Sunday, July 23, 2017

Black Suits You by Novoneel Chakraborty (Book Review: 4*/5) !!!

 There is not a single book that I have missed by Novoneel Chakraborty because of the suspense that is always involved in his books. Not always I have enjoyed the final climax but still I love whatever he writes because he doesn’t only narrate a suspense thriller but make the reader to keep thinking in parallel about what will happen with the protagonist in the end. His thrillers are very different from what I read from other popular authors of India. I am just done reading “Black Suits You”, the latest released novel of Novoneel, however, his another book is up for pre-order already. His speed of writing and publishing book is something I am sure his publishers would be very happy and grateful about. Haha!

Black Suits You is an amazing thriller where the protagonist is shown involving in an affair with a girl even after he is in relationship with Anaysha. He is been made to fall for this new girl named Kashti by her even though he finds the whole thing very scary. He breaks up with his girlfriend, Anaysha, on the day of their engagement just because he gets a “gift” from Kashti which makes him not say “NO” to her. And from here onwards, he is been dominated by Kashti and being followed everywhere. And then begins the real story of this book which will make the readers keep turning page to know what happens next.

Author’s decision to tell Anaysha’s story from her own voice in the form of the diary notes is nice as it makes the narration more fluid and systematic. The reader gets to understand the parallel thought of Anaysha after knowing what is up with the life of Kiyan, the protagonist. The suspense is nicely built up in spite of the linkages that the characters have amongst each other in a correlated timeline. The pre-climax is wonderfully handled where the final thrilling part is out and we come to know about the people involved in the crime, avenge or revenge (read to know what specifically it is).

The book could have become boring as it is written in lot of confinement as there is no traveling part of exploration of characters but only what goes on between the protagonist and Kashti. But author makes sure that the plot is enough engaging to never make you feel bored. And in the 2nd half the way story starts progressing makes the reader not leave the book until the climax is not finished. And the climax is very well executed which makes this book a best concluded one. Thankfully, this is not a trilogy or else waiting for the next one would have become much difficult. Author has absolutely written it better than his most famous “The Stranger Trilogy”. I give this book 4* out of 5. And I am just waiting to put my hands upon his upcoming novel “Forever is a Lie”.




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