Monday, November 28, 2011

As Long As I Love You .. I will let you hurt me by Nikhil Mahajan !!!

                           3 hours of incessant reading and I finished this 176 pages book “As long as I love you.. I will let you hurt me” by Nikhil Mahajan. This is the second book by the author and the growth in Nikhil Mahajan can be seen. He used to write his personal diary. One day a friend of his read it and recommended him to convert it into a book. With no aim of being a writer, he became one and his own love story got the form in his first book. People complained about its spelling mistake and grammatical errors. Nikhil Mahajan gave a valid point saying that I am no writer and I don't know how to write. I just wanted to express a story and I did. But, I expected his second book to resolve those issues which were present in his first book. But unfortunately, the second book contains too many grammatical mistakes. You feel irritated while reading the story. It's not only the fault of Nikhil Mahajan but also of the publishers who aren't checking out the manuscript before going out for the printing session. Publishers should see that the book is error-free because it pisses off the reader as no one wants to suffer these errors in a book when he spends his 100 bucks on it.

                    Coming to the story, the protagonist of the book- Manav is in love with Meha. He follows her and finally succeeds in winning her. As soon as he gets her, he realizes that he just like Meha but he loves Diva. He dumps Meha for Diva and finally manages to win over Diva. His friend Karan keeps helping him throughout his love stories. Diva's boyfriend KAbir comes into the scene and Diva dumps Manav. Now, Manav gets into a mysterious friendship with his teacher and have physical fun with her. His crush-Gauri knows everything whatever he had with Meha and Diva and also with the teacher. But he proposes her too. Just when he proposes her, Diva comes back into scene. Now, read the book for knowing where did Manav stopped and whom did he selected as his last girlfriend. :-)

                   Nikhil Mahajan has used an easy language to write this novel. He has tried to make this book more funnier than his last one and somewhat he has managed to do so. The poems written periodically in the book are very nice. You can use some of them to impress your partner. :-) The quotes written by Nikhil Mahajan are meant to make you laugh and he succeeds in making you smile in some of them. Story is not very unique and you don't expect the same love stories every time you pick up a book. This book, as promised by the author, is a confusing love story. Yes, it is but the problem is, the readers gets more confused than the story. Nikhil Mahajan is not a writer who is working on this from his childhood as a passion but he has grown last year itself and I personally think that we should give him time to improve. It's not right to expect very much from him. But still, he has improved 10 times better than the time when he came out with his first book. This book si fine for the people who are going to pick up a book for the first time as they will find it easy to read. 




sweetu said...

i had ordered this book today... i had read many stories so according to ur reviews m also bit disappointed of my deal... well lets see ......

sweetu said...

i had ordered this book today... i had read many stories so according to ur reviews m also bit disappointed of my deal... well lets see ......

Unknown said...

i want the next part of that book how can i buy

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