Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Two Winters and 365 days by Anuradha Prasad (Book Review- 3.75*/5)!!!

  Partridge publication is not known to many of us but I would like to inform you that it's a Penguin Random House Company, the one that the two major publishing house have collaborated and created for the authors who want to publish themselves. It's a self-publishing firm for the authors who believe in getting their book published immediately without going through the whole process of checking and evaluating. Whenever I have picked up a book by Partridge, I have never been disappointed and today, my 3rd experience with them also ends up with a smile. I am just done reading "Two Winters and 365 days" by the debutant- Anuradha Prasad. The only problem that I find with the publishers are:- 1. Cover page is quite hard. 2. The publishing style of book makes it look like a school's textbook. 3. Font isn't attractive. Now let's move forward towards author's work. :-)

         When Ananya's life fell apart and crumpled at a young age she was helpless with the sole intention of supporting her family. she takes up editing an equally crumbling lifestyle magazine After tea not knowing what lay ahead thus Ananyas journey into the mad mad world of the media begins. Though her journey as a professional is replete with adventure, thrill and risks she starts enjoying it, as fate could not steal away her innate talent and an eye for perfection. But as they say in the beautiful Bollywood city of Mumbai anything is possible! A die hard professional and a construction magnate Vicky Arora falls hopelessly in love with simple Ananya. Though Vicky feels most happy and himself with her does she feel the same? Was she ready to look at love again in the eye? Or was life playing a double game with her? Will she fall this time never to get up? It is a thrilling story of a journey replete with adventure, hope, romance and of self discovery.

About the Author:-

          Anuradha Prasad has a doctorate in English Literature from Mumbai University. She is an artist, a feature writer, and a journalist. She writes on invitation regularly. She loves blogging, counselling, observing nature, traveling, music, movies, Bollywood and spending time with her family and friends. She lives in Mumbai with her family. 

           Coming to the writing style of the authoress, she has an amazing skill that touches chord with the readers. She uses easy sentences to convey her story to the audience. The way she has made us understand the emotions of a woman represents the talent she possesses. Considering her biography in the book, I thought that she may have written something very extra-ordinary in terms of language but I got little disappointed here. She has written like any other author available in every nooks and corners of India these days. I was expecting little more. Story wise, she has a maturity in story-making and telling. Whenever I read a book written by female writer, I expect to understand women a little better after finishing the book and with Two Winters and 365 Days, I have. :-)

           Coming to the story, right from the first page, authoress have made it sure that story doesn't gets stagnant at any point of time. It's moving with every sentence, page and chapter. Book is divided into different seasons and each has its own property. Read the book to know how each season consists its own specialty in terms of story. :-) Book is very fast-pace. I loved the character of Amanda initially when she asks Ananya to come for interviews. The lack of confidence that is been mentioned of Ananya's makes you excited to read further whether she makes it or not. Later on, during the interview, as soon as she becomes furious while speaking, I jumped off my bed because the sudden change in her characterization excited and astonished me. The chapter where for the first time its mentioned hoe she makes big in the field is also an exciting read. The mother-daughter relationship is wonderfully described in the book which makes it an emotional read too. Vicky's character is charming enough to entertain you throughout.

             Coming to the drawbacks, as I have already mentioned that I was expecting more from the authoress in terms of language reading her bio-data. I didn't like the speech and the whole award ceremony details that is been given in the pre-climax up to the climax. It wasn't as good as it could have been. I felt that the flashback of Ananya's life with Rahul was missing in the story because if it could have been included, book could have reached 1 or 2 level higher from where it already is. Authoress have just cut the past life of hers and only mentioned the story right from the day the book has started with. In all, I would say that a fine book which can be surely read. An emotional, lovely, serene and soft book. I will give it 3.75/5. Surely readable. 



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