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Sense of a Quiet by Deepak Kripal (Book Review: 3.5*/5) !!!


2nd Book of 2022


I am finding it quite difficult to read books in this new year I don’t know why. It takes time to get back to the loop of reading at times and I think this is one of those phases. Hence, I was looking to pick something light yet deep. This made me pick up Deepak Kripal’s “Sense of a Quiet” which is published by Leadstart Publication in around 222 pages. It can be finished in 2-3 sittings but it took me sometime as I was grasping it slowly because of its good characters and some deep conversations in between. Deepak’s writing style is nicely paced where it’s neither slow nor fast and keeps you comfortable as a reader. You adore the way the chapter unfolds like a primary task to be accomplished in each of them. It is similar to the way it’s done in web-series these days where every episode has its own small story.


I liked how there is no proper protagonist of the story. It is written in a manner where you will consider any character as the protagonist with whom you can relate the most. Like, for me, it is Rohan. Since he entered the plot, the way author has described him makes you relate with him so much. He is an inspiration as you can find him struggling with a divorce yet taking a big step of moving to a different city altogether on a sabbatical to work on his mental peace.


Rohan’s character goes on meeting new people without shying away from hanging out with someone who’s just a rickshaw driver. He ensures that he talks even with the maid at his friend’s home where he’s staying as if she’s a friend without thinking twice about what people will speak about him. He goes and sit with the landlord whom everyone considers quite brash but he’s able to gel with him and learn life lessons he would have otherwise not received from anyone. He is brave enough to sit and protest in an unknown city when he feels something is not happening the right way. Rohan is the character which will stay with me for the long time.


I liked how Deepak Kripal doesn’t think twice before talking about things which are still considered taboo in our modern society– few of which I mentioned above which are discussed using the character of Rohan. Author brings up many such social elements such as modern marriage, divorce issues, challenges in relationships, class system, corruption, misuse of power, healthcare system in our country, treatment of women etc. I also liked how author added the element of philosophy through the conversations between Rohan and the landlord which are quite different than the usual takes we read. There’s one story in the pre-climax about God getting cold and cough which sounded quite funny initially but the kind of messaging that Deepak provides in the end tells us the power of creativity and story-telling he has.


All the other characters of Milind, Diya, Sapna, Rakesh, Pushpalata are managed well and some of them are quite gray in shades which makes you interested in knowing how they’ll respond further in the story. The best part is that the story is unpredictable hence you don’t even know in which direction the book is taking you. It’s only in the end you realize what author wanted to say. The last chapter or say, page, is really emotional. I felt lump in my throat. I must also mention author’s quest towards providing description of the Haridwar city in a manner that I felt I have myself visited the same. The initial chapters are really powerful as I could feel sensations that I am also being called there. Kudos to author for the same. Special mention to the illustrations as they make the book little more beautiful than it is.


Now talking about the drawbacks, I must say that there are few typos such as there are instances where it has been referred as “his husband” etc. Secondly, I believe there are many sub-plots which are not given the attention they deserved such as the relationship of Rohan-Shefali. There should have been at least a flashback or something which could have made us connect little more with it. Thirdly, there are few characters which are not described properly which becomes difficult for us to connect with them- such as that of Milind and Diya. You want to know what Diya did when she locked herself in bedroom – what she was thinking or going through that time. Similarly, Milind keeps on getting overshadowed due to over-presence of Rohan.


Overall, this is a very beautiful book as it has the quality to keep you with itself and experience the beauty of the story. I give this book 3.5 stars out of 5.







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