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          Today I am going to talk about the book - LOVE, LUST & LIFE by AZHAN AHSAN. Lets talk about the author first. Azhan Ahsan is just 21 years old. He is one of the youngest writer and is unofficially said as POP OF LIARS. His book is published by Expression Publication which is founded by Mandar Kokate. Mandar Kokate was when rejected for several times for his book- OH SHIT NOT AGAIN , he decided to publish his book himself. This was the first time he published any book from his publication and this Azhan's work is the 2nd 1. Azhan Ahsan has proved that to write a good book and to write a sensible book, Experience doesn't matter but a good observation and a good common sense is indispensable. The name spreads the word that this book may be the same as what Chetan Bhagat write and Mandar Kokate had written in his first book. But when you will start reading the book , you will find that Azhan has started something which had never been tried before by any writer. Azhan according to me is the cleverest author I had read till now. Robin Sharma is a different thing, but Azhan is actually what is called a witty and intelligent person.

              Now coming to the book, this book is about the story of a boy- Ameen Jalal who always spoke lies throughout his life. And through this story he wants the world to know about his lies. This boy is born in an orthodox Muslim Family. The father is strict while mother is sweet and not stringent like father. Father admits him into a Madrassa while mother keeps poking his father for letting him join an English medium school as she wanted her son to learn this language. At last , his mother wins and he is been admitted into an English Medium School. Life plays a more luck with him and finally he is sent to Mumbai. Here he finds a girl- Priyanka. He starts coaching her for Basketball as he knew this sport right from his childhood. This relation of coach and struggling player turns into love and then they proliferate their relation and takes it to the level of Sex and Intercourse. Ameen is lost into the glamorous eyes of this girl and forgets his childhood friend who he promised will marry after returning from Mumbai- Zareen. At last, Zareen is married to an another guy and he marries Priyanka. But nobody from Ameen and Zareen knows that they are married. At last when both of them comes to know about this, Zareen gets mad and furious on him as he kept lying her and kept making a pile of false promises while Ameen gets shocked and emotional to see that Zareen suffered a lot because of him and is at last married to a stranger and is not happy with him. At last, there's a murder and Ameen is dead. I don't want to reveal the suspense about who killed him and how does this whole scenario takes place. For this , read this book.

      Now, all of you will say that what is so special in this book. There are lots of specialty in this book. First of all a Muslim boy has written his feelings for his religion as frankly as anyone can state the confusion on his or her religion. Second, this book is not about a span of time and period in a character's life. It is a good fiction story about the whole life of the character from the Birth to Death. Third and the best specialty is the wit of the writer- AZHAN AHSAN. He haven't specified any dates and years in his book to let the readers know about which period of time he is talking about. In spite of this, he has described what was going on in India at that moment like a new film Hum Aapke Hain Kaun is released. Now you have to brainstorm that what period of time was when this film was released. The writer keeps on giving the headlines of the news of that period of time when his life was moving parallel to it. It is a fun reading the news as it seems like this is the book of a stylish journalist who has remembered every news and current issues by its date, month and year all his life. This presents the intelligence and knowledge of this writer. This is the best part of this book. I would recommend every reader of my blog and this post mainly that please read this book. Don't leave it if you get it. Buy this book and keep it with you. Excellent Novel and a new genius on the plot- AZHAN AHSAN. 




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