Sunday, September 23, 2012

How About A Sin Tonight? by Novoneel Chakraborty!!!

           After knowing the negative reviews of the recently released- HEROINE, I made it evident to myself that I'm not going for it. But as I was excited for the movie before its release, I had an urge of experiencing something similar. Undoubtedly, I picked up a book from my shelf- "How About A Sin Tonight?" by one of the favorites- NOVONEEL CHAKRABORTY. The book is based on the people related to the world of glamour, television, advertisements and Bollywood. This is the third book of the author after his first two released by Srishti Publication- A Thing Beyond Forever and That Kiss in the Rain. But as most of the Bestselling authors of Srishti, even Novoneel moved to Random House Publication for his 3rd novel. And as expected, the hoopla created around this book was enough to give a boost to the sales. I haven't heard of it getting vindicated into Bestselling List yet but I am sure that it's getting into it very soon. 

           The synopsis of the book is perfectly written, hence pasting as it is: "In the biggest casting coup of the Hindi film industry, five top stars are signed up for a new movie: Shahraan—a living legend still lamenting the loss of his first love; Reva and Neev—newcomers allied in a common journey; Nishani—the celebrity kid who must avenge her father’s untimely death; and Kaash—the actor harbouring a secret love from his past. As their intimately intertwined personal stories take centre stage, the industry’s underbelly is left exposed for all to see. By the time the curtain draws to a close, the gossip-hungry media has enough fodder on its plate to last a lifetime.

            Novoneel Chakraborty, bestselling author of A Thing beyond Forever and That Kiss in the Rain, unveils the grime behind the glitz, the insecurities and compromises, in a world where aspirants come prepared to strike a Faustian bargain. A beguiling tale of love, ambition, jealousy, and betrayal, How About a Sin Tonight? will leave you asking for more."

             I have both the recent books of Novoneel at my home but I never picked them up because of lack of time. But after reading the third by him, I am excited about the first two which are everyone's favorite. The kind of narration that Novoneel has used in the book right from the first sentence till the last, keeps you excited. I just kept on reading, reading and reading. Even when the story went slow paced at times, the narration and the sentences formation kept me intrigued into it. And thus I want to read more from the author. So the first two books, you are coming out from the shelf very soon. :-)

             The book is spread around many characters- each with different shade and background. Because author has mentioned every actor's source before coming into the field, it makes you feel that you are watching the life story of each one of them right from their birth. The way every character's struggle has been shown for entering into the field that gives fame within few hours is perfectly described. Little research of the author can be easily seen because these are the details which aren't common but still an existence in this industry. The initial pages of the book are the most beautiful part of it- The moments of pure love between Shahraan and Mehfil. I just wanted to read it till the 283rd-last page of the book but unfortunately it ended quite earlier for other stories to come and play their parts. But fortunately, the way in which author has fast forwarded decades while narrating the story shows the unique plethora of writing skills that he possesses. 

              Actually, I haven't noted the beautiful moments while reading the book because the whole book is written in a single flow with many messages being delivered in between. Some words in italic does touch our heart while some not in italic also leave the same kind of an expression on us. But the letter that Mehfil writes for Shahraan is something that made me cry, literally. Then, Shahraan's journey towards being the best actor of the Bollywood is something that fascinated me. Every time the female characters had to compromise with their bodies being placed in front of the producers/directors/powerful people of the industry, I got goosebumps imagining the situations that these girls have to go through to achieve their dream/ambition. The pre-climax scene where a male and female character gets into a physical fight is another goosebumps-giving-scene. The another best part of the narration is the scene describing love-making and sexual moments. :-) The biggest boring part of the book were the unlimited letters by Kaash is the second half. The second half of the book does bring some extremely good parts of the book but it is too stretched. The book could have easily kept shorter by 50 pages. I rate the story and narration- 3.5 but to the many philosophical messages that author gives while narrating, I give .25 more. So finally- 3.75/5. 




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