Friday, November 25, 2011

Accidentally in Love with him?Again?!? by Nikita Singh !!!

             I finished reading "Accidentally In Love" by one of the most favorite pulp-fiction writer of youth- Nikita Singh. I came to know about her first book through Facebook which is "Love @ Facebook". I saw the cover page and I read some reviews and I got to know that her first book is something very special. I never got to read it because I was busy in reading other books as I committed those writers that I'm reviewing them soon. Nikita Singh published her first book when she was just 17. This is something which attracted me towards her. The second thing which attracted was that she hails from Bihar- the place where girls don't even take education seriously, Nikita from there had written a book at the age of 17. Truly, an inspiration for all the girls residing in Bihar who thinks that they don't have any future and scope. She came up with "Accidentally In Love" in September this year and I luckily got this book to read. 

             Coming to the book, AIL is a story about two girls- Chhavi- the protagonist and Vatsala- friend of Chhavi. Chhavi is a model who gets small advertisements and she is happy with her looks as everyone keeps complimenting her for that. Vatsala is happy with her relation with Ankit. Suddenly, Chhavi meets this guy- Tushar who is a photographer and he is too in struggling phase. The first time she meets Tushar, she ends up sleeping with him as she was too drunk that night and in the morning, she was not even sure whether she had sex with him or not. Then both of them get committed in an open relationship where they decide that they have nothing to do with love and commitment, they will just have fun with each other's body. And with time and several meetings, Chhavi starts liking him and he likes her back. Both of them get into relation and then the real problem arises for both and the story takes a twist. While Vatsala is confused whether to get back to her first muse- Ronit or to stay with this guy- Ankit who loves her a lot and even she loves him. To know the end of the love story of Chhavi and Vatsala' go and buy this book.

               Here comes the Review: This is the 3rd female writer I have picked and I found Nikita Singh the most open writer who describes everything in detail- Either it is love or hatred or abusing scenarios or Sex. This will surely lead to other female writers to try their hand on sex after reading this. Book starts with the open relationship between the main character- Chhavi and her partner Tushar. Too much sex in the first half of the book pisses you off. Sex in book is good up to a level. Once you start talking only about it, it becomes boring. Everyone cannot be Durjoy Datta who knows how to keep story going with Sex at every 10 pages. He is good in doing that but that doesn't mean you will try it out too. Another drawback of the story is that that Chhavi is shown a struggling model in Mumbai. Having this concept in the book, she should have researched little more and worked on this thing better. She didn't disclosed any interesting fact about the struggle of a model. This is another thing which disappointed me. 

              One thing for which I'll really applause Nikita is for portraying the character of Vatsala in very sweet manner. Her love story is much interesting than Chhavi's love story. I wanted to know more about Vatsala than about Chhavi. Actually, Vatsala is the main character in her previous book- Love @ Facebook and hence, I think Nikita is still lost in her love story. Hahaha. And the relationship of Chhavi and Vatsala is also sweet and nourishing. Both are shown as totally opposite characters and their argument sections are very interesting to read. The best chapter of the book was 17th where Vatsala narrated her story. I just can't get over it till now. That chapter reflects the real skill of writing Nikita possess. She should use that kind of narration in her future book rather than this typical kind of Indian-pulp-fiction-writer's narration. The last 40% part of the book is something one should look forward to. There, the Sex gets lost somewhere and the story comes in front. Nikita should not have stretched Sex part so much. It was over and kind of boring to read it again and again. It seems like she wrote it for those people who haven't read books still and this will be their first book. Definitely, they will like to read such things and they will go for more novels but when it comes for avid readers like me, I search for story and I found it lacking here. She should write what she wants to rather than trying something which today's reader are enjoying. She has the capability but it didn't came out in her 2nd book. One more thing about Nikita- Boys, she is too beautiful. Even I fell for her once when I saw her pictures in her gallery on her website. :-) In the end, I rate this book 2.5 out of 5. Even if you miss it, you haven't lost anything.




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