Monday, December 12, 2011

The Bachelors Theorem by Sanchit Goel & Prateek Verma !!!

             3 days back, I picked the book "The Bachelors Theorem" written by two young boys- Sanchit Goel and Prateek Verma. I didn't got time to read the book yesterday and finally I sat for it today in the afternoon. I kept on reading it regularly and its 6.30 AM now and I have completed it just now without sleeping for the whole night. Let's talk about the authors first- Both the boys are studying Engineering. These engineering students keep on boasting about the amount of assignments and submissions they get and hence they don't have time to be on time anywhere. But, both these guys have proved them wrong. They have shown that if you have the dedication and will to attempt something, you do it in spite of all the pressure and commitment you have. They are the same Engineering students like all and even from the renowned college but they saw a dream, they chased it and accomplished it with their studies. They aren't those writers who leave Engineering and studies for their dream but they have set an example of doing both at the same time. I am very proud of these guys and I want to be like them. I underestimated them before reading the book but now I have great respect for them. These boys are mind-blowing(in Archana Puran Singh's style) and I want to give them a standing ovation(in Shekhar Suman's style) and a perfect TEN for their effort and super-duper work. I just don't feel that I am capable of reviewing this book but still I will take the risk :-)

           Coming to the story, it's about the journey of two boys- Midhansh and Sidhesh who take admission in the same college and turn friends. They don't know anything about each other's past. They start their journey of college and they get introduced to many more funny students in the college. They never knew that they will become such an integral part of their life but as the semesters passed, they grew a very good bonding. At two different situations and circumstances, both the friends reveal their past to each other and the respect for each other augments after knowing the past. Both of them comes to know about their imperfect love stories but both of them tries to make each other's love story perfect at different point of time. Book is just not a love story, neither its just a college and campus hang-outs but the book is about how an individual sees his life and how things comes at different points of life and changes the situation. The book has a very effective and a very genuine story. It's a fictional work but you may not find anything over-exaggerated and everything is PERFECT.

           Coming to the REVIEW, this book is written in small fonts and the story ends up at 248th page. A lazy person will postpone the book but once the book is picked, no one can take his hands out of it. You will just keep on turning pages to know what happened next. You may feel frustrated that the page is not getting completed fast because each page has lots of words because of small fonts. This is the effect of the story. :-) The start of the story is good. The flow of story keeps you knocked to it. The book is full of humour quotient. It makes you laugh madly on many sentences used throughout the book. 

           Initially, the introduction of new characters add flavour to the story but as soon as the story takes a turn and Midhansh's past is revealed, you get the feeling that this book is going to be your favorite. Midhansh's past could have been little shorter. But, it's the best part of the book. Then, after few pages comes the past of Sidhesh and it is as intriguing as Midhansh's past. 192nd page of the book comes as a shock to you and you start wiping your tears right from 193rd page until Sidhesh starts reading Midhansh's diary. The only chapter which I felt unwanted in the book is- The Thing I Lost Forever. But still, it has the connection with the story. Once this chapter ends, again tears starts flowing from your eyes incessantly. The climax of the book is natural and not filmy like many fiction novels. 

            The language used in the book is Perfect and any age group and any kind of reader picking this book will fall in love with its language and narration. Not even once did I fell that the book is stretched even when it is a very long story. I don't know how Sanchit and Prateek has divided their work but it seems that the book is written only by a single author. I would recommend both of you to write a fresh story in your second novel rather than writing a Sequel to this one as many may suggest. Both of you have potential to be India's best sellers but I don't want both of you to attempt the same kind again. It took 13 months for both these guys to complete this story but you will remember the book till next 13 years of course. :-) I checked out Internet and as per my information, this is the first review of this book being reviewed by any reviewer. And I am too proud to say that I am the first reviewer of this book. :-) If this would have been Chetan Bhagat's 5th novel, he would have got 10 times more appreciation than he is getting for that stupid Revolution 2020. 

           My Ratings for THE BACHELORS THEOREM is 4.5 out of 5. Oh Yes, you have read it right !!! PERFECT BOOK. Please don't miss this one. You will regret. 

          Thanks. (This is the first time when I have started writing my blog at 6 AM after waking up for the whole night. Sanchit and Prateek has made me do this after 2.5 years of my Blogging career)



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