Saturday, September 29, 2012

Journey of Two Hearts! by Anuj Tiwari!!!

           It's a sad fact that every reader's favorite publication- SRISHTI isn't doing well these days. The number of claims against it has kept readers little away from it. The biggest drawback has been the editing of the books. No reader wants to read a book that is full of mistakes and grammatical errors. Initially, people ignored some of the mistakes but recently everyone observed the amount of mistakes a book from Srishti Publication contains. It is again a shocking element that no book of Srishti has got the tag of BESTSELLER since a year. Again, distribution was a concern. Recently I have seen Srishti books in Crossword and Landmark stores that means this drawback has been rectified. I hope the Publication house recuperates soon. I didn't ignore the latest release by Srishti- Anuj Tiwari's "Journey of Two Hearts! -will be cherished forever". Anuj Tiwari is a debutante residing in Mumbai and working in one of the leading IT companies. One of the most grounded author in the contemporary period. 

             Journey of Two Hearts is about the protagonist- Anuj who gets into friendship with a girl- Pakhi through a scenario that his friend created. He kept talking for months through mobile conversations without meeting her. Finally, they decide to meet. The meeting turns out to be more romantic than they expected. It took time for Anuj to build the relation of Friendship into love. But once when he does, he finds bliss in the odyssey of this beautiful relationship. Being away from Pakhi for most of the times, his love for her kept growing up every minute. But some misunderstanding bought some cracks in their beautiful saga of love. Did Anuj win her or let his love go? To get the answer to this- go get the book. :-)

             Anuj Tiwari started scripting his love story right from the first day when he came in contact with his girlfriend. Later, when a tragedy took place with him, his parents asked him to at least try for getting the book published as he has already written it. He gave a thought and the JOURNEY OF TWO HEARTS! released on 5th September, 2012. As this was written as a personal story never to be shared with anyone except the author's muse, I did find some flaws in the narration. There are many sentences which Anuj Tiwari has written in a very shortcut form. He should have avoided that. But the different fonts, cases and sizes that he has used for bringing special effects in the book is commendable. Writer has kept the chapters short which can help you read this book in breaks. It's a short love story without any unwanted details. 

            The first chapter of the book is interesting. The initial conversations between both the protagonist is also something that makes you excited to know about the future of the story. The way they get into the relationship of love is also a beautiful part. The intimate and love-making scenes are described beautifully. As the story is true, author has been successful in bringing up emotions through his writing. The pre-climax is better than the climax. After reading the pre-climax, I was expecting climax to be some kind of an epic but author failed to impress me there. But I can easily claim that the pre-climax is the best part of the book. As the story is true, author has not created any kind of too fictional elements. Hence, you might remember Ravinder Singh's I too had a love story and Sudeep Nagarkar's Few Things Left Unsaid while reading the book.

           The major drawback of the book is the same that many authors from Srishti shares- Author hasn't given any special characterization to other characters of the book. Parents are just special appearances while they should have been a major part of the story. Even the third character- Arpan should have been drafted properly. Author keeps on talking only about the protagonists throughout which turns out to be boring sometimes. While I would say that the poems in the book were inserted at the right moments. As the first attempt, I would rate this book somewhere in between 2.75 and 3. It is specially for the first time readers, Indian romance writers' fans and the people belonging between the age group of 17 to 23. 




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