Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Secret Admirer by Deepesh Junwal (Book Review: 4*/5) !!!


32nd Book of 2020!


There are few books which are written on topics that can trigger various kind of emotions within you which makes it very difficult for you as a reader to grasp the whole book in a single sitting. This made me read the latest book written by author, Deepesh Junwal, named “Secret Admirer” which is of around 180 pages published by Xpress Publishing house in several sittings to ensure that I can grasp the story. The book also comes with a tagline which says “A Satan exists in every Introvert” with which I don’t agree completely as “Satan” is a very big negative word to associate with all the human beings falling in this personality type. 


The writing style of Deepesh is simple and straight-forward which makes it easy for you to go through the story without worrying about the vocabulary and its meaning. The way author has planned the narration of the story is excellent as we are taken through two different time frames with completely different set of characters except the protagonist who remains to be common in both of them. I liked the transition while reading as otherwise if the story would have continued in a linear format, it would have become boring in either of the halves of the book. The concept of Diary notes is nicely embedded in the plot which makes the read exciting.


The characterization of the protagonist, Ankit, is defined very well. Right from the 1st page, it is his opinions, perspective, charm, introvert-ness, love, behaviour, thoughts and activities that keeps you engaged with the book. Up to some extent, you also empathize with him and then you start supporting him even when he starts indulging in criminal activities. It is not easy to write around such character but Junwal has managed well. Other than him, the characterization of ACP Abhinav is also nicely written as you are able to connect even with him up to certain extent and you like the way he takes up the case. His backdrop makes reading even about him interesting where the protagonist is not the part of the chapter.


Author has very nicely woven the tales of Mahabharata in the story which makes it more informative, interesting and exciting. Someone like me who enjoys mythology and epic and believes in God shall enjoy reading this section. Again, along with the tales, the way it has been connected with the crime scenes makes it more effective and powerful part of the book. I really enjoyed this segment and I also believe this theme is the USP of the book.


There’s a chapter in which what a rape victim has to go through is narrated and reading that was so chilling that I almost stopped feeling my legs. Author has narrated it very well using a poem which makes it so effective that you are able to feel what a victim ends up suffering in such heinous crimes they are unfortunately met with.


Talking about the drawbacks of the book – The grammar in the writing is not very strong due to which author couldn’t do justice to few emotions of the protagonist in the Diary sections. As the book has crime as one of its main plot, the story could have also been written in the thriller format which could have given it a completely different dimension. Thirdly, I feel we get to know very less from Bhoomi’s perspective about how she is considering things which could have also been added as another aspect. Lastly, the cover page of the book could have been designed more nicely as currently, it might not fetch a reader’s attention.


Overall, this book is a very nice one-time light read which shall still make you shiver as the protagonist is quite similar to that of the movie Raman Raghav. I give this book 4 stars out of 5. Give it a chance!







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