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3 TIPS: The Essentials for Peace, Joy and Success by Meera Gandhi (Book Review: 4*/5) !!!


30th Book of 2022


I remember reading snippets from Ankur Warikoo’s first book “Do Epic Shit” all over on Instagram and LinkedIn. It is written with a very user-friendly strategy which allows reader to open any page and read it as every page is independent and insightful. Author, Meera Gandhi, has gone a little more creative with her style of writing in her latest book which I have just completed named “3 TIPS: The Essentials for Peace, Joy and Success”. As you can find that the title of the book describes the number “3” along with three words i.e. Peace, Joy and Success. Similarly, the book is divided into sections which again talks about three main aspects of life: Work, Life and Self. Further, drilling down into this, in every chapter that author has written to guide us about something, it begins with Three basic tips to deal with it. Hence, reading every chapter will make you feel as if you are watching an Instagram reel which is trying to guide or inspire you in as less words as possible.


Meera’s writing style is very easy-to-go which will allow every age group to read it easily without being lost in difficult words or unwanted jargons. The chapters are of just 1-2 pages which makes it easy for you to keep turning pages and finish the book within 2-3 hours itself. Though, I would suggest to read 2-3 chapters everyday and journal your thoughts about it before moving ahead as it will prove more insightful and effective in this manner.


I liked how Gandhi has mostly mentioned events and experiences from her own life in order to make the reader understand the concepts she wants to speak about. It all then sounds real and something you tend to believe in. Generally, self-help books only speak in bullet points or hypothetical situations but here, authoress’ attempt to speak to us as an elder sister who is sharing her own instances with us and how it made her learn the same, helps us adopt it immediately.


In the Work-related section, author has not been unreal like many articles these days which only talks about how work should be done casually prioritizing only yourself. She has ensured that she covers important aspects to be professionally or entrepreneurially successful by emphasizing upon academics, hard work, leadership, ownership, entrepreneurship, goals creation, conflict resolutions etc. Starting book with such aggressive content makes you feel over-charged and motivated to give your best in whichever field you are. This has been a good approach over starting the book with other two topics which are mainly on calmness.


The chapters in Life and Self sections are almost of the same kind hence there’s nothing prominent about isolating this into two separate parts but yet Meera has tried to focus on few pointers in each of these bifurcated categories to make it easily graspable. She speaks about how we can keep our life positive, radiant, balanced, abundant and active. She gives tips on how we can deal with problems and difficult situations in life. The importance of friendship and holding onto these special people is given prominence in one of the chapters.


Further, in the last section, author takes bit of a spiritual turn and repetitively tries to bring light upon the importance of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. I loved how she tries to speak on these topics without getting into depth but how she felt after participating in it is elaborated which will make the people wanting to get into this side of activities give it a try. This section basically covers two of the major topics mentioned in the title of the book – Peace and Joy. The closing thoughts – which is the last chapter in the book explains a concept with the example of an acorn. It was such a great way to finish this book. It gives you sense of positivity that we are limitless and powerful enough to bring big changes through us. Author’s way of talking in the book also teaches how to remain grounded and humble even after achieving success in life.


Overall, this is a short book which you can easily finish in hours and learn a lot from it. I would basically recommend it for students as they need these insights early in their life to understand the priorities well. I give this book 4 stars out of 5.







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