Thursday, January 5, 2012

For What You Are... by SNEHA GUPTA !!!

            So, finally I have completed a long story of 278 pages in a day. The name of the book is "For What You Are" authored by Sneha Gupta. The sub-title of the book is "Friendship never fades, love is unconditional". Initially, I didn't got it but not, after completing the book, I can relate to the title and the message Sneha Gupta has tried to spread among us. Frankly speaking, when I picked up this book for reading, I wasn't sure about its quality but now, I can proudly say that, I have read this book. I am gradually getting interested in the books published by Pustak Mahal or Cedar Books. First, The Bachelors Theorem, then Truly, Madly, Deeply and now For What You Are- They are just standing firmly on my trust and judgment. :-) Let's talk about Sneha Gupta first. 

         Sneha Gupta works with State Bank Of India. She is a graduate from the B. R. A. Bihar University, Centre For Distance Education. Starting her career at the early age of eighteen, twenty-one years old Sneha hails from a very small town Lalganj, in the district Vaishali of the state Bihar. Sneha has a passion for writing and she writes in every genre including poems, short stories, irony, ghazals etc. Apart from writing, Sneha has a craze for fine arts and is very much interested in photography and the melody of music especially instrumental. Although very zindadil by nature, Sneha keeps a distance from everybody and is acquainted to herself only. She loves to spend her leisures alone with her pen and notebook. When Sneha Gupta started writing this book, she started it with all the negative quotient which took place in her life. But when one of her friend read it and called it a Tragic Story, she turned the whole story into a positive one and published it in a new way. And Yes, I am proud of her modus operandi. The way she has narrated the whole story is commendable. I have no words for her efforts.

           Coming to the Story, it is about four great friends- Snigdha, Rishabh, Anjali and Shekhar. Snigdha's mom is engaged in impressing Atul's family so that her daughter gets married to him and she can take a sigh of relief. Snigdha is nervous about it. At last, the engagement gets confirmed. As the date of engagement comes closer, she falls in love with Avi who works in her office. Now, she is confused what to do. Being a daughter in a North Indian small-minded family, she can't revolt the marriage neither can she reveal her love for Avi. At last, she takes a firm decision. She goes into depression for a moment but comes out after some medications. Now, she lives her life according to her terms. She helps her friends to come out of the blocked situation in which they were trapped in their life. She helps them to get what they wanted in their life. She helps them to show the right path in their life. In the end, with a positive attitude, she gets the best she deserved. :-) 

            Coming to the REVIEW, Sneha Gupta has a very unique writing style which will touch your heart. You will love to read the sentences crafted in an articulate manner. The sense of humour of the writer will compel you to finish the book as soon as possible. Sneha Gupta has indeed worked a lot on the plot and the story as it is unique and effective. You will find the reality in her story. The North Indian's mindset and thoughts are perfectly described in the story in the form of several incidents. She has passed a powerful message without letting you feel that you are reading a story with a serious subject. This book cannot be said as a Love Story. It has many things in it with some incidents based on Developing Love between characters. :-) 

           First chapter of the book gives you an idea that you are about to complete a very good and powerful book. :-) Snigdha's mother is funny throughout. Rishi's story of how he turned orphan will make you cry like hell. Snigdha's marriage incidents are funny initially but as the story moves forward, you get serious with it. Her love and attraction towards Avinash after getting engaged is a shock. Snigdha's confusion of getting married to Atul or disclosing her love for Avinash to her parents makes you accelerate the speed of reading. :-) The bus incident where several oldies express their views about girls is the BEST PART of the book for me. But, the climax is shocking. It is very different than what you expect. Story is not predictable at all. As the story moves after 200th page, you can sense that you are about to get a surprise in every next page of the book. :-) 

           The only Drawback of the book is that- The story could have been shortened. At least, 1/3rd part of the story could have been deducted to make it more positive for a lazy reader to pick it from the bookstores. :-) 

           In the end, I would rate this book of SNEHA GUPTA- 4 out of 5. Yes. I am Recommending this to you. Go, get it. :-)




Unknown said...

i like it ,bcoz the plot constructed by the novel,it creats curiosity in readers mind..thanx sneha gupta for the luck

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