Monday, January 9, 2012

In Course of True Love! ...I am left with nothing! by SANJEEV RANJAN !!!

           So, I have finished 5th book on the 8th day of this new year- 2012. :-) I think I will complete my target of reading 50 books in 2012 in the first 6 months itself. :-) I am loving the speed. :-) So, this time I read "In Course of True Love" by Sanjeev Ranjan. The book has 209 pages. Its a typical Shrishti publication's book. Sanjeev Ranjan is just 21 years old. He is still in his last semester of Engineering. As per the love story which I have read in his debut novel, I think its his real love story with 10% of fiction in it. Sanjeev Ranjan is quite a cool guy and therefore he has written a very simple love story with 5% of complications in it. If it would have been someone like me or Durjoy Datta, it would have had only twists. :-) He has been into this Indian literature thing from a long time and hence he is fond of writing very much and he knows how to maintain it in future too. This boy of 21 years old have released his first book on 2nd January 2012 and I think I am the First Reviewer of this book as I have been for many Indian authors. :-) 

           Coming to the STORY of In Course Of True Love, its the story of the protagonist- Arush and his girlfriend- Aachankya. Arush scores 90% in his 10th std and his parents are unhappy with his result as they expected more. (Facepalm) He decides to shift to Bokaro for his Junior college studies as he may get nice education there. He moves there with his friends who scored above 85% but still less according to them. Again a Facepalm. :-) Finally, he gets admission in a college and he get acquainted into a coaching class too. On the very first day, a girl named Aachankya starts asking him his name, native and other things and giggles with her friends. He thinks that why are these girls talking to him. But, then, even he starts talking and one day he gets a proposal from Aachankya. He is surprised that a girl who is being liked by so many boys has proposed him. Finally, he accepts after a lot of confusion and then, a typical junior college love story begins. Get the book to know what happened in the end. 

            Coming to the REVIEW, Sanjeev Ranjan has written this book specifically for an age-class. The easy language used in the book shows that he has targeted college crowd as his readers and according to me, the college guys who have been reading love stories will like this book as it is a typical Indian love story. But a reader who has read a lot of varieties will find this book too simple. I found it quite simple. Sanjeev Ranjan has used some very good words and sentences in the book. He is new in this field of literature and hence I am excusing him for writing a simple love story this time, but, in his 2nd novel, I want him to write something exclusive. For a first time readers and for the teenage-love-story fans, this book is a perfect choice. The cover page of the book is too beautiful and I would recommend the author to keep the same cover page even when he gets a Bestseller tag.

            The story of the book is very simple. It has a twist in the end but throughout the story you get to read the love sagas of these two teenagers. You will get to read the telephonic conversations between the two, excitement of the boy as everything is a new experience to him- holding the hand, kissing the girl, reading a love letter etc etc etc. All the college guys who are interested in love stories can go for this book. Even the school guys who have never read a love story as their parents would have found them vulgar can also pick this one as it is a very decent love story. 

            Coming to the drawback- Lack of twists, Lack of humour and Lack of description. Sanjeev Ranjan could have made this book more suspenseful than a normal love story. But, initially when I picked up this book, I didn't expected much as he is just 21 years old and I wanted to see what he has attempted. He needs to put little more effort into writing and I believe that he will be up with a very good story in his next book. I have found this book Average. All the first time readers and school/college crowds can go for it. You may get into the habit of reading after reading this one. :-) 




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