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Ayushi Jain: "I generally used to write at night before going to sleep or early morning" (Interview)

Ayushi Jain is a debutante authoress who have just published her novel named "Unofficially Yours". I read it this week and thought of taking her interview as she is an artist-turned-author. Do read about her to know about her life as an author and artist.

1. How does it feel after becoming an author now, Ayushi? Any changes that you can experience in your life and lifestyle?

         It feels great being an Author, especially when I get a random text/ mail/call/ message on FB, reader’s reviews on the book; their compliments make me feel special.  It feels like I have achieved something and motivates me to bring up something new and even better.
People often call me as their inspiration (though I have not yet done anything out of the box, need to put in lot of efforts in order to achieve what I desire) but I am often asked this question – “How do you manage writing, Art and job all together? You are an inspiration for many of us”. 
Their questions/statements give me a sense of responsibility, I realize people are looking forward at me, they are taking my writing seriously, and it makes me take my work more contemplative - making my life revolve around my writing and fans.

2. When did you first decide that you would write a book and why?

I used to write small articles and short stories during my college days  but I never thought that I will be writing a novel someday. One fine morning I completed reading a love story and I thought “may b I am capable of writing a novel too”, without giving a second thought I started writing and soon I wrote a 265 pages.
 Writing is like meditation, it cultivates a sense of peace within me when I pen down my thoughts, my imaginations (just like a painting). I had a story with me and I opted to share it with the world. 

3. How much time did it really take you to complete this book right from developing the plot to finally submitting it to the publisher?

It took around 7 to 8 months right from developing the plot to finally submitting it to the publisher, major challenge for me was to take out the peaceful time for myself so that I can pen down my thoughts without any interruption. I generally use to write at night before going to sleep or early morning.

4. Tell us something about your very first novel- “Unofficially Yours”.

“Unofficially yours” is a Love story based on a Punjabi boy- Rajveer (RV) and a bubbly girl Arohi.  They are college friends(basically senior & junior) who become best of besties, they make their own rule that they will not fall in love but their group activities and instances keep bringing them close. They try hard to be away from each other but love is something that is beyond control.   

It’s a tale of broken rules, broken friendships, pain of separation, fight for love, dreams coming true, and a wish list.  It’s a fairy tale that RV creates for Arohi. I am quite confident that everyone will enjoy this roller-coaster ride with RV, Arohi, and their group. It’s a journey from just friendship to a perfect love story.
Story has many twists and turns keeping a reader glued till the end.

5. What has been the response of your friends after reading this novel from whom you have inspired many of your characters?

This novel was a surprise for my friends, no one was aware that I am up to something like this, I disclosed my little secret when my book was under publishing procedure. 
They all were astonished, I got lots of beating because of the alterations I had done to their characters but at the end they all loved the novel and gave me best wishes. 

6. What is the next story that you are working upon? Can we get a little insight into it and by when can we expect it?

My next novel is the story of 3 friends (girls) and how their life changed after graduation. I am still working on its plot. It is based on the dynamics of personal relationships making it relevant in today’s society. 

7. Tell us something about your achievement in the creative world as mentioned in your bio.      
I am Engineer by profession, Author by Interest and an Artist by heart. I have conducted various National Art and painting exhibitions and have received tokens of appreciation by Indian media.

Few of my exhibitions are listed below:
Theme: Era of woman’s life; Place: Swaraj Bhavan Bhopal
          Depicted era of a woman’s life, from her birth till she meets her creator! I tried to bring a change in society by emphasizing importance of women in everyone’s life and all the compromises she makes to fulfil dreams of her loved ones.                                                                                                                                                                                           30 Paintings were arranged in form of a story narrating journey of a woman’s life.
Exuberance2; Feb 2014

Theme: Path to Bliss; Place: Bhopal
I created a story of a person’s life, giving a message to everyone that being happy is easy, all the colours of happiness that people try to find in others is actually within ourselves. Motivational paintings narrated that nothing is impossible and if you have determination, you can achieve anything you want in life. So be positive and keep going! 
Hues 2
May 2014; Place: Commaraswamy Hall, Prince of Whales Museum, Mumbai 
Women’s day Exhibition 2014; Bhopal

Bliss Art Gallery, Pune
Name: Path to Bliss 2; Place: Bliss art gallery, Pune
Group exhibition Pune, in collaboration with Graffiti arts 

Charisma 2016: Charisma was not just an painting exhibition, it was more likely mix media- it included murals, mix media products such as- mural clocks, nameplates, show pieces, accessories, paintings, stone carving etc.

8. Where do you see yourself after 5 years as an author?

I see myself as a successful Author who is known for her creative and sensible writing; also I would be happy if I could bring any positive changes in the society through my writing.

9. Any words for your fans?

Life is too short, spend it the way you like, become the one you have always dreamt of. Nothing is impossible just the determination is required.
Go beyond the limits, try hard to achieve your passion, it could be anything – career/ hobby. Respect all the beautiful relations in your life; we don’t realize the importance of a person unless they move away from us.

Laugh loud, play, go for outings, work hard for things you want, push all the limits for your love.
As said, life is too short make the maximum out of it, in the way you like!

Happy Reading – Unofficially Yours 



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