Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Left Roof by Narendra & Vishvendra Singh Nathawat (Book Review- 3.25*/5) !!!

It has been very rare when I have picked up a book which belongs to the world of fantasy because I am generally not used to imagining stuff a lot while reading which are not usual. That is the reason why I have still not gone through Harry Potter series because I feel very hard to connect with such stories. But still I like picking up such books rarely to be connected with this genre too. I have just finished reading another fantasy-based book on Kindle named “The Left Roof” which also comes with a tagline “A Way to the Infinity World”. The book is written by two authors, Narendra Singh Nathawat and Vishvendra Singh Nathawat and published by Partridge publishers.

The book starts off very well which keeps the readers hooked to the story as they want to know about the protagonist’s past and his parents’ back story. The suspense behind the old home is what makes the reader excited in the initial few pages itself and after the concept of Infinity World gets introduced, the world of fantasy gets opened for the reader. The way characterization and conceptualization has been drafted for this section of the story tells about the authors’ dedicated towards telling the story about an imaginary world where each and every term has to be created to make the fake world seem to be live. The way authors have described the fantasy part makes it very easy for the readers to imagine the scenarios which adds effects to the book.

The 2nd half of the book gets little slow in the beginning but the way whole pre-climax is handled makes the closing of the story even more interesting. I just felt that the climax could have been a lot better as it ended in a very lighter note. Just like the movie, Bluffmaster, even this book manages to surprise the readers in the end and make them go like “Why the authors didn’t tell this in the first page itself!” This is the surprise element of this book- The very last small paragraph. The drawback of the book is that it stops discussing anything about the Earth etc. but only focuses on the escapade of the protagonists and his supporters from here and there in the Infinity World. I also felt that the narration of the book could have been better as it becomes quite of a booster in between where the plot is taken forward by discussing one scene after another in hurry. Otherwise, this is a good fantasy novel. I give it 3.25* out of 5.




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