Friday, February 7, 2014

Gisela Haussmann's eBook- NAKED DETERMINATION!!!

         Gisela Haussmann's new ebook- Naked Determination is a wonderful collection of stories that are based on her life and the respective experience that she had. Being a foreign author, she has assured that her book gets understood by the Indian authors too. After reading the book I was surprised to read that the authoress have implemented many perspective in her short stories. The tagline of the book says "Forty-one spirited tales for fearless, motivated underdogs". And the moment you will start reading the book, you will realize that an energy starts developing within you with the help of the words that authoress have arranged in such a delightful manner. 

         Even if you talk about the cover page, it is so vividly made that it excites you to purchase and start reading. The concept of scribbling her own experiences is something that amazed me because not every author has this guts. Gisela Haussmann is a wonderful author to look forward to in the ebook-generation authors as she assures that she not only writes stories but also motivate those who feel that they are underdogs and under-achievers. I expect her to release more editions to this Short stories collection so that her fans can look forward to her next attempts. For now, I would ask all of you to purchase her book through Amazon where its available and doing very well.


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