Friday, November 25, 2011

You Were My Crush ! ...till you said you love me! by DURJOY DATTA and ORVANA GHAI !!!


             What can be a better option for a Sunday evening than reading a cool book! I picked up Durjoy Datta's latest "You Were My Crush ! ..till you said you love me!" which is co-authored by Orvana Ghai. Durjoy Datta is an engineer from DCE college and he has completed his management this year itself. I have read all his previous books and I found all of them awesome except his 3rd book which is his solo performance. All other books written by him has been co-authored by some or the other beautiful girlfriend of his. Maanvi Ahuja and Neeti Rustagi has been his previous companions while the latest on the list is Orvana Ghai who has graduated this year itself and has won many awards in dancing. I don't know how Durjoy Datta manages to write in company of the girls. :-) I criticized Durjoy Datta after reading his 3rd book and picking up this one, I was sure that I'll be pissed off again as I knew that he would continue writing about Sex but I'm surprised to see the positive change. Actually, Durjoy Datta has completed his management so I think he has finally matured. :-) 

              Coming to the book, YWMC is a story about a boy named Benoy Roy who has big house, powerful dad, luxurious car and lots of money to spend. He doesn't have any control of parent as his mother lost life because of cancer and he blamed his father for his worst childhood period and the death of his mother. His father silently provided him with all the luxuries and never interfered in his matter. Benoy is a nerd and never studies seriously. Finally, he collides with Diya in his class and after a bad start, they end up being very good friends. He adds her on Facebook and finds that her sister is too beautiful and he should try his hand upon her. Finally, he meets her and falls in love. Luck plays its part and Shaina (Diya's sister) starts loving him too. At last, they share a kiss and Shaina feels it awkward and leaves him. And this is where the whole twist and the real fun of YWMC starts. 

             Coming to the review, I felt Durjoy Datta attempted a very new kind of story this time. Either he has matured himself or Orvana Ghai has turned out to be a revolutionary partner for him. In all his previous books, the only thing I remembered after completing them were the numerous love making scenes and sexual part of the story. But after completing this one, I remember all the sweet moments of the story. YWMC is not like Durjoy's previous works. It has no sex. It has only love and beautiful story. A very different kind attempted by Durjoy. This book got the most number of LIKES on Facebook pre-release and I'm happy that all those 30,000 people who liked it will not be disappointed. They would be too happy to trust a book like this. The protagonist is defined accurately. Both the sisters are defined as you already know them and you find them to be the sweetest girls of the world. Even, Deb And Avantika are added in the book which are Durjoy's trademark characters in most of his books. But I didn't liked their part as they are forcefully added and don't have an important role. I liked the climax. It was too beautiful and it made me smile with broad lips. I missed the kind of Durjoy's humour quotient. They were missing this time but still the book is full of many humour statements. But previous books had better. I didn't liked Author's note in the end of the book. Actually, I'm ignoring it as it's not part of the story. I have finished this book just now and I can read it once again now itself. It is one of the sweetest book I have read and Durjoy Datta's sweetest composition till now. Thanks Durjoy for giving us one of the best work of yours. I rate this book- 3.5 out of 5. Go, buy it, and gift it to your girlfriend. :-) She will surely hug you after reading this one. 




Eksha said...

I am gonna read this book...! Thanks for the review.! :)

Rahul said...

shaina really excellent the most prettiest and beautiful girl...........................
I would really like to read this buk.....!
and evn my crush is the same.....!!!!!!
really a good love story..........!
I xpect some more gud luv story form durjay datta

iiemyewrs said...

Please help me find an ebook of this book.

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