need a larger-than-life substance from a book and if its a love story, you have to keep it quite unique to keep a hold over your readers. Everyone is having an affair with someone or another today and everyone is bored with love stories of their friends, so when we pick a love story, we want it to be unique. MLNF is an ordinary love story with no funny equation and it never surprises you throughout the book.

             The story is about a boy Abhay who is in love with Priya. Author hasn't wasted the time in telling how he met Priya. Being committed with Priya, he starts flirting with a girl from America through Internet messenger and keeps chatting with her. Even when he loves Priya, he ignores her and tries to devote himself to this girl from America. At last, she comes to India and he meets her and get physically intimate with her. Priya catches him and there's a break off in the relationship. Now, the struggle of Abhay begins to get his love back. Now, read book to know the struggle and whether he gets Priya finally.

              Coming to the review, I read this somewhere and this is exactly what I want to tell about this book- The major problem with the book is its grammatical mistakes. There are loads of spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and formatting errors. (Note: The author has mentioned that he has rectified these mistakes in his upcoming edition.) But as I was reading the book, I could not ignore these mistakes and so I could not link well, no matter how much unique the plot was. Secondly, I thought the book would have been more gripping, if author would have added more emotions and more detailing to the scenes. This book is the personal story of author as he has committed it in the end of the book. This book has been vindicated in the list of Bestseller and I am still shocked to see it there. The only thing which connects you with this book are the poems written by the author to describe the emotions of the main character for his girlfriend. I would rate this book 3 out of 10. Sorry.




Manish said...

Good one..Will surely try to stay away from such a book...

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