Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To Whom It May Concern: bad! by Shariq Iqbal


              Again a book. I hope all of you aren't getting bored by the reviews. It is just for the sake of readers who needs to know about the books before they spend their money on it. I am the reviewer who never criticizes. I love pointing the good characteristics of the book and author. I don't believe in criticizing the work which I'm unable to do. Hope you are getting what I'm trying to say. I prefer reading the books written by new authors. The debut book of any author is far interesting as he gives his or her best at their first. In this series, 1 more book is added. Its "To Whom It May Concern: bad!" by Shariq Iqbal. As everytime I do , I talk about the author first but this time I'm helpless, I searched the whole internet but didn't got any new news about this author. So I can't state what does he do and all but I can do state about what I felt about him. He his the 2nd Muslim author I read. Mostly, whay happens that Islamic followers keep talking about their religion numerous times but when you find someone who isn't talking about his or her religion then it's the time that you start finding new things from this person. Same was the case with Shariq Iqbal. When I read his name I thought he would be talking about his religion again and again but to my surprise this man has impressed me a lot as he wrote the whole book as a common human being and not an Islamic follower. 

             The book -  "To Whom It May Concern: bad!" is a fictional story which consists of many dramatic scenes. But its easy to digest them as the writing style of the author keeps you holding. I finished this book in 2 hours. I don't know how I went so fast but this story was so interesting that I think when I'll read this book for the 2nd time, I'll finish it in half an hour itself. This book of 186 pages is so pure and so unique that you can't think of skipping a word or two while reading the book. This is the story about a boy- ALI who is drawn into drugs, bunks and all the common factors which an engineering students has. All his life was fucked when suddenly he starts loving a girl named Divya. As soon as the lady enters the book, you start struggling with how will both of them meet. At last, without proposing they have a kiss while watching movie in a multiplex and as they come out of the theatre after the movie, they find themselves in love and speechless relationship. Finally, both of them are engaged and now boy keeps roaming near her hostel, meeting her, loving her and hanging-out with her. A very true love story typo story this is. Parallel to this, the story of the bond between the friends - Ali and Gopal also keeps flowing. Its also one of the best part of this book. I got little solaced in the climax of the book. It felt like there was much to say but because of some limitations, Shariq has left the book middle-way itself. Climax could have been more nerve-touching. But whatever a good book and Yaa..You can read this one more than one time easily..

     Now my review, I didn't liked the book at the start because it seems to be boring but it didn't took a lot of time for me to understand that patience is what I should deal with to get an excellent stroke at the next ball and yaa it happened in the same way. After initial pages as soon as the story takes it pace, it holds you. It held me for 2 hours continuously and I finished this book in this short period of time. I loved the book not because of the fictional story or a love story but the way every moment was described. The way of narrating a simple story can change the outlook of the story. I would not say that this book has some unique story but still this book has the flick to stick you. I would recommend everyone who is fond of Fictional books to read this one. I loved this book and would rate it 3 out of 5 stars.. Not bad.. 




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