Monday, December 14, 2020

The One Invisible Code by Sharat Sharma (Book Review: 4.5*/5) !!!


49th Book of 2020

It has been a long since I have read any self-help book so it was time for me to get into one and explore what new I can learn about life and how to make it better. This made me pick up one of the latest books- “The One Invisible Code” written by Sharat Sharma in around 190 pages. After reading multiple books by Robin Sharma, I hardly find anything new in any self-help books but I must say that Sharat has been able to draw some new insights through his outlook towards how one can approach mastery and explore the zones which are yet to be discovered.


The book is written in a very simple language which makes it easier for every age-group to read and grasp the knowledge shared by the author. The way book is divided into parts and then further into chapters and their respective topics and sub-topics makes it comfortable for you to understand things and make notes. It has been a long time since I found a book which could give me many important pointers and bullets to note down in my diary. Finally, with “The OneInvisible Code”, I got many such things to note which no other book could do in 2020.


Author has tried engaging the readers with different kind of contents in the book – so there are instances where author is talking directly with us where he is delivering different kind of insights and formulas, on the other hand, you will find many one-liner quotes which are an inspiration in themselves. Similarly, there are small stories of real-life personalities reading which makes you realize how humans have reached their maximum potential by breaking all the prejudices such as of Sir Roger Bannister, Usain Bolt, Srikanth Bolla, J K Rowling etc. whereas on the other hand there are many fictional stories too which also helps in breaking the complex topics in simple concepts for you. Along with all of this, author has also provided space for the readers to answer some difficult questions about their life, goals, aspirations, worries, anxieties etc. which gives you chance to evaluate yourself on the premise of the topics.


Personally, I liked the chapters on Beliefs and Discipline- reading them was something new and different than other self-help books. Author has also written the whole book in the form of conversation where one character is asking questions whereas another one known as Master is answering the queries which makes it perfect for readers to understand logic behind each framework as people picking up such books are generally confused about life. The Invisible Code(s) that author talks about is also genuine and practical following which I am sure the readers will find improvements in their life. Author discusses many concepts such as self-awareness, self-esteem, aspirations, goals, dreams, mindsets, priorities, actions, momentum, mastery etc. I liked how author went into further detailing on all these topics which helps you breakdown your routines and think on how you can build some great rituals to better your lifestyle.


Overall, this is surely an effective book especially, for the people who would be picking this as their first self-help book. I give this book 4.5* out of 5. The only issue is the MRP of this book which is quite high. I hope author and publisher shall look upon this.







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