Wednesday, July 7, 2010



              Recently, I went to a guest's house with my mother. When both the ladies got engaged in their gossips, I started searching for some books around. Finally I got a shelf and I moved my eyes from one book to another when suddenly a book with an attractive name struck me. The book is " LOVE, LIFE AND DREAM ON" by ANIMESH VERMA. When the author wrote this book, he was studying in the 2nd year at IIT Mumbai. I recently read in a newspaper that Animesh Verma is not happy with the Chetan Bhagat's work. He says that as an IITian there's many things to point out and bring a change in society. His book consist nothing of them. I read this and thought that a debut writer with his first book which is still to be famous and successful is giving such a big remark on the biggest English-language novelist of India, what does he think of himself? But when I started reading his book I understood what this boy has in himself. He is going to be bigger than Chetan Bhagat in the coming years. Its my word and I know it will get its space in coming future. The publisher house which has published this book - LOVE, LIFE AND DREAM ON takes 15 days approximately to revert back about acceptance or rejection of the writer's work but for this book, they reverted back within 24 hours. This book was published in 5,000 prints in its 1st Edition and its 2nd edition has already started which is going to publish 10,000 prints of this book. This is already a big achievement for ANIMESH VERMA.

               Lets come on the review of the book what I felt about it. This book holds you right from its Page 1. You keep reading it as every sentence is carved so beautifully that it catches up your heart and you can't leave the book even for a second. The biggest surprise for me after completing this book in 3 hours was that there was not a single word which insisted me to refer dictionary. Everything was written as simple as anyone can write and even after this, you can't say that book is away from wit and intellect. The book is about friends who have a dream to have their own company , their own brand in the market. They always had this dream. The main character is Varun. Writer has shown this character as a diplomat and a very supportive and emotional person. There is no romantic story which revolves around this character which adds the sincerity level to this character. Another character which is the Amir Khan of this book is Aniket. He is a lover boy and I would say that even this one is decent when it comes to his love. I want to compliment Animesh Verma for not making this book as a story of sex as now-a-days Indian writers are interested in. He had not shown any sexual communication of the characters in this book proving that a reader can love a book even if it lacks the flavor of sex in it. Animesh Sir, Hats off to you. At last, all the friends fight and revamp back and finally they struggle a lot to achieve their dream and they hit the jackpot at the last. The death of a character brings a lot of emotions. Even the love story is so sweet and simple that you would love to have the girlfriend as Vidya. Vidya, I would say is the villain of the story. 

       Book ends with a happy note but the death of Aniket fills our eyes with pain and emotions. The rude behavior of Vidya and her useless decision burst out the anger in you. The fight of the friends for their mission brings a confidence and motivation in you too. In short, this book is successful in bursting out every emotion from the readers which the writer has planned to. At last, I would say buy this book and keep it with yourself as every generation of your family will love this book. After reading this book, I can say this without hesitation that - THIS IS THE BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ IN MY LIFE. It is better than my all time favorite- Five Point Someone. This book of 178 pages is full of suspense, love, friendship, romance and fun. I am rating this book and story a Perfect 10 on 10. I even thought of buying this book from  aunt but I knew that aunty will hand this book to me without any bucks and I didn't wanted to take this book from someone which I am recommending others to buy. So, I will be buying this one in future by my pocket-money. 




Anangkr said...

had gone through this one few months ago and yes it is a lot interesting. You would be happy to know that his 2nd book has also hit the market with a bang,do read it. The writter started in the same way he had left in the 1st one.
In between a nice review. :-)

anisha said...

hey yaar really mast novel hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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