Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why Did I Fall In Love by Vinod Pardhi !!!

              So, I completed this 160 pages novel "Why Did I fall In Love" by Vinod Pardhi in 3 hours. Seriously speaking, I didn't had confidence in the novel when I picked it up because I read somewhere that there are many grammar issues in the novel but while reading it, I didn't find any such odd in it. There were some minute errors in grammar but not something which should be highlighted when talked about this book. I don't know why Vinod Pardhi is so conscious about his Grammar in his debut novel but buddy let me tell you, that your novel has no grammar issues. Let me share the bio of the author: Working in IT Company (Choices not left after so many tries). Love to read, write, watching movies, listening songs etc. Completed study required for job, just because he need money to feed myself and family. This is his debut novel and it is doing very well in market. It has almost gone Out of Stock on websites for 2-3 times. Living in a non-metro city, he choose his novel to be based in a non-metro city itself. It's a very good attempt by Vinod Pardhi and I appreciate it. 

            Coming to the story, Vinod is living happily with his parents and sister. Suddenly, he sees a girl Shweta who is a guest at his sister's friend's house. He starts liking her. Suddenly, they turn into friends. After some days, they start coming closer to each other and finally, they are in love. They didn't shared this with their parents as they were in school when they started loving each other. :-) As they grew, they thought of telling their parents about it. Vinod's parents are ready with any kind of decision he takes for marriage but Shweta's father is stringent about the marriage. He wants Shweta to marry a person who is only of their caste as he himself keeps sponsoring his caste among his people. Now, whether Vinod and Shweta gets together in the last or not, read the book and know it yourself. :-)

            Come to the review now: Vinod has written the book in a very cool language. Anyone can understand it quite easily. The book is of that class where you can gift it to a child too. It has no content which can be called vulgar or indecent. Book is written very innocently with a pure heart and this can be seen with the words and sentences used in the book. I liked Vinod's attempt. I never knew that he can write something of this kind with such an approach. Hats off buddy. 

            Story is very cute. The cuteness of the characters grips you. Love at the schooling age is described appropriately. Vinod has divided the chapter nicely. He hasn't stretched the story and kept it up to the point. It has no paragraph which can be said as unwanted or unnecessary in the story. The moment where the boy has to meet girl's father for asking whether he is ready for their marriage is awesome. I liked that part. After few circumstances, when the boy starts ignoring girl, you can feel the pain of the character. 130th page is very soulful. I liked it. It was too unpredictable that the boy will speak that in the end of the conversation. :-) In all, story has many twists and tales in it and it is definitely a page-turner. 

            Coming to some drawbacks, even after the boy and girl behaves as a couple, a scene where the boy proposes the girl is shown as a fresh element. I didn't understood this concept. They were almost a couple till then. While describing the conversation parts, Vinod has used many expressions to show the contemporary scenario and condition. He could have shortened that. Else, I don't think there is any such drawback in the book. And the few spelling mistake is the fault of Publisher which should work upon it in future novels. Coming to the rating, 3.5 out of 5. Yes, its a good book. Go for it. :-)




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