Saturday, September 3, 2011

I too had a love story.. by Ravinder Singh !!!

             This time I picked a national bestseller- "I too had a love story.." by Ravinder Singh. Once, while searching about this book, I started reading the 70 to 80 comments on its review and almost everyone said that they cried after reading this one. I decided that day itself that I'll read this book. Finally I got the opportunity and I completed this one. Let's talk about it.

          I too had a love story.. is about Ravin and Khushi who met each other on a matrimonial site- They started their conversation through calls and sms. After few days, they started talking about their marriage. Talking to each other they fall in love. Finally, they are sure that they are going to marry each other. Ravin visits her home and everyone likes him in her house. The engagement is fixed when suddenly Khushi becomes the victim of very big accident 3 days before the wedding. The world falls down on the head of Ravin after listening to this news. And now the story begins where you will turn the pages as fast as you can to know what happened to Khushi and whether they were engaged to each other or not. Or Ravin left her after seeing her body in its worst condition today.

    Coming to the review, Ravinder Singh has attempted a very beautiful, heart-touching story. Being 26 years old, writing such a cute book is somewhat impossible after seeing the raunchy writers of his age. He hasn't used any kind of sexual part in the whole book proving once again that a book can turn a bestseller if it has content and no sexual elements. Ravinder Singh makes you cry in the last 30-40 pages. You just can't stop your tears once the chapter- The Unexpected begins. My heart is still depressed even when 2 hours have passed since I completed reading this book. This is the first novel which made me cry like this. I give a respectful salute to Ravinder Singh for attempting this. I rate this novel 4 out of 5 and I recommend to read this book anyhow. You will fall in love with it.




Arvind kumar Singh said...

Just 1 hours back i have finished this book. I read last few pages in my office in working hours because last few pages are very senti. I was dying to know what happened in last. Really heart touching and made me sad. Even after reading that i am not able to work. I went outside from my office but still thinking about RAVIN and KHUISHI.
Unexpected End.

I dont know is it true story or not but hope it should not happen in any one's life.

Abhik said...

Ravinder Singh is married now!

Neha Shayar said...

A book speaking about pure love! I hardly finish reading a book in a days time , but this was one book which was just finished in a day by me. It is so beautifully written that anyone who reads it feels touched by the story shows the beauty of eternal love.

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