Friday, August 24, 2012

Ignited Minds by APJ Abdul Kalam!!!

             We always see India through the eyes of media channels, newspapers and other such mediums. But there are very few people who give us the real image of what our India is. I am talking about the people who have contributed to the nation. The person who has done something for the country is capable of speaking about the country. You and me, have done nothing but like commenting on each and every thing. One such person, who is unlike us, have bought the change in the country is APJ Abdul Kalam, our former President. The questions that we ask to our current Prime Minister, never gets answered as our PM loves to keep his lips sealed rather than moving them for speaking something. But, I am too pleased and happy that a person like APJ Abdul Kalam keeps on answering all those questions through his books which gets published time to time whenever the youth starts getting impatient about their concern for the nation. I have read one such book that Abdul Kalam published in 2002- "Ignited Minds". The book also has a tagline- "unleashing the power within India". 

             In this book, Kalam has kept on focusing on the bestial power that we have within India. He tells us how there are several people in our country itself who can bring a lot of change to the nation but they'll have to get ignited. Ignited for the benefit of the nation. Ignited for the improvement of not their own self, but for the whole group they are working with. Ignited to prove the world that we are competitive. Ignited for working with the people who are ambitious like them. Ignited for working with the people from different field, because then a new creativity is launched which bring changes. Similarly, Abdul Kalam has told us how we can ignite our minds as it's already ignited, we just need to start doing for the nation now rather than for ourselves. :-)

              Initially in the book, the way Abdul Kalam has started giving the speech on values and motivation generates interest of turning pages as fast as we can. :-) Interaction with different students from different colleges, regions and religions is indeed a special part of the book as Kalam has mentioned some of the unique questions asked by them and also the answers that he gave. The chapter on who our Role model should be can make our stupid youths realize that it's not Salman Khan who need to be modeled but some great visionaries. "Visionary Teachers and Scientists" chapter gives a brief note of how some teachers of Kalam made him learn good morals and values that has helped him reach to where he is. And the works of scientists who were his colleagues is described wonderfully to make us understand how they strove for bringing some positive change in country's situation. The messages that Kalam's teachers and scientists gave him can change the whole perspective of our own life. Those messages should be compacted as quotes and released separately, seriously. 

              Kalam has made it sure that we also understand the power of meeting different people of different kind from different regions through traveling can make us realize how small we are, and how more do we need to moot ourselves up. In the same context, the spiritual messages that he mentioned in the book that were given to him by different spiritual leaders and saints are again another masterpieces of this book. How God and Spirit is being ignored in today's institute is discussed. "Patriotism beyond Politics and Religions"- the name of the chapter itself says how necessary this talk is. So let's not speak about this. :-) The secrets to success that Azim Premji, Narayan Murthy, Amul's founder and other entrepreneurs gave is a solid reason why one should read this book, bot once but again and again. The example of true events and personal experiences of Kalam in the book gives a special effect while reading as we keep on imagining Kalam visiting people and thus, inspiring them. The summary after every chapter is also a good idea to give the whole context of the chapter in few lines. The last two chapters including Epilogue is enormously beautiful. The book ends on a very motivational and intellectual note. 

             I would still rate Kalam's "Wings of Fire" and "Turning Points" above this- "Ignited Minds" but still this book is no less. Please get this one too. APJ Abdul Kalam is the writer, what more review do you need to get it confirmed that you are spending money on the right product? :-) And thanks to Yusuf who gave this book to me for reading even when I didn't have any idea that he has a book by Kalam with him. :-)




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