Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just Like In The Movies by Rahul Saini !!!

                So, this time I read Just Like In The Movies by Rahul Saini. Rahul Saini has already written a National bestseller- Those Small Lil Things. I am still left to read that book but I ended up reading this one. Just Like In The Movies is the book about three friends- Rima, Rishika and Amit who are happy with their perfect life until the recession hits them. Everyone of them has a dream and a kind of passion but because of their job and quest for money, they are unable to focus towards it. At last, when recession hits them, Rima goes to Kolkata for the audition of a reality show and manages to be in the Top 2. She always wanted to be a pop star. Amit leaves his job and protest against an urban development on a land which is ecologically healthy and good for birds. At last, he gets publicity through newspapers and his dream of working as an environmentalist and helping this planet to be safe turns out to be real. Rishika wanted to be a writer always and as soon as she gets a perfect story, she writes the novel and the publisher selects it. This is how the dreams of all the three friends is accomplished even after the recession hit them badly.

            Coming to the review, Rahul Saini has tried his best to write a novel with his own style. Rahul has narrated the story in every character's voice throughout the book. Initially, you feel it little tough to get through but after reading half of it, you get used to the kind of narration Rahul has used. The most interesting character of this book is Rima. You love her attitude till the end. Rishika is quite innocent. One different thing about this book is that there's no love story which is used as the mainstream. Author has tried his best to walk on the central theme of the book rather than diverting it to small incidents that has nothing to do with the story. The biggest minus point of this book is that it is so predictable. Even after all kinds of Turns and Twists, you predict the last 10 pages so perfectly that the interest of reading gets decreased with every page. This book even lacks on the part of sense of humour. Not even a single sentence made me laugh. But the language used throughout the book is magnificent. I would rate this book as 2.5 out of 5. Even if you miss this, you don't miss a good book.




Manish said...
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Manish said...

I have read the first novel by Rahul Saini and it was amazing. Well quite inspiring that I began writing one. I liked your review and surely would like to get my hands on this book soon. Thanks for the review and keep rocking Dude...

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